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Leramil the Wise
Location Wayrest, Elden Root, Mournhold, Dune, Pa'alat, S'ren-ja, Naraheida's Camp, Shrine of the Golden Eye
House Leramil's Study
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Leramil the Wise

Leramil the Wise is a powerful High Elf mage and scholar. currently working with Hermaeus Mora who seeks your assistance in Apocrypha. She does not worship Mora, but makes use of knowledge acquired from the Prince that she finds useful.

Once you have made a contract with Hermaeus Mora to resolve a calamitous issue he sees in the near future, Leramil will act as your main contact and one of your allies on the Telvanni Peninsula and later in West Weald.

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Necrom PrologueEdit

Eye of FateEdit

Leramil can be found in one of the Alliance's main cities, and will call out you when you approach:

"Proxy, fate has plucked you from the flotsam of chaos for this specific moment."

When spoken to:

"The tides of fate swirl around you with glorious fury, proxy. The future of at least two worlds hangs in the balance. You have a talent for changing destiny. It has been noticed.
Hence, I bring you an offer from the One Who Knows."
The One Who Knows?
"The Prince of Fate, the Guardian of the Unseen, the Lord of Secrets. Perhaps you know him as Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory.
He has seen many paths forward, but only one where both Nirn and Apocrypha survive."
You want me to work for a Daedric Prince?
"I want you to help preserve the realm of Apocrypha to keep the reality of Nirn from unraveling. At this particular moment, in this specific instance, the fates of both realms are inextricably linked. Will you do as the Prince asks and assist me?"
All right, I'll help you. What do I need to do?

Once you agree to help, she will hand over some items and explain what you need to do. You have the option of asking her questions before you continue:

"First, you must acquire the Emerald Glyphic. It resides in a vault you can access from three locations. I shall open a portal to each and let fate guide your path. Once there, this book will reveal the vault. And this talisman will return you to me."
Tell me more about the book and the talisman you gave me.
"The tome is one of Hermaeus Mora's Books of Forbidden Secrets. He provided it to lead you to the vault that houses the Emerald Glyphic.
Read the book after you step through one of the portals and it shall guide you to the hidden location."
And what about this talisman.
"A curious fetish, is it not? Legend has it that this petrified, rune-covered tentacle was a gift given to a priest of the One Who Knows, sliced from his own body.
Acquire the glyphic, then use the talisman. It will open a portal to return you to me."
And who are you really, Leramil the Wise?
"No one of consequence. Just a simple scholar who made a bargain with a Prince more than a century ago. In exchange for glimpses of forbidden knowledge, I occasionally undertake missions for Hermaeus Mora.
Now hurry. Forces gather while you tarry."
Which portal should I use to reach the vault?
"Portals. Fascinating fissures in space. They open to other places, other times. Even other realms. Ah, what was the question? Oh, which portal ….
Whichever appeals, proxy. They lead to the Hoarvor Pit, Rootwater Grove, and the Ondil Outskirts."
What can I expect at Hoarvor Pit?
"Hoarvor Pit is a cave in central Malabal Tor teeming with hoarvors. Many adventurers have fallen to these blood-sucking creatures.
An entrance to the vault waits somewhere in its depths."
Anything I should know about Rootwater Grove?
"Rootwater Grove is a bog in western Greenshade that conceals a library of secret knowledge. A cult that calls itself the Wooded Eye maintains the site. One of the entrances to the glyphic vault can be found there."
Tell me about the Ondil Outskirts.
"Ondil is an ancient Aldmeri ruin in central Auridon. Plague-infested peasants patrol the outskirts surrounding the ruin. Be wary if you decide to use the vault entrance located there."
All right, I think I know which portal I'm going to use. (After asking about at least one of the locations)
"Excellent, proxy. Hermaeus Mora chose well when he selected you for this delicate and important task.
Now go. The fates of multitudes, both in this world and beyond, hang in the balance."

(Appears after completing the Tell me more about the book and the talisman you gave me dialogue chain.)

First time hearing about Glyphics:
Encountered Glyphics before in Scribes of Fate:
Why do I need to acquire the Emerald Glyphic? And what exactly is a glyphic, anyway?
"Glyphics are creations of Hermaeus Mora. Each one contains knowledge or a memory. With the proper coaxing, they can be urged to transform into a tangible version of the concept within. You need the contents of three glyphics to assist Hermaeus Mora."
Three glyphics?
"Three glyphics contain the concepts that, once released, shall solidify your association with Hermaeus Mora for the length of this crisis.
I have already acquired two of the glyphics. You shall obtain the third."
And who's Hermaeus Mora again?
"Are you not acquainted with the concept of the Daedric Princes? The most vast and powerful of all the Daedra and the rulers of the realms of Oblivion?
Hermaeus Mora is the Prince of Fate and the master of Apocrypha. He sees and knows … everything."
I encountered glyphics before. Tell me more about them.
"Glyphics are creations of Hermaeus Mora. Each one contains knowledge or a memory. With the proper coaxing, they can be urged to transform into a tangible version of the concept within. You need the contents of three glyphics to assist Hermaeus Mora."
Why do I need three glyphics?
"These three specific glyphics contain the concepts that, once released, shall solidify your association with Hermaeus Mora for the length of this crisis.
I have already acquired two of the glyphics. You shall obtain the third."
And who's Hermaeus Mora again?
"Are you not acquainted with the concept of the Daedric Princes? The most vast and powerful of all the Daedra and the rulers of the realms of Oblivion?
Hermaeus Mora is the Prince of Fate and the master of Apocrypha. He sees and knows … everything."

Once you finish speak with her, Leramil will walk away and open three portals:

Leramil the Wise: "Once you select a portal, the others shall close. Let fate lead you, proxy."

You can the go through a portal, use a the Book which lets you see sigils which lead you to the entrance of the Vault. However, you will find the caretakers are under attack by the Dusksabers. After fighting your way through, you find Dralys Athren guarding the Emerald Glyphic. Once you have obtained the glyphic you can create a portal with the tentacle to meet with Leramil in Dune.

She will call out to you as you approach:

Leramil the Wise: "The currents of fate ebb and flow, once again carrying you to the required shore."

You can then speak with Leramil and explain what happened:

"I observed the effluvium of possibility and noticed a proliferation of sudden potential. I assume that indicates you were successful? Did you have any trouble acquiring the Emerald Glyphic?"
I have the glyphic. Mercenaries tried to get to it first, and many cultists died to protect it.
"Enemy forces move against the One Who Knows, just as he anticipated. I mourn for the deaths of Hermaeus Mora's faithful, but grief must not slow our progress.
Still, I wish we knew more about this enemy."
One of the Sodality of the Eye survived. He recovered this letter from the mercenaries.
"Dralys? Yes, I believe our paths have crossed before.
Hmm. This document is written in an obscure code. I shall endeavor to decipher it while you find the Shrine of the Golden Eye. That is where we must bring the glyphic and its counterparts."
If you have not completed Scribes of Fate:
If you have completed Scribes of Fate:
The glyphic's counterparts?
"Yes, the one you carry and the two in my possession. We can use them at the shrine to formalize your arrangement with Hermaeus Mora.
Unfortunately, I am not one of the faithful. Only his followers know the locations."
The glyphic's counterparts?
"I believe you are familiar with the Onyx and Umber Glyphics. Currently, I carry them. We need them at the shrine to formalize your arrangement with Hermaeus Mora.
Unfortunately, I am not one of the faithful. Only his followers know the locations."
How do I find one of Hermaeus Mora's faithful?
"Let me mark your map. Two of the faithful I am acquainted with reside in these places. Talk to Mildanor and Bassian. They should be pleased to provide fate's chosen with the location of the shrine.
I shall meet you at each to make introductions."
You aren't a follower of Hermaeus Mora?
"I am a seeker of knowledge, a chaser of wisdom, and a delver of secrets. Long ago, I made a bargain with the Prince of Fate. In exchange for glimpses into Apocrypha's forbidden tomes, I undertake missions such as this from time to time."
So you're not a Daedric cultist?
"I leave the supplication and exaltation of the One Who Knows to Dralys, Bassian, and their ilk. My association with Mora is strictly professional.
Now come, proxy. Time is a precious commodity when the fate of two realms hangs in the balance."

At this point you can meet with the two cultists in either order, Leramil's dialogue will change depending on the sequence of events.

Mildanor can be found in Pa'alat, within a cellar.As you approach the cellar Leramil will arrive:

Leramil the Wise: "Mildanor keeps a room in this cellar, proxy."

Once you enter the cellar, you will find Mildanor dead. Leramil asks you to look for clues:

Leramil the Wise: "Mildanor …."

<Leramil walks around the room.>

Leramil the Wise: "Look around, proxy. We must ascertain what transpired here."

Speaking with Leramil at this point:

"Examine the evidence and I shall do the same. We must determine what befell Mildanor."

Examining the scorched runes:

Leramil the Wise: "Runes of destruction. Powerful magic that overcame Mildanor's wards of protection."

When reading the Mildanor's Ripped Note:

Leramil: "He must have snatched that from whoever attacked him before he died."

Once you have examined both clues, Leramil will say:

Leramil the Wise: "Let us compare observations, proxy."

Then you can speak with Leramil:

"Mildanor set wards to protect this chamber, but their energy was burned away by those runes. Only a powerful devotee of the One Who Knows could utilize such magic.
A follower of Hermaeus Mora killed Mildanor. Perhaps even someone he knew."
Would Hermaeus Mora send one of his followers to kill Mildanor?
"No, the One Who Knows rarely gets that involved in determining the course of fate. This was the work of a traitor, one who claims devotion to Hermaeus Mora but works to advance the threat we have been tasked to stop."
This scrap of paper suggests someone else is seeking the glyphics in order to assault Apocrypha.
"Hermaeus Mora told me that adversaries were gathering against him. I wondered why he never told me who they were. Perhaps he doesn't know. But how is that possible? The One Who Knows … knows everything.
As for the glyphics, we will keep them safe."
What now, Leramil?
Encountered Mildanor First:
Encountered Bassian Caudex First:
"We must reach Bassian before this betrayer gets to him. Learn the location of the Shrine of the Golden Eye.
The best way to keep the glyphics safe is to get to the shrine and use them as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
All right, let's go talk to Bassian.
"Hopefully Bassian can tell us how to reach the Shrine of the Golden Eye. I shall meet you at his location. I just hope we get there before the traitor silences him as well."
I think Dralys suspects a traitor as well. He warned me to be cautious of you.
"These are the situations that make us flinch at every shadow, proxy. If Dralys also suspects a traitor, that means we follow the same trail. His only mistake is assuming it was me.
I seek to assist you and save two worlds, nothing more."
"While we examined the letter that Dralys gave you, Bassian remembered another follower who may know the location of the shrine. Naraheida. Let me mark her camp on your map.
We must reach the shrine and use the glyphics as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
All right, let's go find Naraheida.
"I shall meet you at the camp. I want to make sure Mildanor is taken care of. Then I need to do a little more work to decipher the coded letter.
Travel safely, proxy."
I think Dralys suspects a traitor as well. He warned me to be cautious of you.
"These are the situations that make us flinch at every shadow, proxy. If Dralys also suspects a traitor, that means we follow the same trail. His only mistake is assuming it was me.
I seek to assist you and save two worlds, nothing more."

Bassian Caudex can be found in a building near S'ren-ja. When you arrive, Leramil will call you over to follow her up the stairs:

Leramil the Wise: "This way, proxy."

Bassian will be working upstairs, Leramil will introduce you to him:

Leramil the Wise: "Greetings, Bassian. This is fate's chosen."
Bassian Caudex: "The one the Golden Eye foretold? You honor me, Leramil!"

Speaking with Leramil before Bassian:

"Speak with Bassian, proxy. Discover the location of the Shrine of the Golden Eye. As a devoted follower of Hermaeus Mora, he is sure to know where the shrine can be found."

After you have spoken with Bassian, Leramil will stay behind to work on having the letter deciphered:

Leramil the Wise: "Go, proxy. I want to get Bassian's opinion on the encoded letter you brought me."

Speaking with her:

Encountered Mildanor First:
Encountered Bassian Caudex First:
"Bassian has a talent for ancient languages and obscure ciphers. I want to consult with him about the letter Dralys gave you.
I shall meet you at Naraheida's camp in due course."
"Bassian has a talent for ancient languages and obscure ciphers. I want to consult with him about the letter Dralys gave you.
I shall meet you at Mildanor's home shortly."

As you go down the stairs, you can overhear Bassian and Leramil talk. If you double back and they notice you the conversation will cease:

Bassian Caudex: "As I said, you honor me, Leramil. But why bring the chosen here? That was dangerous for all of us."
Leramil the Wise: "Desperate circumstances demand risks, Bassian. I just hope fate's chosen is ready for what comes next."
Bassian Caudex: "Sometimes, Leramil, you can be as inscrutable as the Great Eye …."

Both routes will lead you to seek out Naraheida, however, when you arrive at her camp you find her dying and Dralys kneeling over her. Once you have spoken with him, Leramil will arrive and the pair will talk:

Leramil the Wise: "Another of the faithful, murdered? What happened here?"
Dralys Athren: "Both I and the chosen arrived too late, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Curious to see you in this place, at this particular time, Dralys."
Dralys Athren: "Let's not forget who's actually one of the Great Eye's faithful, Leramil. Now, I have my own investigation to continue."
<Dralys teleports away.>
Leramil: "Hmm. Come, proxy. I deciphered the letter."

You can then speak with Leramil about the letter she deciphered:

"Dralys's presence here … the One Who Knows never suggested they had any of their faithful dealing with this threat. Hmm.
No matter. With Bassian's help, I was able to decipher the letter Dralys gave you."
So what does the encoded letter contain?
"Orders for the Dusksabers, vampire mercenaries from the Telvanni Peninsula. They were hired to steal the Emerald Glyphic and take it to the Shrine of the Golden Eye.
It also contained a riddle to direct them to the shrine's location."
Dralys told me this riddle: "Where claw meets prey, beneath open air in stone shows the way."
"Dralys, hmm? The coded riddle was slightly different. ""Where claw meets prey, the farthest corner in the largest hall shows the way.""
I suppose the shrine could have two entrances. I shall mark your map and let you determine the proper path."
I guess one of these will lead us to the Shrine of the Golden Eye.

Before you continue, you can ask her some more questions:

"I had hoped the letter would indicate who hired the mercenaries, but no. Anyway, the Shrine of the Golden Eye lies somewhere in Claw's Strike, proxy. I shall meet you there.
Once inside, we can use the three glyphics as Hermaeus Mora instructed."
Why do you keep calling me proxy, Leramil?
"Does the term offend in some way? It is a perfectly appropriate word for one who acts in the place of another.
Hermaeus Mora has chosen you to act as their agent in this matter. Hence, proxy."
Dralys thinks you're the traitor. He says you plan to use the glyphics to betray his master.
"Is that where his investigation has led him? To a conclusion as inaccurate as it is absurd? What do they teach the followers of the Prince of Secrets these days?
My interests lie in accumulating knowledge and saving two realms. Nothing more."

The clue for the entrance location will be different from Dralys', you can choose which entrance to take from within Claw's Strike. Once inside the Shrine of the Golden Eye you will encounter more vampires and quickly learn Dralys is a traitor and can overhear him talking to Leramil:

Dralys Athren: "I never liked you, Leramil. Think you're better than the faithful."
Leramil the Wise: "The only thing you're faithful to, Dralys, is your own ambition."
Leramil captured by Dralys

Further into the shrine, you can look across the abyss and see Dralys having Leramil in a stranglehold:

Dralys Athren: "Join me, Leramil. My new patrons will share the secret they seek once they pry it out of Apocrypha."

You don't hear her response but you hear Dralys' reaction as you progress:

Dralys Athren: "No? Pity. I'll take those glyphics now, Leramil."

Dralys will be waiting for you in the shrine room which is dominated by a large statue of Mora:

Dralys Athren: "Ah, there you are! Did you evade or dispatch the ambush I set for you? No matter. I'll take your glyphic now."
Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, Dralys is the traitor! You must stop him!"
<Dralys throws Leramil down and jumps down from the statue.>
Dralys Athren: "No hard feelings, friend, but I'm going to have to kill you."

You will now need to fight Dralys Athren, and he will call mysterious Kindred Arcanists to his side. Once he dead, Leramil will call out to you:

Leramil the Wise: "Recover the glyphics, proxy …."

Speaking to her before retrieving the glyphics from Dralys's Pack:

"The glyphics that Dralys took from me. Recover them, please."

After recovering all the glyphics:

Leramil the Wise: "Bring the glyphics here. We need to talk."

Speaking to her:

"Dralys was waiting for me when I entered this chamber. He actually employed violence to take the glyphics from me! I am glad you were able to overcome him, proxy."
So Dralys was the traitor? He killed Mildanor and Naraheida?
"He admitted as much when he took the glyphics. He rambled on about his new patrons, but never revealed who they were or who else is involved in this plot against Apocrypha.
Now prepare yourself, proxy. I sense the One Who Knows approaching."

At this point, shadows gather and Hermaeus Mora's statue comes alive and glows with green glyphs. You can speak with Leramil but she will point out the obvious:

"Keeping a Daedric Prince waiting is ill-advised, proxy. I am all right. Go and present yourself to the One Who Knows."

Hermaeus Mora explains that Apocrphya is in danger of destruction and by proxy, so is Nirn. He asks you to enter a temporary contract with him for the duration of the crisis. You can then use the three glyphics, which will float in the air in a circle before turning into an inkwell, quill and contract.

After speaking to Mora, but before signing the contract:

"The contract is a standard agreement that protects both parties. I have profited from the benefits of such a contract for more than a century. Signing it will ensure that Mora cannot do anything to knowingly harm you or Nirn.
Sign it, proxy."

After signing the contract, Mora will leave Nirn and Leramil is ready to leave:

Leramil the Wise: "We can talk back in the Dune outskirts, proxy."

Speaking to her after going through the portal:

"Now we are both connected by our agreements with the Prince of Fate. Next comes the harder task. Saving Apocrypha and thereby preserving Nirn.
These Dusksabers from the Telvanni Peninsula. Without any other information, I suggest we start there."
You think whatever threatens Hermaeus Mora's realm is in the Telvanni Peninsula?
"I think whoever hired the vampires is connected to the threat that Hermaeus Mora has foreseen. I shall make inquiries and meet you in the peninsula when the time is right. Await my summons.
For now, take this. A reward from the Prince of Fate."

Speaking to her after the quest is finished:

"I shall learn what I can about the Dusksabers and their clients. When I have gathered enough information to progress our investigation, I shall contact you.
The threat is great, but the danger is not imminent. Not yet."
How are you going to learn more about the Dusksabers and their clients?
"Research is one of my passions, proxy. I was a scholar long before I entered into my arrangement with the One Who Knows, and I have learned more about uncovering truths and revealing secrets in the years since."
Anything I can do to help?
"Go about your usual business and await my summons. The threads of fate tell me that we must separate for a time, but we shall come together again when the moment is right.
Until then, stay safe, proxy."


Fate's ProxyEdit

Leramil can be encountered on the road near the gates leaving the Telvanni Peninsula, as well as by the Necrom Wayshrine, the Necrom Docks and the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine [verification needed — other locations?]. She will call you over:

Leramil the Wise: "Fate needs you, proxy."

The conversation will depend on if you completed Eye of Fate beforehand:

First time meeting Leramil:
Completed Eye of Fate:
"Fate has noticed your talent for altering destiny. Reality hangs in the balance, as does the future of Apocrypha and Nirn. Hence, I bring a message from Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows. Mora offers you a purpose. An aspiration dark and heavy."
"As Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows, foretold, we meet again, proxy. Many diverse twists of fate have led us to this nebulous—ah. Too complicated.
I come with a gift. A purpose, dark and heavy. An opportunity to fulfill the contract you signed."
Purpose? What purpose?
"We are bound together by a common danger. Enemies of Hermaeus Mora threaten his realm of Oblivion—and in so doing, pose a threat to the mortal world as well.
Therefore Mora sent me to meet you here and secure your cooperation."
What sort of cooperation?
"Only a mortal proxy can deal with the threat and save both Apocrypha and Nirn. The fates of both realms are linked, and you are the key to preserving reality. Without you, everything unravels.
Help avert this disaster and Mora will reward you."
All right, I'll help. Where do I start?

Depending on where you meet Leramil, you will be sent to different locations:

In Necrom:
By Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine:
Test on new character:
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Menos Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will become clear."
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Ulvano Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will be made clear."
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink.
Take it to the Redrith Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will be made clear."
Tell me about Hermaeus Mora.
"Have you never heard of the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge? The Lord of Fate? The Riddle Unsolvable? Hermaeus Mora knows everything. He is the wisest of the Daedra. Every secret and all knowledge finds its way to Apocrypha in time." It still appears even if you made a contract with him
What's Apocrypha?
"I am astonished how little the mortals of our tiny world comprehend. Apocrypha is the realm of Hermaeus Mora. His home and seat of power, one of the countless realms that drift through Oblivion.
Please, do not ask me about Oblivion."
Who are you again?
"I am Leramil. Sometimes called the Wise, although that is not a sobriquet I care for. I seek to comprehend the emergent truths elicited by—ah, never mind that. I am a scholar. A century ago, I struck a bargain with Hermaeus Mora."
So you serve Hermaeus Mora?
"I do not worship him, if that is your question. The Prince of Knowledge is an ally and patron. Mora provides me with access to rare and esoteric lore. In return, I undertake various tasks for him.
A mutually beneficial arrangement."
First time meeting Leramil:
Completed Eye of Fate:
What do you know about these enemies that threaten Apocrypha?
"They seem to be servants of other Daedric Princes. Rivals to the One Who Knows. The threads of fate that converge in this region should reveal more. That is the hope, at least. And we are not dealing with just simple cultists. There are … others."
What others?
"Someone sent the Dusksaber Company to seize relics belonging to Hermaeus Mora from their hiding places in Tamriel. Elite vampire mercenaries commonly employed by Telvanni mages.
I expected the cultists. The Dusksabers were an unwelcome surprise."
What were they looking for?
"Glyphics. Think of them as crystallized memories. Condensations of notional—ah. I explain too much.
I managed to protect Mora's glyphics, with some help. But our adversaries once again move against us."
Who exactly are we up against?
"One or more of Hermaeus Mora's rival Princes, although they have yet to reveal themselves. They work through agents … such as whoever sought the glyphics when we first met.
A spider lurks at the center of this web. I am sure of it."
So this is related to the glyphics I recovered?
"Yes and no. We face the same foe who sought the Onyx and Umbral Glyphics, and colluded with Dralys Athren to seize the Emerald Glyphic.
You forced them to change tactics when you stopped them. But they have not abandoned their grander scheme."

After you have travelled to the indicated cistern and had an audience with Hermaeus Mora, you will be asked to meet with Leramil in Necrom. She can be found in the abandoned Necrom Bindings bookstore, where she will greet you:

Leramil the Wise: "Welcome to my safehouse, proxy."

Speak with her to find out where you need to investigate:

"Meeting Hermaeus Mora represents a rare honor. The One Who Knows materializes in a delimited projection … ah. He chooses to manifest before few mortals. The threads upon which reality dangles are precarious indeed.
What did Mora impart to you?"
Hermaeus Mora said you would guide me.
"And so I shall. The One Who Knows traced three crucial events to this area. Investigate each and he believes we can expose the conspirators moving against Apocrypha.
We may even stop them before the ultimate threat takes shape."
What do I need to do at these three locations?
"I do not know. I was only presented with what was required to bring you to the right place at the right moment.
You must determine why fate needs you in each location. Then take the appropriate action."
You know where and when, but not what I need to do?
"Many possible futures branch from every mortal choice. If we know the consequences of our choices, it changes the outcome. Therefore, Hermaeus Mora tells us only what he must.
As fate's chosen, the rest is up to you."
Very well. Where do I need to go?
"The threads of fate lead to three locations in this region. The Necropolis of Necrom, the old tower of Tel Rendys, and the town of Alavelis. I shall open a portal to each. Investigate them and return here to the Necrom Bindery when you are done."

You can ask Leramil some questions before you continue:

Tell me more about the locations I need to visit.
"A reasonable and prudent request. I shall provide what details I can, but I know little more than you do. Local history and politics are not my usual area of study.
Which location would you like to know more about?"
Tell me about Necrom Necropolis.
"Necrom serves as a center for the ancient Dunmer practice of ancestor worship. A strange custom.
The monks of the Necropolis, called the Keepers of the Dead, tend the catacombs beneath the city. They guide the faithful in venerating their forebears."
Tell me about Tel Rendys.
"Tel Rendys is one of the many mushroom towers that dot this land. They usually serve as domiciles of Telvanni wizards who wield formidable magic, but this tower is abandoned.
Interesting. Fate dictates that when you go there, I shall accompany you."
Tell me about Alavelis.
"Alavelis is a minor settlement whose only claim to fame is its malachite quarry. A glass mine, as the Dunmer refer to it. That thread of fate vibrates with particular intensity.
What you shall find there, I cannot say, but I urge caution, proxy."
What is this place?
"An old bookbinder's shop. Our temporary base of operations in this region. I secured it so we could travel to and from Apocrypha without causing undue panic. I doubt Necrom's authorities would approve of portals to an Oblivion realm in their city."
Tell me about the portals.
"In addition to the three to take you to the locations you must investigate, I summoned two gateways to Apocrypha.
One leads to the Endless Library, a place of books as numberless as the stars. The other to Chroma Incognito, where lost fates linger."
Am I supposed to go to Apocrypha now?
"Only if you desire to do so. The threads of fate Hermaeus Mora asks you to investigate begin here in the Telvanni Peninsula. Where they shall lead us, I cannot say.
But with the threat directed at Apocrypha, I thought quick access was prudent."

Leramil will then open three small portals to the places you need to investigate:

Leramil the Wise: "Your choice must be your own, proxy. Hermaeus Mora was clear about that."
<The portals open.>
Leramil the Wise: "There. Three paths are now arrayed before you. Which will you pick?"

