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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Leramil the Wise
Location Wayrest, Elden Root, Mournhold, Dune, Pa'alat, S'ren-ja, Naraheida's Camp, Shrine of the Golden Eye
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scribes of Mora (formerly)
Leramil the Wise

Leramil the Wise is a powerful High Elf mage currently working with Hermaeus Mora who seeks your assistance in Apocrypha. She does not worship Mora, but makes use of knowledge acquired from the Prince that she finds useful.

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Eye of FateEdit

Leramil can be found in one of the Alliance's main cities, and will call out you when you approach:

"Proxy, fate has plucked you from the flotsam of chaos for this specific moment."

When spoken to:

"The tides of fate swirl around you with glorious fury, proxy. The future of at least two worlds hangs in the balance. You have a talent for changing destiny. It has been noticed.
Hence, I bring you an offer from the One Who Knows."
The One Who Knows?
"The Prince of Fate, the Guardian of the Unseen, the Lord of Secrets. Perhaps you know him as Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory.
He has seen many paths forward, but only one where both Nirn and Apocrypha survive."
You want me to work for a Daedric Prince?
"I want you to help preserve the realm of Apocrypha to keep the reality of Nirn from unraveling. At this particular moment, in this specific instance, the fates of both realms are inextricably linked. Will you do as the Prince asks and assist me?"
All right, I'll help you. What do I need to do?

Once you agree to help, she will hand over some items and explain what you need to do. You have the option of asking her questions before you continue:

"First, you must acquire the Emerald Glyphic. It resides in a vault you can access from three locations. I shall open a portal to each and let fate guide your path. Once there, this book will reveal the vault. And this talisman will return you to me."
Tell me more about the book and the talisman you gave me.
"The tome is one of Hermaeus Mora's Books of Forbidden Secrets. He provided it to lead you to the vault that houses the Emerald Glyphic.
Read the book after you step through one of the portals and it shall guide you to the hidden location."
And what about this talisman.
"A curious fetish, is it not? Legend has it that this petrified, rune-covered tentacle was a gift given to a priest of the One Who Knows, sliced from his own body.
Acquire the glyphic, then use the talisman. It will open a portal to return you to me."
And who are you really, Leramil the Wise?
"No one of consequence. Just a simple scholar who made a bargain with a Prince more than a century ago. In exchange for glimpses of forbidden knowledge, I occasionally undertake missions for Hermaeus Mora.
Now hurry. Forces gather while you tarry."
Which portal should I use to reach the vault?
"Portals. Fascinating fissures in space. They open to other places, other times. Even other realms. Ah, what was the question? Oh, which portal ….
Whichever appeals, proxy. They lead to the Hoarvor Pit, Rootwater Grove, and the Ondil Outskirts."
What can I expect at Hoarvor Pit?
"Hoarvor Pit is a cave in central Malabal Tor teeming with hoarvors. Many adventurers have fallen to these blood-sucking creatures.
An entrance to the vault waits somewhere in its depths."
Anything I should know about Rootwater Grove?
"Rootwater Grove is a bog in western Greenshade that conceals a library of secret knowledge. A cult that calls itself the Wooded Eye maintains the site. One of the entrances to the glyphic vault can be found there."
Tell me about the Ondil Outskirts.
"Ondil is an ancient Aldmeri ruin in central Auridon. Plague-infested peasants patrol the outskirts surrounding the ruin. Be wary if you decide to use the vault entrance located there."
All right, I think I know which portal I'm going to use. (After asking about at least one of the locations)
"Excellent, proxy. Hermaeus Mora chose well when he selected you for this delicate and important task.
Now go. The fates of multitudes, both in this world and beyond, hang in the balance."

(Appears after completing the Tell me more about the book and the talisman you gave me dialogue chain.)

First time hearing about Glyphics:
Encountered Glyphics before in Scribes of Fate:
Why do I need to acquire the Emerald Glyphic? And what exactly is a glyphic, anyway?
"Glyphics are creations of Hermaeus Mora. Each one contains knowledge or a memory. With the proper coaxing, they can be urged to transform into a tangible version of the concept within. You need the contents of three glyphics to assist Hermaeus Mora."
Three glyphics?
"Three glyphics contain the concepts that, once released, shall solidify your association with Hermaeus Mora for the length of this crisis.
I have already acquired two of the glyphics. You shall obtain the third."
And who's Hermaeus Mora again?
"Are you not acquainted with the concept of the Daedric Princes? The most vast and powerful of all the Daedra and the rulers of the realms of Oblivion?
Hermaeus Mora is the Prince of Fate and the master of Apocrypha. He sees and knows … everything."
I encounterd [sic] glyphics before. Tell me more about them.
"Glyphics are creations of Hermaeus Mora. Each one contains knowledge or a memory. With the proper coaxing, they can be urged to transform into a tangible version of the concept within. You need the contents of three glyphics to assist Hermaeus Mora."
Why do I need three glyphics?
"These three specific glyphics contain the concepts that, once released, shall solidify your association with Hermaeus Mora for the length of this crisis.
I have already acquired two of the glyphics. You shall obtain the third."
And who's Hermaeus Mora again?
"Are you not acquainted with the concept of the Daedric Princes? The most vast and powerful of all the Daedra and the rulers of the realms of Oblivion?
Hermaeus Mora is the Prince of Fate and the master of Apocrypha. He sees and knows … everything."

