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ON-icon-achievement-Inflammable.png Inflammable
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 50
Needed for
Title Weaver's Bane
Defeat Valinna after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.

Inflammable is awarded for defeating Valinna in Scrivener's Hall on Veteran difficulty level, after raising the challenge banner, which makes the fight more difficult by the following:

  • The enemies will be generally stronger.
  • Rains of Fire will be casted on all party members every time, instead of just one. As they will persist until the end, it becomes important to stack them and avoid covering entire arena in flames.
  • Ignites will be casted on all party members, instead of two at a time.
  • Immolation Traps will be casted on three party members at once, instead of two.
  • Blistering Heat (cone of flame) will also create patches of burning ground at the feet of its target. These patches will disappear shortly after, but it's important to avoid standing in them, and have some space to move around to safely place them without hitting Immolation Traps or turning the cone of flames towards the group.
  • Added Flaming Boulder mechanic: in the last stage, pairs of boulders will streak across the arena, damaging and knocking back players on their path. They have a short wind-up time, during which their path is shown.

In order to place the challenge banner, you will have to defeat both Riftmaster Naqri and Ozezan the Inferno in Hardmode as well.