At this point, you will have three concurrent quests you will need to complete to progress with the story, Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream. You can complete them in any order, as you complete them Leramil will arrive an mention how many more you need to complete:

Completed one quest
Leramil the Wise: "Fate's threads still lead to two other locations. Choose another portal, proxy."
Completed two quests
Leramil the Wise: "One more thread of fate to investigate, proxy. Take this portal and see where it leads."
Completed all the investigation quests
Leramil the Wise: "We have examined the threads of fate and learned much. Return to the Necrom Bindery and we shall determine our next steps."
Keeper of the Fate

After you foil the Peryite cultists plot, Leramil will arrive in the Necrom Necropolis via a portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Your work here is done, proxy. Still, we—hmm. That Dark Elf also bears the mark of fate. I shall speak with you momentarily, curate."
Curate Gadayn: "Talk? To me? I—of course. Go on, friend. I'll see you soon."

Speak with her to provide an overview:

"I studied the threads of fate and this location is resolved, proxy. You stopped the agent of Peryite from destroying the Necropolis and recovered part of a relic we will need to complete our quest. That the enemy also has a part could not be helped."
Fate's Lost Dream

After you have assisted Scruut and found out more about the enemies plans, Leramil will arrive after you leave the Tranquil Catalog:

Leramil the Wise: "I came as soon as I heard, proxy. I knew what Hermaeus Mora predicted, but I never truly imagined invaders in Apocrypha."
Scruut: "Leramil the Wise? You know this mortal, too? Then understand that agents of Vaermina invaded my master's realm."
Leramil the Wise: "Ah, one of Hermaeus Mora's examiners of contradictions. Reality is in jeopardy, Watchling. We can use every ally we can get."

Speaking with Leramil:

"Vaermina's servants built a secret gate to Apocrypha beneath Alavelis? The village was not important, then—only the gate. The people were merely collateral damage to the Dreamcarvers and their Hidden Kindred allies."
Spirit of Fate

Leramil will accompany you on this quest, please go here for Leramil's dialogue during that. After you have rescued the spirt of Meln the Mouthless and completed the quest:

Leramil the Wise: "We discovered much here and gained a valuable ally, even though Master Shelreni took possession of the Black Book."

Speaking with Leramil:

"I perceive the outline of our adversaries' plan. They require a key to reach a dream which only Hermaeus Mora remembers. And a rite that involves a Black Book. Someone knows a great deal about Apocrypha and this conspiracy of secrets, but who?" [verification needed — see talk page]
Completed all three quests

Once you have completed all three quests, Leramil will ask you to meet with her at Necrom Bindings.

"What a troubling combination of permutations and crises. I perceive a nexus of … ah. Never mind.
We must discuss what we learned at the Necropolis, Tel Rendys, and Alavelis. Let us return to my refuge in Necrom."

Once you have completed Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream, Leramil will tell you to return to the Bindery to plan your next move. You will see your assembled allies on the balcony overlooking Necrom with the notable exception of Scruut, Curate Gadayn, Meln the Mouthless, and Leramil the Wise. While here, you can find a copy of A Feast Among the Dead on the table. Your still living associates will be conversing among themselves:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn of Necrom, you tend the archive of corpses?"
Curate Gadayn: "Never heard it called that before. But yes, yes I do. Would … would you like a tour of the catacombs?"
Leramil the Wise: "Perhaps … later. Hermaeus Mora's proxy returns."
Curate Gadayn: "Ah, of course. I'm sure the two of you have much to discuss."

Turn to Leramil to discuss everything you found:

"Three labors were set before you, proxy. Now Vaermina, Peryite, and Master Shelreni stand revealed as our foes.
I have been speaking with Curate Gadayn. I find him … intriguing. But I wish to hear it from you. What did you find in Necrom Abbey?"
Peryite's cult infiltrated the abbey. Blightcrown stole a relic from the catacombs.
"Just as Gadayn told me, then. The Fulcrum Obscura. The Hidden Kindred are well named. Although I understand you prevented them from escaping with the complete relic.
Let us move on. What happened after we parted ways at Tel Rendys?"
"I rescued Meln from Master Shelreni. Without him, she can't easily decipher the Black Book."
"Black Books serve as doorways into Apocrypha. A master such as Shelreni Baro likely has other ways to reach Hermaeus Mora's domain, so why is this particular book so important to her?
Hmm. What did you find in Alavelis?"
Vaermina's servants built a gate to Apocrypha so they could break into the Tranquil Catalog.
"Able to invade Apocrypha unnoticed and break into the realm's master index? Our enemies are bold and capable it seems.
Three different locations and three different schemes. They must be connected, but how? What are Mora's foes trying to do?"
Hermaeus Mora's enemies are searching for a key, a rite, and a forgotten dream.
"Ah, I believe I see. The relic must be the key. The secret Vaermina's servants sought in Apocrypha is the location of the dream. And the Black Book is needed for the rite they plan. Clever.
Someone put them up to this. But who?"
A Dremora named Torvesard plotted with Master Shelreni, Blightcrown, and Vaermina.
"Ah, yes. Torvesard. Well done, proxy. Now we have a name for the spider at the center of this web. Key, rite, and dream. These are the threads we must follow to unmask our foes' true goal.
Take this, with the thanks of Hermaeus Mora."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will say:

"I perceive the outline of our adversaries' plan. They require a key to reach a dream which only Hermaeus Mora remembers. And a rite that involves a Black Book. Someone knows a great deal about Apocrypha and this conspiracy of secrets, but who?"
A Dremora named Torvesard plotted with Master Shelreni, Blightcrown, and Vaermina. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Spirit of FateEdit

Travel to Tel Rendys, a Telvanni Mushroom Tower once home to Meln the Mouthless. Leramil the Wise will be present to assist you this time. She will call out to you with the line:

Leramil the Wise: "Come, proxy. Fate dictates that I join you at this location."

Speak to her to learn your objective:

"The threads of fate draw both of us to this place, proxy. Tel Rendys. Once the home of a powerful Telvanni magister named Meln the Mouthless, but now abandoned. From what I could ascertain, no one knows what happened to the wizard of this tower."
Is that why we're here, to find out what happened?
"That has yet to be determined. One of the strands of fate revealed to me converges at this location. More than that, Hermaeus Mora expects us to learn for ourselves.
Of the three sites, this one requires that I be on hand to assist you."
Why is this place more important than the other two sites?
"I never said it was more important. Just that fate requires both of us here. More than that, we shall need to determine.
I do sense a lingering presence. A connection to Apocrypha. Help me investigate this place and Hermaeus Mora will reward you."
I'll help you investigate Tel Rendys. Where do we start?
"I wish to survey the tower and its grounds. The threads of fate hang over this place like cobwebs of possibility and consequence. Let us explore the center of the compound and see where those threads take us."
What can you tell me about the Telvanni?
"The Telvanni are one of the great Dunmer houses. They focus on magic and the arcane arts, and they consider power, ruthlessness, and ambition to be paramount. We must be careful in our dealings with them, for they are nothing if not dangerous."
You mentioned a name, Meln the Mouthless.
"Yes, but I could not learn much. Just that he owns this tower but has not been seen in some time. The place is considered abandoned.
He was a Telvanni magister, the highest rank in the house, second only to the archmagister."
What does it mean, that he was mouthless?
"Telvanni masters and magisters avoid undue socializing, fearing threats from all directions. So they appoint agents to represent them. Mouths. Meln eschewed the practice, hence they called him mouthless.
I expect his tower to be a fortress."'

When you spot Dusksaber mercenaries, she will point them out:

Leramil the Wise: "Dusksabers, here? Careful, proxy. These vampire mercenaries opposed us when we searched for the Emerald Glyphic."

As you're exploring the grounds:

Leramil the Wise: "The vampire mercenaries. The tower's defenses have them well occupied."

You will find a camp of Dusksaber mercenaries. Leramil ask you speak with their contractor, Master Shelreni. Leramil will urge that you do the same, but with some caution if you choose to speak to her directly:

Dusk Captain Zenfis: "Master Shelreni, the tower's defenses continue to oppose us."
Master Shelreni: "Meln was thorough, I'll give him that. Any word from the tower?"
Dusk Captain Zenfis: "No progress yet. I'll keep you informed."
Master Shelreni: "See that you do, captain. You there, come forward. You aren't with the Dusksabers."
<Dusk Captain Zenfis walks away.>
Leramil the Wise: "A Telvanni master. Speak with her, proxy."

Speaking to her before Shelreni:

"Speak with the Telvanni master … but take care. Find out why she is here, but do not give away any more than you must about our own purpose in Tel Rendys."

With the conversation finished, Leramil will urge caution once again:

Leramil the Wise: "That Telvanni bears watching, but the tower remains the crux of our investigation here. Let us find a way in."

Conversation with Leramil will allow you to discuss Shelrani further:

"Master Shelreni has more to do with all this than she lets on, but I sense that our goal here is within the tower.
Let us head to the old hall and see if we can access the tower from there."
Master Shelreni seems very intent on acquiring that book she mentioned.
"Indeed. Whether that book is tied to the threads that brought us here or not has yet to be determined.
Let us make our way to the tower and see what fate shall reveal to us."

Enter the tower, where you will find Dusksaber Uleni waiting. Leramil will question her:

Leramil the Wise: "A magical ward seals that door. What happened here, mercenary?"
Dusksaber Uleni: "What happened here? That ward killed my comrade. Not easy to do to a Dusksaber."

If you speak to Leramil she will request you speak to her further:

"Question the mercenary. We must find our way past this obstacle. She may also reveal more of her employer's true intentions if she is willing to talk to you."

After you got the lenses:

Leramil the Wise: "Lenses such as that can reveal hidden things. Look through it, proxy."

Before using the lenses, Leramil will provide guidance on how to use the lens:

"In the right hands, an enchanted lens can reveal things hidden to the naked eye. I suspect Meln's wards preven the device from functioning for Master Shelreni's minions. But it may work for us.
Try it, proxy."

When using the lens:

Leramil the Wise: "Look for anything glowing. That should be the switch to dispel the ward."

Speaking to her while using the lens:

"A very useful lens indeed. This missing magister clearly was concerned about blundering into his own traps.
Try the illuminated object, proxy. It should be safe. At least, I sense no overt danger from it."

When you take down the ward Uleni will make a move to leave:

Dusksaber Uleni: "The ward is gone! Master Shelreni must be informed at once!"
Leramil the Wise: "This is our opportunity. Lead the way, proxy."

Speaking to Leramil will have her restate this:

"Since the vampire mercenary excused herself, we have the perfect opportunity to follow the thread of fate before Master Shelreni arrives.
We should find a way into the tower through that door. Lead the way, proxy."

After entering, Leramil will draw your attention to a glowing blue portal:

Leramil the Wise: "This portal should take us to the tower."

Speaking to her before going into the portal:

"I suggest we reach the topmost level of the tower. That is where the sanctum is usually situated. I suspect that we will find what we seek there.
Let us find a way to ascend, proxy."

You will appear in a frozen grotto, guarded by an Ice Atronach.

Leramil the Wise: "We have reached the lowest level of the tower. There should be more portals to take us higher, proxy."

As you approach the portal to the next level, you will hear Meln the Mouthless:

Meln the Mouthless: "You dare enter the tower of Meln, magister of the Telvanni? Turn back or be destroyed!"
Leramil the Wise: "A spirit? Ignore it and keep going, proxy."

The next floor is a grotto on fire, with a Flame Atronach and Air Atronach. Once you approach this level's escape portal, Meln will interject again:

Meln the Mouthless: "As if murdering me wasn't insult enough, now she sends you to steal my book?"
Leramil the Wise: "Is this spirit actually Meln the Mouthless? Perhaps he is the thread that led us here."

The next floor will be Meln's personal chambers, with Meln personally protecting it. He will demonstrate his magical might by growing in size and making the room glow red with magical energy, before offering to let you just speak to him instead:

Meln the Mouthless: "Prepare to face the fury of Meln the Mouthless, magister of the Telvanni! Or we could have a nice chat and discuss this like civilized people."
Leramil the Wise: "A reasonable request. Speak to the spirit, proxy."

Leramil will assure you that she will help you if he attacks:

"Talk to the spirit of Meln the Mouthless and I shall stand ready to protect you. Even in death, a Telvanni magister can be dangerous."

Leramil will immediately show support for going through with this plan, but Shelreni will take this opportunity to intrude on your plan. She will use a soul gem to capture Meln, before disappearing again:

Leramil the Wise: "The thread becomes clear. Hermaeus Mora sent us to recover the Black Book."
Meln the Mouthless: "The Black Book is mine! And with this soul gem, I also have this miserable spirit. Meln comes with me!"
Meln the Mouthless: "And I thought this day couldn't get any worse."
Leramil the Wise: "I knew a Telvanni master would be formidable. Come, proxy, we have plans to make."

Speak to Leramil to figure out your next move:

"The threads of fate here are tied to three things—Master Shelreni, Meln the Mouthless, and the Black Book.
That was the connection to Apocrypha I sensed here. Black Books are creations of Hermaeus Mora and his realm."
Tell me more about Black Books.
"Black Books are relics of Apocrypha. Each holds a different secret. Most are kept in the vast libraries of Hermaeus Mora's realm, but he sometimes gifts one to a mortal.
In addition to forbidden knowledge, each serves as a portal to Apocrypha."
How many Black Books are there?
"That is a secret the One Who Knows has not yet shared with me. I can count the number of Black Books I know about on one hand. And each is unique. Only one copy of each book exists.
This is the first I have heard of one titled The Tormenting Eye."
So what now?
"We must free Meln the Mouthless from Master Shelreni's grasp and retrieve the Black Book. But to do that, we need more information.
Look around, proxy. If Meln was indeed murdered here, there might be proof of Shelreni's villainy."

As you're looking around, you can speak to her:

"Take a look around, proxy. Meln the Mouthless mentioned a lette, as well as his own mortal remains. Let us hope we find something to point us in the right direction."

You will also find Meln's body, with a signet ring and his remains. Leramil will have a few comments as you work:

After examining the letter:

Leramil the Wise: "That letter from Master Shelreni's mouth. That meeting must have been when Meln was murdered."

After examining Meln's remains:

Leramil the Wise: "The body of Meln the Mouthless. It is clear he was murdered at this very spot."

After collecting all the evidence:

Leramil the Wise: "A letter and a murdered magister. I know what we must do, proxy."

Speak to her to learn what your next course of action is:

"Meln the Mouthless let down his guard and paid the ultimate price. His body has remained here, forgotten and undisturbed for decades because he preferred solitude above all else. Now Master Shelreni has both Meln's spirit and his Black Book."
You said you know what we need to do?
"To recover Meln and his Black Book, you must find Master Shelreni. And the letter you discovered explains how to do that.
Go to the Assembly of Masters at Ald Isra and question Shelreni's mouth, Vabdru. He shall know how to reach her."
You aren't coming?
"No. Here our paths diverge. I leave Mouth Vabdru and Meln in your hands. While you pursue the spirit, I shall research the Black Book and contemplate the other threads of fate.
I must determine how this factors into the threat against Apocrypha."
What do I do after I locate Master Shelreni?
"Master Shelreni has trapped Meln's spirit in a soul gem. You must retrieve that gem or destroy it.
Go to Ald Isra and find Shelreni's aide, Mouth Vabdru. He must have an office in the tower called Tel Vara."

Asking about more about Ald Isra:

What can you tell me about Ald Isra?
"The Telvanni Assembly of Masters meets there. Well, their representatives do. The masters themselves rarely bother to make an appearance. That is what they have mouths for.
You want to go to Tel Vara. The mouths work out of that tower in Ald Isra."
Why don't the Telvanni masters attend their own assembly?
"The masters leave day-to-day concerns to their mouths. Their own arcane studies are far more important to them. And they try to avoid direct interaction with their rivals whenever possible.
The fate that befell Meln is not an uncommon one."

With you parting ways, Leramil opens a portal as a parting bit of aid:

Leramil the Wise: "This portal leads outside. You must travel to Ald Isra from there. Defenses around Tel Huulen play havoc with portal magic."

Once you wrap up the conversation Meln will complain about his new travel arrangements, and Leramil will appear to expediate your journey to your next destination and debrief you.

Meln the Mouthless: "Tossed in your pack? I expect you to find a nice silk pouch for my gem at the first opportunity. Now, let's be off."
Leramil the Wise: "One more thread of fate to investigate, proxy. Take this portal and see where it leads."

Speak to Leramil to go over the events of the quest with her, and to discuss the remaining location(s):

"This thread led us to a powerful ally, the spirit of a Telvanni magister. And we learned that a Telvanni master aids our enemies—and plans to use one of Hermaeus Mora's own Black Books against him. The plot against Apocrypha becomes clearer, proxy."

A Hidden FateEdit

Continuing on from the conclusion of Fate's Proxy

"I have been conversing with Curate Gadayn. I find him … interesting. But now we must return to the business at hand. The fates of two worlds depend on what we do next, proxy.
Shall we proceed?"
Have you determined what the Hidden Kindred plan to do with the relic and the rite?
"I admit the particulars of their plan currently elude me. Clearly, they believe the relic—this Fulcrum Obscura—and the rite are key to remembering the dream they seek.
To stop them, we must learn more about the dream and the secret it holds."
How do we do that, Leramil?
"We go to Apocrypha. The stacks of Cipher's Midden contain the most extensive collections of tomes and treatises in all the known realms. If answers to our questions exist, we will find them there.
Will you continue to aid me in this endeavor?"
I'll go with you to Cipher's Midden.
"The portal in the room downstairs connects to the Endless Library of Apocrypha. Once there, head northwest and meet me at Cipher's Midden. Our research begins there.
Since Curate Gadayn is intent on recovering the relic, he shall accompany us."

Asking further questions before venturing:

Why are there portals to Apocrypha in an abandoned book bindery, Leramil?
"Where better to hide Oblivion portals than inside a ruined bookshop? This is just one of many studies I utilize across Tamriel. I even have a site in Apocrypha from which I can conduct my research. In Cipher's Midden, to be exact."
Tell me more about Cipher's Midden.
"The Ciphers of the Eye established the site as a headquarters of sorts. These mortals have come to Apocrypha at the invitation of Hermaeus Mora. They maintain and study the many libraries of the realm.
It is both a refuge and a place of learning."
Remind me, what's going on here again?
"Hermaeus Mora selected you to help preserve reality from a threat he foresaw. Your ability to alter destiny and fate makes you instrumental in the struggle ahead.
We learned that a secret Vaermina and Peryite seek threatens both Apocrypha and Nirn."
Tell me about Vaermina and Peryite.
"Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dreams, and Peryite, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence. They set aside their animosities to challenge Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Fate. They pursue a secret they believe is connected to whatever offense Mora committed."
And why does that concern Nirn?
"Because Hermaeus Mora has foreseen that if they reveal this secret, reality itself will unravel, destroying not only the realm of fate but our world as well. That would be regrettable.
This appears to be related to Torvesard's lost dream."
"Torvesard is a Dremora without a clan. He seems to be the linchpin that negotiated the alliance between Vaermina and Peryite, all because he believes his lost dream concerns some wrong they think the One Who Knows perpetrated against them."
What do you know about the Hidden Kindred?
"Not enough. Dralys could be counted among their number, along with the arcanists who fought beside him when you defeated them. They are Daedric cultists devoted to rival Princes. Their cooperation relates directly to the threat Mora has foreseen." (Appears if you completed Eye of Fate)


"Daedric cultists that regard themselves as part-time rivals and full-time enemies would only band together under direct orders from their Princes. Obviously, their cooperation relates directly to the threat the One Who Knows has foreseen."
Right, the threat against Apocrypha that also endangers Nirn.
"The unraveling of reality, Hermaeus Mora called it. All because Vaermina, Peryite, and Torvesard seek to find a dream remembered only in Apocrypha. We must ferret out why.
Hopefully the knowledge stored in Cipher's Midden will aid our investigation."

After this conversation Leramil will give Gadayn a chance to back out:

Leramil the Wise: "Curate Gadayn, are you certain you wish to accompany us?"
Curate Gadayn: "Absolutely! The relic is my responsibility. Let me just grab a few essentials. I'll be right back!"
Leramil the Wise: "Fate provides the aid we need, proxy. We will meet you at Cipher's Midden."

When you reach the center of Cipher's Midden, Leramil and Gadayn will appear from a portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Over there, proxy."

Speaking to her to begin the research:

"I trust your trip through the Endless Library was not too unsettling. The winding paths of Apocrypha can prove troubling to those unfamiliar with its preternature.
Cipher's Midden contains a wellspring of knowledge. Shall we begin our research?"
How are we going to find anything useful in all these books?
"The Ciphers of the Eye offer hospitality and refuge to mortals who arrive in Apocrypha, whether purposefully or by accident. However, I am reluctant to involve them in this endeavor.
Fortunately, I have my own methods for conducting research."
What sort of methods?
"The contents of these stacks change from moment to moment. Such is the nature of this realm's thirst for knowledge.
I can prepare a spell scroll for each of us. As you search, it will dredge up anything related to the parameters I set for the spell."
"All research requires parameters. This spell should locate information pertaining to the Fulcrum Obscura, the rite, and Torvesard's lost dream.
Use the scroll's enchantment to aid your search. Then return here and we shall compare notes."
All right. I'll see what I can find.

You can inquire more about your task:

"Scour the stacks, proxy. The magicka I infused into your scroll shall assist you by retrieving any relevant tomes from their resting place.
Meet me in my nearby study when you have completed your search."
You have a study in Apocrypha?
"What a curious query. Where else would I research and ponder the knowledge that the One Who Knows deigns to share? It is a humble refuge, nothing more.
Now, we really must see what information we can draw from the stacks of Cipher's Midden."
What do we already know about the relic, the rite, and the dream?
"You and Gadayn recovered a portion of the relic, the Fulcrum Obscura, from the catacombs of Necrom. The rite appears to be related to a Black Book once in the possession of Magister Meln.
Both seem to be essential to the enemy's search for a dream."
How can they search for a dream?
"Apocrypha contains all secrets and knowledge. Whether they be dreams or memories or tomes, they all wind up here.
We know that Torvesard learned something at the Tranquil Catalog. We need to conduct our own research now and try to get ahead of them."
How can they find a dream in Apocrypha?
"That is what we must determine. The various repositories of Apocrypha are infinite. Books, glyphics, vaults. We have ascertained that if this particular secret is uncovered, it has the potential to destroy reality as we know it. That must not happen."

As you head into Leramil's study after you found some knowledge to the research, you will see a book she is holding being turned into magical dust.

Leramil the Wise: "The Midden stacks have been reluctant to yield the answers I had hoped for."
Scruut: "Apocrypha itself works against you. But the Great Eye's surrogate had some success."
Leramil the Wise: "Indeed? Show me, proxy."

Sharing your findings with her:

"Is it true? Were you able to successfully gather research on the relic, the rite, and the lost dream? Every time I thought I found something relevant, it crumbled or burned up before I could examine it."
Same, but I saved these pages concerning the relic, lost memories, and the Infinite Panopticon.
"So you experienced something similar? As though the stacks were actively trying to keep the information hidden?
Still, you managed to save some of the research. A reflection of your role as fate's proxy, perhaps? Let me peruse these pages …."
I'm not sure what any of this actually means or how it helps us.
"Hmm. This implies the relic was specifically created to reveal hidden secrets. Do these secrets pertain to the ancient cipher's report regarding the dream of a lost memory? And this last one ….
Could the enemy be seeking the Infinite Panopticon?"
What's the Infinite Panopticon?
"Only one of Hermaeus Mora's most secure repositories of secret knowledge. It exists within a pocket realm of Apocrypha, but the entrance constantly shifts locations.
Of course! They must be using the Fulcrum Obscura to reach the Panopticon."
So how do we use this information, Leramil?
"You and Gadayn must use the part of the relic you possess to do the same as the enemy—locate the entrance to the Panopticon. There are cairns throughout the realm. Sprinkle this dust of conjunction on three of them, then let Gadayn apply the relic."
How do these cairns help us find the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon?
"Applying the dust to the three cairns I marked on your map will form a matrix of magicka. Gadayn shall use the relic on each, then I can perform a ritual to locate the Panopticon's entrance.
I shall also give Gadayn a gift. Something to protect him."
A gift?
"A charm that will provide Gadayn with some measure of safety as you travel through Apocrypha. Please keep him safe, proxy. Even with the charm, he seems overly … fragile.
Each cairn should glow after the successful application of dust and relic."
I'll watch out for Curate Gadayn, but are you certain this will work?
"Research is often a series of trials and errors, but yes, this should work. In addition to its normal properties, the relic should also seek out its other half.
After you activate the three cairns, return here. Then I shall complete the ritual."

After you speak with Leramil, she will give Gadayn the charm and decide to go to the Infinite Panopticon, an idea that earns Scruut's disapproval:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, take this charm. It shall mark you as my guest in Apocrypha and keep you safe."
Curate Gadayn: "That's … most thoughtful, Leramil. Thank you."
Scruut: "The Infinite Panopticon is kept hidden for a good reason, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Which is why we must locate it and protect it from the enemy."
Scruut: "This is the sort of quandary that makes my tentacles twitch …."

With the cairns taken care of, return to Cipher's Midden. You will find Leramil waiting for you in her study, along with Scruut. Gadayn will take the lead once you enter:

Curate Gadayn: "The cairns have been activated, Leramil!"
Leramil the Wise: "Well done. Now to complete the ritual."

<Leramil will start casting a spell.>

Leramil the Wise: "I feel the ebb and flow of Apocrypha … some guide me … others try to …."
Curate Gadayn: "Oh Leramil, do be careful!"
Scruut: "I told you. Apocrypha doesn't give up its secrets without a price."

<Leramil successfully casts the ritual but is fatigued.>

Leramil the Wise: "Got it!"

Leramil will double over in pain momentarily, and will still be clutching her side in pain. Checking up on her:

"Curate Gadayn's concern is appreciated but unwarranted, proxy. I have been sifting through Apocrypha's secrets long enough to know my limits. And the ritual performed just as I hoped it would.
Still, I could use a moment … to regain my strength."
So you located the hidden entrance to the Infinite Panopticon?
"The ritual directed me to the desolate, northwest reaches of the Chroma Incognito.
I sensed the entrance we seek there, as well as the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura. Our enemy must have also located the entrance—or is close to doing so."
What should we do?
"Let me mark your map. Seekers tend the flora of the region. Their talons often break off in the resin.
And there should be plenty of tomedust scraped from parchment in the Cipher's Midden expungatory. Try to get some from a Daedric incantation."
All right. I'll meet you at the spot on my map.