Once you finish speak with her, Leramil will walk away and open three portals:

Leramil the Wise: "Once you select a portal, the others shall close. Let fate lead you, proxy."

You can the go through a portal, use a the Book which lets you see sigils which lead you to the entrance of the Vault. However, you will find the caretakers are under attack by the Dusksabers. After fighting your way through, you find Dralys Athren guarding the Emerald Glyphic. Once you have obtained the glyphic you can create a portal with the tentacle to meet with Leramil in Dune.

She will call out to you as you approach:

Leramil the Wise: "The currents of fate ebb and flow, once again carrying you to the required shore."

You can then speak with Leramil and explain what happened:

"I observed the effluvium of possibility and noticed a proliferation of sudden potential. I assume that indicates you were successful? Did you have any trouble acquiring the Emerald Glyphic?"
I have the glyphic. Mercenaries tried to get to it first, and many cultists died to protect it.
"Enemy forces move against the One Who Knows, just as he anticipated. I mourn for the deaths of Hermaeus Mora's faithful, but grief must not slow our progress.
Still, I wish we knew more about this enemy."
One of the Sodality of the Eye survived. He recovered this letter from the mercenaries.
"Dralys? Yes, I believe our paths have crossed before.
Hmm. This document is written in an obscure code. I shall endeavor to decipher it while you find the Shrine of the Golden Eye. That is where we must bring the glyphic and its counterparts."
If you have not completed Scribes of Fate:
If you have completed Scribes of Fate:
The glyphic's counterparts?
"Yes, the one you carry and the two in my possession. We can use them at the shrine to formalize your arrangement with Hermaeus Mora.
Unfortunately, I am not one of the faithful. Only his followers know the locations."
The glyphic's counterparts?
"I believe you are familiar with the Onyx and Umber Glyphics. Currently, I carry them. We need them at the shrine to formalize your arrangement with Hermaeus Mora.
Unfortunately, I am not one of the faithful. Only his followers know the locations."
How do I find one of Hermaeus Mora's faithful?
"Let me mark your map. Two of the faithful I am acquainted with reside in these places. Talk to Mildanor and Bassian. They should be pleased to provide fate's chosen with the location of the shrine.
I shall meet you at each to make introductions."
You aren't a follower of Hermaeus Mora?
"I am a seeker of knowledge, a chaser of wisdom, and a delver of secrets. Long ago, I made a bargain with the Prince of Fate. In exchange for glimpses into Apocrypha's forbidden tomes, I undertake missions such as this from time to time."
So you're not a Daedric cultist?
"I leave the supplication and exaltation of the One Who Knows to Dralys, Bassian, and their ilk. My association with Mora is strictly professional.
Now come, proxy. Time is a precious commodity when the fate of two realms hangs in the balance."

At this point you can meet with the two cultists in either order, Leramil's dialogue will change depending on the sequence of events.

Mildanor can be found in Pa'alat, within a cellar.As you approach the cellar Leramil will arrive:

Leramil the Wise: "Mildanor keeps a room in this cellar, proxy."

Once you enter the cellar, you will find Mildanor dead. Leramil asks you to look for clues:

Leramil the Wise: "Mildanor …."

<Leramil walks around the room.>

Leramil the Wise: "Look around, proxy. We must ascertain what transpired here."

Speaking with Leramil at this point:

"Examine the evidence and I shall do the same. We must determine what befell Mildanor."

Examining the scorched runes:

Leramil the Wise: "Runes of destruction. Powerful magic that overcame Mildanor's wards of protection."

When reading the Mildanor's Ripped Note:

Leramil: "He must have snatched that from whoever attacked him before he died."

Once you have examined both clues, Leramil will say:

Leramil the Wise: "Let us compare observations, proxy."

