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Location Scrivener's Hall
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scribes of Mora

Mazandi is a Redguard member of the Scribes of Mora. Upon being informed that Keshargo is alive, she switches her allegiance to him and helps recover the Itinerant Staff. Upon completion of the dungeon, Keshargo anoints her as the new Magnastylus.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you reach the Deadlands rift, the following will happen:

Keshargo: "The rift. Kra! Of course the gate is shut."
Sama-Rei: "Keshargo? Submit or die!"
<Sama-Rei attacks Keshargo, Mazandi intervenes.>
Mazandi: "Magnastylus? Sama-Rei, stop!"
Keshargo: "Loyal Mazandi. Help secure the Itinerant Staff. Zilipif knows the way."
Mazandi: "Valinna lied about your death? I'll find that staff before she does."
Keshargo: "This one will be in his study when you return."

You can talk to her:

"The scribes are my entire life. If I wasn't exploring some new place in Oblivion and bringing new records into the hall, I don't know what I'd do!
Valinna … her heart is in a good place, but interfering? That's not our way."

You will then travel with Mazandi and Zilipif to retrieve the Itinerant Staff from the Deadlands:

Mazandi: "Zilipif said the staff is in a bone box … a sarcophagus? That must be where Keshargo hid it!"

During your time traveling with her, she will assist you in battle:

Mazandi: "Don't hurt my friend!"
Mazandi: "Phew. It's sweltering in here."
Mazandi: "I'll take care of this one."
Mazandi: "Ooh! An Infernium. I've never seen one so close."
Mazandi: "Stand still."
Mazandi: "This will slow you down!"

When you reach the sarcophagus and meet Ozezan the Inferno:

Mazandi: "What is it doing? Protecting the sarcophagus?"
Mazandi: "I reckon we won't be able to get through this without a fight. Get ready."

As you approach the boss:

"Look at that Infernium, it's just trying to protect the sarcophagus. Or maybe it's trying to break the sarcophagus?
Either way, it'll probably try to bite us if we get closer. It might even try to bite us if we don't."
What's an Infernium?
"That big insect-like Daedra. Don't underestimate them. Inferniums are really smart. We have a book about them back in the hall. If I remember correctly, they managed to take down one of the Xivilai clans back in the First Era. Caused quite a fuss."

Once you have defeated the Infernium:

Mazandi: "When all this is over, I'll apologize for acting in another realm. But we really need that staff."

After finding the staff:

Mazandi: "Ooh! There it is. All right, time to figure out how this works and return to Scrivener's Hall."
<Mazandi uses it to create a portal to the Magnastylus's Study.>

Once you enter the portal and arrive back at Scrivener's Hall, you can speak with her quickly before moving forward:

"Where's Keshargo? He said he'd meet us here. You don't think anything's happened to him, do you?
We should go find him. Valinna said any intruder should be killed on the spot."

The moment you step forwards, she'll rush off:

Mazandi: "Wait. Where's Keshargo?"
Zilipif: "<Urgent alien beckoning.>"
Mazandi: "Zilipif slow down, I don't under— Keshargo's in trouble? Take us to him, now!"

Follow Mazandi through the passages leading to the Spiral Skein:

Mazandi: "Here's some respite."
Mazandi: "The Spiral Skein rift! That must be where Keshargo is."
<You then witness Valinna and Keshargo.>
Keshargo: "Keshargo swears the Itinerant Staff lies in the Spiral Skein!"
Valinna: "She didn't tell me? Nevertheless, you really are a fool."
<Valinna sends Keshargo through a portal>
Valinna: "I serve Mephala. Once the staff is mine, so will everyone else."

After witnessing this, Mazandi will be determined to rescue Keshargo:

Zilipif: "<Worried alien noises.>"
Mazandi: "Zilipif, you freeze up around spiders. Stay here. We'll bring Keshargo back."
<Zilipif goes and hides.>
Mazandi: "Through the rift. We have to help Keshargo!"

To rescue Keshargo, you and Mazandi will have to catch up. As you approach you will hear Keshargo and Valinna talk some more:

Mazandi: "There they are, but Valinna blocked our path. We'll have to go the long way."
Keshargo: "You turned your back on Hermorah."
Valinna: "He is weak. Words and drawings change nothing!"
Keshargo: "You believe lies and deception do? Mafala is using your guilt against you."
Valinna: "With the staff and her guidance, we won't have to watch idly while terrible things happen."

