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Bring three glyphics to Hermaeus Mora.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Crown Store
Leramil the Wise in Sadrith Mora (Vvardenfell)
Location(s): Hoarvor Pit, Rootwater Grove, Ondil, Emerald Glyphic Vault, Dune, Pa'alat, S'ren-ja, Claw's Strike, Shrine of the Golden Eye
Reward: Unstable Emerald Glyphic memento
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6967
Hermaeus Mora wishes to meet
Leramil the Wise claims that the Daedric Prince of Fate, Hermaeus Mora, needs my help to stop a threat that could destroy both Mora's realm of Apocrypha and the mortal realm of Nirn.
I received a letter from Leramil the Wise. She asked me to meet her in Stormhaven. Crown Store

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. (Optional) Obtain the Letter from Leramil the Wise from the Crown Store.
  2. Speak to Leramil the Wise in Wayrest (Stormhaven), Elden Root (Grahtwood) or Mournhold (Deshaan).
  3. Travel by portal to either Hoarvor Pit, Rootwater Grove, or the Ondil Outskirts, and follow the trail to find a portal to the Emerald Glyphic Vault.
  4. Obtain the Emerald Glyphic and escape the vault via a portal to Dune.
  5. Enter Mildanor's Cellar in Pa'alat and investigate.
  6. Speak with Bassian in S'ren-ja.
  7. Journey to Naraheida's Camp north of Rawl'kha and speak with Dralys Athren.
  8. Speak with Leramil, and then journey to Claw's Strike.
  9. Locate and enter the Shrine of the Golden Eye within Claw's Strike.
  10. Defeat the traitor and recover the Onyx and Umber Glyphics.
  11. Sign a contract with Hermaeus Mora.
  12. Return to Dune for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Follow the trail of runes (Rootwater Grove)
Follow the trail of runes (Ondil)
Follow the trail of runes (Hoarvor Pit)

You can begin the quest by receiving the invitation through the Crown Store or by speaking directly to Leramil the Wise in Wayrest, Elden Root or Mournhold. Leramil will explain she is working with Hermaeus Mora on a task which involves the stability of both Apocrypha and Nirn and which requires collecting the Emerald Glyphic from a hidden vault. This vault is accessible from three locations: the outskirts of Ondil in Auridon, the Hoarvor Pit in Malabal Tor, or Rootwater Grove in Greenshade.

After you have discussed the matter with Leramil, she will create three portals and ask you to make a decision:

Leramil the Wise: "Once you select a portal, the others shall close. Let fate lead you, proxy."
Portal to the Emerald Glyphic Vault

Once you have entered a portal, you will need to use the Book of Forbidden Secrets when prompted. This will cause your eyes to glow and your surrounds to be bathed in a green light. In this state, strange runes will become visible, and you will need to follow and interact with them to reach the portal leading to the Emerald Glyphic Vault.

The Emerald Glyphic VaultEdit

The vault is under the care of the Sodality of the Eye, but it is under assault by Dusksaber vampires when you arrive. You will need to fight your way through the vault and avoid the Vampiric Mine rune traps they have laid. The Emerald Glyphic is located on a platform on the upper level. You will have to take the long, winding side passage to reach it. When you reach it, you will find Dralys Athren, a surviving member of the Sodality who is guarding the Glyphic and also knows who you are:

Dralys Athren: "Ah, fate's chosen! Good. I thought I'd have to fend off another assault on the glyphic."
Dralys Athren at the Emerald Glyphic

Speaking with Dralys, he will explain that the Sodality was instructed to protect the Glyphic until you arrived, and the Glyphic is protected by a forcefield only you can bypass. Dralys will then hand you a coded letter he found on the body of a Dusksaber and instruct you to take the Emerald Glyphic. He also warns you that, although Leramil is favored by Mora, she is not one of his faithful, and he suspects she may be involved in whatever scheme is being hatched against Apocrypha.

Once you have taken the Emerald Glyphic, you will be prompted to use the Petrified Tentacle Talisman, which you also received from Leramil, to quickly return to her. Using the portal, you will find yourself on the outskirts of Dune in Reaper's March.