Then you can speak with Leramil:

"Mildanor set wards to protect this chamber, but their energy was burned away by those runes. Only a powerful devotee of the One Who Knows could utilize such magic.
A follower of Hermaeus Mora killed Mildanor. Perhaps even someone he knew."
Would Hermaeus Mora send one of his followers to kill Mildanor?
"No, the One Who Knows rarely gets that involved in determining the course of fate. This was the work of a traitor, one who claims devotion to Hermaeus Mora but works to advance the threat we have been tasked to stop."
This scrap of paper suggests someone else is seeking the glyphics in order to assault Apocrypha.
"Hermaeus Mora told me that adversaries were gathering against him. I wondered why he never told me who they were. Perhaps he doesn't know. But how is that possible? The One Who Knows … knows everything.
As for the glyphics, we will keep them safe."
What now, Leramil?
Encountered Mildanor First:
Encountered Bassian Caudex First:
"We must reach Bassian before this betrayer gets to him. Learn the location of the Shrine of the Golden Eye.
The best way to keep the glyphics safe is to get to the shrine and use them as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
All right, let's go talk to Bassian.
"Hopefully Bassian can tell us how to reach the Shrine of the Golden Eye. I shall meet you at his location. I just hope we get there before the traitor silences him as well."
I think Dralys suspects a traitor as well. He warned me to be cautious of you.
"These are the situations that make us flinch at every shadow, proxy. If Dralys also suspects a traitor, that means we follow the same trail. His only mistake is assuming it was me.
I seek to assist you and save two worlds, nothing more."
"While we examined the letter that Dralys gave you, Bassian remembered another follower who may know the location of the shrine. Naraheida. Let me mark her camp on your map.
We must reach the shrine and use the glyphics as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
All right, let's go find Naraheida.
"I shall meet you at the camp. I want to make sure Mildanor is taken care of. Then I need to do a little more work to decipher the coded letter.
Travel safely, proxy."
I think Dralys suspects a traitor as well. He warned me to be cautious of you.
"These are the situations that make us flinch at every shadow, proxy. If Dralys also suspects a traitor, that means we follow the same trail. His only mistake is assuming it was me.
I seek to assist you and save two worlds, nothing more."

Bassian Caudex can be found in a building near S'ren-ja. When you arrive, Leramil will call you over to follow her up the stairs:

Leramil the Wise: "This way, proxy."

Bassian will be working upstairs, Leramil will introduce you to him:

Leramil the Wise: "Greetings, Bassian. This is fate's chosen."
Bassian Caudex: "The one the Golden Eye foretold? You honor me, Leramil!"

Speaking with Leramil before Bassian:

"Speak with Bassian, proxy. Discover the location of the Shrine of the Golden Eye. As a devoted follower of Hermaeus Mora, he is sure to know where the shrine can be found."

After you have spoken with Bassian, Leramil will stay behind to work on having the letter deciphered:

Leramil the Wise: "Go, proxy. I want to get Bassian's opinion on the encoded letter you brought me."

Speaking with her:

Encountered Mildanor First:
Encountered Bassian Caudex First:
"Bassian has a talent for ancient languages and obscure ciphers. I want to consult with him about the letter Dralys gave you.
I shall meet you at Naraheida's camp in due course."
"Bassian has a talent for ancient languages and obscure ciphers. I want to consult with him about the letter Dralys gave you.
I shall meet you at Mildanor's home shortly."

As you go down the stairs, you can overhear Bassian and Leramil talk. If you double back and they notice you the conversation will cease:

Bassian Caudex: "As I said, you honor me, Leramil. But why bring the chosen here? That was dangerous for all of us."
Leramil the Wise: "Desperate circumstances demand risks, Bassian. I just hope fate's chosen is ready for what comes next."
Bassian Caudex: "Sometimes, Leramil, you can be as inscrutable as the Great Eye …."

Both routes will lead you to seek out Naraheida, however, when you arrive at her camp you find her dying and Dralys kneeling over her. Once you have spoken with him, Leramil will arrive and the pair will talk:

Leramil the Wise: "Another of the faithful, murdered? What happened here?"
Dralys Athren: "Both I and the chosen arrived too late, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Curious to see you in this place, at this particular time, Dralys."
Dralys Athren: "Let's not forget who's actually one of the Great Eye's faithful, Leramil. Now, I have my own investigation to continue."
<Dralys teleports away.>
Leramil: "Hmm. Come, proxy. I deciphered the letter."

You can then speak with Leramil about the letter she deciphered:

"Dralys's presence here … the One Who Knows never suggested they had any of their faithful dealing with this threat. Hmm.
No matter. With Bassian's help, I was able to decipher the letter Dralys gave you."
So what does the encoded letter contain?
"Orders for the Dusksabers, vampire mercenaries from the Telvanni Peninsula. They were hired to steal the Emerald Glyphic and take it to the Shrine of the Golden Eye.
It also contained a riddle to direct them to the shrine's location."
Dralys told me this riddle: "Where claw meets prey, beneath open air in stone shows the way."
"Dralys, hmm? The coded riddle was slightly different. ""Where claw meets prey, the farthest corner in the largest hall shows the way.""
I suppose the shrine could have two entrances. I shall mark your map and let you determine the proper path."
I guess one of these will lead us to the Shrine of the Golden Eye.