Asking more about the Infinite Panopticon:

"Go to the northwest region of the Chroma Incognito and see what you can find, proxy. I shall catch up with you in due course."
Can you tell me anything else about the Infinite Panopticon?
"Only what I read. It exists outside the time and space of Apocrypha, hidden from all. It supposedly contains many of Hermaeus Mora's most closely guarded secrets.
The interior is said to be so bizarre that the very sight drives mortal minds insane."
That doesn't sound good.
"Do not fear. My decades of study have made me mostly impervious to the horrors of forbidden knowledge. And you are fate's proxy. You should be able to survive a visit to the pocket dimension.
Besides, to save both realms, we have no other choice."

Leramil will pass on the task of getting Gadayn home to Scruut:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut, please make sure Curate Gadayn returns safely to Necrom. His work here is done."
Curate Gadayn: "But we still haven't recovered the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura!"
Scruut: "Listen to Leramil, mortal. Your mind would melt the moment you stepped into the Infinite Panopticon."
Curate Gadayn: "I … but … oh, very well. I'll return to Necrom and see if I can learn anything more about the Hidden Kindred or Master Shelreni. Do be careful, my friends."

You will meet up with Leramil abesides a portal at Chthonic Landing.

Leramil the Wise: "By all the tomes of Apocrypha, we found the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon!"

Talk to Leramil before heading in:

"The ritual worked, proxy. We located the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon—at least, until it moves again.
Let us head inside and try to stop the Hidden Kindred from locating the secret they seek."
You think the Hidden Kindred are already inside?
"I know not which of our enemies have entered the Panopticon, but the ritual latched onto both the hidden entrance and the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura. They must have used the relic to find this place, not unlike how we did it."
What should we expect once we enter the Infinite Panopticon?
"Legends say the Panopticon is an endless labyrinth of rooms and passages, but nothing inside conforms to reality as we know it. It protects some of Hermaeus Mora's most precious secrets, and powerful guardians roam its lengths.
Shall we proceed?"
All right. Let's enter the Infinite Panopticon.

Asking further questions on what to expect inside:

"Prepare yourself, proxy. We should both be able to withstand a short visit to the Panopticon, but that does not mean we can ignore the dangers. Steel your mind and harden your will.
When you are ready, let us head inside."
Remind me. What do we think the enemy is trying to find in the Infinite Panopticon?
"We know they seek details concerning a lost dream, and they plan to use a rite from a Black Book to recover it. But first they must determine where it is stored. I assume that is what they hope to learn in the Panopticon, the dream's location."
And they can learn that in the Panopticon?
"They believe so. And with the Fulcrum Obscura, they can sift through the infinite secrets locked within until they find the exact one they require.
We must get inside and prevent them from accomplishing that."

Go through the portal, and you will appear in a strangely empty section of the Panopticon:

Leramil the Wise: "We have entered the Infinite Panopticon, but where are the catalogers?"

Speaking to her:

"I did not expect us to be deposited directly into one of the Halls of Secrets, but I sense ….
Proceed with caution, proxy."

After getting past Gelkhai the Hunger, the next area shows very clear evidence of the Hidden Kindred, specifically Blightcrown and his censers of corruption, except they are also hidden this time. Thankfully Meln can once again aid you with his ghost sight. You will have to destroy the censers to proceed. Search the area, and destroy all three:

Leramil the Wise: "Careful, proxy. I sense corruption in the air."
Meln the Mouthless: "Right. This malignancy allows the corrupted guardians to phase between layers of reality. When we get close, use my ghost sight to find the source."

Speaking to her before removing the sources of corruption:

"A malignant substance permeates the very air of this endless shaft. I do not know how long we can withstand its effects. We must locate the source and disable it.
Perhaps the ghost that haunts you can help us with this task?"

When you approach a note titled note from Blightcrown, which explains that they have managed to modify them to make them able to hide their presence, as well as cause Hermaeus Mora's forces to become crazed:

Meln the Mouthless: "Use my ghost sight! There's something nearby!"
Leramil the Wise: "Blightcrown created this corruption? With the help of Master Shelreni, Vaermina, and Peryite? We must destroy the remaining censers."

Your companions will comment as you progress destroying the censers of coruption:

Meln the Mouthless: "You destroyed one censer of corruption, but I sense more above us."
Leramil the Wise: "What did you do, proxy? The corruption has lessened, but it persists."

Destroying the second censer:

Meln the Mouthless: "Another censer destroyed. Without my ghost sight, you'd never find them."
Leramil the Wise: "Well done! The corruption's hold weakens."

Destroying the last censer:

Meln the Mouthless: "That was the last censer. The corruption should clear on its own now."
Leramil the Wise: "Whatever you just did, I sense the corruption fading away. Let us talk."

Speak to Leramil the Wise, to discuss the invader's activity here:

"Whatever you did, it worked. The corruption dissipates even as we speak.
According to Blightcrown's notes, they are using the corruption as some sort of method to avoid detection. Is that how they plan to elude the gaze of the One Who Knows?"
Do you understand what Blightcrown's corruption is doing?
"I believe so. He has somehow combined the power of dream with the power of pestilence to shift between the layers of this reality. They are here but not here, effectively hidden from the all-seeing gaze of Hermaeus Mora."
So how do we follow them?
"The power of the ritual we used to locate the Panopticon lingers. We can use it to focus on the portion of the Fulcrum Obscura that Torvesard and Blightcrown carry. We can follow its trail directly to them."
All right, let's track down the stolen relic.
"I shall concentrate the residual power of my ritual into a final tracking spell. Follow where the energy leads."

The exertion will exhaust Leramil again, but it will reveal the trail. You can speak to her before following the trail:

"The relic passed this way, proxy. We should follow the trail and locate it before the guardians of this place fully recover. We are as much intruders here as Blightcrown and Torvesard."

You follow the orb which will go through a door:

Leramil the Wise: "They carried the Fulcrum Obscura through this door, proxy."

Unfortunately, Hermaeus Mora's own security was ineffective against the Hidden Kindred, but now opposes your own progress.

Leramil the Wise: "Hermaeus Mora has set a Guardian Gaze to protect the way ahead."
Leramil the Wise: "We must divert its attention to cross the chamber."

Speaking to her before proceeding:

"The Fulcrum Obscura passed through this chamber. Therefore, Torvesard and Blightcrown found a way to distract the Guardian Gaze. We must do the same. If the eye's gaze falls upon us, pain and disorientation will be the least of our concerns."

Thankfully, you can defeat the Guardian Gaze the same way the invaders did. By activating the Peryite runes they left behind will allow you to get past it.

Leramil the Wise: "A Peryite rune, reeking of disease. Is this how they distracted the Guardian Gaze?"
Meln the Mouthless: "The Guardian's vision is similar to my ghost sight. Nothing escapes its notice."

After activating the first rune, she will spot several runes:

Leramil the Wise: "Look, another rune!"

Activating another rune:

Leramil the Wise: "Activating the rune got the Guardian's attention. There must be more of them."
Meln the Mouthless: "How clever! Activate all of the corrupted runes and we should be able to sneak past the eye."
Leramil the Wise: "Find and activate the remaining runes, proxy."

As you activate another rune:

Leramil the Wise: "The Guardian appears rattled by those Peryite runes."

Once you activate all the affliction runes, the Guardian is distracted:

Leramil the Wise: "The Guardian is distracted. Now, through the portal to the north."

Speaking to her before going into the portal:

"The Fulcrum Obscura passed through this door. It is definitely leading Blightcrown and Torvesard somewhere. Let us follow while the Eye of Mora is still distracted."

Once all of the runes are activated, you can proceed to the next area, which seemingly does not have a ground, walls, or ceiling. Giant pillars of books stretching from below to above fill the space. Leramil will comment on the location:

"This hall seems grander than the other locations we passed through. Proceed with caution, proxy."

You will also finally catch up to Blightcrown and Torvesard, who will notice you, and you three will give chase:

Torvesard: "See how the Fulcrum vibrates? What we seek is here."
Blightcrown: "Another eye? It looks like all the others to me."
Torvesard: "Have faith, diseased one. This eye contains the memory of the dream we seek."
Blightcrown: "Then let's get this over with. I can't hide us between the layers of reality much longer."
<Torvesard turns and looks down at you and your group.>
Torvesard: "Ah, fate's mortals. I have no wish to harm you. Turn back and let us finish what we started."
<Torvesard turns away and walks into the Eye of Mora.>
Leramil the Wise: "They dare enter one of Hermaeus Mora's forbidden memories? We must follow them!

<Leramil opens a portal.>

Leramil the Wise: "Let me open a portal …. There!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Proceed carefully. Between the energy here and Blightcrown's manipulation of reality, Leramil's portal could behave erratically."

You can speak to Leramil before crossing through the portal:

"Despite the strange magicka that fills this chamber, I was able to open a portal. It shall take us into the same eye that Torvesard and Blightcrown entered moments ago.
We must hurry, proxy."

Leramil will be separated from you when you enter the portal but you will reunite with her to tell her about the events in the memory:

Leramil the Wise: "There you are. I was afraid you might have been lost in the Void after my portal fractured."

Speaking to her to tell her what you learned:

"When the opportunity to enter a place of forbidden knowledge was snatched from me, the frustration was nearly overwhelming. Ah, well.
Tell me what you saw inside the memory, proxy."
I met Torvesard and we saw Hermaeus Mora remove a memory from Vaermina and all of reality.
"Ah, the event that began this cavalcade of fate. Of course, such drastic measures must have been taken for good reason. The One Who Knows keeps referring to the unraveling of reality if we fail in our efforts.
What else did you experience?"
Torvesard altered the memory. He restored the Vaermina statue that Mora shattered to cast his spell.
"With that level of power, Torvesard is clearly more than your average Dremora. Much more ….
Does that mean the secret has been remembered? Have we failed? Shall reality begin unraveling all around us?"
Mora told me that fate's threads have frayed but we can still save Apocrypha and Nirn.
"Then only some of the lost memory has been restored. The most dangerous portion of the secret must still be hidden.
Very well. If you plan to honor your contract and still want to help save Apocrypha and Nirn, I shall assist you as best I can."
Hermaeus Mora said we could still save reality if we work together, Leramil.
"I would have it no other way, proxy. We followed Hermaeus Mora's enemies from one end of Apocrypha to the other, and we learned what they seek. You have done well, and the One Who Knows wants to reward your efforts. Take this.
Then … we shall see."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Torvesard chased a fragment of a dream across Apocrypha, beginning the process of restoring a memory that can destroy reality.
As Hermaeus Mora told you, the threads of fate have frayed, but they have not yet snapped."
Hermaeus Mora said we could still save reality if we work together, Leramil. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Conclave of FateEdit

If you choose not to continue the conversation with Leramil, you can find her again in Necrom or the Ald Isra Wayshrine calling for your attention:

Leramil the Wise: "The tides of fate turn and your part in this story is not yet ended."

If you exit out of the conversation in Leramil's Study in Cipher's Midden and return to her at some point:

Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard got the better of us, but we are not finished yet."

Having failed to stop Blightcrown and Torvesard in the Infinite Panopticon, you will change your focus from Apocrypha back to the efforts of your enemies at the Telvanni Peninsula. Continuing the conversation you were having with Leramil the Wise in A Hidden Fate, she will say:

"What you described. How could Torvesard change a memory of Hermaeus Mora? How could he alter what happened so long ago? Such a power should not exist.
This sensation. Bafflement. I do not care for it."
Hermaeus Mora said we can still save reality if we work together, Leramil.
"Torvesard has allies as well. Master Shelreni. Vaermina and Peryite. Blightcrown and the Hidden Kindred cultists. They seek to restore memories stolen from them by Hermaeus Mora. And, from what you saw, Torvesard has started the restoration process."
Apocrypha seems intent on even keeping us from learning too much about all this.
"Yes, most puzzling.
Torvesard's next step must involve the rite Master Shelreni seeks to draw from Meln's Black Book. Return to Necrom and find Curate Gadayn. See what Shelreni is up to. Meanwhile, I have other inquiries I wish to explore."
All right. I'll return to Necrom and rendevous with Curate Gadayn.
"Remember, as long as Shelreni possesses the Black Book, she can complete her rite. If they fully unlock this forgotten secret, multiple realms are doomed.
I shall meet you at the bookshop in Necrom after I complete my investigations."
Are you sure Master Shelreni is our best lead right now?
"Torvesard and Blightcrown could be anywhere, but Master Shelreni has roots in the Telvanni Peninsula. If anyone can help you navigate the complexities of the Dunmer Great Houses, it is Curate Gadayn.
Investigating Shelreni is our best option."
Isn't there some way to find Torvesard or Blightcrown?
"Perhaps. That is one of the possibilities I plan to explore. However, Torvesard demonstrated powers unheard of for a typical Dremora. He may have other abilities. I need to proceed with caution.
And Blightcrown serves Peryite. Another obstacle."
What about the Hidden Kindred?
"A cult composed of followers of Vaermina and Peryite, Princes that usually work against each other, may be easier to uncover. I shall see what I can learn from my contacts among Hermaeus Mora's faithful.
We will succeed, proxy. We have to."
What about the corruption Blightcrown used in the Panopticon?
"Blightcrown and Shelreni concocted the dream affliction with the help of Vaermina and Peryite. It allowed them to avoid detection by shifting into alternate layers of reality. It even affected Mora's guardians.
And we know they plan to improve it."
To what purpose?
"If they can perfect their formula, what better way to steal the most dangerous secret in Apocrypha than from under the gaze of the One Who Knows?
But if we can stop Master Shelreni and they cannot find the secret they seek, it shall not matter."

Leramil will also simplify your journey back to the Necrom Bindery by opening a portal directly there:

Leramil the Wise: "This portal will return you to Necrom, proxy."
Meln the Mouthless: "Master Shelreni murdered me to avoid the scrutiny of the Assembly of Masters. What else might she do to further her ambitions?"

After witnessing the return of Vaermina to Tamriel, you head back to Leramil in the Necrom Bindery. She will be upstairs sitting down in despondence:

Leramil the Wise: "Neither Scruut nor I can feel Hermaeus Mora's presence. We both find this…unsettling."

Reporting to her what has happened:

"Good, you are here. Both Scruut and I felt a sudden disturbance in the tides of fate. Something terrible has happened in Apocrypha, and Scruut and I no longer feel the presence of the One Who Knows."
Shelreni performed the rite. Blightcrown sacrificed her and Vaermina possessed her body.
"Another significant event in the annals of fate and I missed it? But Master Shelreni is dead? And Vaermina did what?
Start from the beginning, proxy. What happened at the Masters Conclave?"
We warned the masters, which helped save them when Master Shelreni tried to kill them all.
"So that was Shelreni's plan. Use whatever power the Princes provided to eliminate her rivals and move up in rank.
I am glad she failed, but what happened after that?"
We followed her to the shrine we saw in the memory. We saved the master she planned to sacrifice.
"And Blightcrown decided to complete the rite anyway by sacrificing Shelreni instead. Ruthless, but in keeping with a follower of Peryite.
And you say this allowed Vaermina to possess Shelreni's corpse? What happened next, proxy?"
Vaermina used Shelreni to open a path to Apocrypha, but can Princes enter a rival's realm uninvited? / I recovered the Black Book, but the possessed Shelreni and the others opened a portal to Apocrypha.
"They cannot. Not usually. Hence all the trouble that Torvesard and his allies went through to reach this point. At least you saved the Telvanni masters and recovered Meln's Black Book. Well done.
While I ponder next steps, take this. You earned it."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Using Shelreni's body and a rite from a Black Book to mask the presence of a rival Daedric Prince? Even with such precautions, Apocrypha reels from the intrusion. But that doesn't explain the absence of Hermaeus Mora.
I am quite concerned, proxy."
I thought Daedric Princes couldn't enter a rival's realm without permission. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

A Calamity of FateEdit

After Vaermina has successfully entered Apocrypha, a move that seems to have incapacitated Hermaeus Mora. Leramil stresses the urgency in tracking down Vaermina:

"Both Scruut and I felt the tides of fate churn and boil. Worse, neither of us has been able to commune with Hermaeus Mora since the Black Book's rite was completed at Vaermina's shrine.
And you say you saw Shelreni's body walk into Apocrypha?"
Yes. Vaermina possessed her body after Blightcrown sacrificed her.
"Giving Vaermina access to Apocrypha and a host to work through. They must know where to find the memory they seek. Or they have a good idea where to look.
Apocrypha is infinite. Without fate to guide us, we are lost in the dark without a candle."
There must be some way to follow them, Leramil.
"Blightcrown and Torvesard have ways to avoid detection. Only one viable option presents itself. We must ask Master Shelreni where Vaermina has taken her body.
Will you see this through, proxy? Before the disaster Mora foresaw comes to pass?"
I'm with you, Leramil. But how can we ask Master Shelreni anything? She's dead.

She suggests speaking to both Meln and Gadayn, you can ask further questions:

"Fortunately, we have two conduits to spirits not yet bound for Aetherius at our disposal. Magister Meln and Curate Gadayn.
Speak to Meln first. He obviously knows what happens when a Telvanni mage dies."
Tell me more about Aetherius and why you think we can contact Master Shelreni's spirit?
"Aetherius is the Immortal Plane. When a person dies, their spirit moves on to that realm unless something prevents that from happening. A violent death, perhaps, or because the spirit still has tasks left undone.
Shelreni fits both categories."
Why would Vaermina want to enter Apocrypha?
"What Hermaeus Mora foresaw was always about an assault on Apocrypha. Vaermina and her allies want to recover the memory that was stolen from them. But the way she is going about it will doom us all.
We need to determine her destination and stop her."
You mentioned that neither you nor Scruut can feel the presence of Hermaeus Mora.
"You know how you can feel the warmth and know the sun is above you, even if you never look up? That is what Scruut experiences every day in the service of her master. And what I sense when I commune with the One Who Knows.
Now it just feels empty."
And you think this has something to do with Vaermina entering Apocrypha?
"Perhaps. We know Blightcrown used a corrupting combination of pestilence and dream to avoid detection in the Panopticon. And he was trying to increase its potency.
Maybe the rite did more than open a path. Maybe it cut Mora off from his own realm."

After speaking to Meln, Gadayn will reluctantly agree to follow on this plan:

Curate Gadayn: "If I help you, I could jeopardize my standing."
Leramil the Wise: "We would not ask this of you if the situation was not dire."
Curate Gadayn: "I … of course I'll help, Leramil."
Scruut: "I'll return to Apocrypha. See if I can find Vaermina while you chase spirits. Not like I've got anything better to do."
Leramil the Wise: "Good luck at Tel Baro, my friends. Return here with whatever you learn."

Leramil will have a new response if spoken to at this point:

"Meln and Gadayn have more experience with the dead than I. I shall review my volumes on Daedric Princes and the fundamentals of Oblivion. You never know when a seemingly irrelevant detail may prove useful.
Return here after you finish at Tel Baro."

After you returned to the Necrom Bindery, Scruut will have been busy while you were gone, and scouted out the situation in Apocrypha. She reports that the situation is deteriorating quickly. Leramil will be reassuring her:

Leramil the Wise: "Calm yourself, Scruut. I am sure Apocrypha is not as bad as you say. Ah, proxy. Tell me what happened at Tel Baro."

When you are ready, share what you learned with Leramil:

"Scruut returned from Apocrypha with disheartening news, while my efforts at research have been marginally effective at best.
Tell me you have something better to report, proxy."
Master Shelreni said Vaermina needs to enter the Infinite Panopticon to find the secret they seek.
"The Infinite Panopticon? First they sought a memory to alter, now they seek … what? Another memory? And can they even find the entrance again?
Well, we have a destination. Now all we need is a plan."
Do you have something in mind, Leramil?
"What research I was able to accomplish tells me that Vaermina will be a formidable opponent. But in order to enter Apocrypha without Mora's consent, she requires an anchor and a shield. In this case, Master Shelreni's body.
That will be her undoing."
What do you mean?
"Shelreni's body is mortal. If we destroy it, I do not believe that even Blightcrown's concoction will hide Vaermina from the One Who Knows.
Of course, there is also the matter of an Apocrypha gone amok, but one problem at a time, I think."
Then I guess we need to return to Apocrypha.

Leramil will ask Gadayn to stay behind, but he will refuse:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, this will be dangerous. I would feel better if you remain here, out of harm's way."
Curate Gadayn: "I swore to retrieve the relic. And I can't stand the thought of you facing this danger without me—um, all of you, really."
Scruut: "Vomitous."

<Scruut disappears in a portal.>

Leramil will give you a meeting location if you speak to her again:

"Let us meet at the location where we first entered the Infinite Panopticon. While the entrance never appears in the same place twice, I have an idea that might just turn this to our favor."
If the Panopticon's entrance has moved, will you be able to find it again?
"I am not certain. The ritual I utilized earlier is not something I dare to perform again so soon. But there is another option. One I have only read about but never attempted myself.
Let us forge ahead and see what fate has in store for us."

Return to Apocrypha, specifically the Chroma Incognito portion in which you previously found the portal to the Infinite Panopticon. You will find your allies here, but the portal will not be present:

Leramil the Wise: "As I feared, the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon has moved."
Scruut: "As is its nature. Which means we have failed and reality is doomed."

<Leramil begins casting a green spell to open a portal.>

Leramil the Wise: "I refuse this outcome. Fate, bend to my will!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, be careful!"
Leramil the Wise: "There is no time. The Panopticon … must exist … here. I command it!"

<Leramil successfully opens the portal to the Infinite Panopticon but is drained.>

Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, you did it! The Panopticon is open!"

Leramil will use her magic to force the portal to be here again, although the exertion will cause her to double over in pain once again:

"I was not sure if that would work, proxy. It … weakened me. It will be up to you to safeguard us against whatever awaits inside. Like Scruut, I feel the agony rippling through the very fabric of Apocrypha. How that will manifest, I hazard to guess."

Although Leramil pushed past her limits to get you in, she will still accompany you into the Infinite Panopticon. Gadayn will force the issue, and insist she returns home. Eventually she accepts that suggestion:

Leramil the Wise: "Oh no! Vaermina, her presence is destroying the Panopticon!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, look at yourself. You're in no shape to continue!"
Leramil the Wise: "Nonsense, I … no, you are right. Proxy, you must deal with Vaermina. Gadayn will help me return to Cipher's Midden."
Scruut: "You can't face Vaermina alone. I don't believe I'm saying this, but I'll go with you …."
Meln the Mouthless: "This is more than just the presence of a rival Daedric Prince. Something else is happening here."

Speaking to her before you try to stop Vaermina:

"I am no help to you in my present state. You must locate Vaermina. Destroy Master Shelreni's body before the Prince of Dreams causes irreparable damage to the Panopticon. Gadayn will see me safely back to Cipher's Midden while Scruut accompanies you."

Back in Cipher's Midden, things are still bad. The Ciphers are normally protected, but with Hermaeus Mora weakened and the Daedra maddened, they are in danger. Inside Leramil's study, you will find Gadayn, Leramil, and Scruut

Leramil the Wise: "Fate's chosen returns. I am eager to hear what happened, proxy."

Once again, this quest will end with you telling Leramil how the situation has worsened:

"I have recovered, proxy. Now tell me. What occurred after we parted ways in the Infinite Panopticon?"
We freed Hermaeus Mora from Vaermina's dream, but Torvesard recovered part of the memory.
"Part of the memory has been remembered? But reality has not unraveled, so we must still have time to make this right.
Vaermina and her allies continue to assault Apocrypha, but freeing Hermaeus Mora was a victory. Well done! This is for you, proxy."

An Unhealthy FateEdit

If you exit out of the conversation from the previous quest and return back to Leramil, she will call for you:

Leramil the Wise: "We are not finished yet, proxy."

The situation is growing very grim. Vaermina has invaded Apocrypha, Blightcrown is poisoning it, and Torvesard has learned the first third of your memory. The quest begins in the middle of the conversation you were having with Leramil the Wise:

"Secret and forbidden knowledge. Something so terrible that Hermaeus Mora wiped the very memory of it from all existence. But now Torvesard has plucked a thin sliver from the darkness, urging us to remember.
Though it pains me, we cannot allow that."
Hermaeus Mora sent me to check on the glyphic that held the first part of the memory. I saw it, too.
"You did? I … I am unsure how I feel about that. I want to ask you a thousand questions, but the corruption plaguing Apocrypha grows worse with every passing moment and Vaermina is still roaming free. I am torn as to what to do."
The rest of the forgotten memory is contained in two more glyphics.
"Hmm. An opportunity, perhaps? It shall take Vaermina time to locate the remaining glyphics. That gives us a chance to end the corruption and restore Hermaeus Mora's power.
Are you willing to hunt down Blightcrown while I try to locate Vaermina?"
I'll help you find Blightcrown, Leramil.

Asking for further questions:

"What started in the Panopticon has spread beyond into other parts of Apocrypha. Gadayn and I have seen its effects here among the stacks.
While you investigate the corruption in Cipher's Midden, I shall try to determine where to find Vaermina."
What do we know about this corruption?
"We know it is a vile combination of dream and disease developed by Blightcrown from concepts provided by Vaermina and Peryite. Master Shelreni helped to perfect it and her rite increased its strength.
It hides Vaermina and weakens Hermaeus Mora."
Does it do anything else?
"As we have seen, it drives the inhabitants of Apocrypha mad and turns even allied Daedra violent. Scruut could sense the agony of the realm back on Nirn. Here, I fear she may eventually succumb as the other natives have.
Even I am not immune."
Do you think I'm in danger?
"No. Despite your status as fate's proxy, you seem resistant. Now explore Cipher's Midden and try to track down Blightcrown or determine how the affliction spreads. I shall attempt to locate Vaermina.
Remember, they used censers in the Panopticon."

Return to Leramil's Study after you investigated Cipher's Midden, and the situation has gotten worse. Leramil and Scruut have both collapsed:

"I … I thought I could resist it … the corruption. But here in Apocrypha … it is too much."

After speaking Scruut, Torvesard will arrive from a portal offering his help. Speaking to her before the Dremora:

"I concur with Gadayn. I sense no deception from Torvesard. Strange … I sense nothing at all. An effect of the corruption, perhaps?
Speak with him. What other choice do we have?"