Before you continue on, you can ask Mazandi some questions:

"Looks like we're on our own to get Keshargo back. Everything's circling around the Spiral Skein and mephala now. Zilipif would be in constant danger in Mephala's realm. And now with Valinna's allegiance ....
I hope you're not afraid of spiders."
Why can't Zilipif come to the Spiral Skein?/Why can't Zilipif enter the Spiral Skein?
"I don't know the full story, but Zilipif used to work for Mephala. As a Watcher, they would separate lies from the truth and add to Mephala's powers of deception. They had a change of … well not heart exactly, but Zilipif changed their mind."
Daedra can change their allegiances?
"Not easily, and most don't even bother. But, Zilipif did.
Keshargo once told me that Zilipif takes a lot of care to avoid even the smallest of spiderwebs."
A Watcher followed Mephala?
"It's true that most of Mephala's Daedric followers are Spiderkith, or other arachnid Daedra.
As a Daedric Prince of secrets, lies, and deception, she has to have eyes watching the threads of mortal affairs. They can't all be spiders."
So Valinna follows Mephala now?
"That's what she said. I knew Valinna was spending time in the Spiral Skein. Was she talking to Mephala?
Mephala is the Daedric Prince of secrets, like Hermaeus Mora. But she doesn't care about the truth, only what she can use against others."
What would happen if the scribes gathered secrets for Mephala?
"As it stands, our research just adds to the library of Apocrypha. The chances of dangerous information being read by anyone's eyes is fairly low.
But if the scribes were motivated to seek out the secrets Mephala deals in? It could be disastrous."

Once in the Spiral Skein, you can speak with her again, and her initial comment will be different, but she can still be asked the same questions:

"Keshargo told Valinna that he hid the Itinerant staff in the Spiral skein, but I have it in my hands.
Valinna wasn't lying when she said she'd kill him. We have to catch up to them without Zilipif's guidance."

As you progress through the Spiral Skein, Mazandi will further assist you and make comments:

Mazandi: "We don't have time for this."
Mazandi: "Keshargo has to be so scared. He doesn't even know we're coming for him."
Mazandi: "I wonder …. Woah!"
Mazandi: "Do you want me to turn you to ice?"
Mazandi: "Valinna betrayed Hermaeus Mora for this place?"
Mazandi: "I wonder what I can do with this."
Mazandi: "Valinna's pledged herself to Mephala and the Spiral Skein. Be careful."

When you catch up to Valinna in the Spiral Skien, she will have just learnt Keshargo tricked her:

Keshargo: "You … lied? I will enjoy feeding you to the spiders."
Valinna: "It's not too late. We can leave without the staff."
<Valinna notices Mazandi's arrival with the staff.>
Valinna: "Ah, the staff. I don't need you anymore, Magnastylus. The Spinner provides."
Mazandi: "Keshargo!"

You will then need to fight Valinna and the Daedric Spider Lamikhai. Speaking with Mazandi before the fight starts:

"Valinna can command Daedric spiders? I know Keshargo has Zilipif, but they're a watcher!
It doesn't matter now. We interrupted its meal, so hopefully Keshargo is all right."

Mazandi will help you fight the spider:

Mazandi: "I hope this works!"
Mazandi: "Imprison her in the ice!"
Mazandi: "Bring her here!"
Mazandi: "I cast a trap. The rest is up to you."

After Lamikhai is killed, you will need to follow Valinna to the final phase of the fight:

Mazandi: "Don't let her get away!"

Once Valinna is slain, Keshargo can be rescued:

Mazandi: "We did it, Magnastylus. We have the Itinerant Staff and Valinna is … defeated."
Keshargo: "You're a strong mage and a good Scribe, Mazandi."
Keshargo: "The cost was steep, but such is the price of ensuring the Scribes of Mora survived."

Speaking with Mazandi before completing the quest:

"Is it over? Is Keshargo all right? That spider ….
Please go talk to Keshargo. I need a minute to gather my thoughts."
Mazandi receives a promotion from Keshargo

Afterwards, Mazandi will attempt to hand over the staff:

Mazandi: "Magnastylus, your Itinerant Staff."
Keshargo: "Keep it, Mazandi. That staff could not be in better hands. You are the one the scribes need to lead them."
Mazandi: "I—Kesh—Magna—sir, you honor me."
Keshargo: "Still, we must remove the source of the staff's power—the Umber Glyphic. A Magnastylus cannot be obsessed with a tool."

You can then talk to her:

"I'm … Magnastylus. Goodness. I don't even know what to say."
You seem surprised.
"I am. Keshargo has been my Magnastylus ever since I joined the scribes. To think that he'd give it up … to me? I'm happy, of course, but also this is an enormous responsibility. I don't know if I'll be able to perform the duties correctly."
What will you do now?
"I suppose I'll have to learn how to lead the Scribes of Mora. I know which duties Keshargo performed, which responsibilities I saw him take. I guess I'll start there. But I won't be able to do it alone. I'll need Keshargo's help. And Zilipif's too."
How can Zilipif help you?
"Keshargo mentioned the umber glyphic? If it's as dangerous as he said, Zilipif will be the one to transport it to safety. The Itinerant Staff's an incredible tool, but its power does not define the Magnastylus. I'll make my way without it."