Before you continue, you can ask her some more questions:

"I had hoped the letter would indicate who hired the mercenaries, but no. Anyway, the Shrine of the Golden Eye lies somewhere in Claw's Strike, proxy. I shall meet you there.
Once inside, we can use the three glyphics as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
Why do you keep calling me proxy, Leramil?
"Does the term offend in some way? It is a perfectly appropriate word for one who acts in the place of another.
Hermaeus Mora has chosen you to act as their agent in this matter. Hence, proxy."
Dralys thinks you're the traitor. He says you plan to use the glyphics to betray his master.
"Is that where his investigation has led him? To a conclusion as inaccurate as it is absurd? What do they teach the followers of the Prince of Secrets these days?
My interests lie in accumulating knowledge and saving two realms. Nothing more."

The clue for the entrance location will be different from Dralys', you can choose which entrance to take from within Claw's Strike. Once inside the Shrine of the Golden Eye you will encounter more vampires and quickly learn Dralys is a traitor and can overhear him talking to Leramil:

Dralys Athren: "I never liked you, Leramil. Think you're better than the faithful."
Leramil the Wise: "The only thing you're faithful to, Dralys, is your own ambition."
Leramil captured by Dralys

Further into the shrine, you can look across the abyss and see Dralys having Leramil in a stranglehold:

Dralys Athren: "Join me, Leramil. My new patrons will share the secret they seek once they pry it out of Apocrypha."

You don't hear her response but you hear Dralys' reaction as you progess:

Dralys Athren: "No? Pity. I'll take those glyphics now, Leramil."

Dralys will be waiting for you in the shrine room which is dominated by a large statue of Mora:

Dralys Athren: "Ah, there you are! Did you evade or dispatch the ambush I set for you? No matter. I'll take your glyphic now."
Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, Dralys is the traitor! You must stop him!"
<Dralys throws Leramil down and jumps down from the statue.>
Dralys Athren: "No hard feelings, friend, but I'm going to have to kill you."

You will now need to fight Dralys Athren, and he will call mysterious Kindred Arcanists to his side. Once he dead, Leramil will call out to you:

Leramil the Wise: "Recover the glyphics, proxy …."

Speaking to her before retrieving the glyphics from Dralys's Pack:

"The glyphics that Dralys took from me. Recover them, please."

After recovering all the glyphics:

Leramil the Wise: "Bring the glyphics here. We need to talk."

Speaking to her:

"Dralys was waiting for me when I entered this chamber. He actually employed violence to take the glyphics from me! I am glad you were able to overcome him, proxy."
So Dralys was the traitor? He killed Mildanor and Naraheida?
"He admitted as much when he took the glyphics. He rambled on about his new patrons, but never revealed who they were or who else is involved in this plot against Apocrypha.
Now prepare yourself, proxy. I sense the One Who Knows approaching."

At this point, shadows gather and Hermaeus Mora's statue comes alive and glows with green glyphs. You can speak with Leramil but she will point out the obvious:

"Keeping a Daedric Prince waiting is ill-advised, proxy. I am all right. Go and present yourself to the One Who Knows."

Hermaeus Mora explains that Apocrphya is in danger of destruction and by proxy, so is Nirn. He asks you to enter a temporary contract with him for the duration of the crisis. You can then use the three glyphics, which will float in the air in a circle before turning into an inkwell, quill and contract.

After speaking to Mora, but before signing the contract:

"The contract is a standard agreement that protects both parties. I have profited from the benefits of such a contract for more than a century. Signing it will ensure that Mora cannot do anything to knowingly harm you or Nirn.
Sign it, proxy."

After signing the contract, Mora will leave Nirn and Leramil is ready to leave:

Leramil the Wise: "We can talk back in the Dune outskirts, proxy."

Speaking to her after going through the portal:

"Now we are both connected by our agreements with the Prince of Fate. Next comes the harder task. Saving Apocrypha and thereby preserving Nirn.
These Dusksabers from the Telvanni Peninsula. Without any other information, I suggest we start there."
You think whatever threatens Hermaeus Mora's realm is in the Telvanni Peninsula?
"I think whoever hired the vampires is connected to the threat that Hermaeus Mora has foreseen. I shall make inquiries and meet you in the peninsula when the time is right. Await my summons.
For now, take this. A reward from the Prince of Fate."

Speaking to her after the quest is finished:

"I shall learn what I can about the Dusksabers and their clients. When I have gathered enough information to progress our investigation, I shall contact you.
The threat is great, but the danger is not imminent. Not yet."
How are you going to learn more about the Dusksabers and their clients?
"Research is one of my passions, proxy. I was a scholar long before I entered into my arrangement with the One Who Knows, and I have learned more about uncovering truths and revealing secrets in the years since."
Anything I can do to help?
"Go about your usual business and await my summons. The threads of fate tell me that we must separate for a time, but we shall come together again when the moment is right.
Until then, stay safe, proxy."