After you agree to make an alliance with Torvesard, he will make good on his promise to heal your friends:

Torvesard: "It will take all of us to reach the Mythos. Allow me to ease the suffering of your allies."
Scruut: "I can see again!"
Leramil the Wise: "Go, proxy. I shall join you at the location."

Before you meet up with Torvesard and Leramil at the meeting point:

"The twists of fate can be confusing at times, but if Torvesard speaks true, we have to try, proxy. I shall meet you at the Mythos entrance. You shall have my assistance for as long as I am able.
I just…I want to thank Gadayn for his concern."

Torvesard's directions will take you to a circular stone platform. Leramil and Torvesard will already be there, and will work together to open the path to the Mythos:

Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard spoke true. We can reach the Mythos from here. But first we must align the threads of fate."

<Leramil and Torvesard starts channeling their magicka to open a portal.>

Leramil the Wise: "Assist me, proxy. I can align the threads through your capacity as fate's chosen. Touch each thread in turn."

Speaking to her before you align the threads:

"Align each of the threads of fate and I shall weave them together to open the path to the Mythos. Hurry, proxy. Already I can feel the corruption once again taking hold of me."

When you align one of threads:

Leramil the Wise: "Fate shifts in our direction. Good."

After you align all the threads, you will need to align the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Almost there. Help me align the portal, proxy."

Speaking to her before aligning the portal:

"I need your help to align the last threads of fate or the portal shall not open."

Just as you get the portal open, Hermaeus Mora will appear:

Leramil the Wise: "The way into the Mythos is opened."
Hermaeus Mora: "Chosen of fate, speak with me."

Speaking to her before Hermaeus Mora:

"The One Who Knows has requested your presence, proxy. Do not spurn such an honor."

After Hermaeus Mora summons the rest of your allies to accompany you to the Mythos, Leramil will say:

"While the corruption still threatens me, I shall not turn away from my obligation. I started this with you. I plan to finish it with you, as well.
But we cannot understate the danger. If Scruut or I succumb, turn to Torvesard to aid you."
You trust Torvesard that much, Leramil?
"Of course not. There is something unusual about that Dremora. Not the least of which is the fact that the One Who Knows cannot detect his presence.
But Torvesard obviously requires something from you. Use that to your advantage."
Isn't it just the masking effect of the corruption that keeps Torvesard hidden?
"Perhaps. But the One Who Knows seems to think something more is at play, and I agree. Torvesard requires further investigation. But later, when reality is no longer in imminent danger.
Remember what Hermaeus Mora told you. Remember the Black Book."
Do you know what I do with the Black Book?
"Just what Mora told you. Use it when you need to call on his strength. Do not look too deeply into the pages, though. I know from experience what gazing upon such knowledge can do to a mortal mind.
I just wish Gadayn did not insist on going with us."
You're worried about Curate Gadayn?
"I am concerned about all my allies, but … yes, Gadayn's safety worries me. I fear that his heart is too pure, too inexperienced, to survive what we shall experience in the Mythos.
If I falter, keep him safe, proxy. Please."

Going through the portal will begin the final battles of this quest series, do any necessary preparations you need to beforehand. On the other side of the portal you will appear within sight of Blightcrown and Vaermina possessing Master Shelreni's body. Torvesard will immediately break off on his own. Gadayn and Scruut will head off to destroy the Blightcrown's manufactories through the western portal, while you, Meln, and Leramil go through the eastern portal to handle the manufactories on that side:

Vaermina: "Fate's champions pursue us, Blightcrown. Deal with them while I locate the glyphics."
Blightcrown: "Oh, my manufactories of corruption will keep them busy, Prince Vaermina."
Torvesard: "Disable Blightcrown's manufactories and the corruption will dissipate. Just shatter the dream crystal that binds them to the Mythos."
Torvesard: "Save Apocrypha while I pursue Vaermina."
<Torvesard opens a portal and leaves.>
Scruut: "Come, Gadayn. We'll take the west portal and leave the east to Leramil and fate's chosen."
Leramil the Wise: "Good thinking, Scruut. This way, proxy."

If you speak to Leramil the Wise, she will remind you of the current situation:

"Torvesard has departed, but not before he indicated what we need to do.
While Scruut and Gadayn handle the corruption manufactory to the west, let us find the one to the east and destroy the crystal that tethers it to this realm."

As you progress through the Mythos:

Leramil the Wise: "Is not the Mythos magnificent, proxy. What I would give to better explore this place!"

Reaching the manufactory itself, it is protected by a diseased giant and ogre alongside Hidden Kindred:

Leramil the Wise: "Blightcrown's vile monstrosity! No wonder Apocrypha suffers!"

After destroying the dream crystal at the eastern manufactory:

Leramil the Wise: "This edifice of corruption has been dealt with. Let us traverse to the western side."

Speaking to her at this point:

"Now to find the western manufactory. It looks like the path has been shattered. Let me see what I can do."

When you're approaching the path to the western manufactory, it has been collapsed which prompts Leramil to use her magical abilities to rebuild it as you keep moving, but with clear strains on her wellbeing:

Leramil the Wise: "Blightcrown must have shattered the path."
Leramil the Wise: "Simple enough to rectify …."
Leramil the Wise: "There!"
Leramil the Wise: "That … took more out of me than I expected. Follow the path, proxy. I sense something has gone awry."

Speaking to her before continuing:

"Go. I sense that Gadayn and Scruut are in danger. I … shall catch up as soon as I can."

After rescuing Scruut and Gadayn, Leramil will arrive and Scruut will explain that there is no path to the western manufactory from here, and open a portal to take you to it. However, this will also push her to her own limits, sidelining her as well:

Curate Gadayn: "Thank goodness you showed up. We were set upon as soon as we arrived."
Scruut: "We never reached the manufactory. The way is blocked. Let me summon a portal."

<Scruut opens a portal.>

Scruut: "Ugh … I'm exhausted! Here comes Leramil. You and Gadayn go on ahead. I'll stay with her."
Leramil the Wise: "Stay safe, proxy. And you, too, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, when this is over—"
Leramil the Wise: "Now is not the time, Gadayn. Go!"

Speaking to her before going into the portal:

"Do not wait for Scruut and I. The corruption … it weakens us as it once again takes hold.
Watch out for Gadayn, proxy. Please."

With Blightcrown finally dead, and his manufactories destroyed, Gadayn will take back the Fulcrum Obscura. Also, Leramil and Scruut will catch up with you. While the poisoning of Apocrypha has been stopped, the greater threat is still ahead, Vaermina. Gadayn, Leramil, and Scruut will stay behind, as they would either stand no chance or are still clearly very winded from the journey so far. However, Meln will accompany you.

Meln the Mouthless: "Well done! Of course, it may take a week of hot baths to get his stink off you."
Curate Gadayn: "The Fulcrum Obscura, just as Torvesard said! Now I can return it to the abbey."
Scruut: "Look, Leramil! We found them!"
Leramil the Wise: "When you are ready, proxy, this portal shall take you to Vaermina."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil! Thank the ancestors you're all right!"

Leramil will explain why the rest of the party will not be useful in the coming fight:

"The threads of fate converge ahead of you, proxy. Now is the moment for which the One Who Knows selected you. You must face Vaermina alone. Gadayn will be no use, and Scruut and I still suffer from the effects of the lingering corruption."
Do you really think I can face Vaermina by myself?
"Hermaeus Mora believes you can save Apocrypha and I have no reason to doubt him. Besides, I have seen you accomplish amazing things. And you carry the Black Book.
Just remember, you must destroy the shell she wears to remove her protective spells."
Should I leave Meln's gem behind?
"Magister Meln. I had almost forgotten about him.
No, keep the soul gem with you. While the rest of us might not be in any condition to assist you, having the power of a Telvanni magister in your pocket could be the edge you need to defeat Vaermina."

After defeating Vaermina, you will reunite with the others in Leramil's Study:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, I am glad to see you unharmed. I look forward to hearing about your encounter with Vaermina."
Meln the Mouthless: "Oh, let me! We defeated Vaermina!"
Scruut: "I didn't get to see you beat the Dreamweaver? How unfair is that?"
Curate Gadayn: "So we can relax now? Ah, friend? You have that look. What terrible news are you about to tell Leramil?"

Report your success to Leramil to complete the quest:

"What happened after you entered the portal, proxy? Scruut tells us the One Who Knows has reconnected with his realm, but beyond that we are in the dark."
I used the Black Book to help Hermaeus Mora expel Vaermina from Apocrypha.
"Of course. He needed you to lead him to Vaermina. Guide him to where she was lurking because she was hidden inside the body of Master Shelreni.
And what of the second glyphic? Is the secret memory secure?"
Torvesard reached the glyphic before me. He took it and escaped.
"Unfortunate but not unrecoverable. Now that Hermaeus Mora is restored, he can locate Torvesard and deal with him once and for all—unless ….
Does Torvesard still have some way to elude the One Who Knows? Even without Blightcrown's corruption?"
Yes. But Hermaeus Mora said that everything that was supposed to happen occurred just as he foresaw.
"Torvesard's nature, he is unlike any Dremora I have ever encountered. He helped us to help himself, but I believe him when he said he meant no harm. He just does not realize the danger this memory poses.
I suppose that means we need to find him."
We have time. It will take Torvesard awhile to unlock the glyphic.
"Then let us take a moment to remember all we accomplished … all you accomplished, proxy. You defeated Blightcrown, expelled Vaermina, and saved Apocrypha, thereby saving Nirn.
Take this. The One Who Knows insists you accept this reward."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Torvesard has the second glyphic and is invisible to the One Who Knows. Our task is clear, proxy. We must find Torvesard and recover the glyphic before he can break the seals."
Hermaeus Mora said we had time. The seals won't be easy to break. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Chronicle of FateEdit

You have defeated Blightcrown and Vaermina, and fulfilled your fated role in that conflict. Although Torvesard is still on the loose and has the second glyphic, you, your allies, Apocrypha, and reality itself have some breathing room. This quest mid-conversation with Leramil the Wise following the conclusion of An Unhealthy Fate. You will be in her study, alongside Curate Gadayn, Meln the Mouthless, and Scruut.

Continuing the conversation will have Leramil say:

"While we contemplate the best method for tracking down Torvesard, proxy, there are two other tasks we must accomplish. One concerns updating the records of Apocrypha. The other requires us to return to Necrom and rectify the original anomaly of fate."
The records of Apocrypha?
"Scruut can provide more information, as it is a vital part of her job. After repairing a thread of fate, she must record the final details in the Chronicle of Apocrypha. Having your name inscribed therein is a great honor."
And what was that about Necrom?
"Necrom. One of the first threads of fate we investigated to uncover the identity of Apocrypha's enemies. And, it is the only one we did not resolve. We must accompany Gadayn back there so he can return the Fulcrum Obscura.
But first, talk to Scruut."
All right, I'll talk to Scruut.

After starting the quest, you can point out her growing relationship with Gadayn:

"Scruut can tell you all about the process for inscribing her records in the Chronicle of Apocrypha. You should talk with her.
Meanwhile, I shall discuss arrangements for returning to Necrom with Curate Gadayn."
You and the curate have become pretty close, haven't you?
"As have you and I, proxy. That is only natural when allies face unimaginable danger at each other's side.
Beyond that, I would prefer if we did not mention this again."

If you choose to exit out of the conversation before starting the quest and you see Leramil outside of Cipher's Midden, she will call for you:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, a word?"

Speaking to her, she will alternatively say:

"Proxy, there are two other tasks we must accomplish while we attempt to locate Torvesard and the stolen glyphic. One concerns updating the records of Apocrypha. The other requires us to return to Necrom and rectify the original anomaly of fate?"
"Scruut can provide more information, as it is a vital part of her job. After repairing a thread of fate, she must record the final details in the Chronicle of Apocrypha. Having your name inscribed therein is a great honor."
And what was that about Necrom?
"Necrom. One of the first threads of fate we investigated to uncover the identity of Apocrypha's enemies. And, it is the only one we did not resolve. We must accompany Gadayn back there so he can return the Fulcrum Obscura.
But first, talk to Scruut."
All right, I'll talk to Scruut.

After starting the quest, there's a slight alteration to the dialogue:

"Scruut can tell you all about the process for inscribing her records in the Chronicle of Apocrypha. You should talk with her. She awaits you in my study in Cipher's Midden.
I shall meet you there. I need to discuss our return to Necrom with Gadayn."

Once you finish conversing with Scruut, Gadayn and Leramil will speak together shortly:

Curate Gadayn: "Can I get you anything, Leramil?"
Leramil the Wise: "No thank you, Gadayn. I am mostly recovered from our ordeal."

Before you head out to find Torvesard:

"I wish I could go with you on this, but Scruut is correct. This is a task for fate's chosen, and fate's chosen alone.
Go, but know that I have faith in you. You can recover the glyphic and preserve reality. It is what destiny demands."

At the Cipher's Midden Hall, she will be in attendance of your ceremony. You can speak to her before Meln:

"I wish to hear all about what you found at the Prismatic Iris Shore, but I can wait my turn. Meln has manifested and wants to speak with you."

After speaking to Meln, who will direct to Scruut, you can speak to Leramil before Scruut:

"Speak to Scruut, Proxy. She won't admit it, but she's excited to tell you what's about to happen here."

Once your name has been inscribed in the Chronicle of Apocrypha, you can speak to her before Gadayn: It is a great honor to have your name and memory recorded in the Chronicle of Apocrypha, proxy. You have made quite an impression on Scruut and the rest of the denizens of Hermaeus Mora's domain.
Now, Gadayn has a request to ask of you."

After speaking to Gadayn, she will interject to confirm her desire to tour his catacombs:

Leramil the Wise: "Now that the immediate danger has passed, I would like that tour of your catacombs now."
Curate Gadayn: "You … you would? Um, we'll meet you in Necrom, friend!"

Leramil will say:

"After we help Gadayn return the Fulcrum Obscura, I want to hear all about what happened with the second glyphic and Torvesard, proxy.
I sense this is not yet over, as you still bear the mark of fate's chosen."
You and Curate Gadayn have become pretty friendly, haven't you Leramil?
"Not nearly friendly enough, proxy. Talking to Gadayn is like conversing with a hungry ogrim. They both pay rapt attention but still fail to understand a single word you say."

She will be in the Necropolis, you can speak to her before Gadayn:

"Give Gadayn some assurance, proxy. Then come back and speak with me when you are done."

While Gadayn ruminates on what to say, talk to Leramil about your encounter with Torvesard:

"Since we seem to have a moment, tell me what occurred at the Prismatic Iris Shore."
Torvesard opened the Glyphic of Lost Memories. I witnessed the secret, too.
"I see. Are you at liberty to tell me what the glyphic contained?"
Mora erased the memory of another Daedric Prince from existence. Ithelia, the Prince of Paths.
"A forgotten Daedric Prince? Only the One Who Knows could keep such a fact secret for so long.
Is there anything else I should know, proxy?"
Torvesard isn't clanless. He's an agent of the forgotten Prince. He wants to find the last glyphic.
"Then I am sure Hermaeus Mora shall call upon us again when the time is right. You are still fate's chosen, and I am your guide. But reality seems to be holding together for now.
I think we have time to rest. To reflect. And to listen to Gadayn."
Right. Let's see what Curate Gadayn is going to tell the assembly.
"If there was an imminent danger, Hermaeus Mora would summon us. For now, bask in your victories, proxy. You faced down Daedric Princes and saved Apocrypha and Nirn.
Take this. Thanks from the One Who Knows. And a sign of friendship, from me."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"The One Who Knows selected you as fate's champion, and you have done well in your role. I am glad I was able to assist you in this endeavor.
Until Hermaeus Mora calls upon us again, let us hear what Gadayn has decided to say to the crowd."
Right. We should listen to Curate Gadayn's speech. But are you sure we can rest now? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

This completes the quest, and with it Necrom's storyline. You are still free to attend the celebration for the recovery of the Fulcrum Obscura. Leramil will also have more to say:

"Go on with your life, proxy. When Hermaeus Mora needs us to resume the chase, I shall send word.
Until then, I believe I shall remain here in Necrom for a time. Restore the bindery. Explore the Necropolis. Get to know Curate Gadayn a little better."
So, Leramil, you and Gadayn …?
"Grow up, proxy. I am well over a century old. Young for an Altmer, but not without my share of romantic experiences. I find the curate to be … intriguing. I wish to take the time we have to get to know him better. To see where things may lead."
Of course, Leramil. Are you sure we're finished here? Torvesard still seeks the third glyphic.
"Yes, but he no longer has the resources of Vaermina and Peryite at his command. He used them and they shall not soon forget that. So, even with his many abilities, he will need time to plan before he can attempt another assault on Apocrypha."
But he will try again, right? We wants to recover the rest of the memory.
"I expect so. As does the One Who Knows. Which is why you are still bound by his contract and I am still on call to aid you. But that is tomorrow's concern. I shall send word when the threads of fate that bind us once again converge.
Be well, proxy."

After your conversation with Leramil, it is time for Gadayn's speech:

Leramil the Wise: "Say what is in your heart, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Right. Thanks, Leramil. The abbot asked me to tell you about my adventures. How I recovered the sacred relic and saved the Necropolis. But the truth is, I couldn't have done any of it without fate's champion. Someone I'm proud to call … my friend. Thanks to them, we saved the relic. We saved Nirn. We saved all of reality! All hail fate's champion! All hail my friend!"
Leramil the Wise: "Well said, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Thanks, Leramil. I couldn't have done any of this without you, too."
Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn …."

Gold Road PrologueEdit

Prisoner of FateEdit

Soon after the events of Necrom and Scions of Ithelia, Leramil will ask you to meet with her at your alliance's Outlaw Refuge. Once you arrive you will find Leramil with King Bazrag and Fa-Nuit-Hen. They will be in conversation with each other:

Leramil the Wise: "Thank you for bringing the Echonir. We will need this relic."
King Bazrag: "Speaking of relics, thieves stole an old staff from the Oathsworn Pit. I want to know why."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Indeed. How did my unwelcome guests find their way to Bedlam Veil? I am … curious."
King Bazrag: "Good Orcs died, little prince. I'm not curious. I'm angry."

Talk with Leramil to see what is going on:

Completed Necrom Chapter:
First time meeting:
"Thank you for answering my summons, proxy. I am afraid our respite has reached its end. We saved Apocrypha from Vaermina and Peryite, but it seems Torvesard has embarked on a new design.
Hermaeus Mora has need of you again."
A new design? What do you mean?
"Torvesard seeks to return to the Mythos, the heart of Apocrypha. He intends to restore Ithelia, the Daedric Prince he once served. He has already opened two glyphics to revive her memory. He cannot be allowed to unlock the final glyphic."
I thought Torvesard couldn't get back into the Mythos.
"Torvesard cannot force his way into the Mythos against Mora's will, but Mora is unable to perceive his movements. There may be a way for Torvesard to sidestep Mora's ban and reach the vault of the glyphic.
Here. Take the Echonir. You will need it."
What is this, exactly?
"At last, you are here. Welcome, proxy.
Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge, has marked you as fate's champion. His adversary, Torvesard, once more moves against Apocrypha, threatening not only Mora's realm, but our world as well."
[verification needed — see talk page]
Why send for me?
"The One Who Knows perceived the exigencies of this conjuncture—ah. Hermaeus Mora told me we needed you.
Torvesard seeks to restore Ithelia, a Daedric Prince forgotten by all. The memory of her was sealed in Apocrypha, but Torvesard remembers."
"What do you mean, the memory of her was sealed in Apocrypha?
"Three glyphics holding the memory of Ithelia were hidden in the Mythos, the heart of Apocrypha. Torvesard has already unlocked two. Now he seeks to return and unlock the final glyphic. We must stop him.
Here. You will need the Echonir."
What is this, exactly?
"A relic forged by Hermaeus Mora, the Echonir can corporealize distinct foci … that is, it can reveal echoes of past events related to the Forgotten Prince. Choices made ages ago now menace our world. The Echonir can help us understand them."
How do I use the Echonir?
"When you come to a location associated with Prince Ithelia, hold forth the Echonir to draw out and observe any lingering memories.
Hmm. You may also need to perceive the threads of fate as I do. I have a spell for that."
Why do we need to stop Torvesard from remembering Prince Ithelia?
"Because Hermaeus Mora has foreseen that a restored Prince Ithelia threatens the very foundations of reality, endangering Apocrypha, Nirn, and all of existence.
The One Who Knows needs mortal aid to avert catastrophe."
Very well. Where do we begin?
"Hermaeus Mora cannot see Torvesard, but he can sense threads of fate disturbed by Torvesard's actions. The threads are fraying in Grahtwood, Reaper's March, and Stonefalls.
I will open a portal to each place. Choose one and we shall go."

Once you have agreed to help, Leramil will open the portals, you can keep speaking with her to ask more questions. You questions and the answer will differ depending on if you completed Necrom or not:

How could everyone forget a Daedric Prince?
Hermaeus Mora reached into every mind, mortal and immortal, and erased all memory of Ithelia. His work, however, was not perfect. A select few sensed that something had been taken from them. And he could not erase his own memory of what he had done."
Who was Ithelia? What happened to her?
"Torvesard calls Ithelia the Prince of Paths, the Mistress of the Untraveled Road, the Fate-changer. Your guess about what that all means is as good as mine, proxy.
As for her fate, I imagine that secret is locked in the final glyphic."
How did Torvesard remember her if everyone else forgot?
"Torvesard said he was tormented by half-remembered dreams. A strange thing, as Daedra do not dream the way we mortals do. The sense of something missing drove him to search for answers. That search finally led him to Apocrypha."
Tell me about Torvesard.
"Torvesard is a clanless Dremora who allies himself with different Daedric Princes. When we encountered him in Necrom, he was working with Vaermina and Peryite to uncover a secret hidden in Apocrypha.
Now he recalls that he once served Ithelia."
You said Torvesard already opened two glyphics?
"Yes. The first held the secret that Hermaeus Mora erased a memory from all of Nirn and Oblivion. The second glyphic revealed the memory—there was once a Daedric Prince named Ithelia. A Prince Torvesard served."
So where is the third glyphic?
"It lies hidden in a vault in the Mythos, the very heart of Apocrypha. Reaching it against Hermaeus Mora's will should be impossible, but Torvesard has already done so twice.
Mora called him Unseen. Somehow, Torvesard eludes his gaze."
Why do you call me proxy?
"Because you bear the mark of Hermaeus Mora. He has chosen you to serve as champion of fate, his agent in the mortal realm—and perhaps beyond. You can act in places where the One Who Knows cannot directly intervene. As can I."
Completed Necrom Chapter:
First time meeting:
When did Hermaeus Mora mark me?
"When you signed the contract agreeing to act as fate's mortal agent. Never fear, Hermaeus Mora has no interest in your soul. I signed a similar contract long ago, when Mora realized I could perceive the threads of fate."
Why didn't you share the ability to see threads of fate before?
"You had no need of such a gift during our last encounter. And Hermaeus Mora specifically told me not to share it until the time was right. That time, according to Mora, is now upon us.
The One Who Knows can be inscrutable at times."
Why did Hermaeus Mora mark me?
"You possess a unique ability to forge your own fate. I can discern fate's threads … a gift I have now shared with you. The One Who Knows has need of talents such as ours.
Have no fear. You help yourself by helping Mora."
I don't see any threads of fate.
"Torvesard's actions created no special disturbance here. I expect you will see the affected threads when we visit places where he has been active.
Although I admit I am uncertain about this spell's duration or effectiveness."

Leramil will have created three portals to Grahtwood, Reaper's March and Stonefalls. You can complete them in any order, chose a portal and go through.

Reaper's March Portal

Once you enter the Reaper's March portal, you will arrive in the middle of the city of Dune. Nearby, you will see a bundle of green lights in the air. Leramil will be beside you and comments:

Leramil the Wise: "You should be able to perceive the threads of fate here. Follow them, proxy."

Speaking with her at this point:

"We have been led to the ancient city of Dune. Interesting.
Do you see the threads of fate glowing before you? Follow them and see where they lead. There are subtler clues here I must examine, but our paths will converge again soon."

Following the threads will lead you to the southwest temple where Old Ri'jhaad will be waiting for you. After receiving some blessings, you use the Echonir and witness a vision from the time of the First Mane where some of Boethra's faithful were returning to Do'Krin temple. You can then head to the temple and follow the threads which lead you to an entrance to a hidden shrine appears. Leramil will arrive at the same time:

Leramil the Wise: "As I expected, our paths have once more come together. Enter the portal, proxy."

Speaking with her before entering the portal:

"It seems our investigations have led to the same place. Use the portal to enter the hidden shrine.
We must determine what interest Torvesard has here. How he expects a Boethiah shrine to lead him back to Apocrypha and the final glyphic."

Enter the gateway and you will find yourself at the Boethra Shrine, which is situated in an open air cavern. As you approach the Statue of Boethra, Leramil will sight Torvesard:

Leramil the Wise: "Why would Torvesard seek out a shrine to Boethiah—wait. Up above! Torvesard is here!"
Torvesard: "Ah, Mora's champions. I expected to run into you eventually."
<Torvesard takes a sword that glows red and opens a portal.>
Torvesard: "Boethiah's blade, Abolisher, is mine now. The first of the three relics I require is in my hands."
Torvesard: "Soon Prince Ithelia will be restored. I hope you are there to witness her glory!"
<Torvesard leaves through the portal.>
Leramil the Wise: "A relic of Boethiah? One moment, proxy. We should speak."

Speak with Leramil to see what she has to say. Her dialogue will change depending on how many locations you have visited:

"Torvesard departed and took Boethiah's blade with him. If only we arrived sooner … yet perhaps we were not meant to stop him here. Fate often takes many turns before it reaches its destination.
I wish I knew why he wanted the relic, though."
Where do we go now?
"Hermaeus Mora requires you to make that decision without his guidance, proxy. Torvesard disturbed fate in three different locations. The One Who Knows must have a reason for instructing us to visit each one."
Should we go to Grahtwood next?
"Your choice, proxy. Hermaeus Mora made it clear that we are to be guided by the decisions you make, without undue prompting from him or me. But our work is not complete until we discover what Torvesard seeks there."
What about Stonefalls? What's there?
"The One Who Knows requires us to learn that for ourselves. However, I cannot help but notice that these troubles all began in the Telvanni Peninsula, and now it seems we must return to Morrowind. Perhaps there is a connection."
Very well, I am ready to continue. (After you have asked one of the above questions)
"Excellent. In the interest of hastening our investigation of these perturbations, a physical translocation of—bah! I shall open portals to save us time. Choose one and I shall follow."

