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Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
Hermaeus Mora
(lore page)
Location The Vile Manse, Bisnensel, Ilmyris, The Seeker's Archive
Species Hermaeus Mora
Health 52,831
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Primeval Seekers, Scribes of Mora, Sodality of the Eye, Wooded Eye
Hermaeus Mora in Craglorn

Hermaeus Mora is the Daedric Prince of Fate and Forbidden Knowledge. For more information see the lore page.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Base GameEdit

The Flooded GroveEdit

Throughout Rootwater Grove, Mora's disembodied voice will address you:

Hermaeus Mora: "Come closer."
Hermaeus Mora: "Such an interesting mortal."
Hermaeus Mora: "Your assistance might be just what I require."

Within Ilymris, Mora manifests and speaks to you:

"I am Hermaeus-Mora. The riddle unsolvable. The door unopenable. The book unreadable. The question unanswerable.
I wonder if you understand why you're here."
I am here to bind the Daedra.
"You will bind the Daedra, but you do not yet know what tendril of fate and fortune brought you into my grove, into this ruined reflection of my library."
What do you mean?
"In due time.
But as to the Daedra, their magicka powers the wards that protect my library, but binding them here is no small task. It requires a foundation of souls, each of different blood, from my servants in Tamriel."
What happened to them?
"The intruders who broke the wards above unwittingly loosed the bindings here below. Four of the souls broke free. In their confusion, they wander these halls seeking escape. Subdue them to restore the seal. I will reward your faithful service."
What happened to Saromir?
"Ayleid crystals impart memories directly to the reader. Overuse leads to a problem of capacity for most mortals."
I may help you, but I am not your servant.
"Willing or unwilling, all who strive to grow in skill and scope are my servants."

If you speak to him again before completing the task, he'll say:

"Hermaeus-Mora sees and knows."

Once you've captured three of the souls:

"Three servants reunited to their master. Only one remains."
Where is the fourth soul?
"A conundrum. The Bosmer soul escaped Ilmyris. We require a replacement. Saromir, my caretaker, satisfies all requirements.
Kill him, and bring his soul to me."
And if I refuse to kill him?
"One will die whether you refuse or not.
Put the mad priest out of his misery, or I will choose another. Be assured, you will find that choice … less than optimal."
Fine. I will kill Saromir.
"A considered choice. Go tell Saromir his fate."
I will not obey you. I will not kill Saromir.
"Your rebellion is noted, and the consequences take shape. Orthenir is drawn to his death in Saromir's place.
Bind his spirit, unless you are willing to let the Daedra overrun Greenshade."

If you chose to sacrifice Saromir, who has gone insane and gladly willing to die, Mora will say the following:

"The ritual is complete, and the Daedra of Ilmyris guard their very prison. Orthenir is caretaker now, until another comes to take his place."
You promised to reward my service.
"My memory is unerring as my word. In the crystal behind you, you will find knowledge you didn't know you sought, but others have killed for."

If you refused to sacrifice Saromir, instead forcing Orthenir to die, Mora will say the following:

"Orthenir's soul seals the binding, but without a caretaker the Daedra flee. It is temporary. The mountain is worn away and the tides rise and fall with the same inevitability."

Once you have activated the Ayleid crystal and witnessed the conversation between Vicereeve Pelidil and Laryaril, you can speak to Mora:

"One by one, Naemon and Pelidil exposed my servants to the crystals, until their mortal minds cracked and groaned under the strain."
Why? What were they looking for?
"What else? Power. They called it the Heart of Valenwood, but no matter what it's called, it means the same thing."
What is the Heart of Valenwood?
"You have not yet earned that knowledge, which Naemon and Pelidil took by force.
They went to Hectahame. Where you go is your choice, but I will be watching."

You can then complete the quest, and Mora will disappear from the ruins.

Sunken KnowledgeEdit

After defeating Lorelia in Bisnensel, the Voice of Hermaeus Mora will appear hovering over the shrine. He will be pleased that you stopped the nereid's transgression against nature.