Fate's ProxyEdit

Leramil can be encountered on the road near the gates leaving the Telvanni Peninsula, as well as by the Necrom Wayshrine, the Necrom Docks and the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine [verification needed — other locations?]. She will call you over:

Leramil the Wise: "Fate needs you, proxy."

The conversation will depend on if you completed Eye of Fate beforehand:

First time meeting Leramil:
Completed Eye of Fate:
"Fate has noticed your talent for altering destiny. Reality hangs in the balance, as does the future of Apocrypha and Nirn. Hence, I bring a message from Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows. Mora offers you a purpose. An aspiration dark and heavy."
"As Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows, foretold, we meet again, proxy. Many diverse twists of fate have led us to this nebulous—ah. Too complicated.
I come with a gift. A purpose, dark and heavy. An opportunity to fulfill the contract you signed."
Purpose? What purpose?
"We are bound together by a common danger. Enemies of Hermaeus Mora threaten his realm of Oblivion—and in so doing, pose a threat to the mortal world as well.
Therefore Mora sent me to meet you here and secure your cooperation."
What sort of cooperation?
"Only a mortal proxy can deal with the threat and save both Apocrypha and Nirn. The fates of both realms are linked, and you are the key to preserving reality. Without you, everything unravels.
Help avert this disaster and Mora will reward you."
All right, I'll help. Where do I start?

Depending on where you meet Leramil, you will be sent to different locations:

In Necrom:
By Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine:
Test on new character:
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Menos Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will become clear."
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Ulvano Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will be made clear."
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Redrith Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will be made clear."
Tell me about Hermaeus Mora.
"Have you never heard of the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge? The Lord of Fate? The Riddle Unsolvable? Hermaeus Mora knows everything. He is the wisest of the Daedra. Every secret and all knowledge finds its way to Apocrypha in time." It still appears even if you made a contract with him
What's Apocrypha?
"I am astonished how little the mortals of our tiny world comprehend. Apocrypha is the realm of Hermaeus Mora. His home and seat of power, one of the countless realms that drift through Oblivion.
Please, do not ask me about Oblivion."
Who are you again?
"I am Leramil. Sometimes called the Wise, although that is not a sobriquet I care for. I seek to comprehend the emergent truths elicited by—ah, never mind that. I am a scholar. A century ago, I struck a bargain with Hermaeus Mora."
So you serve Hermaeus Mora?
"I do not worship him, if that is your question. The Prince of Knowledge is an ally and patron. Mora provides me with access to rare and esoteric lore. In return, I undertake various tasks for him.
A mutually beneficial arrangement."
First time meeting Leramil:
Completed Eye of Fate:
What do you know about these enemies that threaten Apocrypha?
"They seem to be servants of other Daedric Princes. Rivals to the One Who Knows. The threads of fate that converge in this region should reveal more. That is the hope, at least. And we are not dealing with just simple cultists. There are … others."
What others?
"Someone sent the Dusksaber Company to seize relics belonging to Hermaeus Mora from their hiding places in Tamriel. Elite vampire mercenaries commonly employed by Telvanni mages.
I expected the cultists. The Dusksabers were an unwelcome surprise."
What were they looking for?
"Glyphics. Think of them as crystallized memories. Condensations of notional—ah. I explain too much.
I managed to protect Mora's glyphics, with some help. But our adversaries once again move against us."
Who exactly are we up against?
"One or more of Hermaeus Mora's rival Princes, although they have yet to reveal themselves. They work through agents … such as whoever sought the glyphics when we first met.
A spider lurks at the center of this web. I am sure of it."
So this is related to the glyphics I recovered?
"Yes and no. We face the same foe who sought the Onyx and Umbral Glyphics, and colluded with Dralys Athren to seize the Emerald Glyphic.
You forced them to change tactics when you stopped them. But they have not abandoned their grander scheme."

After you have travelled to the indicated cistern and had an audience with Hermaeus Mora, you will be asked to meet with Leramil in Necrom. She can be found in the abandoned Necrom Bindings bookstore, where she will greet you:

Leramil the Wise: "Welcome to my safehouse, proxy."

Speak with her to find out where you need to investigate:

"Meeting Hermaeus Mora represents a rare honor. The One Who Knows materializes in a delimited projection … ah. He chooses to manifest before few mortals. The threads upon which reality dangles are precarious indeed.
What did Mora impart to you?"
Hermaeus Mora said you would guide me.
"And so I shall. The One Who Knows traced three crucial events to this area. Investigate each and he believes we can expose the conspirators moving against Apocrypha.
We may even stop them before the ultimate threat takes shape."
What do I need to do at these three locations?
"I do not know. I was only presented with what was required to bring you to the right place at the right moment.
You must determine why fate needs you in each location. Then take the appropriate action."
You know where and when, but not what I need to do?
"Many possible futures branch from every mortal choice. If we know the consequences of our choices, it changes the outcome. Therefore, Hermaeus Mora tells us only what he must.
As fate's chosen, the rest is up to you."
Very well. Where do I need to go?
"The threads of fate lead to three locations in this region. The Necropolis of Necrom, the old tower of Tel Rendys, and the town of Alavelis. I shall open a portal to each. Investigate them and return here to the Necrom Bindery when you are done."