You can then choose your next location to visit.

Grahtwood Portal

When you choose the Grahtwood Portal, you will be deposited just outside the Ayleid ruins of the Reliquary of Stars:

Leramil the Wise: "An Ayleid ruin? Interesting. Do you perceive the threads of fate?"
Leramil the Wise: "The threads mark Torvesard's trail. Follow them. I will search the surroundings for any other hidden signs."

You will leave her behind as you follow the threads of fate, which lead you into the requilary ruins. Once inside you will meet Beragon who is hunting the Recollection, a group of Wood Elf cultists with Ayleid roots. Once you find the hidden Moonshadow Shrine and clear out the Recollection, you will find that Torvesard had visited the shrine but was unable to find its relic, a lamp. A vision from the Echonir reveals that Azura cultists took and hid the relic elsewhere long ago.

Once you witness this, you will find that Leramil has joined you, to Beragon's shock:

Beragon: "Was that a memory from the Merethic Era? Never mind that, who's this High Elf?"
Leramil the Wise: "I am Leramil, little Wood Elf. I assume from what we saw in that memory that Torvesard did not find what he was looking for?"

Speaking with Leramil before Beragon:

"I saw the memory. You and your Bosmer friend discovered more than I did. I do not know why Torvesard would seek an old relic of Azura's, but it appears he met with failure. Our search, however, is not yet over.
Say your goodbyes and let us go."

After talking with Beragon, you can return to Leramil to discuss what you found and where to go next:

Leramil the Wise: "Let us speak, Proxy."

Your dialogue will depend on where you visited previously:

"Curious. There was a relic of Azura here, a lamp. No doubt the mages who removed it feared this place would be sacked by the Alessians. A memory preserved since the early First Era.
I wonder what Torvesard wants with the lamp."
What now, Leramil?
"We must determine what awaits us at the final site. Twice now the threads of fate have led us to a Daedric Prince's shrine. I imagine we will find a third such shrine there.
The question is whether Torvesard has found another relic or not."
(Already visited two locations)
All right. I'm ready to go.
"Good. Allow me to create another portal to speed our journey. It appears we are in a race against Torvesard … and so far he is winning."

After she had opened the portals she will say the following if spoken to:

"Hermaeus Mora cannot see Torvesard, but he can sense threads of fate disturbed by Torvesard's actions. The threads are fraying in Grahtwood, Reaper's March, and Stonefalls.
I will open a portal to each place. Choose one and we shall go."
Stonefalls Portal

Upon entering the Stonefalls portal, you will find yourself near Mephala's Nest:

Leramil the Wise: "Daedric energy lingers in this place, tangled with threads of unraveling fate."
Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard was here. Follow the threads of fate, proxy. I shall cast about for any other signs of his activity."

Speaking with her before continuing:


Once inside the delve, fight your way through while following the threads of fate. Leramil will be with you and will assist with combat, if you speak with her during this:

"A Daedric shrine, overrun by Goblins? Sometimes the threads of fate lead me into the most unpleasant sorts of places. Follow the trail, please. I have no wish to linger here."

You will be lead to the room containing the skyshard, and a trapdoor which leads to the hidden Sanctuary of Whispers.

Leramil the Wise: "Why would fate lead us to an abandoned shrine? There must be something here."

Speaking to her:

"Fate's threads led us to this old shrine for a reason. It is up to us to discern why. Look around, proxy. Something here is important enough to attract Torvesard's attention."

You will soon come across the book A Dance Along the Webs, read it and Leramil will exclaim:

Leramil the Wise: "Fascinating. That ancient book stirred up a memory. Use the Echonir to examine it, proxy."

Speaking with her before using the Echonir:

"This nebulous manifestation appears to be a condensation of—ah. Never mind. The wisp is an ancient memory. The presence of the Echonir renders it accessible to us. Please examine it, proxy."

Using the Echonir will reveal a memory of three Melphala worshippers who need the Skein of Whispers to free their brethen, and then reveal how to enter their secret sanctuary.

Ilen Senis: "The Tribunal's Ordinators hold our brethren. We need the Skein of Secrets to free them."
Madura Fals: "But the Skein is lost! We must beseech the Lady of Whispers for help."
Trelam Danoran: "Then let us adjourn to her secret sanctuary. The circle we stand upon is the door. We need but a single drop of blood to open it."
<The vision ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "Ah, I see. This ritual circle conceals a gate, activated by a little blood. Let us see where it leads."

Speaking with her before opening the portal:

"That memory showed us priests of Mephala, persecuted by servants of the Tribunal. But I do not know anything about a skein, or why such a thing might be of interest to Torvesard.
Activate the gate. If there are answers, they are through there."

Activate the gateway by using your blood, a red pool will appear on the ground. Speaking with Leramil before entering the portal:

"Good. The portal still exists, even after all this time. Lead the way, proxy."

Entering the inner sanctuary, you will find Torvesard standing in front of the empty altar:

Torvesard: "Nothing. Fate seems to be fighting back. I wonder how much of that is because of you."
Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard, talk to fate's chosen. Tell us what this is all about."

Speaking with Leramil before Torvesard:

"Stay your blade. Whatever Torvesard was hoping to find here appears to be gone. But he might be willing to explain his purpose if you simply give him the opportunity."

Talking with Torvesard he explains his position, when you mention what Mora said about the threat Ithelia is, Torvesard has had enough and takes his leave:

Torvesard: "And you believe Mora? Stand aside, mortal. I will not be swayed from my purpose."
<Torvesard opens a portal and walks through.>
Leramil the Wise: "A Skein of Secrets, used to defeat Ithelia long ago? I cannot help but wonder what became of it. Come, proxy. Let us speak."

Talk with Leramil to discuss what happened. You conversation will depend on how far you are with your investigations: [verification needed — below dialogue is from having visited all three places]

"As I thought—this is about ancient relics. Torvesard believes they can lead him to Ithelia, the Forgotten Prince. But I do not yet see how he hopes to make use of them."
We investigated all three disturbances. What now?
"A good question. I find it interesting that Torvesard was not satisfied with only one relic—he wanted to recover three. A blade associated with Boethiah, a lamp from a shrine of Azura, and a skein created by Mephala.
Hmm. I wonder …."
What are you thinking?
"These Princes are known as the Good Daedra in Dunmer tradition. Long ago, they often allied with each other to guide and protect the people of Morrowind. I doubt that is a coincidence."
What do the Good Daedra have to do with Torvesard's Forgotten Prince?
"I am not sure. It might prove useful to consult with someone better versed in ancient Dark Elf religion than I am. Fortunately, I believe I know just the Elf—our dear friend, Gadayn.
Come, proxy. I shall open a portal to Vvardenfell."

After you have investigated all three places, Leramil will want to visit Vvardenfell to speak with Curate Gadyn. Enter the portal and you will find him and Leramil nearby:

Curate Gadayn: "Leramil! You've returned, but I know that look. What's wrong?"
Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard once more moves against Apocrypha. He seeks to restore the Forgotten Prince. I'll let our friend explain."

Speaking with Leramil before Gadayn:

"I hoped Gadayn would still be here. I am sure he can illuminate the obscure religious traditions of his people, or at least tell us where answers may be found.
Tell him what we have learned so far."
You've been speeding time with Curate Gadayn?
"He is … kind. A gentle soul with a warm heart. In my century-long pursuit of obscure lore, I somehow forgot there were people like him in the world."
What were the two of you doing in Vvardenfell?
"Neither Gadayn nor I have much experience with this sort of … friendship. Poking around in crumbling ruins and discussing ancient history may not sound very romantic, but it is a shared interest.
To be honest, I have sorely missed his company."

Speaking with Gadayn he suggests visiting the nearby Holamayan Monastery for information about the Good Daedra. The entrance to Holamayan Monastery will be nearby, but when you arrive it will be sealed:

Curate Gadayn: "It's sealed. I suppose we could … knock?"
Leramil the Wise: "We have no time for this. I shall open a portal."
<Leramil begins to cast a spell, but halts when Abbot Andor Indoril appears out of thin air.>
Abbot Andor Indoril: "No need for that. The Golden Eye foretold your coming. Welcome."
Curate Gadayn: "The abbot! Forgive our intrusion and listen to what our friend has to say."

Speaking with Leramil before the Abbot:

"It seems we are expected. I was wondering when and how the One Who Knows intended to speed our journey. Speak with the abbot, proxy."

After speaking with the abbot, he will give you and your companions permission to browse monastery's library for information. You will find Leramil and Gadayn already in the library by the time you get there. As soon as you enter the room Leramil will point out a thread of fate:

Leramil the Wise: "Look! The Echonir has something to show us. Fate has led us true again."

Speaking with Leramil before using the Echonir:

"As we hoped. Something in this chamber harbors a memory or impression of the Forgotten Prince. Let us see what the Echonir has to show us."

Using the Echonir, you will witness a Chimer, Khajiit and Orc standing around the table in the room. They will be discussing plan that requires absolute secrecy and Mora, when the vision stops, Leramil will recognize the book on the table:

Leramil the Wise: "That book! It is the very one those three ancient priests were handling in the memory. Examine it, proxy."

Speaking with Leramil before reading the Testament of Dandera Helas:

"Ah, now we seem to be getting somewhere. Retrieve that old tome, proxy. I want to know what instructions those ancient priests chose to leave behind."

After reading the book, talk to Leramil:

"Those devout priests offered themselves so their Princes could meet in secret. We must find the gate they used. It could be the access to Apocrypha Torvesard is seeking."
What about the relics? How do they fit in?
"Torvesard said the relics would help him find Ithelia. He must believe they will lead him to a gate to Apocrypha or the final glyphic in the Mythos.
We need to find the gate first, but I have no idea where the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets lies."
If it's a shrine to Hermaeus Mora, can't he just tell us where it is?
"The course of fate is never that simple. Many futures branch from each choice we make. If we know too much, we risk altering our choices and changing the outcome. Therefore Mora tells us only what he must.
As fate's chosen, you will lead the way."
And how do you suggest I do that exactly?
"We are in a monastery dedicated to ancient knowledge. There must be a book or scholar here that can point the way. Abbot Andor said our coming was foretold. Perhaps the one we are meant to learn this secret from will know you as well."
All right. I'll ask around.

Speaking with Leramil again before leaving to talk to other people:

"Gadayn and I shall comb through this library and see if we can find any additional information about the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets.
You, however, should talk to the monks here and see if any more of them received a vision from the One Who Knows."

After asking around, you will learn that the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets was said to be located at the now ruined city of Anudnabia, to the north of the monastery. Leramil will be wait for you with Gadayn and the abbot at the entrance hall:

Leramil the Wise: "I overheard your conversation, proxy. Anudnabia is just to the north of here. Gadayn and I will meet you there."

Speaking with Leramil before leaving for Anudnabia:

"I never realized there was a shrine of Hermaeus Mora connected to the ruins of Anudnabia. We are in luck, proxy—it is not far from this monastery, just to the north.
Gadayn and I shall meet you there."

Head north to the ruins near Sadrith Mora, Leramil and Gadayn will be waiting for you and there will be some visible threads of fate:

Leramil the Wise: "Ah, proxy. Just in time. Use the Echonir and see if some lingering memory can lead us to the shrine."

Speaking with her before using the Echonir:

"Another sign that we are on the right path. The Echonir has revealed a lingering memory. Bring it forth and let us see what happened in this grim ruin long ago."

Using the Echonir at the water's edge, the vision will show the trio from the library once more:

Adept Rakzzin-jo: "The Prince of Paths caused the sea to swallow this ancient city. Hermorah's temple now lies beneath the waves."
<The trio stop at the end of the water.>
Priest Dandera Helas: "Then that is where we must go. Mephala, Lady of Whispers, take this mortal shell!"
Acolyte Dugikh: "I am ready. Boethiah, I call upon you! Dark Warrior, let me bear you to the conclave of Princes!"
<The trio twitch and slump slightly as their Princes' take over their bodies. The princes then walk into the water without a word.>
Leramil the Wise: "The priests allowed their Princes to possess them and waded into the water? Ah! I know where to find the shrine."

Talk with Leramil to see what she has in mind:

"Obviously, Anudnabia's lost shrine sunk into the sea ages ago. A fitting end for a place dedicated to the Master of the Tides of Fate, but that will make it difficult to reach."
How can we get to a sunken shrine?
"A submerged shrine calls for a powerful spell. I shall weave an arcane shield that will allow us to breathe and walk upon the seafloor. Once those ancient priests were possessed, they must have done the same.
Enter the sea when you are ready."

Once you enter the Inner Sea, you will be able to walk along the sea bed and the ruins, protected by a bubble:

Curate Gadayn: "This is incredible! Look at us, strolling along the seabed like it was a street in Necrom!"
Leramil the Wise: "Stay alert and move straight ahead, both of you. And watch out for any large, predatory sea life."

Eventually you will come across the shrine:

Curate Gadayn: "Up ahead! I think I see the shrine!"
Leramil the Wise: "This is it. After you, proxy."

Speaking with Leramil here:

"Ah! A dilapidated edifice, retaining an exudation of—never mind.
The portal in this sunken structure looks promising. I sense the lingering power of the One Who Knows. Go on inside, proxy."

Once you have entered the portal, you will emerge from a pool in the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets. But you will soon see that you have company:

Curate Gadayn: "An island? Where are we? And who are those warriors?"
Leramil the Wise: "A demiplane, not an island. We are no longer on Nirn."
Curate Gadayn: "Torvesard must be near. I doubt the Recollection reached this place without his help."
<Leramil then staggers.>
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil is exhausted! Go on, find Torvesard. We'll catch up."

You will need to fight your way through the Shrine until you reach Torvesard who has found a portal to the Mythos and has the means to open it:

Torvesard: "Boethiah's blade led me to this portal. The path to the Mythos, Apocrypha's heart."
Torvesard: "Only those bearing the essence of Azura, Boethiah, or Mephala can access this portal."
Torvesard: "The gate recognizes Boethiah's blade. Now I can return to the Mythos and find my Prince at last!"
<Torvesard enters the portal and it closes. Afterwards Leramil and Gadayn catch up to you.>
Leramil the Wise: "A permanent portal to the Mythos? I did not know such a thing existed."
<Leramil then notices Hermaeus Mora appearing out of the water nearby.>
Hermaeus Mora: "Chosen of fate, hold. We must speak."
Leramil the Wise: "The One Who Knows is here! Speak with him, proxy."

Speaking with Leramil before Hermaeus Mora:

"The One Who Knows wishes to speak with you, proxy. Let us hope he anticipated the possibility of Torvesard using one of his allies' relics to activate this gate."

Hermaeus Mora reopens the gate and bids you to chase Torvesard. Talking to Leramil before leaving:

"The very gate Hermaeus Mora created to bring the mortal vessels of his allies to Apocrypha provided Torvesard with the door he needed. Fate is not without a sense of irony.
Follow Torvesard, proxy. We do not have much time."

Once you enter Mythos, Leramil will comment:

Leramil the Wise: "The Mythos of Apocrypha, heart of Hermaeus Mora's domain. Torvesard is somewhere ahead of us."

You can speak with her at this point:

"We must find our way to the Mythos Vaults. That is where Torvesard found the first two glyphics. The third is there as well."

As you fight your way through the Mythos, you will encounter Dremora calling themselves the "Shardborn":

Curate Gadayn: "Shardborn? Who in Oblivion are they?"
Leramil the Wise: "I do not recognize these Dremora. Perhaps Torvesard is not the only one beginning to remember the Forgotten Prince."

Speaking with Leramil after defeating Dexxiuk the Glass Mantikora:

"Torvesard found the Glyphic of Shattered Reflections? I am beginning to believe he is fated to succeed. But still, we must stop him if we can.
After him, proxy!"

When you enter the Mythos Vaults, you will find Torvesard who activates the final glyphic. The scene that plays out shows Azura, Boethiah and Mephala helped Mora imprision Ithelia within the Mythos itself and then everyone was made to forget. Speaking with Leramil before you continue:

"Ithelia was imprisoned here, in the heart of the Mythos? Has she been here all these centuries? That—no, there is no time for questions. We must stop Torvesard from releasing her!"

Entering the prison, you will find it broken and empty. Leramil and Gadayn will appear after Torvesard leaves:

"I had hoped to avoid this moment, but fate takes little account of mortal hopes as it chooses its course. Let us see what the One Who Knows can tell us about these events."

Speaking with Leramil after returning to the Vaults and confering with Hermaus Mora:

"Prince Ithelia has escaped her prison, yet reality persists. And Torvesard understood events no better than we do.
As I have seen time and time again, the machinations of Oblivion are far beyond mortal comprehension."
Hermaeus Mora told me to seek your counsel.
"So I heard. And he did not send us to pursue Torvesard. It appears that the next step we take must be our choice.
We should return to Nirn, regroup, and follow the advice of the One Who Knows—wait for a path to open before us."
Isn't Ithelia the Prince of Paths?
"That fact has not escaped me, proxy. Torvesard spoke of restoring his lost realm. Mirrormoor, he called it. And he thought that Ithelia would return to places that were familiar to her.
Let us return to Grahtwood and confer with your friend Beragon."
All right, let's return to Grahtwood.

Speaking with her again before leaving:

"Let us go, proxy. There is nothing more we can do here."

The portal will bring you to a camp south of Elden Root along the road, and Beragon will be nearby. Talk to Leramil to complete the quest:

"I am relieved to observe the perpetuation of the macrocosm—bah. Our reality has not unraveled yet. For now, we must wait and watch.
Eventually I shall notice Torvesard's passing in the threads of fate. Then I shall send for you, proxy."
So that's if for now, we just wait?
"For now, yes. From things Torvesard said, I expect we will find him in West Weald. I shall confer with Beragon about the area and alert you when you are needed. Thanks to you, even though Ithelia is free, we still have a chance to preserve our world."

After you complete the quest, you can continue to speak with her and ask questions:

,"Prince Ithelia, the Forgotten Prince. The Prince that Hermaeus Mora so feared that he imprisoned her and erased her from existence. Now she is free and Torvesard searches for her.
I suspect we will see signs of their activity before too long."
What are you going to do while we wait for a sign, Leramil?
"First I must return Gadayn to Necrom. He must watch over Morrowind, in case I am wrong about Torvesard's next move. Then I shall go to West Weald. Consult with Beragon. Wait. Observe.
Eventually, Ithelia's presence will disturb the threads of fate."
And you'll contact me as soon as you learn anything?
"Of course, proxy. You are fate's chosen. Any hope we have of averting disaster rests with you. I am only here to aid you in these efforts.
For now, go on with your usual activities. We shall need your strength and courage soon enough."

Gold RoadEdit

Paths of ChaosEdit

After some time, you can travel to West Weald, where you can encounter Leramil in and around Skingrad:

Leramil the Wise: "Ah, there you are! I have been expecting you."

Speak with Leramil to see what she knows about current events and what she needs to you to do:

Previously Encountered:
First Time Meeting:
"Greetings, proxy. I knew fate would draw you here. New troubles emerge in these lands—the footprints of the once-forgotten Prince now free. And where the Prince walks, disturbance and disorder follow.
But that is how we shall find her."


"Ah, proxy. I bear grim news. The secret Hermaeus Mora guarded has escaped and Ithelia is forgotten no more. Strange disturbances and disorder now wrack these lands.
West Weald suffers, but by following these occurences, we may just find her."
What sorts of disturbances and disorder?
"A secretive and violent order called the Recollection scours ruins throughout the Weald. Strange Daedric creatures harry the region. And the Wood Elf, King Nantharion, reigns over a newly grown forest—a sure sign the threads of fate have frayed."
What was that about the threads of fate?
"The lines of possibility that weave through reality and hold everything together. Ithelia, the Daedric Prince of Paths, has been set free. Her presence threatens both our world and the realms beyond. Help me meet this threat and you will be rewarded."
I'll help you deal with the threat of Ithelia. Where do we begin?
"Let me mark your map. Frayed threads of fate point to Rustwall, the Elenglynn ruins, and Ostumir. And take this relic, the Echonir. You might find it useful.
My friend Beragon offered his townhouse in Skingrad. Let us meet there when we are done."
"I greet you, chosen of fate. Hermaeus Mora calls upon you to defend this world and all of reality. A secret contained for ages is now free.
Where the once-forgotten Prince walks, disturbance and disorder follow. and that is how we will find here."
What sorts of disturbances and disorder?
"A secretive and violent order called the Recollection scours ruins throughout the Weald. Strange Daedric creatures harry the region. And the Wood Elf, King Nantharion, reigns over a newly grown forest—a sure sign the threads of fate have frayed."
What was that about the threads of fate?
"The lines of possibility that weave through reality and hold everything together. Ithelia, the Daedric Prince of Paths, has been set free. Her presence threatens both our world and the realms beyond. Help me meet this threat and you will be rewarded."
I'll help you deal with the threat of Ithelia. Where do we begin?
"Let me mark your map. Frayed threads of fate point to Rustwall, the Elenglynn ruins, and Ostumir. And take this relic, the Echonir. You might find it useful.
My friend Beragon offered his townhouse in Skingrad. Let us meet there when we are done."

After you agree to investigate, you can ask her some questions:

Tell me about these sites you want me to investigate.
"They are all within West Weald, not far from the city of Skingrad. Which location are you curious about?"
Why are you interested in Rustwall Estate?
"Rustwall Estate is an old Colovian manor to the southeast, on the outskirts of Skingrad. Why Rustwall is important, I cannot say. Yet the threads of fate have been disturbed there and we need to determine the cause."
What's going on in Ostumir?
"I am not sure—that is why I asked you to investigate. Ostumir is a Colovian town in the Strid Vale, not far from the southern edge of the new forest. I have heard stories about powerful groundquakes and enraged forest creatures in the area."
What can you tell me about Elenglynn?
"Elenglynn is a substantial Ayleid ruin that lies north of Skingrad. A lonely and peaceful spot, or so I have been told. Yet the threads of fate simply vanish in the vicinity, a phenomenon I have never observed before.
We must determine why."
What was that about a new forest? (Appears after you ask about one of the locations)
"The Valenwood forest mysteriously expanded across the River Strid and replaced the previous Colovian terrain. The Wood Elves who settled the area call it Dawnwood. King Nantharion rules a new Bosmer realm beneath its thick canopy."
I'll head out to investigate those sites now. (Appears after you have asked about all the locations)
"Very good. I do not know what awaits you at Rustwall, but look for our ally Beragon at Ostumir. He mentioned he had business of his own there.
As for Elenglynn, I will meet you there. I am quite curious to see those ruins."
I'm not sure I understand how Ithelia escaped.
"It began with Torvesard. A clanless Dremora, tormented by a dream he could not remember. He came to suspect that something had been taken from him—and that Hermaeus Mora was responsible.
So Torvesard sought allies."
"The Daedric Princes Vaermina and Peryite. Torvesard convinced them Mora had stolen their memories, too. Together they invaded Apocrypha and reached the glyphics in which Mora kept the secret—there was another Daedric Prince, Ithelia."
What happened to Ithelia?
"Hermaeus Mora rallied other Princes against her. They defeated Ithelia and Mora imprisoned her within the Mythos—the core of Apocrypha. Then he made everyone forget.
Torvesard opened the glyphics and set the imprisoned memories free."
Then what happened?
"When we followed Torvesard to Ithelia's prison, he was as surprised as we were. She had already escaped. Perhaps the act of restoring her memory to the world was enough for her to set herself free.
Now Ithelia is loose and somewhere in West Weald."
How do we stop Ithelia if we find her?
"That is not an easy question to answer. Ithelia is a Daedric Prince. No mortal can match her power without assistance. Nor can Hermaeus Mora move against her while she walks our world.
He is bound by the Coldharbour Compact while Ithelia is not."
The Coldharbour Compact?
"An ancient agreement that prevents many of the most powerful Daedric Princes from directly manifesting on Nirn. Ithelia was imprisoned long before the deal was struck, so she and the Daedra that serve her are not party to its restrictions."
What are we supposed to do, then?
"Find her. Observe her. Discover her plans. Use the Echonir to reveal her memories.
Mora chose you and requested I assist you. He believes you can help preserve reality from Ithelia's threat, so we must trust that he shall guide us along the way."
There must be something else we can do, too.
"We know that Daedric relics such as the Echonir were used to help defeat Ithelia in ancient times. Perhaps such items shall play a part again. For now, knowledge must be our weapon of choice, and our task is to arm ourselves as best we can."

If not encountered prior:

Why do they call you Leramil the Wise?
"It is an appelation I did not choose for myself. In my youth, I became dissatisfied with the traditional education of an arcanist. I desired knowledge my instructors could not, or would not provide me.
So I struck a bargain with the One Who Knows."
The One Who Knows?
"I thought you would be familiar with the sobriquet. Apologies. I refer to Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge.
I serve as his agent in the mortal world from time to time in exchange for secrets I can learn nowhere else."
What kind of secrets?
"Among other things, Mora taught me to perceive the threads of fate. It is a talent few mortals ever master. As for the rest..let us say I have seen things most mages and arcanists can barely imagine.
That is why I am sometimes called the Wise."
Tell me about Ithelia.
"Mora imprisoned her and made everyone forget. She posed a threat to all reality. Her scion, Torvesard, restored the memory of her to the world and so she escaped from her prison.
Now the Prince of Paths is loose and somewhere in the West Weald."

You can head to Elenglynn to the north of Skingrad, which appears to be under the control of the Recollection. Leramil will be waiting for you nearby:

Leramil the Wise: "Welcome, proxy. Let us speak before we go inside."