"So you are the one the tides of fate carried here to stop this trangression.
I had watched this pathetic spirit's attempt to avoid her fate with some amusment … but I knew it would eventually have to come to an end."
Why didn't you just stop her yourself?
"Where would be the fun in that?
The individual yarns of fate do not concern me. It is the tapestry they weave that I watch and record. All threads, even yours, only make up a small part of the whole."
So you know my fate?
"I do. I can see your future … and your past. The yarn of your life is interesting, perhaps even amusing, one might say.
It's spun from a strong thread, to be sure, but all threads will eventually run out."
Can you tell me anything about my future?
Why did you summon your followers here?
"I did no such thing. Like moths to flame, my followers are simply drawn to dark mysteries, and this one was simply irresistible for them.
It's a wonder more of them didn't die."
You don't care whether your followers live or die?
"No. Why would I?"
If there's nothing more, then I will go.
"Yes. That is what you will do.
First though, I have something for you. A gift, you might say."
Is this gift something I actually want?
"Whether you want it or not is irrelevant. I like to reward those who amuse me, and this is your reward.
You will take it."

After accepting Mora's gift, you can speak with the Daedric Prince once more though he will be annoyed.

"Do you dare to ask more of me?"
I wish to leave this shrine. (You will be teleported outside to the ruin's entrance.)

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"Before you go, mortal. I have something for you. A gift, you might say."
Is this gift something I actually want? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

The Waking DreamerEdit

Upon activating the Mysterious Tome, Hermaeus Mora will appear and address you:

"So another of you comes seeking Hermaeus Mora, and that is me. Perhaps you will prove greater than Graccus. He holds the Oghma Infinium, where lies the beginning of knowledge. Yours if you slay him. Find the descent to the caves below. He is there."

When you reach the large hole in the cellars and drop down into the flooded caverns, Mora will again appear:

"Down the tunnels, in the ruins of the swallowed city: that is where you will find Graccus, and the Oghma Infinium. Prove yourself his better, and take it. He was once a promising subject, but he will never be an Ageless One. Perhaps you will."

During your battle with Graccus, the prince will torment the both of you:

Graccus: "No! I've waited for so long! You won't stop me!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Emerge the victor, and my knowledge is yours."
Graccus: "I won't be defeated! I've come too far!"
Hermaeus Mora: "One of you must fall. Let it be your opponent."
Graccus: "All the secrets of Apocrypha shall be mine!"
Hermaeus Mora: "The knowledge is there. All you must do is take it."
Graccus: "I am Mora's champion. I'll destroy any challenger!"

After defeating Graccus, you must then reclaim the Oghma Infinium. When it is activated, the book will disappear and Hermaeus Mora will appear in its place, and you must then speak to him to complete the quest:

"And so the Infinium becomes mine again. As it always does.
You performed well against Graccus."
Where is the Oghma Infinium?
"Safely returned to its home in Apocrypha. I would not risk you against its secrets.
But I will not leave you empty-handed."

He rewards you with leveled gold and the Discourse Amaranthine memento, a book that when used, will temporarily summon a vision of Hermaeus Mora. You have the option of asking him some questions.

"You have proven most useful, unlike many before you."
What are these ruins?
"These ruins under the manse vile are the remains of a city of Mer twice forgotten. Here, the children of Auri-El trifled with knowledge that was beyond them. The dirt swallowed them.
Their descendants tried to rebuild, but then came Graccus."
You said the Oghma Infinium would be mine.
"You were told what you needed to hear to become effective.
You should cherish the gift you've been given. It is a leaf from Apocrypha. Only delectable knowledge will you find within its pages."
What did Graccus want from you?
"He sought the power to end some petty conflict of Men and Mer above, but his want is irrelevant.
Graccus showed promise when he glimpsed the Infinium and survived its cosmic ululation. But he ultimately proved mundane."


The Seeker's ArchiveEdit

Ibrula: "Prince of Fate, Lord of Secrets. Your Seeker, Ibrula, has returned to you.
Hermaeus Mora: "Approach me, Seeker."
Ibrula: "Your offering, my lord. A relic from the Dragontail mountains, covered in runes of an unknown language.
Hermaeus Mora: "Your gift is accepted. Tell your companions to approach me."
Ibrula: "Hermaeus Mora wants to speak with you. Approach his statue.