Leramil the Wise: "The currents of fate ebb and flow, once again carrying you to the required shore."

Locating the ShrineEdit

Speak with her to explain what happened in the Emerald Glyphic Vault and hand over the Dusksaber Letter. Leramil says she will work on decoding the letter while you locate the hidden Shrine of the Golden Eye to which you will need to bring the three collected Glyphics. She suggests you locate and speak with two of the local Mora worshippers, Bassian Caudex and Mildanor, and she will mark your map. You can speak with her some more and she will clarify her relationship with Hermaeus Mora: she is not his worshipper but in a business relationship with him.

At this point, you can meet with Mildanor and Bassian in either order. It will just alter some of the dialogue.

Mildanor resides in the village of Pa'alat, and Leramil will arrive via portal to accompany you. You can then enter Mildanor's cellar, but unfortunately you will find the man already dead:

Leramil the Wise: "Mildanor …."
<Leramil walks around the room.>
Leramil the Wise: "Look around, proxy. We must ascertain what transpired here."

Assist Leramil by looking for clues. You will find a ripped note in Mildanor's hands and can examine the scorched runes. Leramil will note that Mildanor's wards were destroyed by powerful destruction magic and that only a powerful fellow devotee of Mora would have been able to do this. When you ask what to do next, she will either suggest travelling to Bassian's location with all haste or, if you have already visited him, she will suggest another person.

Bassian Caudex can be found in the storehouse at S'ren-ja. Leramil will arrive to introduce you to Bassian, who is also aware of who you are:

Leramil the Wise: "Greetings, Bassian. This is fate's chosen."
Bassian Caudex: "The one the Golden Eye foretold? You honor me, Leramil!"

Talking with Bassian, he will explain that secrecy is very important to the survival of the followers of Mora, and he does not know where the shrine is located as he is blindfolded each time. However, he will tell you a fellow cultist takes him there. If you have not visited Mildandor, he will suggest visiting him. On the other hand, if you already know of Mildandor's death, he will suggest speaking with Naraheida who can be found at her camp northwest of Rawl'kha. While you visit her, Leramil will stay behind to have Bassian assist her with translating the coded Dusksaber note you received.

When you go downstairs to leave, you can overhear an interesting conversation between the two of them about you. Throughout the quest, you'll find yourself being addressed as "proxy" and "fate's chosen," though you do not yet fully understand what these titles mean. If you head back during this conversation, they will clam up as soon as they notice you.

No matter what order you visit the cultists, you will eventually be directed to Naraheida's Camp. It is located on a small island in the river, but when you arrive it is too late. You find Dralys kneeling over a dying Naraheida:

<Naraheida struggles to say something before slumping down and dying.>
Dralys Athren: "Appears we both arrived too late, friend."

Speak with Dralys to see what is going on. He will once again warn you about Leramil, claiming that Naraheida's dying words were, "Leramil is the doom of Apocrypha." He then tells you a closely guarded secret, a riddle to find the Shrine of the Golden Eye: "Where claw meets prey, beneath open air in stone shows the way." After you have finished your discussion with Dralys, Leramil will arrive and the pair will have a tense conversation:

Leramil the Wise: "Another of the faithful, murdered? What happened here?"
Dralys Athren: "Both I and the chosen arrived too late, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Curious to see you in this place, at this particular time, Dralys."
Dralys Athren: "Let's not forget who's actually one of the Great Eye's faithful, Leramil. Now, I have my own investigation to continue."
<Dralys teleports away.>
Leramil: "Hmm. Come, proxy. I deciphered the letter."

Speaking with Leramil, she will elaborate on what the decoded letter says. The Dusksabers were hired from the Telvanni Peninsula to steal the Emerald Glyphic and bring it to the Shrine of the Golden Eye. Leramil then provides the riddle to find the entrance which was written in the letter. It is slightly different from the one Dralys told you: "Where claw meets prey, the farthest corner in the largest hall shows the way." When you inform Leramil of this, she will leave it up to you what entrance you use to the enter the shrine.