Speak with Leramil to see what she wants to do:

"This is Elenglynn, an Ayleid ruin. I expected to find the Recollection here, as they have been searching similar ruins throughout the area. They did not disappoint.
I sense an aura of Daedric power, as well. Perhaps that aura drew them here."
An aura of Daedric power?
"Indeed. I sense an ancient Daedric shrine in these ruins, although I have no idea which Prince it honors. If we find the shrine, we may uncover the Recollection's purpose here.
Do you still have the Echonir, proxy?"
If you have used the Echonir before:
If you haven't used the Echonir before:
Yes. Do you think we'll find memories here?
"I see you remember our adventures in the shrines of the Good Daedra. I believe we may find important memories for the Echonir to reveal here, as well.
Watch for places where it can show us something, proxy."
All right, I'll keep the Echonir handy.
"Between the Recollection and the dangers inherent in most ruins, I suggest caution. My research revealed that Elenglynn contains a maze filled with deadly traps. We must reach the heart of the maze to find a way through.
I am ready when you are."
The relic you gave me? Yes. What does it do again?
"Hermaeus Mora forged the Echonir to reveal memories related to Ithelia. It was one of the relics instrumental in defeating the Forgotten Prince and eliminating any lingering memories.
Hopefully, the Echonir can help us in our investigations."
How does it work?
"The Echonir causes memories pertaining to Ithelia to become visible as nebulous manifestations. When you discover one, simply hold forth the Echonir. The relic makes the memory unfold before your eyes.
I foresee that you will need it, proxy."
All right, I'll keep the Echonir handy.
"Between the Recollection and the dangers inherent in most ruins, I suggest caution. My research revealed that Elenglynn contains a maze filled with deadly traps. We must reach the heart of the maze to find a way through.
I am ready when you are."

At this point you can ask Leramil some questions before entering Elenglynn:

Tell me more about the Echonir.
"Hermaeus Mora knew he could not completely erase all knowledge of Ithelia from the world. He locked away his own memories of her in glyphics hidden in Apocrypha. He created the Echonir to reveal any lingering memories of the Forgotten Prince."
'When did you get it?
"The One Who Knows asked the demiprince Fa-Nuit-Hen to convey the Echonir to me after the cultists of the Blind Path made the mistake of invading his realm. Hermaeus Mora told me you would need it."
What else should I know about Elenglynn?
"Elenglynn? An Ayleid ruin, most likely a temple or monastery. As you can see, little remains above ground. The vaults below are more extensive, or so I have read.
Adventurers report dangerous monsters and traps within. Those who survived, anyway."
Can you tell me anything about the Ayleids?
"I am hardly an Ayleid scholar. I know they were called Wild Elves and they established Tamriel's first empire. Their city-states were spread across much of this region, but their empire fell during the First Era.
Much about them has been lost."
Why would the Recollection be interested in Ayleid ruins?
"Many Ayleids worshiped Daedric Princes. Ithelia may have been among them. When the Recollection began to remember Ithelia, they remembered her as their god. I think they are searching for shrines to Ithelia.
Mere speculation, but a logical guess."
I want to know more about the Recollection.
"From what I have determined, they are a secret society with a keen interest in ancient ruins. The revival of an Ayleid cult, perhaps.
Our ally Beragon knows more. He recently tracked them to West Weald and has been looking into their activities."
What does the Recollection want?
"Beragon told me that the group was initially formed to seek out something missing in their lives. It seems clear now they were looking for Ithelia, even if they did not know it. Now that Ithelia is free, their actions are becoming more conspicuous."
At Rustwall, I learned that the Recollection is working with Daedra. A Shardmarshal Vargas. (Apppears if you completed The Missing Cohort prior)
"Shardmarshal Vargas? I am not familiar with that Daedric rank. We know they assisted Torvesard in his quest to remember the Forgotten Prince. Perhaps this Vargas is also connected to Ithelia.
No matter. It is evident we have more to learn, proxy."

After entering Elenglynn:

Leramil the Wise: "Be wary. If I sensed the presence of Daedric power, the Recollection likely noticed it as well."

Talking with Leramil after entering will reveal she is unable to use her Fate Sight here:

"Hmm. The threads of fate reveal nothing to me—I cannot perceive them here. But the Daedric power I sensed outside is even stronger now. I am sure there must be a shrine below. We must press on."

After the first blade trap:

Leramil the Wise: "The Recollection made it this far, but they have met some of Elenglynn's dangers."

When you come upon the Ayleid tree:

Leramil the Wise: "Welkynd Stones? Ayleids were fascinated with the magic of light, but this is not what we seek. Let us press on."

At the barred window looking down on the maze:

Leramil the Wise: "There! The maze is below. The way to Elenglynn's shrine lies through the heart of the maze."

After you go down the stairs:

Leramil the Wise: "Not only a maze, but a tomb. Careful—the Ayleids were practitioners of necromancy."

At the Maze Gate:

Leramil the Wise: "The chamber to the north should be the heart of the maze. But it seems we must find another entrance."

Speaking with Leramil while in the maze:

"It seems my sources were not mistaken about the maze in Elenglynn … or the deadly traps. We must find our way to the chamber at the heart of the maze and see where it leads us next."

Upon reaching the heart of the maze:

Leramil the Wise: "The heart of the maze! Our way forward lies within, proxy."
Leramil the Wise: ""A locked gate? We must find the key, proxy."

Once you have defeated the minotaur Orsuul Tombhoof, you can collect the Elenglynn Key from the nearby box:

Leramil the Wise: "That key must unlock these gates. Let us continue, proxy. I sense that what we seek lies somewhere to the south."

After going through the gate to the south, if you talk to Leramil she will say:

"The Daedric power I sensed earlier is even stronger here. The Daedric shrine is near."

Upon reaching the shrine and seeing Ithelia:

Leramil the Wise: ""We found the shrine. But who is—oh. That is Ithelia! Perhaps you can talk to her, proxy."

Talking to Ithelia, she will not know why she was drawn to the ruin but senses the Echonir you hold and asks you to use it. You will see a memory of when Hermaeus Mora first confronted Ithelia about the danger she posed to reality:

Hermaeus Mora: "You risk everything, Ithelia. You must forsake the Many Paths."
Torvesard: "You seek to diminish my Prince. Why should she agree to such a demand?"
Hermaeus Mora: "To preserve reality. Her willfulness threatens all of existence."
Ithelia: "You let your fear control you and foresee an apocalypse that will never be. Depart, Mora!"
<The memory ends and the figures disappear>
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia disappeared as soon as the memory ended. Let us speak outside."

If you try talking to Leramil at this point:

"I did not expect to meet the Prince of Paths this soon, proxy. Nor did I expect her to look more or less mortal. I … do not know what I expected.
There is nothing left to learn in Elenglynn. Let us speak outside, under the open sky."

After leaving Elenglynn:

Leramil the Wise: "Let us review what we saw in the ruins, proxy."

Talk to Leramil to summarize what you have learnt, you conversation will depend on what quests have been completed prior:

First encounter with Ithelia:
Completed The Many Paths:
"Now it becomes clear. The Recollection also seeks Ithelia. They hope to find her visiting places she once knew, just as we did.
Yet Ithelia seems confused, I do not think she has fully regained her memories or truly understands what happened to her."
"Now it becomes clear. The Recollection also seeks Ithelia. They hope to find her visiting places she once knew, just as we did.
And Ithelia seems less confused than what you observed at the Outcast Inn. Her memories return and she grows confident."
What did you make of the memory the Echonir revealed to us?
"I believe we witnessed the moment Hermaeus Mora first confronted Ithelia about the danger she posed to reality … and we saw that she refused to heed him.
It is a hard thing for any creature to change its nature. Especially for a Daedric Prince."
What's our next step?
Other locations investigated:
Investigated Rustwall Estate:
Investigated Ostumir:
Have not investigated the other locations:
"We examined the locations where the threads of fate were most frayed and learned more about Ithelia and the Recollection.
Let us next rendezvous at Beragon's townhouse in Skingrad. I wish to consult with him about our discoveries."
"One more piece of the puzzle remains, proxy. You still need to investigate Ostumir. Determine why the threads of fate there are frayed.
When you are finished, find me at Beragon's townhouse in Skingrad."
"One more piece of the puzzle remains, proxy. You still need to investigate Rustwall Estate. Determine why the threads of fate there are frayed.
When you are finished, find me at Beragon's townhouse in Skingrad."
"This is but one piece of the puzzle, proxy. You still need to investigate Ostumir and Rustwall Estate. Determine why the threads of fate there are frayed. Find me at Beragon's townhouse in Skingrad when you are ready to report."

Once you have investigated all three locations, you can return to Beragon's townhouse where Lerail will call you over:

Leramil the Wise: "Our initial investigations are complete, proxy. Let us speak."

If you talk to Leramil before Beragon:

"Beragon has graciously offered us the use of his townhouse as a base from which to conduct our investigations. Speak with him, please. I know he is curious about what you discovered."

After discussing your findings with Beragon, you can talk to Leramil to complete the quest:

"Encountering a material conformation of … that is, I thought it would take longer for us to find and confront Ithelia in person.
We determined that my suspicions about the frayed fates proved correct. Each location had a connection to Ithelia."
So what do those connections tell us, Leramil.
"That the Recollection and the Mirrormoor Daedra seek to restore Ithelia to power. They caused the new forest and wildburn devastation. And Ithelia wanders West Weald, starting to remember.
For helping me reach these conclusions, take this reward."

Leramil will then urge you to speak with Beragon to start Seeds of Suspicion:

"Speak with Beragon. See if he has a thought about our next steps.
Ithelia's presence untethers all consequences. It makes it nearly impossible for me to perceive the threads of fate, let alone determine which threads to follow."
Is that a problem? Most people can't see fate.
"Most people do not bear the responsibility of preserving reality itself. If we guess wrong about what we must do, or simply fail to do it, disaster ensues.
I do not like to leave such decisions to chance when the stakes are so high."
So what do we do, then?
"Trust in Beragon's knowledge of the Recollection. There is an anomaly I wish to look into while you and he pursue the cultists and ferret out their plans. Perhaps the wildburn seed you found in Ostumir is the place to start.
I shall find you later."

Seeds of SuspicionEdit

After going over details from your investigations, Beragon will see the common link that is the Recollection. While Leramil does her own investigation, you Beragon and Tribune Alea will head to Vashabar to speak with Greenspeaker Darolith and King Nantharion about the Wildburn Seed and the Recollection.

After a Recollection ambush and the destruction of another Wildburn Seed, you head to Hoperoot to warn the king but find it is under the control of the Recollection. Eventually, you come to learn that King Nantharion is the leader of the Recollection and is working with Shardmarshal Vargas and her Shardborn. Your skirmish leads to the stop of another Wildburn ritual and the destruction of Hoperoot, but you manage to find some valuable information to share with Leramil.

When you return to Beragon's Townhouse, Leramil will have returned and she will ask you to talk to Beragon:

"Beragon has told me some of what occurred at Vashabar and Hoperoot. I am eager to hear more, but first you should speak with him. We are at a crossroads and must choose our path wisely or we shall court disaster."

The Many PathsEdit

You encounter Leramil outside the Outcast Inn, which is surrounded by a shimmering wall of light. You can either encounter this during your travels, or be directed there during your investigations on Beragon's behalf to locate some missing relics:

Leramil the Wise: says "Come, proxy. Things are more dire here than I expected."

Speak with Leramil to see what is going on:

Sent by Beragon:
"I am glad you are here, proxy. Threads of fate tangle around the Outcast Inn in an ever-expanding knot, fraying the bonds of cause and effect with each bend and twist. Should they snap, the results would be catastrophic."
confirm if rest of quest dialogue is different or same
"Proxy, your arrival is well-timed. A tangle in the threads of fate grows like a knot around the Outcast Inn. Something frays the bonds of cause and effect here. If they snap, the results would be catastrophic."
What's causing these tangles, Leramil?
"I cannot discern its origin. Hermaeus Mora gifted me an ability to perceive the threads of fate. This tangle painfully overwhelms that very gift whenever I try to approach the inn.
Someone without such sight must act as my agent. Namely, you."
What do you want me to do?
"Pass through this tangle and enter the inn. Find the source of this disturbance. Stop it however you can.
I cannot assist you in this. You shall stand alone against a force that tangles fate and unravels reality. Succeed and you shall be rewarded."
I'll enter the inn and find the source of this disturbance.

After you agree to investigate, you can ask Leramil some questions:

"If we allow the tangle in fate to persist, our localized reality could collapse. In short, we would all cease to exist.
Enter the inn while I research this phenomenon. And, hurry, proxy. Even at this distance, the disturbance causes me great pain."
Tell me more about the threat you perceive here.
"Cause and effect shape our entire reality. Even magicka has a known source. Mundus exists as a cascading series of actions and outcomes, though sometimes we cannot perceive either.
The event within this tangle of fates decouples the two."
What does that mean?
"Imagine swinging a blade but it refuses to slice through the air. Or a guar suddenly appearing overhead and falling on a person. Or, worse, a town erupting into flames without a single spark being struck.
Life would become untenable."
What can you tell me about this inn?
"As I understand it, the Outcast Inn was an unremarkable establishment prior to this. In Skingrad, I learned that a new owner purchased it recently and had started to make repairs.
I know little else. Perhaps anyone you find inside can tell you more."
What drew you here, Leramil? (Appears if you were sent to location by Beragon)
"I sensed the disturbance as I conducted my own investigations. When I heard you had also seen a memory of Ithelia associated with this place, I knew we had to learn more.
Unfortunately, my ability to sense the disturbance also holds me at bay."

After you ask your questions, Leramil will send you on your way:

Leramil the Wise:"Go where I cannot, proxy. Untangle this knot of fate."

After you head through the gates, the sky above will change drastically and it will be as if you entered another world. While inside the inn, you will find a disorientated Ithelia who barely remembers anything and has little control over the strange things happening around her. You efforts to help her will lead you to find the Lamp of Clarity and travel the Many Paths where you encounter other Ithelias and learn more about the nature of the Daedric Prince.

Once you have helped Ithelia gain back some control and memories, she will disappear and the tangle in fate will also be fixed. At this point you return to Leramil outside who will confirm things appears to be set right:

Leramil the Wise: "The pain is gone and the threads of fate have untangled. What happened in there, proxy?"

Speak with Leramil to share your findings:

"I sense the knot in the threads of fate has untangled, proxy. This threat to our reality has passed. Should I assume you are responsible? Tell me what occurred within the Outcast Inn."
Sent by Beragon:
Ithelia was here and her power was out of control. I used the Lamp of Clarity to set things right.
"If helping Ithelia saved reality, than you made the right choice. But the Lamp of Clarity is a powerful relic. I am glad you found it.
I would like to take the Lamp to Beragon's townhouse for further study. May I have it?"
You can have the Lamp of Clarity.

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point Leramil will say:

"Hermaeus Mora chose his proxy correctly. Saving reality from inside a simple inn is an impressive feat.
The Lamp of Clarity will help us against Ithelia. I would like to bring it to Beragon's townhouse in Skingrad to study. May I have it?"
You can have the Lamp of Clarity.
"I predicted that the tangled threads of fate were related to Ithelia's release, but how could I know she was the direct cause?
You have served the One Who Knows very well in this effort. Here is the reward I promised."
The Daedric Prince Ithelia lost control of her powers. I used the Lamp of Clarity to help her.
"Proxy, you saved reality and discovered a critical relic at the same time. Hermaeus Mora was right to put faith in you.
If Ithelia has regained her power, we will need that Lamp to find her. Would you mind if I take it to study?"
You can have the Lamp of Clarity.

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point Leramil will say:

"This threat to reality is over because of your actions. Very unexpected that such danger would appear in a simple inn.
I would like to examine the Lamp of Clarity further. It may help in our future efforts to locate Ithelia. May I have it?"
All right, here's the Lamp.
"With Ithelia free and more in control of her power, she still poses a threat. If you have an interest, come to Skingrad and meet with me again. We have more work ahead of us.
In the meantime, here is the promised reward. With my thanks."

After handing over the lamp and completing the quest, Leramil says she will need to inform Hermaeus Mora of the develops and to meet her later in Skingrad when you are able:

"I must contact Hermaeus Mora and inform him that Ithelia has regained at least some of her power.
Do not take this as a slight against you. Helping her saved many lives. It was the correct thing to do."
What will you do with the Lamp of Clarity?
"Take it to Skingrad for study. Azura's Lamp was designed to hunt down Ithelia and her minions. Knowing how best to utilize it must be my next priority.
Please find me there when you are able. The chosen of fate still has much to do."

Relics of the Three PrincesEdit

After the events of Hoperoot, you will be tasked with further investigation regarding the relics that were originally used to imprison Ithelia. In the chance that you start the quest from Legionary Caepio, Leramil can be spoken with before talking to Beragon:

"The One Who Knows remains silent. I believe we are now passing through another conjunction of threads of fate in which he dares not interfere."

Beragon will suggest you meet with Tribune Alea and Leramil around West Weald, as they are following their own leads. Your involvement will lead to the discovery and retrieval of the Lamp of Clarity and Abolisher and Beragon will have deciphered the Recollection map. He will then ask you to meet him at the Niryastare ruins, and he asks you to speak with Leramil:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, I am familiar with those relics."

Talk with her to see what she has to say:

"The permutations of fate created a high probability that you … ah. I would like to talk about the relics I heard you describe to Beragon.
The Lamp of Clarity and Abolisher are two of the relics once used to defeat and imprison Ithelia."
These the same relics Torvesard hoped would help him find Ithelia, aren't they?
"Exactly. Abolisher, forged by Boethiah to cut a path to Ithelia wherever she walks. The Lamp of Clarity, created by Azura to illuminate the Many Paths. And the Skein of Secrets, woven by Mephala to show where Ithelia and the Unseen could be found."
But we don't have the Skein of Secrets.
"No, we do not. Torvesard told us in Mephala's Nest that the Skein was lost in an Ayleid vault.
Given the Recollection's interest in Niryastare, I think we know which one."
Why is the Recollection seeking the relics now?
"Torvesard used Abolisher to open the way to Ithelia's prison. He knows the relics can be used to return her there and will do anything to prevent that. These ancient tools may be the keys to saving West Weald. And perhaps all of reality."
You think we can use the relics against Ithelia and her servants?
"The Blade, the Lamp, and the Skein countered Ithelia's power in ancient times. I think they can do so again.
You and Beragon are fated to seek the Skein of Secrets in Niryastare. I have my own tasks and shall find you when it is time to finish this."

After being asked to go to Niryastare, you can ask Leramil some more questions:

You're not coming to Niryastare?
"My appointed tasks range far beyond West Weald, proxy. While you deal with Ithelia's servants Nantharion and Vargas, I seek her first scion. Torvesard, the author of all these troubles.
You and I shall cross paths again soon enough."
How exactly do these relics work?
"We observed Torvesard using Abolisher to open portals. Creating a portal is not difficult and I am rather proficient at it myself. But Abolisher appears to do it swiftly and with great precision.
I suspect it can destroy them, as well."
What about the Lamp of Clarity?
"The Lamp allows us to gaze into the Many Paths. Think of that as a halo of possibilities and alternate fates that surrounds our own reality. Things can be real in the Many Paths that are not real here.
We may need it to confront Ithelia."
And what does the Skein do?
"That remains to be seen, proxy. We have observed the effects of Abolisher and the Lamp firsthand. The Skein, however, has been hidden for thousands of years. I presume its function will become apparent once you recover it."

King Nantharion's GambitEdit

With all three relics in hand, you and Beragon go about tracking down King Nantharion using the Skein of Secrets. After visiting several locations and destroying the wildburn seeds, you soon find out King Nantharion and Ithelia's goal is to find and use the well found in the Darkened Home—otherwise known as the city of Miscarcand. The ruins of Miscarcand are quickly discovered to be beneath Vashabar, and you traverse the ruins to reach the well.

While you do kill King Nantharion, you are unable to stop the restoration of Ithelia who then leaves for parts unknown. When you arrive back at Beragon's townhouse, Leramil will be wating for you:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy. I hoped to find you here. I sensed a powerful ripple in fate, and came as quickly as I could."

Talk with Leramil to explain what happened:

"I have been scouring the planes for hints of Torvesard's doings. I sensed ripples of probability flowing across the Daedric realms. Imagine my surprise when I traced them to their origin—ancient Miscarcand.
What happened there?"
I defeated King Nantharion, but Ithelia regained her power and departed with Shardmarshal Vargas.
"Without Nantharion and with Torvesard off doing who knows what, the Recollection will be scattered and leaderless. Our battle merely shifts to a new arena now, with even greater stakes.
Already the threads of fate fray at an alarming rate."
If Ithelia went back to her own realm, why is fate fraying?
"I do not think reality is endangered by Ithelia's travels, but by her choices. Whatever she decides to do, reality must accommodate her. It will shatter in the attempt.
The threat of her next decision causes fate to now fray."
So what do we do?
"The One Who Knows has not made that clear to me. Yet as long as reality persists, we still have a chance to prevent Ithelia from undoing … everything.
Conclude your business with Beragon, proxy. Our work is not yet done."

Beragon will greet Leramil:

Beragon: "I'm glad you're back, Leramil. Maybe you can help us understand what happened to Ithelia in Miscarcand."
Leramil the Wise: "Fate has demanded I assist its proxy. It is why I am here."

If you talk with Leramil again before completing the Quest with Beragon, she is ready to get a move on:

"The people of West Weald owe you a great debt—as does the One Who Knows. I suspect your actions here are the only reason we still have a chance to avert disaster. Conclude your business with Beragon, proxy. The next battle awaits."

The Untraveled RoadEdit

You can talk with Leramil before continuing on by either talking to Beragon or Legionary Caepio:

"Speak to Beragon, proxy. Great events are in motion and the outcomes remain uncertain. Yet I can see a tenuous thread leading to Beragon. I think he has something in mind."

Talking to Beragon, he suggests focusing on the Loom that Ithelia mentioned and taking the fight to her and hopefully preventing the predicted calamity. He will ask you to use the Skein of Secrets, you can talk to Leramil beforehand, and she approves of his idea:

"As Hermaeus Mora feared, the Prince of Paths threatens the pillars of causality upon which reality stands. Yet Beragon's plan offers a glimmer of hope. A single thread of fate, spreading out from this moment.
See what the Skein reveals, proxy."

Using the Skein of Secrets to track Ithelia, it shows the ruins of Wendir:

Beragon: "Wendir? Does that mean anything to you Leramil?"
Leramil the Wise: "There are many hidden paths between the planes. I suspect the Skein of Secrets has showed us one. Prepare yourselves."
Tribune Alea Idolus "How exactly do we prepare ourselves for Oblivion?"
Leramil the Wise: "A good point. There is no telling what we may encounter. Still, that is our course."

You can talk with Leramil afterwards:

"Fascinating. Wendir is another Ayleid ruin, but the Skein of Secrets offers no explanation beyond a mark on a map. A subtle tool indeed, worthy of the Lady of Whispers
I am curious, proxy. What exactly did you see when you looked at the Skein?"
The Skein of Secrets revealed a location in the West Weald, north of Skingrad.
"Yes, it showed me the same. A place where Ithelia used her power? I doubt she is still on Nirn
The Skein presents us with a strange puzzle that we must solve. When you saw Ithelia with Vargas in Miscarcand, what exactly did she say?"
She said it was time to go home. And something about a loom and reclaiming what was lost.
"A loom? As in a weaving apparatus? Intriguing. As for Ithelia's home, her realm in Oblivion was forgotten when she was. No records exist that can point us to Mirrormoor.
And the thought of restoring what was lost? I do not like the sound of that."
Than what exactly is the Skein of Secrets showing us?
"The point to which we must travel to follow Ithelia, I assume. Perhaps we will find a portal to her realm there. Or mayhaps there is something we are meant to learn in Wendir. We must trust the Skein.
I shall meet you there, proxy."

When you arrive at Wendir, Leramil will arrive out of a portal near a weak spot in the veil between realms:

Leramil the Wise: "I sense an anomaly here, proxy. A place where the veil between realms can be parted. Perhaps Abolisher can be of use?"

Speaking with Leramil before you continue:

"I have not observed Abolisher up close, but I know it is a blade sharp enough to cut a door between the realms. Let us put that to the test here, proxy."

You use Abolisher to reopen the last portal Ithelia used:

Leramil the Wise: "This is what the Skein wanted us to find. A portal recently used by Ithelia and reopened by Abolisher."
Beragon: "But a portal to where?"
Tribune Alea Idolus "Does it matter? Wherever it leads, that's where we need to go."

Talking with Leramil before entering the portal:

"The Skein of Secrets did not lead us astray. If I am not mistaken, Ithelia and her servant Vargas recently used this portal that you have graciously reopened.
We must follow them."

After stepping through the portal you find yourself with Leramil in the Fargrave Outer Ruins:

Leramil the Wise: "Curious. This is Fargrave. Did Ithelia come this way to make use of the Celestial Palanquin?"
Leramil the Wise: "Hmm. Beragon and Tribune Alea were right behind us, but have not yet appeared. We should confer, proxy."

Talk with Leramil about your situation:

"The portal deposited us in the demiplane of Fargrave. It is a realm without a Prince that serves as a crossroad through Oblivion. A thousand doors lead in and out of Fargrave. Or so it is said.
But the fate of Beragon and the tribune concerns me."
Travelled to Fargrave Previously:
I've been in Fargrave before.
"I am not surprised. Many who travel the planes pass through Fargrave. I do not recognize this quarter of the city, though. Nor can I explain what happened to our allies.
Hmm. Perhaps it was some effect of Ithelia's presence?"
What do you mean?
"The Shardborn are here in force. And in my previous visits, I never saw anything like those crystalline growths ahead. I think Ithelia reshaped this part of Fargrave when she came this way.
Which may have affected our portal, too."
Did Ithelia pass through Fargrave on her way to somewhere else?
"That is one possibility, but another occurs to me now. The true origins of Fargrave are lost. You said Ithelia intended to return home. I wonder if this was her realm before she was forgotten."
You think Fargrave is Mirrormoor?
"A mere conjecture. But if this lost quarter of Fargrave was once part of Ithelia's realm, it has fallen into ruin during her long absence
Well, we will not find our allies or the answers we seek standing here. Let us continue."

If you talk with her again during your exploration:

"Whether Ithelia remains in Fargrave or simply passed through on her way to some other plane, our path is clear. We must explore these ruins and see what we discover."

After defeating some Shardborn you come across crystalline growths:

Leramil the Wise: "These crystals definitely signal Ithelia's presence. See where they lead, proxy."

The further you go the more pronounced the crystalline growths become:

Leramil the Wise: "The crystal grows more prominent, as if Mirrormoor follows in it's Prince's wake."

