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Location Scrivener's Hall
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Health Normal1,683,986Veteran6,671,594
Veteran(?) (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Scribes of Mora
Mages Guild (formerly)

Valinna is a Wood Elf and member of the Scribes of Mora who can be found in the Scrivener's Hall. She was the protégée of the Magnastylus Keshargo but after an incident in Apocrypha, she began to question the Scribes' role in the world. Valinna eventually found a new patron and initiated a coup to overthrow Keshargo and become the new Magnastylus of their order, seeking to redub it the "Scribes of Mephala".

Alongside Lamikhai, Valinna is the final boss of the Scrivener's Hall dungeon.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Once Valinna reaches 50% health, Lamikhai will join the fight, also at 50% from her previous encounter that it escaped from.

Rain of Fire
Valinna will target one player (on veteran) or all players (on hard mode) with a red target above their head. After the target expires, an AoE will grow beneath their feet and rain fire permanently onto that area. This AoE can be stacked with other players to save space in the arena.
Radiating Heat
Valinna targets whoever has aggro on her with a cone of fire. On hard mode, this leaves AoEs behind and should be kited to avoid too much damage on the tank. This cone has a long range and can begin even if the player with aggro is not nearby.
Immolation Trap
Valinna will target two players (on veteran) or three players (on hard mode) with a growing trap around their feet. This mechanic prioritizes non-tanks but will hit the tank if there are not enough other players living to receive it. Once fully grown, the players will be surrounded by a gold circle. Crossing this gold circle will cause the trap to be triggered, instantly killing the player inside and doing massive damage in an area around them. This mechanic can be stacked safely.
When ignite is cast, all players will receive a DoT that grows in damage the closer they are to each other. It is therefore advisable to spread out during ignite so that the DoT is more manageable by the healer.
In the third arena, Valinna will drop a meteor that builds for a while before exploding (Luminous Eruption). The meteor can be safely ignored as long as all players block its explosion; otherwise they will be flung through the air and likely knocked off of the platform.
Treacherous Fall
This attack will instantly kill you if Valinna manages to knock you off the platform.
Fiery Eruption
A massive AoE attack. Valinna will cast this at certain health thresholds for Lamikhai. This ability will oneshot you if you stay in the area, so you will need to flee through an passage to the next area.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Valinna is first encountered once you enter the Halls proper, Keshargo will ask you to take a look around before he notices Valinna and Riftmaster Naqri in conversation:

Keshargo: "The hall, bask in its magnificence— shh! That's Valinna!"
<He heads over to listen.>
Valinna: "I need that staff. Lock the gates, Riftmaster. No one leaves until I find it."
Riftmaster Naqri: "No one has ever challenged me and lived, Magnastylus."
Keshargo: "She has them calling her Magnastylus? No matter, the staff remains hidden. Our efforts may yet be successful."
<Valinna and Naqri move on.>

Following Keshargo, you soon arrive in a vast library where Valinna will be giving orders to the Riftmaster:

Valinna: "I must consult the web of truth. Alert me with any news of the staff or the old fool."
Riftmaster Naqri: "No need to involve you, Magnastylus. I'll beat anyone who tries to get through here."
<Valinna goes through door and Riftmaster Naqri stalks to the middle of the room.>
Keshargo: "Naqri guards the rifts due to his more … aggressive nature. There'll be no reasoning with him."

Once you have defeated the Riftmaster, you continue to travel to the Deadlands Rift with Keshargo to retrieve the Itinerant Staff which he hid there. However, he is later ambushed by Sama-Rei and Mazandi accompanies you in Keshargo's place. After you retrieve the staff from the Deadlands you return to the Hall to meet with Keshargo but you learn something has gone wrong as he is not waiting for you. You follow Mazandi and Zilipif through the passages leading to the Spiral Skein rift, and soon find that Keshargo has been captured by Valinna for the location of the staff:

Keshargo: "Keshargo swears the Itinerant Staff lies in the Spiral Skein!"
Valinna: "She didn't tell me? Nevertheless, you really are a fool."
<Valinna sends Keshargo through a portal>
Valinna: "I serve Mephala. Once the staff is mine, so will everyone else."

To rescue Keshargo, you and Mazandi will have to catch up. As you approach you will hear Keshargo and Valinna talk some more:

Mazandi: "There they are, but Valinna blocked our path. We'll have to go the long way."
Keshargo: "You turned your back on Hermorah."
Valinna: "He is weak. Words and drawings change nothing!"
Keshargo: "You believe lies and deception do? Mafala is using your guilt against you."
Valinna: "With the staff and her guidance, we won't have to watch idly while terrible things happen."

When you catch up to Valinna in the Spiral Skien, she will have just learnt Keshargo tricked her:

Keshargo: "You … lied? I will enjoy feeding you to the spiders."
Valinna: "It's not too late. We can leave without the staff."
<Valinna notices Mazandi's arrival with the staff.>
Valinna: "Ah, the staff. I don't need you anymore, Magnastylus. The Spinner provides."
Mazandi: "Keshargo!"

At this point, the fight with Valinna and Lamikhai will begin:

Valinna: "This won't take long."

During combat:

Valinna: "The staff is mine by right. I am the Magnastylus."
Valinna: "You think running will save you?"
Valinna: "Watch your step."
Valinna: "Your fate is sealed. I'm only helping it along."

In the first phase of the fight, Valinna will shield herself and support Lamikhai with fire magic. Eventually she will have enough and bombard the area with fire:

Valinna: "Insolence! Why won't you stay put?"

To survive, you will need to flee through a passage to another room and jump down the ledge to continue the fight with Lamikhai. Valinna may say the following lines in the next phase:

Valinna: "You will burn."
Valinna: "Outside the hall, everything is mine to burn!"
Valinna: "You are nothing more than ash."

Once Lamikhai is dead, Valinna will flee deeper into the Spiral Skein. You will have to follow her over a narrow bridge to a platform where Keshargo is tied up. You will fight Valinna directly now:

Valinna: "Let's be done with this. I have important tasks to see to."
Valinna: "What are you waiting for? Keshargo? Come and get him."
Valinna: "Your little rebellion will burn."

During this phase, she will say some of the following:

Valinna: "One spark is all it takes to change the future."
Valinna: "Spiders like their meals precooked."


There are a few Achievements associated with this character:

Achievement Points Description
   Scrivener's Hall Vanquisher 10 Defeat Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna in Scrivener's Hall.
   Scrivener's Hall Conqueror 10 Defeat Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
   Inflammable 50 Defeat Valinna after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
   Unburnt Footwork 10 Defeat Valinna and Lamikhai without a single party member setting off an Immolation Trap in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
   Speed Reader 50 Defeat all encounters in addition to Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna within 25 minutes of entering Veteran Scrivener's Hall. Your timer starts when you engage the first hostiles.
   Unstilled Quill 50 Defeat all encounters in addition to Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna in Veteran Scrivener's Hall without suffering a group member death.
   Magnastylus in the Making 50 Defeat all encounters in addition to Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall within 25 minutes without suffering a group member death. Your timer starts when you engage the first hostiles.


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