You can ask Leramil some questions before you continue:

Tell me more about the locations I need to visit.
"A reasonable and prudent request. I shall provide what details I can, but I know little more than you do. Local history and politics are not my usual area of study.
Which location would you like to know more about?"
Tell me about Necrom Necropolis.
"Necrom serves as a center for the ancient Dunmer practice of ancestor worship. A strange custom.
The monks of the Necropolis, called the Keepers of the Dead, tend the catacombs beneath the city. They guide the faithful in venerating their forebears."
Tell me about Tel Rendys.
"Tel Rendys is one of the many mushroom towers that dot this land. They usually serve as domiciles of Telvanni wizards who wield formidable magic, but this tower is abandoned.
Interesting. Fate dictates that when you go there, I shall accompany you."
Tell me about Alavelis.
"Alavelis is a minor settlement whose only claim to fame is its malachite quarry. A glass mine, as the Dunmer refer to it. That thread of fate vibrates with particular intensity.
What you shall find there, I cannot say, but I urge caution, proxy."
What is this place?
"An old bookbinder's shop. Our temporary base of operations in this region. I secured it so we could travel to and from Apocrypha without causing undue panic. I doubt Necrom's authorities would approve of portals to an Oblivion realm in their city."
Tell me about the portals.
"In addition to the three to take you to the locations you must investigate, I summoned two gateways to Apocrypha.
One leads to the Endless Library, a place of books as numberless as the stars. The other to Chroma Incognito, where lost fates linger."
Am I supposed to go to Apocrypha now?
"Only if you desire to do so. The threads of fate Hermaeus Mora asks you to investigate begin here in the Telvanni Peninsula. Where they shall lead us, I cannot say.
But with the threat directed at Apocrypha, I thought quick access was prudent."

Leramil will then open three small portals to the places you need to investigate:

Leramil the Wise: "Your choice must be your own, proxy. Hermaeus Mora was clear about that."
<The portals open.>
Leramil the Wise: "There. Three paths are now arrayed before you. Which will you pick?"

At this point, you will have three concurrent quests you will need to complete to progress with the story, Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream. You can complete them in any order, as you complete them Leramil will arrive an mention how many more you need to complete:

Completed one quest
Leramil the Wise: "Fate's threads still lead to two other locations. Choose another portal, proxy."
Completed two quests
Leramil the Wise: "One more thread of fate to investigate, proxy. Take this portal and see where it leads."
Completed all the investigation quests
Leramil the Wise: "We have examined the threads of fate and learned much. Return to the Necrom Bindery and we shall determine our next steps."
Keeper of the Fate

After you foil the Peryite cultists plot, Leramil will arrive in the Necrom Necropolis via a portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Your work here is done, proxy. Still, we—hmm. That Dark Elf also bears the mark of fate. I shall speak with you momentarily, curate."
Curate Gadayn: "Talk? To me? I—of course. Go on, friend. I'll see you soon."

Speak with her to provide an overview:

"I studied the threads of fate and this location is resolved, proxy. You stopped the agent of Peryite from destroying the Necropolis and recovered part of a relic we will need to complete our quest. That the enemy also has a part could not be helped."
Fate's Lost Dream

After you have assisted Scruut and found out more about the enemies plans, Leramil will arrive after you leave the Tranquil Catalog:

Leramil the Wise: "I came as soon as I heard, proxy. I knew what Hermaeus Mora predicted, but I never truly imagined invaders in Apocrypha."
Scruut: "Leramil the Wise? You know this mortal, too? Then understand that agents of Vaermina invaded my master's realm."
Leramil the Wise: "Ah, one of Hermaeus Mora's examiners of contradictions. Reality is in jeopardy, Watchling. We can use every ally we can get."

Speaking with Leramil:

"Vaermina's servants built a secret gate to Apocrypha beneath Alavelis? The village was not important, then—only the gate. The people were merely collateral damage to the Dreamcarvers and their Hidden Kindred allies."
Spirit of Fate

Leramil will accompany you on this quest, please go here for Leramil's dialogue during that. After you have rescued the spirt of Meln the Mouthless and completed the quest:

Leramil the Wise: "We discovered much here and gained a valuable ally, even though Master Shelreni took possession of the Black Book."

Speaking with Leramil:

"I perceive the outline of our adversaries' plan. They require a key to reach a dream which only Hermaeus Mora remembers. And a rite that involves a Black Book. Someone knows a great deal about Apocrypha and this conspiracy of secrets, but who?" [verification needed — see talk page]
Completed all three quests

Once you have completed all three quests, Leramil will ask you to meet with her at Necrom Bindings.