You defeat some more Shardborn and witness crystal shards coalesce before a door:

Leramil the Wise: "That door, proxy. I believe that is our way forward."
<Beragon and Tribune Alea appear on the level above you.>
Beragon: "There you are! We were separated in the portal somehow."
Beragon: "There's a door up here, too. We'll meet you on the other side."

Talking with Leramil before you continue:

"It seems Beragon and Tribune Alea are safe. They just emerged from the portal in a different place than we did. Let us continue our search."

Soon after you go through the door to the Inner Quarters, you will find Shardmarshal Vargas was waiting for you. She launches an attack on your group, with streams of magic, a storm of glass shards blows through the street. Vargas banishes Beragon and Alea to the Many Paths, but Leramil manages to shield you and herself:

Leramil the Wise: "Beware! Shardmarshal Vargas is above you!"
<Tribune Alea and Beragon are lifted into the air and scream>
Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, stay close!"
<A shield forms around you>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "You dare trespass in Mirrormoor? In the very heart of our power?"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "I banish you to the Many Paths, never to return!"
<Tribune Alea and Beragon vanish and Vargas disappears>
Leramil the Wise: "Vargas banished our allies into the Many Paths. It took everything I had just to shield us."
Leramil the Wise: "Beragon and Tribune Alea are beyond our help for now. We must go on without them."

You can now speak with Leramil to see what you can do for your companions:

"I am sorry, proxy. I tried to shield our companions, but I could not. It took all the strength I could muster to prevent us from being banished along with them.
It seems Shardmarshal Vargas is much more powerful than when last we faced her."
Shardmarshal Vargas said she banished Beragon and Tribune Alea to the Many Paths.
"Yes. Beragon and Tribune Alea ceased to be real to us and became real somewhere else. That is the nature of the Many Paths and a terrifying example of how the ability to navigate them can be misused."
Can we use the Lamp of Clarity to find them?
'Perhaps, but only if we can find a point of connection in this plane. Shardmarshal Vargas must have hurled our allies through physical distance as well as beyond this reality."
Where are Beragon and Tribune Alea, than?
They are … someplace else. The Many Paths lead to different possibilities, different realities. There is no way to know where Vargas sent them.
Our best bet is to continue on. Perhaps we shall locate a connection where the Lamp can be used."

Speaking with Leramil afterwards in this part of Fargrave:

"This part of Fargrave seems more familiar, but I still cannot shake the notion that this demiplane has a deeper connection to Ithelia than I ever suspected."

As you proceed you witness more glass shards coalescing into growths or crystal:

Leramil the Wise: "The threads of fate surrounding Fargrave are in turmoil. Something significant shall soon occur."

Soon you reach a dead end with a archway and four mirrors in front of it. You will also see an Echonir manifestation nearby:

Leramil the Wise: "A lingering memory? Use the Echonir, proxy."

Speak with Leramil before using the Echonir:

"Use the Echonir to reveal the memory here, proxy. It must be relevant to our current situation."

The Echonir shows a memory of Shardmarshal Vargas and Torvesard standing in front of the archway:

Shardmarshal Vargas: "Your wanderings are futile, Torvesard. What you seek is here. The Loom of the Untraveled Road. I have no idea what it is, but I am certain it is important."
Torvesard: "You can stare at the sealed portal until you go mad, Vargas. I go in search of my missing memories."
<The memory ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "A memory of Torvesard and Vargas before they recovered what had been forgotten. Let us talk."

Talk with Leramil to discuss what you saw:

"I almost feel sorry for Ithelia's scions. To exist for millennia, tormented by the sense they were missing something, and could not find their purpose.
The Loom of the Untraveled Road. That must be the loom Ithelia spoke of in Miscarcand."
So even before she remembered why, Shardmarshal Vargas was drawn to this place?
"Indeed. Clearly the Loom of the Untraveled Road is an apparatus of great importance. Vargas forgot what it was, yet its existence never ceased to gnaw at her.
This is where Ithelia's trail has been leading us. We must find a way to follow."
How do we do that?
"Perhaps there is something more here than our mortal senses can perceive. In this reality, the archway and mirrors have long since lost their power. But in the Many Paths, that might not be so.
Use the Lamp of Clarity, proxy."

You use the Lamp of Clarity, making glowing symbols appear on the broken mirrors before the arch:

Leramil the Wise: "A dormant portal! Proxy, we must find a way to activate it."

Speaking with Leramil:

"The symbols the Lamp of Clarity revealed above the mirrors are the same as the ones that appear in the portal archway. There is certainly a connection."'
What do you think I should do?
"The runes above the arch and the runes revealed on the mirrors by the Lamp of Clarity are the same. Perhaps activating the mirrors in a specific order is how we can revive the dormant portal and get inside."

While trying to activate the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "The symbols in the mirrors match the symbols above the arch. That must indicate something."

Leramil comments as you make progress:

Leramil the Wise: "Hmm. I think the order of the symbols is important, proxy."
Leramil the Wise: "That did something. Try interacting with more of the mirrors."

Once the portal opens:

Leramil the Wise: "Well done! The dormant portal has awakened.
Leramil the Wise: "I am curious to see the loom of which Ithelia spoke. Let us proceed."

Talking to Leramil before continuing:

"Activating the mirrors in the proper order awakened the portal. I suspect we will find Ithelia and Vargas somewhere on the other side, at the Loom of the Untraveled Road. How it will restore what was lost, though, remains obscure.
After you, proxy."

You go through the portal and enter the quarter where the Loom of the Untraveled Road is housed:

Leramil the Wise: "Is this another, isolated section of Fargrave, or a pocket dimension within the demiplane?"

Speaking with Leramil after you arrive in the Loom Quarter:

"Incredible. I thought the portal from Fargrave would take us to some Daedric apparatus. But it appears the Loom of the Untraveled Road is a place, not a machine.
Come, proxy. Ithelia and Shardmarshal Vargas must be here somewhere."

You defeat some Shardborn and come across another Echonir manifestation:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, look. Another memory. Use the Echonir."

Talking to Leramil before using the echonir:

"I suppose we should not be surprised that the Loom would harbor memories relating to Ithelia. Let us take a moment to observe this one."

In the memory Ithelia explains what the Loom of the Untraveled Road is to Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas:

Ithelia: My Loom of the Untraveled Road fills this place. From its core, I can break the shackles of fate. Undo mistakes. Unlock possibilities. Create new histories."
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia can use the Loom to change history? That is how she will restore what was lost!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "It's magnificent! But won't some Princes see it as a threat?"
Ithelia: A threat? This is a gift. The gift of unconstrained choice."
Ithelia: The Loom will weave a new story for every being, what they choose to be true. All shall benefit!"
Torvesard: A wonderful gift indeed, my Prince!"
<The memory ends.>

The memory ends, Leramil says you need to hurry and stop Ithelia and Vargas, who have reached the Loom's core, before the reality you know is destroyed:

Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia and Vargas have reached the loom's core. We must reach them before they destroy the reality we know."

Talking to Leramil before you continue:

"This is what Mora feared. Ithelia devised her Loom to undo fates she did not agree with. She could destroy everything we know in her desire to restore what she lost—to create a reality where she was never imprisoned and forgotten. We must stop her!"

After you fight some more Shardborn forces you witness one of the Bearers of Fargrave be covered in crystal, Leramil explains that Ithelia is changing it into it's Mirrormoor reflection:

Leramil the Wise: "That great skeleton above is one of the Bearers of Fargrave. Ithelia's changing it to its Mirrormoor reflection."

You defeat more enemies and reach a circular archway:

Leramil the Wise: "Do you see the arches before us? I think they mark the doorway to the next part of the Loom."
Leramil the Wise: "Hmm. I am not sure how to proceed and we have no time to wander aimlessly. Perhaps the Skein of Secrets can show us the way?"

Talking with Leramil before using the Skein of Secrets:

"I suspect this structure once housed another portal, but I see nothing here now. Perhaps we should refer to the Skein of Secrets, and see if it indicates the way to Ithelia."

When you try to use the Skein of Secrets, a burst of glass shards knocks you to your knees:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy? Are you injured?"
Leramil the Wise: "The Skein of Secrets never failed before. May I see the relic?"

Talk with Leramil about this development:

"I am surprised you were not injured, proxy. Unrolling the Skein of Secrets appeared to precipitate a reciprocal paroxysm—that is, it triggered a backlash. As I am sure you noticed."
Something blocked me from using the Skein of Secrets?
"Indeed. And whatever caused that also completely drained the Skein's power.
Perhaps Ithelia protected the Loom of the Untraveled Road against the influences of her rival Princes. Or is this some property of the Loom itself?"
Ithelia protected the Loom? How?
"I cannot say. Daedric Princes are supreme within their own realms. The longer we are delayed, the stronger Ithelia grows. In fact, the next defense we trigger may be more dangerous—I do not think it would be wise to use Abolisher here."
So what should we do?
"I have witnessed enough of Ithelia's realm to feel the power flowing through it. I believe I can use my portal magic to proceed deeper into the Loom. Perhaps even reach its core.
As long as Ithelia does not sense our approach, we should be fine."

Believing she's become accustomed enough to the power of Mirrormoor to reach the Loom's core through portal magic, Leramil opens a portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Hurry, now. The portal I opened should carry us as far as the Loom's core."

If you talk to Leramil before entering the portal:

"I admit, I was not entirely certain that would work. Enter the portal, proxy. We can do nothing more here."

When you enter the portal, you will instead be dropped in a familar looking prison. You will then hear Shardmarshal Vargas taunt you:

Shardmarshal Vargas "Ithelia does not wish to be disturbed. Rot in the very prison that held her for all those eons!"
Leramil the Wise: "Vargas diverted my portal! She trapped us in Ithelia's prison. Look for a way out, proxy!"

Speaking with Leramil before you continue:

"Another trap! I have no idea if Ithelia is aware of us, but Shardmarshal Vargas certainly is. I doubt she plans to release us any time soon … if ever.
At least the Echonir has something to show us. Let us see what we can learn from this memory."

Leramil soon notices a echonir manifestation in front of the throne:

Leramil the Wise: "I see a memory. Use the Echonir."

When you use the Echonir, it will show Ithelia seated on the throne and Hermaeus Mora with her—the moment of her imprisonment:

Hermaeus Mora: "This is how it must be, Ithelia. For the sake of reality, you cannot walk free."
Ithelia: "You cannot contain me forever, Mora. In time, I will escape this cell."
Hermaeus Mora: "No fate that I foresee results in your freedom. I am sorry, Ithelia, but I do this to preserve reality."
<The memory ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "Hermaeus Mora could not predict what he could not perceive—Ithelia's scions, the Unseen. Come, we must find a way to escape."

Speaking with her afterwards:

"Ithelia's true prison was being forgotten. Once Torvesard remembered her, she escaped this doleful place easily enough. I am confident we can find our way out, too. Look around, proxy."

As you approach one of the walls, Leramil will point out something hidden:

Leramil the Wise: "I sense something hidden here. Use the Lamp of Clarity, proxy … but carefully."

Speaking with Leramil before using the Lamp of Clarity:

"I hesitate to employ another relic after our mishap with the Skein of Secrets, but I see no other alternative. We must risk the Lamp of Clarity if we wish to escape."

When you use the Lamp of Clarity:

<The golden light evaporates the wall, revealing a passageway.>
Leramil the Wise: "The Lamp still functions—and it revealed a path. We should follow its guidance."

Talking to Leramil before entering the maze:

"We are fortunate this prison was not made to hold mortals, proxy. If we can navigate this maze of broken mirrors, I think we may find an escape route."

While you proceed through the maze, you will hear Beragon calling out from one of the mirrors:

Beragon: "Hey! Can you see me? I can't find my way out!"
<Beragon bangs of the mirror from the other side.>
Leramil the Wise: "Is that Beragon? These ruined mirrors look into different realities. They may be doors to the Many Paths. See if the Lamp of Clarity can free him."

Talking with Leramil before attempting to free him with the lamp:

"Beragon must have found his way through the Many Paths to this concurrent spot between realities. I think we can help him escape. Illuminate the mirror with the Lamp of Clarity and let us hope it reveals the path we all seek."

Using the Lamp, the mirror dissolves and Beragon is freed. If you talk to Leramil before Beragon:

"Beragon is free! Ask him what became of Tribune Alea, and what he found in his journey through the Many Paths. I doubt we can escape the way he came, but it is worth asking."

Speaking with Beragon, he explains he was trapped in a dark, empty and timeless reflection of your reality, the world you see in a mirror. Beragon warns against trying to enter the Many Paths for a way out, there's no way to leave without help. Leramil agrees and you continue looking for an escape:

Leramil the Wise: "If there is no escape by the road Beragon followed, we must continue on. Lead the way, proxy."

Talking with Leramil afterwards:

"Proceed, proxy. Your guess about which direction to try is as good as mine. Sooner or later, we will find an end to these corridors. And Tribune Alea, if fortune favors us."

You soon encounter the reflection of Tribune Alea in one of the mirrors, talking with Leramil she says the risk is worth it:

"I wish I better understood the risks of using the Lamp of Clarity here, but we have no choice. We cannot leave the tribune trapped in her current predicament."

You use the Lamp to open the gate and free her from a reality similar to the one Beragon was in, but Leramil notices that this exhausted what remained of the Lamp of Clarity's power:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I thought I was never going to get out of there!"
Leramil the Wise: "The Lamp! It's power is … gone. At least we saved Tribune Alea."
Leramil the Wise: "Now that we are together again, let us find an exit from this place."

Talking with Lerail afterwards:

"The Lamp of Clarity can no longer help us. Pulling Tribune Alea out of the Many Paths used up the last of its power.
We cannot use it again in our efforts to escape this prison."

Near the end of the maze you encounter an anomaly like the one at Wendir, a closed portal. You can attempt to us Abolisher to reopen it and escape the prison:

Leramil the Wise: "Look! An anomaly like the one we observed at Wendir. We must try Abolisher, no matter the risk."

Speaking with Leramil before using Abolisher:

"As this prison was once part of Mirrormoor, it is fundamentally connected to the Loom. As the Loom's power reaches its zenith, it absorbs the energy of other relics—as it did with the Skein and the Lamp. I fear for Abolisher, but you must try."

Upon using Abolisher:

<A portal is opened which leads to the Loom.>
Leramil the Wise: "It worked. And Abolisher appears unaffected for now. Let us leave this place!"

Speaking with Leramil before entering the portal, she is relieved that Abolisher still has power:

"Abolisher survived? I admit I was not very optimistic about our chances. Let us make our exit while we can—and hope that we shall not need the relics again."

You finally reach the Loom. It is a shell of crystal surrounded by floating crystalline formations. The giant skeletons of Bearers are arranged in a circle all around it. Leramil describes it as a device of unimaginable power which is what Hermaeus Mora feared:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What in the name of all the Divines is that thing?"
Leramil the Wise: "A Daedric apparatus of unimaginable power. What the One Who Knows feared."
Leramil the Wise: "We must find our way to the Loom's core and destroy that infernal machine."
Beragon: "I see Ithelia, Shardmarhsal Vargas, and Torvesard down there."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What are we waiting for than? Let's finish this."

Speaking with Leramil here, she suggests attacking the Loom as there is little you can do against Ithelia:

"We must get below and attempt to stop the Loom from reweaving history. I do not think we can do much against Ithelia directly, but perhaps we can find a way to damage or destroy the Loom."

As you fight through more Shardborn forces, you can hear a conversation between Ithelia and her lieutenants. Ithelia explains she'll rewrite history by locating a path where she was never in conflict with the other Princes and weaving it into your reality with the Loom:

Ithelia: "Now I can undo my long imprisonment. Make it so I was never forgotten."
Ithelia: "I can find a path in which the Princes and I were never in conflict. And with the Loom I shall weave it into this reality!"
Torvesard: The Loom awaits my Prince. Reshape the fates and restore the glory of Mirrormoor!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Mirrormoor stands ready, my Prince. Weave a better reality with your Loom!"
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia has not yet activated the Loom. We can still intervene!"

You reach the core of the Loom. Ithelia is floating above, connected to it and pulling in power, with Torvesard assisting from underneath. When you reach the Loom, Shardmarshal Vargas will lead the defence and is at first heavily shielded:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Give them no quarter!"
Beragon: "Watch out! The Shardmarshal's waiting for us!"
Leramil the Wise: "Defeat Shardmarshal Vargas so we can reach the Loom!"
Beragon: "Vargas is shielded, friend! Use Abolisher to destroy the portals!"

During the fight, your allies will assist you and Ithelia will ask you why you are fighting when she is using the Loom for your sake. Midway through the fight, Ithelia will allow Vargas to draw power from the Loom and it transforms her into a Shattered Shard. At the point that Shardmarshal Vargas is defeated, Ithelia will be devastated and Leramil will order you to destroy the Loom with Abolisher:

Ithelia "Vargas, no! Wait, I can set this right."
Leramil the Wise "Now, proxy! Use Abolisher to destroy the Loom!"

Speaking to Leramil at the Loom:

"The Loom, I see the threads all around it. It consists of portals within portals, all connected to the Many Paths. You can destroy it with Abolisher, proxy!"

You use Abolisher to destroy the central sigil of the Loom. The floating crystals shatter, followed by the crystalline formation surrounding Ithelia exploding in a burst of energy:

Ithelia "Arggh! My Loom! But the power! Such terrible power!"
<The light surrounding Ithelia becomes brighter and turns crimson.>
Torvesard: The Loom is destroyed, my Prince! We must leave this place!"
Ithelia "I am the Last Tomorrow, the Unweaver! I am filled with the power of the Many Paths! Come, Torvesard, away!"
<Ithelia and Torvesard disappear.>
Beragon: "You did it, friend! But what's happening to Ithelia?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Ithelia has become … something else."
Leramil the Wise: "Abolisher is depleted, but it did its job. The Loom has been destroyed. I shall open an exit. Let us leave this place."
<Leramil opens a portal to Skingrad.>

Talking with Leramil before you use the portal to return to Skingrad:

"We should not linger here. The destruction of the Loom has created new instabilities along the Many Paths. Until they subside, the area around the Loom is dangerous. I do not wish to be lost again in the Many Paths.
Use the portal I opened, proxy."

When you return to Skingrad, you will be asked to speak with Beragon in his relic room, but you can ask Leramil some questions first:

"I am relieved to see our world remains whole. I was reasonably certain you destroyed Ithelia's Loom before she could weave a new history, but it is good to have that belief confirmed.
Speak with Beragon, proxy. He is waiting for you."
What exactly happened at the Loom, Leramil?
"We defeated Shardmarshal Vargas, destroyed the Loom of the Untraveled Road, and saved this reality. We did deplete the Daedric relics, but such sacrifices must be made sometimes for the greater good."
No, what happened to Ithelia? She seemed hurt when I destroyed the Loom, then she changed.
"Yes, I have been thinking about that. I believe Ithelia drew a massive amount of energy from the Many Paths to power the Loom. When you destroyed it, that energy flowed into Ithelia. All that power, it changed her. She seemed more enraged at the end."
Like the version I saw of Ithelia when I traveled the Many Paths at the Outcast Inn.
"Exactly. But whether you encountered a premonition or an Ithelia from an alternate reality upon the Many Paths we may never truly know.
Nevertheless, I think Ithelia may be on her way to becoming the monster Mora feared—if she isn't there already."

Speaking with Beragon he will ask you to put away the relics before talking to him. Once you do so, he will explain he managed to get Greenspeaker Darolith and Count Calantius to work out an agreement between Skingrad and Vashabar. He would like you to talk to them to remind them that friends make better neighbors than enemies. If you talk to Leramil before the leaders:

"I imagine the leaders of Skingrad and Vashabar want to thank you for saving West Weald from the Recollection and the Shardborn. Saving reality itself by destroying Ithelia's Loom probably escaped their notice."

Once you have spoken to the leaders and got them to agree to work at a solution, you can return to Beragon to complete the quest. If you talk to Leramil beforehand:

"Savor this moment, proxy. In saving West Weald from Ithelia's servants and destroying her Loom, you won a great victory. But I foresee this respite will not last long.
Now, I believe Beragon is waiting to thank you."

After completing the quest with Beragon, Leramil will remind you that there is unfinished business:

Leramil the Wise: "We saved West Weald and preserved history. But Prince Ithelia still roams free."

Secrets of Apocrypha EpilogueEdit

Ithelia's FuryEdit

After you have completed both of the Shadow Over Morrowind and Recollection of Ithelia story lines, you will have unlocked the epilogue. This starts with Scruut arriving and announcing everything is doomed:

Leramil the Wise: "We saved West Weald and preserved history. But Prince Ithelia still roams free."
<Scruut appears of a small portal beside Leramil.>
Scruut "Doomed! We're all doomed! Mortal, reality itself is threatened!"

If you talk with Leramil before Scruut, she will comment that it is likely the issue is related to Ithelia:

"It seems we go from one doom to another, proxy. But Ithelia and Torvesard are out there somewhere. I suspect they are the source of Scruut's agitation.
Speak to the Watchling and find out what doom she wants us to deal with this time."

You speak to Scruut who informs you that dangerous instabilities in fate are appearing, disrupting the futures that were to be and endangering reality itself. Scruut wants you and Leramil to go and observe one of these instabilities directly to learn more and, since the instabilities are the work of Ithelia, wants you to retrieve Abolisher, the Lamp of Clarity and the Skein of Secrets even though they are depleted.

Talking to Leramil before collecting the relics:

"I, too, am at a loss as to what possible use the depleted relics may serve. Still, if the One Who Knows suggests you shall have need of them, then we should take them with us."

Once you have collected the relic, Scruut will open the portal to the instability. If you talk to Leramil before proceeding:

"Scruut's portal appears suitable. I shall meet you on the other side, proxy."
Any idea where Ithelia and Torvesard are or what they're up to?
"Our clearest indication as to the Forgotten Prince and her scion's activity is the news that Scruut has brought us, but even that is circumstantial at best. We must investigate these instabilities and determine the true cause behind them."

When you enter the portal, it deposits you outside Faro's Cavern:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut, where is this instability you detected?"
Scruut: "Good question. But the threads of fate connected to that mortal are shredded. We should talk to him."

Talking to Leramil before the scared man:

"That man … I see it, too. His connection to the threads of fate is tenuous at best. Talk to him, proxy."

You speak to Levus Livonius, who explains how he and a friend were foraging when, with a great ripping sound, a tear in the space before them, full of nothing, appeared, his friend got too close and simply vanished:

Leramil the Wise: "We must enter the cave and see this tear for ourselves."

Speaking with her before entering the cave:

"A tear in reality would certainly explain the frayed and shredded threads of fate. We must examine this tear, proxy."

In the back of the cave, you encounter a tear in the fabric of reality. You are told to examine it, but carefully:

Leramil the Wise: "A tear in the fabric of reality! Not only have the threads of fate been parted … a piece of existence has been destroyed!"
Scruut: "Um, that's not good. Examine it, mortal. But carefully! Very carefully."

Talking to Leramil before you approach the tear, she will be visibly concerned:

"Reality simply doesn't break down like this, proxy. Not unless ….
Quickly, we must examine that tear!"

Approaching the rift, you are blasted back and your vision darkens to a yellow monochrome:

Leramil the Wise: "An unexpected reaction, but it tells us much."
Scruut: "Mortal, I think I know what's happening here. Let's talk."

Talking with Leramil before Scruut:

"Both Scruut and I gleaned much from your examination of the reality tear. Since this is Scruut's area of expertise, I shall let her explain it."

Speaking to Scruut again, you are informed that what was once instabilities in fate has now become tears in the fabric of reality itself, in the West Weald, the Telvanni Peninsula, and even Apocrypha. Pieces of existence itself have been destroyed and, if something isn't done, the tears will multiply and spread, effectively leading to reality's destruction. Scruut then says Ithelia needs to be returned to prison, to assist with this, she wants you to go repower the relics at various locations around Tamriel.

At this, Leramil will promise you will have assistance:

Leramil the Wise: "We shall send Gadayn, Beragon, and Tribune Alea to assist you, proxy."
Leramil the Wise: "Meet us at Beragon's townhouse when you have restored the relics. And, if you would, convey my regards to Gadayn."

Talking to Leramil before you continue:

"Do not worry, proxy. Scruut's plan is sound, if a bit incomplete. We shall work out the pertinent details and relay them to our allies before they meet up with you.
We shall rendezvous at Beragon's townhouse after you restore the relics."

You can travel around West Weald, the Telvanni Penisula and Apocrypha and restore the relics. While you are in Fathoms Drift, Torvesard will approach you to have a last minute conversation. He asks you a final time to stand aside and let events unfold as they will. He will refuse to heed your warnings about the growing danger to reality and claims that, perhaps once his Prince has won and rewritten history, you'll have a different perspective.

When you return to Beragon's townhouse, Leramil will comment on the relics:

Leramil the Wise: "Ah, I can sense the power of flowing through the relics. Well done! Now, Scruut and I have an idea about how to proceed."

You can then talk to Leramil and explain what transpired:

"With the three relics that were once used to imprison Ithelia restored, we must determine where to even begin our search for the Forgotten Prince.
Before we discuss the idea that Scruut and I derived, do you have anything else to report?
I spoke to Torvesard.He wants us to stand aside while they create a new Mirrormoor.
"Of course he does. But his faith in his Prince has made him blind to the danger she poses to existence itself. These tears are spreading. Soon the fabric of reality may be too damaged to repair. We must find Ithelia before that happens."
You said you and Scruut had an idea?
"An idea, yes, although Scruut referred to it as a remote possibility. We should return to the Loom of the Untraveled Road. Perhaps the Echonir can reveal a lingering memory as to where Ithelia has gone.
But proxy, was Curate Gadayn … well?"
Curate Gadayn is fine. He can't wait to see you.
"He … that is … I am glad that Gadayn is well.
But now we must return to Fargrave and make our way to the chamber of the Loom. I dare not open a portal there directly, as the release of power when you destroyed it has made the area unstable."
All right. Ready whenever you are,Leramil.

Leramil opens the portal but there will be a last minute arrival:

Leramil the Wise: "This portal will take us to Fargrave."
Scruut: "Watch yourselves. Who knows what dangers still lurk near the Loom."
<Curate Gadayn arrives in a hurry.>
Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn? I—I did not expect you so soon."
Curate Gadayn: "I came as quickly as Scruut's trinket allowed. I want to help, however I can. Let me accompany you."
Leramil the Wise: "I … of course. Let us make haste, proxy."