Shrine of the Golden EyeEdit

Head to the Claw's Strike delve in the western part of Reaper's March. As mentioned, there will be two entrances. Dralys's entrance will be located directly south of Claw's Strike's entrance, while the entrance Leramil mentions is in the southeastern corner in the large hall and past the delve boss.

Bloodknights Hlaro and Mondrar block your path within the Shrine of the Golden Eye

If you choose the entrance to the shrine based on Dralys' riddle's answer, you are ambushed by two Bloodknights, Bloodknight Mondrar and Bloodknight Hlaro, who reveal the traitor to you:

Bloodknight Mondrar: "Dralys led them right to us, like guar to the slaughter!"
Bloodknight Hlaro: "For the Dusksabers, my brother!"
Bloodknight Hlaro: "Save some of their blood for me, brother!"

Fight your way through them, and enter the passage to the main shrine.

If you choose the entrance to the shrine based on Leramil's riddle's answer, a dismayed Dusksaber Tormentor and his Death Hound will be surprised when you appear:

Dusksaber: "No! You were supposed to use the other entrance!"

After dispatching enemies here and dealing with more Vampiric Mines, you'll see and overhear Dralys choking Leramil with magic, saying he'll have to pry "the secret" out of her. Dralys will be waiting for you in the shrine room which is dominated by a large statue of Mora:

Dralys Athren: "Ah, there you are! Did you evade or dispatch the ambush I set for you? No matter. I'll take your glyphic now."
Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, Dralys is the traitor! You must stop him!"
<Dralys throws Leramil down and jumps down from the statue.>
Dralys Athren: "No hard feelings, friend, but I'm going to have to kill you."

Now you will need to fight and defeat Dralys, who will attack you with a combination of fire and arcanist magic. Additionally, Kindred Arcanists will come and assist. Their attacks include summoning fiery spectral Daedroth. After dispatching Dralys, Leramil will ask you to collect the Onyx Glyphic and Umber Glyphic from Dralys's Pack nearby and speak with her. However, your conversation is cut short when Hermaeus Mora manifests through the statue in the room, your surroundings becoming shadowy and the statue's eyes moving and blinking.

You then speak with Hermaeus Mora, who reveals the reason for collecting the Glyphics and bringing them to the shrine. It is one of the few places Mora can manifest on Nirn temporarily so that he may speak to and enter a contract with you for the duration of the threat that involves both Apocrypha and Nirn. He will then ask you to place the Glyphics, which will circle each other in the air before transforming into a quill, inkwell, and paper contract.

The three glyphics reunited
A contract with Hermaeus Mora

Once you sign the contract, the Glyphics will disappear and Hermaeus Mora will take his leave:

Hermaeus Mora: "The deal is done, just as fate foresaw. Leramil will explain the rest. Now I must take my leave."

Afterward, the shrine will return to normal, and Leramil will create a portal back to Dune. Once you arrive, you can speak with her to wrap things up and complete the quest:

"Now we are both connected by our agreements with the Prince of Fate. Next comes the harder task. Saving Apocrypha and thereby preserving Nirn.
These Dusksabers from the Telvanni Peninsula. Without any other information, I suggest we start there."
You think whatever threatens Hermaeus Mora's realm is in the Telvanni Peninsula?
"I think whoever hired the vampires is connected to the threat that Hermaeus Mora has foreseen. I shall make inquiries and meet you in the peninsula when the time is right. Await my summons.
For now, take this. A reward from the Prince of Fate."

With the quest completed, you will receive the Unstable Emerald Glyphic memento.


  • There are Vampiric Mine rune traps on the floors in some quest areas. Stepping on them triggers the trap, damaging you. The Dusksabers cannot trigger the traps. You will sometimes see the Dusksabers inscribing the runes to set these traps.
  • The Antiquity Lead: Sweet Khenarthi's Song can be found while adventuring through the Emerald Glyphic Vault.
  • While traversing the passageways of the Emerald Glyphic Vault, you will sometimes hear the condescending conversations of nearby Dusksabers and Sodality members.
  • The quest was made available on April 12, 2023 to coincide with the ESO Celebration livestream event discussing the upcoming Necrom chapter.