You can then speak to Hermaeus Mora's Statue:

"I am the answer to all questions and the question behind every answer.
No need to introduce yourself. Your name is already recorded in my realm of Apocrypha."
You know who I am?
"I know everything. You have come to my shrine because the stars have fallen to Tamriel. You want to know how to defeat them."
Yes. Can you tell me how to defeat the Celestials?
"I can. But knowledge must never be given freely. A price must be paid.
Part of the cost was bringing my servant Ibrula back to me. But you will pay much more if you want to learn all that I know about the Celestials."
I'll pay your price, whatever it is.
"Then listen closely, as I will not repeat myself. The Celestial Warrior's army of Anka-Ra was created centuries ago by the Yokudan general, Tarish-Zi.
He came to me to learn how to bind his army to him—even in death. I granted his wish."
Why did you do that?
"His offering pleased me. He built the temple above this shrine and promised that his army would defend it.
The Anka-Ra have risen, which means Tarish-Zi has risen as well. They are bound to him. To defeat them, you must defeat him."
How do I do that?
"All I have told you is all you have earned.
If you wish to know more, you must become my eyes and ears in Craglorn. You must bring me fresh knowledge to feast upon."
What do you mean?
"I hunger for lost bits of lore. I thirst for new knowledge to add to my coffers. Bring your offerings to me. If I find them acceptable, I will return their worth in the knowledge you seek."

If you talk to the statue again:

"We have nothing else to discuss at this time, Seeker. Go about your business."

Gem of the StarsEdit

Return to the entrance of Seeker's Archive where you can talk to Hermaeus Mora through a pedestal which stands above the entrance.

"If you would receive knowledge, you must give knowledge in return.
What have you brought me, Seeker?"
I found this blackened gem inside a Dwemer orrery, but I can't read the writing.
"I find this offering to be acceptable. Inside the gem, you can see the celestial bodies in their courses.
The text says the constellations are gods. They can be brought to earth using stones carved from Aetherium. Make of that what you will."

Message UnknownEdit

Bring the tablet to the small pedestal above the entrance of the Seeker's Archive. Speak to Hermaeus Mora to complete the quest.

"You enter my temple once more, Seeker. What knowledge have you brought me?"
I found these letters carved into a stone in Zalgaz's Den. What do they mean?
"A death, and an unrequited love. Sentimental, and unimportant.
But you have fulfilled your part of the bargain, so here is mine: there is a man who can help you defeat the Anka-Ra. His name is Titus Valerius, but he is not of this time."

Strange LexiconEdit

Take the lexicon to Hermaeus Mora at the entrance of the Seeker's Archive to hear if he accepts this offering.

"Knowledge for knowledge. That is my price.
What have you brought me, Seeker?"
I found this Dwemer lexicon in Rkhardahrk.
"The Dwemer knew things you cannot even dream.
Here is your reward: the Celestials are bound to this realm by their Apex stones. These stones were constructed using knowledge stolen from the Dwemer. To defeat the Celestials, you must find the stones."

Necrom PrologueEdit

Eye of FateEdit

Hermaeus Mora manifests in the Shrine of the Golden Eye

You will be recruited by Leramil the Wise to recover a glyphic and bring them to a specific shrine of Hermaeus Mora, so you may learn about the danger facing both Apocrypha and Nirn. During this quest you find that Mora's followers are being hunted and killed. After you rescue Leramil in the Shrine of the Golden Eye, she will suggest you speak with Hermaeus Mora directly.

At this point, shadows gather and Hermaeus Mora's statue comes alive and glows with green glyphs:

Hermaeus Mora: "Every possibility coalesces into this moment. Come, mortal. Speak with the One Who Knows."