"What a troubling combination of permutations and crises. I perceive a nexus of … ah. Never mind.
We must discuss what we learned at the Necropolis, Tel Rendys, and Alavelis. Let us return to my refuge in Necrom."

Spirit of FateEdit

Travel to Tel Rendys, a Telvanni Mushroom Tower for Meln the Mouthless. Leramil the Wise will be present to assist you this time. She will call out to you with the line:

Leramil the Wise: "Come, proxy. Fate dictates that I join you at this location."

Speak to her to learn your objective:

"The threads of fate draw both of us to this place, proxy. Tel Rendys. Once the home of a powerful Telvanni magister named Meln the Mouthless, but now abandoned. From what I could ascertain, no one knows what happened to the wizard of this tower."
Is that why we're here, to find out what happened?
"That has yet to be determined. One of the strands of fate revealed to me converges at this location. More than that, Hermaeus Mora expects us to learn for ourselves. Of the three sites, this one requires that I be on hand to assist you."
Why is this place more important than the other two sites?
"I never said it was more important. Just that fate requires both of us here. More than that, we shall need to determine.I do sense a lingering presence. A connection to Apocrypha. Help me investigate this place and Hermaeus Mora will reward you."
I'll help you investigate Tel Rendys. Where do we start?
"I wish to survey the tower and its grounds. The threads of fate hang over this place like cobwebs of possibility and consequence. Let us explore the center of the compound and see where those threads take us."
What can you tell me about the Telvanni?
"The Telvanni are one of the great Dunmer houses. They focus on magic and the arcane arts, and they consider power, ruthlessness, and ambition to be paramount. We must be careful in our dealings with them, for they are nothing if not dangerous."
You mentioned a name, Meln the Mouthless.
"Yes, but I could not learn much. Just that he owns this tower but has not been seen in some time. The place is considered abandoned.He was a Telvanni magister, the highest rank in the house, second only to the archmagister."
What does it mean, that he was mouthless?
"Telvanni masters and magisters avoid undue socializing, fearing threats from all directions. So they appoint agents to represent them. Mouths. Meln eschewed the practice, hence they called him mouthless.I expect his tower to be a fortress."'

After Shelreni asks you to speak to her, Leramil will urge that you do the same, but with some caution if you choose to speak to her directly:

"A Telvanni master. Speak with her, proxy."
"Speak with the Telvanni master … but take care. Find out why she is here, but do not give away any more than you must about our own purpose in Tel Rendys."

With the conversation finished, Leramil will urge caution once again:

"That Telvanni bears watching, but the tower remains the crux of our investigation here. Let us find a way in."

Conversation with Leramil will allow you to discuss Shelrani further:

"Master Shelreni has more to do with all this than she lets on, but I sense that our goal here is within the tower. Let us head to the old hall and see if we can access the tower from there."
Master Shelreni seems very intent on acquiring that book she mentioned.
"Indeed. Whether that book is tied to the threads that brought us here or not has yet to be determined. Let us make our way to the tower and see what fate shall reveal to us."

Enter the tower, where you will find Dusksaber Uleni waiting. Leramil will question her:

Leramil the Wise: "A magical ward seals that door. What happened here, mercenary?"
Dusksaber Uleni: "What happened here? That ward killed my comrade. Not easy to do to a Dusksaber."

If you speak to Leramil she will request you speak to her further:

"Question the mercenary. We must find our way past this obstacle. She may also reveal more of her employer's true intentions if she is willing to talk to you."

Leramil will provide guidance on how to use the lens, and when you take down the ward Uleni will make a move to leave:

Leramil the Wise: "Look for anything glowing. That should be the switch to dispel the ward."
Dusksaber Uleni: "The ward is gone! Master Shelreni must be informed at once!"
Leramil the Wise: "This is our opportunity. Lead the way, proxy."

Speaking to Leramil will have her restate this:

"Since the vampire mercenary excused herself, we have the perfect opportunity to follow the thread of fate before Master Shelreni arrives. We should find a way into the tower through that door. Lead the way, proxy."

After entering, Leramil will draw your attention to a glowing blue portal:

"This portal should take us to the tower."

You will appear in a frozen grotto, guarded by an Ice Atronach. As you approach the portal to the next level, you will hear Meln the Mouthless:

Meln the Mouthless: "You dare enter the tower of Meln, magister of the Telvanni? Turn back or be destroyed!"
Leramil the Wise: "A spirit? Ignore it and keep going, proxy."

The next floor is a grotto on fire, with a Flame Atronach and Air Atronach. Once you approach this level's escape portal, Meln will interject again:

Meln the Mouthless: "As if murdering me wasn't insult enough, now she sends you to steal my book?"
Leramil the Wise: "Is this spirit actually Meln the Mouthless? Perhaps he is the thread that led us here."

