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Online:Scribes of Mephala

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Book Information
Scribes of Mephala
ID 8578
Collection Library of Incunabula
Found in the following locations:
  • Scrivener's Hall, behind a stack of books in the first room of the Deadlands Pathway
Scribes of Mephala
A scribe's story on how they found a new master

Throughout the eons that the library in Scrivener's Hall has been tended to, there is one dedicated test for the Magnastylus. One examination to prove whether their skills and talent align with the responsibilities set out for them. Whenever a rift to Apocrypha appears, the Magnastylus to be must cross the threshold and hear the voice of Hermaeus Mora.

During my training with Keshargo, I never once doubted my abilities. I knew I was the strongest, most powerful, most intelligent, most adaptive aspirant to ever join the Scribes of Mora. And if I ever doubted myself, Keshargo was there to tell me how important I was. He bolstered my confidence, compared me to the other scribes and openly found the other wanting. My ascension was all but confirmed. All I needed to do was wait for the rift to open.

But, when the time came, I didn't hear a thing. Not a word or whisper. It was as though all of Apocrypha fell silent. Within that realm I was deafened. The silence stilled my blood. It made me feel like a rabbit who can't see the hawk diving from above.

Oh, I feigned delight. I made sure that old fool wouldn't question my ascension. But I knew what this meant. Hermaeus Mora turned his eye from us. He shunned us and our work. Either we failed him, or he has lost interest in what Scrivener's Hall has to offer for him. I've seen the devotion those fools like Keshargo and Mazandi show to the Octants of the scribes. I know that nothing we've done has upset the One Who Knows. Which can only mean one thing. That he no longer values us. I refuse to work for a master who does not care for me.

This is not the end of the story. Not even remotely close to it, because I heard a voice. I felt my calling. It's not from the silent halls of Apocrypha filled with the dead tomes and idiotic Watchers. No, I heard a voice from the illuminated fungi of the Spiral Skein. A realm of hidden knowledge and life. Where information is stored in living minds and not dead books. A place where the scribes can grow, not remain stagnant in the ideologies of a long-forgotten time.

Our work is valuable to the Whispering Lady. Slowly, I will break the scribes from the Octants, showing them the errors in that way of conduct. And, when the time is right, I will shift our allegiance from Hermaeus Mora to Mephala. The rift to the Spiral Skein will never close. We will not be abandoned by our new teacher. And through her, we will learn to listen for the hidden knowledge. The secrets of true power.