Quest StagesEdit

Eye of Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to travel to Stormhaven to speak with Leramil the Wise.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Before anything else, Leramil asked me to find a hidden vault and acquire the Emerald Glyphic. She opened portals to the three locations she knows of that contain an entrance to the vault. I should choose a portal and find the vault.
Objective: Go to the Hoarvor Pit
Objective: Go to Rootwater Grove
Objective: Go to Ondil Outskirts
Leramil provided one of Hermaeus Mora's Books of Forbidden Secrets. She said if I read the book, it will lead me to the secret entrance to the Emerald Glyphic Vault.
Objective: Read the Book of Forbidden Secrets
Reading from the Book of Forbidden Secrets revealed glowing runes. I should follow them to find the secret entrance to the Emerald Glyphic Vault.
Objective: Follow the Revealed Runes
I followed the glowing runes and a strange portal revealed itself. It should lead to the Emerald Glyphic Vault. I should enter the portal.
Objective: Enter Emerald Glyphic Vault Portal
The portal deposited me into some sort of complex. I should look around and locate the Emerald Glyphic.
Objective: Find the Emerald Glyphic
One of Hermaeus Mora's cultists guards the Emerald Glyphic, and he seems to have been expecting me. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Dralys Athren
I should take the Emerald Glyphic before I return to Leramil the Wise.
Objective: Take the Emerald Glyphic
I acquired the Emerald Glyphic. Now I should use the petrified tentacle talisman to open a portal and return to Leramil the Wise.
Objective: Use the Petrified Tentacle Talisman
I should return to Leramil the Wise and talk to her about what else I need to do.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Now I need to talk to some of Hermaeus Mora's faithful and learn the location of the Shrine of the Golden Eye. Leramil says we need to go there to use the Emerald Glyphic and its counterparts.
Objective: Discover the Shrine's Location
Objective Hint: Talk to Bassian Caudex
Objective Hint: Search for Clues
Objective Hint: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Our last possibility for locating the Shrine of the Golden Eye rests with a follower named Naraheida. I need to go to her camp and talk to her.
Objective: Go to Naraheida's Camp
I arrived too late. Naraheida was murdered, too. But the Hermaeus Mora cultist from the glyphic vault, Dralys Athren, is here. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Dralys Athren
Leramil arrived just as Dralys took his leave. She said she finished deciphering the encoded letter. I should talk to her and find out if it revealed anything important.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Dralys and Leramil gave me riddles that point to two different locations in Claw's Strike where the Shrine of the Golden Eye can be accessed. I should go there and decide which entrance to use.
Objective: Enter the Shrine Using Dralys's Entrance
Objective: Enter the Shrine Using Leramil's Entrance
I entered the Shrine of the Golden Eye. Now to find Leramil and see what we're supposed to do with the glyphics.
Objective: Find Leramil the Wise
Dralys was the traitor after all. I need to kill him and get the glyphics he took from Leramil.
Objective: Kill Dralys Athren
I killed the traitor Dralys. Now to take the Onyx and Umber Glyphics.
Objective: Gather the Onyx and Umber Glyphics
Now that I have the glyphics, I should talk to Leramil.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
The Daedric Prince of Fate, Hermaeus Mora, appeared. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
Hermeaus Mora says we need an agreement to protect both his realm and Nirn from either of us doing anything underhanded. He wants me to use the glyphics and sign some sort of contract. I should use the glyphics and see what happens.
Objective: Use the Glyphics
I used the glyphics and signed the contract, then Hermaeus Mora departed. Now I should use the portal Leramil opened and leave the shrine as well.
Objective: Exit the Shrine
Finishes quest  I made some sort of agreement with Hermaeus Mora to help save his realm of Apocrypha and thereby also protect Nirn. I should talk to Leramil about how to do that.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.