Talk with Mora to see what is going on and what he wants from you:

"I foresaw that you were the one mortal in all of Nirn to aid us. I also saw you die at the traitor's hands. Many, many times.
I am pleased with this version of events. That the traitor Dralys has fallen and the glyphics are secure. Very pleased."
You knew Dralys was a traitor?
"I know a great many things, mortal. What may be, what will be, what will never come to pass. It is … my nature.
I saw that you would reveal the reason for Dralys's betrayal, but I only caught a glimpse of our true enemy."
You mean the Dusksabers?
"The vampires? No, they are merely hired blades working for another ambitious mortal. I refer to the new patrons that Dralys chose over me. The Daedric Princes he pledged himself to. He died before I could pull their identities from his mind."
So why did you lead us to this shrine, Hermaeus Mora?
"Because this shrine is one of the few places on Nirn where I may manifest. Where I may communicate freely for a short while.
As Leramil explained, I require your assistance. Help save Apocrypha and you will also preserve Nirn."
How do I help save Apocrypha and Nirn?
"First, we must enter into an agreement. A contract that binds us for the duration of this threat. It also guarantees that I will do nothing to harm you, your interests, or the mortal realm.
You are the chosen of fate. Now bring forth the glyphics."
I'll use the glyphics.

After agreeing to enter a contract with Hermaeus Mora, you can ask him some questions before you continue:

"Bring forth the three glyphics and activate their power, mortal. They will call into being the agreement that will bind us and ensure that this is neither a trick nor a coercion. You will help preserve Apocrypha and thereby safeguard Nirn."
You don't look like any Daedric Prince I've ever seen. What are you exactly?
"I am the mystery at the end of existence. The first secret whispered at the dawn of creation. I am the guardian of the unseen and the question unanswerable. I hold the knowledge forbidden and untangle the threads of fate.
I am … the One Who Knows."
Tell me about Apocrypha.
"I created and rule over Apocrypha, my endless repository of knowledge in the vastness of Oblivion. Every secret known to mortal and immortal resides here, as well as many known only to me. It is a realm of fate, time, and wisdom."
How will saving Apocrypha preserve Nirn?
"Many realms of Oblivion have a relationship to the mortal world. Some believe that Nirn is a reflection of the Daedric realms, or that the Daedric realms are an echo of Nirn.
Regardless, Apocrypha and Nirn share a powerful connection."
And that means?
"If my enemies succeed and damage or destroy Apocrypha, the resulting ripples of fate will unravel the mortal world.
In short, Nirn will cease to exist. You must help me to prevent that fate from coming to fruition."
If I sign this contract, what exactly am I agreeing to?
"Exactly what Leramil told you. You shall render what aid is required to preserve the course of fate and keep Apocrypha safe, thereby protecting Nirn.
Moreover, the contract specifies that I will not force you to act against your own best interests."

You can then use the three glyphics, which will float in the air in a circle before turning into an inkwell, quill and contract. You then can sign the contract, whereupon Mora will take his leave:

Hermaeus Mora: "The deal is done, just as fate foresaw. Leramil will explain the rest. Now I must take my leave."
<Hermaeus Mora leaves Nirn.>


Fate's ProxyEdit

After being contacted by Leramil the Wise, she will hand you a Vial of Strange Ink and ask you to go to one of the cistern ruins. The Redrith Cistern if you previously made a contract with Hermaeus Mora, and Menos Cistern if you did not previously complete Eye of Fate.

Once you arrive at your indicated cistern, you pour the ink into the water. The sky will turn green and ink will rise out of the pool, with Hermaeus Mora emerging from it:

Hermaeus Mora: "Step forth, mortal. Know that you stand in the presence of Hermaeus Mora. We must converse."

Speak with Hermaeus Mora to see what is going on:

Previously contracted to Hermaeus Mora:
First time meeting:
"Leramil has done well and brought fate's chosen into my unrelenting gaze. All other outcomes are now excluded. From this moment, fate's ever-branching tree begins to grow again. And with it, new possibilities emerge."
This is about that threat you foresaw? Something about the unraveling of reality?
"All that and more, mortal. I see all that is, was, and will ever be. And in so doing I saw hidden rivals that threaten Apocrypha and all of reality. They must not succeed.
The time has come to honor your agreement."
My agreement?
"I am the Golden Eye of Fate and the Keeper of Whispers! I foretold that a mortal was needed to preserve reality. You are that mortal, and we signed a contract that binds us for the duration of this threat.
Apocrypha is in danger. Now you must act."
What do you need me to do?
"Let Leramil guide you. She can perceive the threads of fate and lead you to the three tasks that will reveal my hidden adversaries. Meet her in the Necrom Bindery, in the mortal city of the same name.
Your journey to preserve reality begins there."
But how can I save reality? I don't understand.
"I have alerted Leramil to three specific threads of fate that converge in a place known as the Telvanni Peninsula. She will guide you to these locations so you can unmask my hidden adversaries.
Go to the city of Necrom. Leramil awaits you there."
"Leramil has done well and brought fate's chosen into my unrelenting gaze. All other outcomes are now excluded. From this moment, fate's ever-branching tree begins to grow again. And with it, new possibilities emerge."
What's this all about?
"It concerns beginnings and endings, secrets too dangerous to reveal, and the stability of the threads of fate. Hidden rivals threaten my realm, and thereby threaten all of reality. If they succeed, fate will unravel and doom both our worlds."
Leramil calls you the One Who Knows. How can your rivals hide from you?
"I am the Golden Eye of Fate and the Keeper of Whispers! Knowledge and memory are my domains! How this threat eludes me, I do not know. But you are the key to preserving Apocrypha. I have foreseen it. And in so doing, you shall save the mortal realm."
How can I save Apocrypha and Nirn?
"Let Leramil guide you. She can perceive the threads of fate and lead you to the three tasks that will reveal my hidden adversaries. Meet her in the Necrom Bindery, in the mortal city of the same name. Your journey to preserve reality begins there."
Seal our covenant? How?
"The three glyphics before you contain the concepts necessary to create a contract to bind us. I submit to this as a promise of cooperation. You may serve as my proxy without fear of harming your own interests. Now take the glyphics. Combine them."

At this point the story will split, if you have already entered a contract with Mora, you are free to ask the below questions and then head to Necrom. If not, you can ask questions and then sign the contract with Mora. After this, the story will converge once more.

Tell me more about Apocrypha and its connection to Nirn.
"Do you know so little, mortal? Apocrypha is my domain. A plane of Oblivion I have shaped to my needs. And this plane—the mortal realm—some refer to it as Nirn.
As for the connection, just know that if Apocrypha falls, Nirn will cease to exist."
And what exactly are you?
"The scholars and mystics of your world call me a Daedric Prince. What you see is only an aspect of my true self, for the mortal mind cannot contain the whole of me. This form suffices.
Your mind must remain intact for you to be of use to fate."
What do you know about the enemy that threatens Apocrypha?
"Precious little. They are shadows that vanish under my scrutiny. Obscure figures that somehow hide from my gaze.
It is … disconcerting. Never have I been so blind."
Then how do you know that there's a threat against Apocrypha and Nirn?
"Every possible fate unfolds before me. They all lead to an event I thought erased from chance eons ago. If this course isn't altered, Apocrypha falls, reality unravels, and Nirn is destroyed.
This enemy eludes me, but you are my secret advantage."
If you can't determine who they are, how can I?
"That is the reason fate chose you. Your instinctual ability to succeed no matter the obstacles placed before you, no matter the odds.
Follow the threads I selected for Leramil. See where they lead. That is the key to saving both our realms."
Previously contracted to Hermaeus Mora:
First time meeting:
How do I know I can trust you?
"That is why I agreed to bind myself to you with a powerful contract. I cannot act against you or your interests, so long as you adhere to your part of the bargain.
Our enemies have no such constraints, so proceed with caution."
I'm not sure I want to sign a contract.
"It is for your peace of mind, mortal. I offer to bind myself. To give you the power to constrain my actions so that you may trust me. The contract also marks you as my proxy. That could prove beneficial in some places you must travel."

If you still need to sign the contract, interact with the glyphics and they will become a paper contract, which you must then sign. any scene dialogue for this part?

After binding Hermaeus Mora with the contract, you can then speak to him again for your assignment:

First time meeting:
"I have alerted Leramil to three specific threads of fate that converge in a place known as the Telvanni Peninsula. She will guide you to these locations so you can unmask my hidden adversaries. Go to the city of Necrom. Leramil awaits you there."
How do I know I can trust you?
"That is why I agreed to bind myself to you with a powerful contract. I cannot act against you or your interests, so long as you adhere to your part of the bargain. Our enemies have no such constraints, so proceed with caution."