The next floor will be Meln's personal chambers, with Meln personally protecting it. He will demonstrate his magical might by growing in size and making the room glow red with magical energy, before offering to let you just speak to him instead:

Meln the Mouthless: "Prepare to face the fury of Meln the Mouthless, magister of the Telvanni! Or we could have a nice chat and discuss this like civilized people."
Leramil the Wise: "A reasonable request. Speak to the spirit, proxy."

Leramil will assure you that she will help you if he attacks:

"Talk to the spirit of Meln the Mouthless and I shall stand ready to protect you. Even in death, a Telvanni magister can be dangerous."

Leramil will immediately show support for going through with this plan, but Shelreni will take this opportunity to intrude on your plan. She will use a soul gem to capture Meln, before disappearing again:

Leramil the Wise: "The thread becomes clear. Hermaeus Mora sent us to recover the Black Book."
Meln the Mouthless: "The Black Book is mine! And with this soul gem, I also have this miserable spirit. Meln comes with me!"
Meln the Mouthless: "And I thought this day couldn't get any worse."
Leramil the Wise: "I knew a Telvanni master would be formidable. Come, proxy, we have plans to make."

Speak to Leramil to figure out your next move:

"The threads of fate here are tied to three things—Master Shelreni, Meln the Mouthless, and the Black Book. That was the connection to Apocrypha I sensed here. Black Books are creations of Hermaeus Mora and his realm."
Tell me more about Black Books.
"Black Books are relics of Apocrypha. Each holds a different secret. Most are kept in the vast libraries of Hermaeus Mora's realm, but he sometimes gifts one to a mortal. In addition to forbidden knowledge, each serves as a portal to Apocrypha."
How many Black Books are there?
"That is a secret the One Who Knows has not yet shared with me. I can count the number of Black Books I know about on one hand. And each is unique. Only one copy of each book exists. This is the first I have heard of one titled The Tormenting Eye."
So what now?
"We must free Meln the Mouthless from Master Shelreni's grasp and retrieve the Black Book. But to do that, we need more information. Look around, proxy. If Meln was indeed murdered here, there might be proof of Shelreni's villainy."

You will also find Meln's body, with a signet ring and his remains. Leramil will have a few comments as you work:

"That letter from Master Shelreni's mouth. That meeting must have been when Meln was murdered."
"The body of Meln the Mouthless. It is clear he was murdered at this very spot."
"A letter and a murdered magister. I know what we must do, proxy."

Speak to her to learn what your next course of action is:

"Meln the Mouthless let down his guard and paid the ultimate price. His body has remained here, forgotten and undisturbed for decades because he preferred solitude above all else. Now Master Shelreni has both Meln's spirit and his Black Book."
You said you know what we need to do?
"To recover Meln and his Black Book, you must find Master Shelreni. And the letter you discovered explains how to do that. Go to the Assembly of Masters at Ald Isra and question Shelreni's mouth, Vabdru. He shall know how to reach her."
You aren't coming?
"No. Here our paths diverge. I leave Mouth Vabdru and Meln in your hands. While you pursue the spirit, I shall research the Black Book and contemplate the other threads of fate. I must determine how this factors into the threat against Apocrypha."
What do I do after I locate Master Shelreni?
"Master Shelreni has trapped Meln's spirit in a soul gem. You must retrieve that gem or destroy it. Go to Ald Isra and find Shelreni's aide, Mouth Vabdru. He must have an office in the tower called Tel Vara."
What can you tell me about Ald Isra?
"The Telvanni Assembly of Masters meets there. Well, their representatives do. The masters themselves rarely bother to make an appearance. That is what they have mouths for. You want to go to Tel Vara. The mouths work out of that tower in Ald Isra."
Why don't the Telvanni masters attend their own assembly?
"The masters leave day-to-day concerns to their mouths. Their own arcane studies are far more important to them. And they try to avoid direct interaction with their rivals whenever possible. The fate that befell Meln is not an uncommon one."

With you parting ways, Leramil opens a portal as a parting bit of aid:

"This portal leads outside. You must travel to Ald Isra from there. Defenses around Tel Huulen play havoc with portal magic."

Once you wrap up the conversation Meln will complain about his new travel arrangements, and Leramil will appear to expediate your journey to your next destination and debrief you.

"Tossed in your pack? I expect you to find a nice silk pouch for my gem at the first opportunity. Now, let's be off."
"One more thread of fate to investigate, proxy. Take this portal and see where it leads."

Speak to Leramil to go over the events of the quest with her, and to discuss the remaining location(s):

"This thread led us to a powerful ally, the spirit of a Telvanni magister. And we learned that a Telvanni master aids our enemies—and plans to use one of Hermaeus Mora's own Black Books against him. The plot against Apocrypha becomes clearer, proxy."

A Hidden FateEdit