Once you have concluded your business, Hermaeus Mora will take his leave and reality will go back to normal:

Hermaeus Mora: "Fate takes many paths, mortal. Find Leramil in Necrom and choose wisely."

A Hidden FateEdit

In the memory:

Vaermina: "I won't let you do this, fate-forger!"
Hermaeus Mora: "It is already done. You will forget this ever happened. Everyone will. It is the only way to preserve reality."
Vaermina: "Damn you, Mora! Damn—no!"

After Torvesard repairs the statue:

Hermaeus Mora: "Who dares enter this forbidden memory? No! What have you done? Flee while you can, transgressor! Your reckless actions threaten all of reality!"

Speak with Hermaeus Mora after defending yourself from the Dreamcarver Clan.

"I erased all evidence of this moment...and of the events that led to the loathsome action I was forced to perform. But I could not strip it from my own memory. And now that misstep has borne bitter fruit."
"What did the Dremora tell you, chosen?"
Torvesard said you hoard secrets. That you stole memories from him and Vaermina. From everyone.
"Torvesard spoke true. Forbidden knowledge and secrets are my prime concern. Much of what I hoard serves to protect all the realms of existence."
"This particular secret, however, must stay forgotten. Even this slight recollection threatens reality."
You said this memory changed?
"Torvesard found a way to slip past the eyes that see all and entered a memory he should have had no ability to access. And yet here we are. He restored that which I destroyed and now this recollection is no longer forgotten"
And this will cause reality to unravel?
"The threads fray, but have not yet snapped. Torvesard and my enemies recall a fraction of the memory, but the most devastating secret remains locked away."
"Return to your allies. This situation can still be salvaged, if you and Leramil work together."

A Calamity of FateEdit

After entering the Eye of Mora, you will be prompted to find flaws in Vaermina's illusion, which will make Mora reveal more about his memory.

"I have done the unthinkable. Now I must make sure it cannot be undone."
"I shall divide the only remaining memory of the event—my memory—and hide it in three glyphics."
"The way it began, secured inside the Glyphic of Hidden Paths."
"The arguments that followed, locked within the Glyphic of Lost Memories."
"And with regret, the memory of what I had to do, sealed inside the Glyphic of Shattered Reflections.'""

After all flaws are interacted with, Mora will become aware and beckon you for help.

"Who dares invade my private memories?"
"How dare Vaermina enter my realm!"
"Find her! Protect the three glyphics. Go and enter the Mythos!"

Exploring the Mythos, you will eventually fight Vaermina's pet. After defeating them, Vaermina and Torvesard will escape and Mora will speak with you.

"I shook off the worst effects of Vaermina's corrupting presence, but not soon enough."
"The intruders have fled, but the Vault of the Glyphic. You must determine if the secret remains secure."
You hid this dangerous secret in a glyphic?
"Not just any glyphic. One of the three primordial glyphics that in total contain the entirety of the memory I made everyone forget. A memory that, if restored, will destroy reality."
"Enter the vault. Check on the glyphic"
What will I find in there?
"That which I cannot see. The corruption coursing through Apocrypha continues to weaken me. I must do everything I can to maintain a connection to my realm. Enter and examine the glyphic. I give you permission to gaze upon this portion of the memory"
Isn't that dangerous?
"It cannot be avoided. Fate's chosen must make sure the glyphic is secure and the memory intact. We shall talk again when you are done."
What should I do beyond that door?
"Examine the Glyphic of Lost Memories. It will reveal its portion of the secret to you."
"Regrettably, there is no other way to determine if the glyphic remains intact. But fate will survive a slight fraying of its fabric. It has to. Now go."

You will then be prompted to enter the portal to the glyphic. Mora will speak.

"Examine the glyphic and see how this all began, chosen."

After examining it, a vision will play out in front of you.

Vaermina: "Why have you called us all together, Prince of Fate?"
Hermaeus Mora: "We must deal with this problem, Dreamweaver. I have seen what happens if we do nothing."
Hermaeus Mora: "Already the threads of fate unravel. They have no regard for the chaos they can cause!"

Torvesard will interrupt at the end of the vision, speaking before vanishing

Torvesard: "That's it! What I needed to spark my memory! I will restore the rest, Lord of Secrets. I will restore it all!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Torvesard! Only one of the Unseen could evade my sight here!"

Mora will then ask to speak with you.

"Chosen, we must speak."
"My power remains diminished due to the toxins Peryite's follower polluted Apocrypha with, but you helped me break free of the worst of the miasma."
'"You saw the contents of the Glyphic of Lost Memories. As did Torvesard. I did not expect that."
Does that mean reality is doomed?
"Not yet. One thread in the tapestry snapped, but two remain. If you can keep my enemies from unsealing the final two gylphics, there is still a chance to preserve Apocrypha and the rest of reality."
"You saw how this began. The Great Omission."
You called Torvesard one of the Unseen. What does that mean?
"Just something from very long ago. Something I did not expect to encounter ever again. It is not important. Not yet."
"Right now fate requires a champion, mortal."
What do you need me to do?
"Do as you have done. Follow your heart. Return to Leramil. Consult with her. Defeat those who oppose us. You will know the best course of action when fate requires it."
"Now, I must conserve my strength. Apocrypha is under attack and I feel its pain."

An Unhealthy FateEdit

After opening a way into the Mythos:

Hermaeus Mora: :"Chosen of fate, speak with me."

Speaking to Mora:

"The corruption wreaks havoc with my realm, chosen. Any relief I experienced after breaking free of Vaermina's dream has left me. My connection to Apocrypha grows ever more tenuous and the vile poison debilitates me.
The Great Eye … is blind."
Is there anything I can do?
"While Vaermina hides from me, I glimpsed Peryite's lapdog break into the Mythos before my sight faded. He spreads corruption into the realm's foundation. As Apocrypha succumbs, the realm will crumble. Such destruction will ripple throughout reality."
We were about to enter the Mythos to deal with Blightcrown.
"Good. Once inside, you will be my eyes. I will not be able to assist you directly, nor show you where to find the invaders."
Torvesard says he can help us with that.
"Torvesard? Of course. The Unseen. I cannot sense his presence.
The Black Book you carry. Use it if you need my strength. Just do not look directly into the pages. Even fate's chosen can be harmed by the briefest of exposures to forbidden knowledge."
I'll remember that.

He will then say:

Hermaeus Mora: "I call forth all whose fates are intertwined with yours, chosen. Only together can you save reality."



Hermaeus Mora narrates The Elder Scrolls Online - ASMoRa:

"I am Hermaeus Mora. The riddle unsolvable. The door unopenable. The book unreadable. The question unanswerable. I am the answer to all questions and the question behind every answer.
Fate brings you once again to my gaze, mortal. I hunger for lost bits of lore. I thirst for new knowledge to add to my coffers. Bring your offerings to me."

Necrom – Venture into the UnknownEdit

Hermaeus Mora narrates The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – Venture into the Unknown video.

<Scene opens in Apocrypha with a long tentacle reaching out to grasp and opens an Arcanist's Tome and flips to a page.>
"My library contains enough knowledge to encompass one hundred thousand lifetimes."
<After the title screen, the scene returns to Apocrypha and then a female Dunmer Arcanist is shown.>
"And with that knowledge comes ... immense power."
<Scene is Telvanni Peninsula, text reads "RETURN TO MORROWIND". Shots of both Necrom and Apocrypha are shown, then a group is shown fighting a Mind Terror.>
"I will allow you to wield a fraction of it."
<Mora is shown looking into one of his own portals.>
"If ... you help avert the fate of what I ... have ... foreseen."
<Player group is shown riding around and fighting enemies. Text on screen then reads, "BATTLE THE DAEDRIC THREAT". The final scene shows a city in flames, with Daedra enslaving the citizens. In the sky, an outline of an immense figure with glowing red eyes is shown watching. The camera moves back and out of the tome, and book closes, with the Arcanist symbol glowing green.>