Talking with Leramil before you enter the portal:

"Go through the portal, proxy. I need a moment with Curate Gadayn. We shall follow in due course."

Once you enter the portal to the Fargrave Inner Quarter, Gadayn and Leramil will appear next to you:

Leramil the Wise: "The Loom of the Untraveled Road lies ahead of us. Stay alert for any of Mirrormoor's Daedra."

Speaking with Leramil before you continue, she will explain the portal is further away than she calculated:

"The ripples in the matrices of magicka are more chaotic than I expected. My portal opened farther from the Loom than I hoped.
Let us make our way to the Loom. We can use the Echonir there to see if any recent memories of Ithelia remain."

Leramil will comment on Fargrave along the way:

Leramil the Wise: "To think, Fargrave was once a part of Ithelia's realm."

You fight your way closer to the Loom:

Leramil the Wise: "The Loom … even destroyed, it radiates power."
Leramil the Wise: "The taint of Mirrormoor remains strong here."
Curate Gadayn: "Fargrave … it feels like my necropolis, a city of the dead."

As you approach the gate to the Loom of the Untraveled Road:

Leramil the Wise: "Good, the gate to the Loom is still open."
Leramil the Wise: "The path to the Loom is below us. I shall open a way down."

Upon reaching where the Loom is housed, Gadayn and Leramil will have a small conversation:

Leramil the Wise: "The path to the Loom is below us. I shall open a way down."
Curate Gadayn: "By the ancestors, look at this place! I remember when the walls of the Necropolis were my entire world …."
Leramil the Wise: "Tread carefully, Gadayn. I prefer not to see any harm befall you."
Curate Gadayn: "I still have the amulet you gave to keep me safe. I … I couldn't bear to part with it."
Leramil the Wise: "I … I am glad it has been helpful. And that you still have it. More than I can say."

When you reach the remains of the Loom, you see a manifestation of the Echonir:

Leramil the Wise "The Loom of the Untraveled Road. Damaged beyond repair but still impressive. Use the Echonir and see what memories remain."

Talking with Leramil before using the Echonir:

"Use the Echonir, proxy. If any recent memories of Ithelia remain, they may tell us where she and Torvesard have gone."

Using the Echonir, it shows Torversard and Ithelia while the latter examines the damage to the Loom:

Torvesard: "Is nothing salvageable, my Prince?"
Ithelia: "Nothing, damn them!"
Ithelia: "Very well. If I cannot restore Mirrormoor, I will create a new realm—upon the festering corpse of Apocrypha!"
<The memory ends.>
Leramil the Wise "Apocrypha! Proxy, we must talk!"

Speaking to Leramil about this turn of events, you will end up arguing with her about if Daedra and by extension Ithelia have the capacity for change:

"The power Ithelia absorbed when you destroyed the Loom, it has turned her into the very monster Hermaeus Mora foresaw. And now she plans to challenge him and take Apocrypha for herself.
I fear we may not be able to change these spiraling fates."
Why does everyone keep saying Daedra can't change? Didn't we see Ithelia change?
"Change does not come naturally to the Daedric Princes. Not like it does for mortals. That is why the One Who Knows sought you out. You are correct about the change, but that was the result of untold power, not a conscious effort."
But what about the Ithelias I met on the Many Paths? They were each different from each other.
"The result of the way events played out in those other realities, I suspect. Daedric Princes have no experience with the constant evolution and transformation of mortals. They are eternal and have no point of reference for the transient."
Wasn't Ithelia different when she wandered West Weald? She was as powerless as a mortal.
"She was confused, vulnerable. That much I grant you. That, however, is not the same as being mortal."
No but she walked among mortals, experienced change in herself and her reflections. Can we use that?
"An intriguing notion. She saw other versions of herself. Is there a way to get her to see that and attempt to change her own perspective?
We must consult Scruut. This shall require all of our combined knowledge if such a possibility truly exists."
Then let's go talk to Scruut!

After your discussion, Leramil will open the portal back to Nirn:

Leramil the Wise "Scruut awaits us at Beragon's townhouse. Let us return there at once."

Talking with her before you enter the portal, she suggests you leave quickly:

"This portal shall take us to Beragon's townhouse. We should depart immediately, proxy."

Once you are back at Beragon's townhouse, you have the option of talking to Leramil before Scruut:

"Tell Scruut what we saw and explain your idea. Let us see if it sparks any ideas of her own."

Speaking with Scruut, she initially dismisses the plan as impossible, claiming that Daedra don't change, and this is even more pronounced with Daedric Princes than it is with regular Daedra. You insist, informing Scruut of what you experienced while travelling the Many Paths and she concedes, and mentions reading about a mortal wizard's relic which showed a person's deepest thoughts and dreams, but she'll require a shard of a Primordial Shattered Titan, one of the first things Ithelia created, to make it work.

You will have to travel to the ruins of Ceyond, and your allies, Beragon, Tribune Alea, and Curate Gadayn say they will meet you there. Talking to Leramil before you leave:

"Proceed with caution, proxy. Ithelia's first creation shall not fall easily.
Scruut and I shall consult the appropriate texts and be prepared when you return with the shard."

In Ceyond, you and Tribune Alea will make your way through the Shardborn forces to reach the Primordial Shattered Titan while Gadayn and Beragon guard the entrance. With the defeated of the titan, your companions reach and say the reality tears have increase and are tearing the place apart. However, when you take the titan fragment, Torvesard appears and attempts to use one of the reality tears to erase you. However, Curate Gadayn jumps in the way, saving you in return for being erased himself.

With the remaining group, you return to Skingrard with the fragment. You will walk in on Scruut and Leramil discussing the creation of the relic:

Scruut: "Maybe? Nothing like this has ever been attempted."
Leramil the Wise: "It has to work, Scruut. There are no other options. Ah, here comes our—proxy, where is Gadayn?"

You now have to break the news to Leramil:

You tell Leramil that you retrieved the shard but Gadayn was erased by Torvesard in the process:

"I see you and our allies have returned safely with a fragment of the Mirrormoor titan … but where is Curate Gadayn?"
Torvesard somehow pushed a reality tear towards me but Gadayn saved me. He … fell into the tear.
"No. That cannot be. He had my amulet. And you were there. And Beragon. And Tribune Alea. There must be some mistake.
Gadayn—he cannot be gone."
I'm sorry, Leramil. There was nothing I could do.
"I … I understand, proxy. Please, laeve me for a moment. Talk to Scruut. I … I must process this news"
Gadayn saved me so we could stop Ithelia. We need to focus on that.
"Do not presume to remind me of the stakes we face. I brought you into this. I—
Go speak with Scruut. I … I need to think."
<Remain silent.>
"I … I am sorry, proxy. I just—I need a few moments to myself.
Talk to Scruut. She shall tell you what we have planned."

Leramil will then walk over to the fireplace. Speaking with Scruut, she will be slightly dismissive about events as she is focused on the big picture. When you ask if she can help with the ritual, Scruut insists it has to be you and Leramil who peform the ritual. At this, Leramil will agree and walks over to begin the ritual:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut … is correct. This falls to you and me, proxy."
<Golden light is channelled and a ritual circle appears in front of Leramil.>
Leramil the Wise: "Place the fragment in the center of the ritual circle."

If you talk to Leramil before placing the fragment:

"We cannot let the loss of Gadayn deter us from our purpose. Place the fragment in the ritual circle."

You can place the purple crystal fragments:

Leramil the Wise: "Excellent. Now place Abolisher, the Lamp of Clarity, and the Skein of Secrets around the fragment."
<You place the three relics equal distance around the ritual circle, they glow with a golden light and wisps of energy flies around.>
Leramil the Wise: "Now proxy, join your power to mine and we shall align the threads of fate with the ritual."
<You join your power with Leramil and help align the threads of fate with the ritual. The golden light fades and there will be mirror slowing rotating in the air.>
Leramil the Wise: "It is done. We have created a Mirror of Truth."

Leramil arrives and starts the process. A ritual circle appears, and you are instructed to place the shard at its center and the relics of the three Princes around it. You and Leramil than join your power to alingn the threads of fate with the ritual and the new artifact, the Mirror of Truth, is created:

Scruut: "It really worked? Maybe we do have a chance."
Leramil the Wise: "Come, proxy. We must speak."

Talk with Leramil to complete the quest, she will be determined to see this through:

Despite the loss of Curate Gadayn, you recovered a fragment filled with the essence of Mirrormoor and we successfully created a new relic—the Mirror of Truth.
A time to mourn shall come later, provided we stop Ithelia and reality survives."
Gadayn would want us to finish this.
Yes. He most definitely would. I can see the threads of fate coalescing to a point. We near the end of this path and whatever awaits us.
You have done well as fate's chosen. Take this reward and gather yourself. I shall do the same."

Fate of the Forgotten PrinceEdit

With the creation of the Mirror of Truth, it is time to put the plan for stopping Ithelia into action. But you will need to find Ithelia quickly as reality is beginning crack and break.

Speak with Leramil to see how she wants to proceed. She will point out all the things you have prepared for the confrontation:

"Ithelia has become the threat that Hermaeus Mora foresaw, racing to Apocrypha to take the realm as her own. And with each passing moment, reality breaks down a little more.
Time grows ever shorter, proxy."
Are we finally ready to face Ithelia?
"You restored the original relics used to capture and imprison Ithelia. And we created the Mirror of Truth to try to show her the monster she has become. All we need to do now is travel to Apocrypha and locate her."
Are we finally ready to face Ithelia?
"Apocrypha, like all Oblivion realms, is infinite. But we have the Skein of Secrets. I shall open a portal. Use the Skein once we cross into the realm and see if it can pinpoint Ithelia's location."
All right. I'll go with you to Apocrypha and use the Skein of Secrets.

After this, she will ask you to collect the relics:

Leramil the Wise: "Gather the relics, proxy. We shall have need of them."

Once you have gather all four relics, Leramil will open the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "I shall open a portal to Apocrypha. Once there, use the Skein and let us see if we can pick up Ithelia's trail."
<A small green portal is opened.>

Speaking to Leramil before leaving:

"Come, proxy. The portal to Apocrypha awaits us. And once on the other side, use the Skein and see if it can pinpoint Ithelia's true location.
She and Torvesard have much to answer for."

Going through the portal, you, Lermail and Scruut will arrive near the Orphic Tunnels. Once you get your bearings, Leramil will ask you to use the Skein of Secrets:

Leramil the Wise: "Use the Skein and let us see if it can pick up Ithelia's trail."

Speaking with her before using the Skein:

"Can you not sense it, proxy? A foreign power is loose in Hermaeus Mora's realm. Ithelia is here, somewhere.
Use the Skein of Secrets and let us see if it can provide us with a trail to follow."

The Skein will point to the centre of Apocrypha map, the Orphic Tunnels:

Scruut: "That path leads to the forbidden parts of the realm"
Leramil the Wise: "Another way to reach the Mythos perhaps? Hermaeus Mora's private sanctum?"

Speaking with Leramil afterwards:

"Follow the path the Skein has set before us. While it cannot pinpoint Ithelia's exact location, we know it can lead us to places where her power has recently been active."

As you walk towards the tunnels, Ithelia's influence is immediately felt, already multiple tears in reality have formed at various points. Scruut will tell you to go without her to see if something can be done to slow them down. Talking to Leramil, she will tell you to press on:

"Keep going, proxy. The path presented by the Skein is clear enough to follow."

Following the Skein of Secrets you enter the Orphic Tunnels and soon find a small entrance:

Leramil the Wise: "The Skein leads us to that cave, proxy!"

Once you enter it, you will find yourself in the Whispered Path, as Leramil calls it:

Leramil the Wise: "I have heard whispers of paths such as this. They can be found throughout Apocrypha. Press on, proxy."

Talking with Leramil here:

"The Whispered Path. I have come across vague references to such a place in my studies, but I never imagined I would walk its secret corridors. Let us see where it leads."

Reaching the other end of the Whispered Path, you will find an empty archway and then hear Hermaeus Mora's voice:

Hermaeus Mora: "Hurry, mortals. Ithelia and her scion have breached my private sanctum. Enter the Mythos and aid the One Who Knows."
<A portal to the Mythos appears in front of you>
Leramil the Wise: "The One Who Knows needs us, proxy!"

Talking with Leramil before entering the portal:

"Hermeaus Mora opened a portal to the Mythos. We must hurry and reach his side. Who knows what damage Ithelia and Torvesard can cause at the core of Apocrypha."

Entering the portal, you will emerge some distance away from Mora's sanctum, Leramil will surmise that it is due to Ithelia's influence:

Leramil the Wise: "Just like at the Loom, Mora could not portal us closer to the energy now contained in Ithelia. But look what her very presence does to Apocrypha! We must hurry."

Talking with Leramil before you continue:

"Be wary, proxy. The One Who Knows got us close, but as we saw at the Loom, the energy now contained in Ithelia makes portals behave strangely. We still need to reach Mora's private sanctum."

Looking around the area, you will find various Lucent growths and golden energy randomly striking the ground. As you traverse the passages, you will come across another reality tear:

Leramil the Wise: "Another tear! How many wounds can reality sustain?"

You progress is halted by reaching a dead end that is blocked by crystalline growths. Leramil suggests you use the Lamp:

Leramil the Wise: "A dead end, but the path should continue. Use the Lamp of Clarity and see what it reveals."

Speaking with her before you continue:

"The Lamp of Clarity might serve us here. Unleash its light and let us see what secrets it reveals."

When you use the lamp:

<The crystal growth melts away and the bridge unfurls.>
Leramil the Wise: "The light of the Lamp unveiled the way. Keep going proxy."

As you go further into the Mythos, you will find your surroundings being transformed even more by Ithelia's very presence. Crystalline growths, glass shards floating in the air, more reality tears and statues of Ithelia can be seen, along with the forces of Mirrormoor in your way:

Leramil the Wise: "What havoc these changes must be wreaking in Apocrypha's core!"

Talking with Leramil at this point:

"We must be getting close to the source of Ithelia's power. Look how much of the Mythos has … changed."

When you speak with Leramil about this:

"We stopped Ithelia from using the Loom to restore her realm of Mirrormoor. Now she seeks to remake Apocrypha in her own image. The more it changes, the weaker Hermaeus Mora will grow."

You will reach another dead end and have to use the Lamp again:

Leramil the Wise: "Another dead end. Use the Lamp and find us a path."

Asking Leramil about the obstacle:

"Is Ithelia purposely obscuring the path? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, the Lamp of Clarity should reveal the way forward."

Using the Lamp of Clarity:

Leramil the Wise: "Clarity's light reveals the unseen. Let us continue."

As you reach Mora's Sanctum, there will be another obstacle to deal with:

Leramil the Wise: "Another obstacle. Use the Lamp here if you would."

Climbing the winding stairs, you will need to use the Lamp:

Leramil the Wise: "I think we need the Lamp's light again."
"One more obstacle to bar our path. Hopefully the Lamp of Clarity shall show us the way, as it has done previously."

Eventually you will come across a Mirrormoor portal, Leramil tell you to be prepared:

Leramil the Wise: "A portal! Careful, I do not expect anything good to emerge"
Leramil the Wise: "Remember, Abolisher gathers energy from each foe you fell."

Once you have charged Abolisher:

Leramil the Wise: "Abolisher is charged. Unleash it on the portal!"
Leramil the Wise: "The portal is damaged! Gather more energy and do it again."

Destroying the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "That did it! The portal is closing."
Leramil the Wise: "Remember Abolisher's power should we encounter more of these Mirrormoor portals."

Speaking with Leramil after this:

"We must be close, proxy. Keep moving."

Reaching the entrance to Hermaeus Mora's sanctum, you will see it is sealed by a Mirrormoor gate and is insultingly flanked by statues of Ithelia:

Leramil the Wise: "That door bears the marks of Mirrormoor."
<Leramil notices a nearby Echonir manifestation.>
Leramil the Wise: "Use the Echonir. Maybe it will offer a clue."

Speaking with Leramil before using the Echonir:

"The Echonir, proxy. If Ithelia's presence changed the door, the Echonir might show us a recent memory."

Using the Echonir, it will show Ithelia and Torvesard as they stand in front of the door:

<Ithelia turn to Torvesard.>
Ithelia: "Mora hides in his sanctum? I will transform this realm and make it his tomb! Set wards in place, my scion. Fate's minions must not be allowed to interfere."
Torvesard "Yes, my Prince. None shall find the wards."
<The vision ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "We must locate those hidden wards, proxy. Perhaps the Skein of Secrets can serve us here."

Talking to Leramil afterwards:

"Ithelia had Torvesard place and hide wards to seal the door to the sanctum, proxy. See if the Skein can lead us to these unseen wards."

Using the Skein, it will show two markers on either side of the door on the upper levels:

Leramil the Wise: "The Skein indicates that the wards are somewhere above. Look for a passage leading up."

Speaking with Leramil:

"Not even the realm of the One Who Knows is safe from the unraveling of existence."

When you reach one of the wards:

Leramil the Wise: "That must be one of the wards. Destroy it!"
<You destroy the ward.>
Leramil the Wise: "Well done. Let us find the next one."

Finding the second ward:

Leramil the Wise: "Another ward. Destroy it!"
<You destroy the ward.>
Leramil the Wise: "Good work, proxy."

With both wards destroyed:

Leramil the Wise: "With the wards destroyed, the way into Hermaeus Mora's private sanctum should be open now."

Talking to Leramil before heading to the door:

"The wards are destroyed. We should return to the door and see if we can access Hermaeus Mora's private sanctum now."

When you enter the sanctum, you find that just like at the Outcast Inn, the skies of the Mythos have changed to resemble those of Fargrave due to Ithelia's presence.

Leramil the Wise: "There! Ithelia and Torvesard! But what have they done to Hermaeus Mora?"

At the far end of the space, you will see Hermaeus Mora is suspended above a structure resembling the one that serves as the entrance to Ithelia's prison, Ithelia and Torvesard stand on either side of him, draining his power, Torvesard wielding the Staff of Many Paths to do so. Approaching them, you will hear their conversation:

Hermaeus Mora: "You have become the very threat I foresaw, Ithelia."
Ithelia: "Only a threat to you, Mora!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Can you not see? Reality collapses around you as fate's threads unravel."
Ithelia: "Your reality, fate-seer, not mine. Witness the ascension of the Prince of Paths to her rightful place of power!""
<Ithelia notices you and teleports down to meet you.>
Ithelia: "Keep draining Mora, scion. I will deal with his champions!"
Torvesard: "With pleasure, my Prince."
Ithelia: "I am the Unweaver! I am the Dark Tomorrow! I am the last path you will ever walk."
Leramil the Wise: "Stop Ithelia, proxy!"

You then fight Ithelia while Torvesard keeps draining Hermaeus Mora in the background. During the fight Ithelia will fly up, stand before Mora's eye, and drain his power herself, she will also periodically summon her warriors via portal:

Ithelia: "Warriors of Mirrormoor, defend your Prince!"
Leramil the Wise: "Use Abolisher to close the portal."

Eventually you will drive her to the point where you can use the Mirror of Truth:

Ithelia: "No, I cannot be undone by a mortal!"
Leramil the Wise: "Over here, proxy! Use the Mirror of Truth!"

Holding the mirror in front of you, golden light appears from it and Ithelia is forced to look at it. The glowing red light around her body fades and she recoils in shock, there is then a flash of light and Ithelia will ask you what she just saw.

Talking to Ithelia, who having been given a moment of clarity by the Mirror of Truth, now remembers that she too foresaw she'd become a threat to reality before her imprisonment. However, it was too late, she'd already planted the compulsion that would cause Torvesard to seek out his lost memories and begin the events of her release within his mind, and when that time came she forgot this truth in her confusion.

Now it's too late, the power she absorbed from the Loom of the Untraveled Road and from Hermaeus Mora has caused a destructive madness to grip her, and she needs to shed this excess energy if it is to be quelled before the clarity from the Mirror fades.

Understanding that she has indeed become the threat to reality Hermaeus Mora predicted, Ithelia attempts to return his power to him:

Ithelia: "Hermaeus Mora, you were right. I am a danger to fate and reality. Let me return what is rightfully yours."
<Ithelia raises her hands and Mora's power rises into the air and takes the form of a giant glass orb>
Torvesard: "You are surrendering? Abandoning our sacred quest?"
Torvesard: "No! We are too close! I claim the power! I will finish this!"
<Torvesard uses the Staff of Many Paths to absorb both Hermaeus Mora' and Ithelia's power into himself. Ithelia will be pulled into a glass orb to keep her out of the way.>
Ithelia: "Mortal, my scion has taken the power. You must stop Torvesard!"
Leramil the Wise: "I shall aid Hermaeus Mora while you try to stop Torvesard."

You will fight Torvesard, who now wields the combined power of both Hermaeus Mora and Ithelia and wields the Staff of Many Paths. During the fight Leramil will call your allies for aid to counter Torvesard duplicating himself.

After the first phase of the fight, Torvesard will duplicate himself to fight you on multiple fronts. In response, Leramil will summon your allies to assist you, with the first being Beragon:

Torvesard: "You hold your own against me, now face a multitude!"
Leramil the Wise: "We need aid. Beragon, come forth."
Beragon: "I'm here, my friends!"

Lermail will alert you when you need to reach the next platform:

Leramil the Wise: "Use the portal to help Beragon!"

Calling forth Scruut:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut, we need you!"
Torvesard: "I never sought this battle, but you leave me no choice."
Scruut: "When will I learn not to float casually into strange portals?"

Changing platforms:

Leramil the Wise: "Use the portal to help Scruut!
Torvesard: "You agitate me to no end, mortal!"

Calling forth Tribune Alea:

Leramil the Wise: "Tribune Alea, come forth!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "For Skingrad! For West Weald! For Nirn!"
Torvesard: "I will restore the glory of Mirrormoor!"

With all your allies at your side, you will need to return to the main platform:

Leramil the Wise: "Enter the portal, proxy!"
Leramil the Wise: "Beragon, Scruut, Tribune Alea! Lend your might to fate's chosen!"

At this point, Torvesard will become giant, and at certain points Leramil will tell you when he is vulnerable to attack:

Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard is vulnerable! Attack him now!"
Leramil the Wise: "Attack Torvesard now, proxy!"

At the defeat of Torversard, he rises into the air and vanishes in a burst of golden light. Ithelia, now freed, floats down. Torvesard's translucent Vestige appears, bowing before Ithelia and says he will never relent in completing his mission no matter how many times as it takes. In response a saddened and regretful Ithelia consigns his essence to nothingness and ending his duty.

At this point Hermaeus Mora, now freed and with his power restored, will intervene, opening a portal to Ithelia's prison and saying it's time she return there. You have the opportunity to talk to Leramil before entering the portal:

"Let us enter Ithelia's prison and finish this once and for all. Use the portal."

When you enter the portal to Ithelia's Prison, only Leramil will be at your side. You will witness the Princes talk; they both acknowledge that Ithelia's power has become a threat but also that imprisonment has proven to be a temporary measure. No matter what was done, her power would try and make its way back to her, due to her nature as a Daedric Prince. In response to Mora asking what can be done in this case, Ithelia will suggest getting your input about this.

If you talk to Leramil at this point:

"Once again the Daedric Princes seek the counsel of a mortal. But what else can we do besides reseal her prison?
Talk to her, proxy, and see what inspiration strikes you."

Speaking to Ithelia and Hermaeus Mora, you suggest that if the issue is Ithelia's power seeking to rejoin with her and leading to the unraveling of reality, then perhaps the solution is for Ithelia to go to a place where magicka and Daedra do not exist. After confirming that it would be possible for such a place to exist and for Ithelia to reach it if she had the right knowledge, you are told to speak with Mora to get his help in finding such a place.

If you talk to Leramil before Hermaeus Mora:

"Despite the threat Ithelia poses, it was never her intention to cause the tears in fate's fabric and threaten the stability of reality. If prison is merely a stopgap, then your notion to leave this realm has merit.
See what the One Who Knows thinks."

You inform Hermaeus Mora of your idea, he is at first skeptical and ultimately agrees, as you explain that Abolisher will be used to destroy the path back. The two Princes then begin their mutual working to find a place suitable for Ithelia:

Hermaeus Mora: "What say you, Prince of Paths? Will you accept eternal banishment in a realm where your power does not exist?"
Ithelia: "I accept that fate, Hermaeus Mora."
Hermaeus Mora: "Than allow me to turn my gaze upon the Many Paths, to find a worthy reality."
Ithelia: "And allow me to show you how to open that path, while I still have the will to do so."
<Streams of golden magic shoot out from Mora's eye and Ithelia's hand, joining to form the portal that has contains elements of both Princes.>
Ithelia: "An excellent portal, Mora. Now—"
<Leramil calls out and runs up to Ithelia.>
Leramil the Wise: "Wait! We lost a … good friend to one of the reality tears. Is there anything …"
Ithelia: "The tears were not my creation, only an effect of my passing."
Ithelia: "All I can offer is this wisdom to ease your mind."
<Ithelia extends her hand, Leramil's head glows with purple light and then she clutches it in her hands before nearly collapsing.>
Ithelia: "Now, you have shown we who are called Daedric Princes that there are always possibilities. Even for us. Farewell, mortal."
<Ithelia transforms back into her hooded form from your early encounters with her and walks through the portal.>
Hermaeus Mora: "Ithelia has walked the path to her exile. Take Boethiah's blade and destroy the portal. Cut off the path so that she may never return."
<You use Abolisher to destroy the portal>
Hermaeus Mora: "Now leave this place, mortals! And understand you go with the gratitude of the One Who Knows."

Talking to Leramil before you leave:

"Mora's portal shall return us to Beragon's townhouse. I sense he has already sent our allies there."

When you return to Beragon's townhouse, you will find your companions sitting around and Leramil will call you over:

Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia is gone, no longer a threat. But proxy, we should speak."

Speak with Leramil to confirm that the main threat has been dealt with:

"It appears we have done it, proxy. Ithelia is no longer a threat to our reality. Your solution was not what I expected, and even Hermaeus Mora was surprised. But I suppose that was why he selected you as fate's chosen in the first place."
Is it over then? Our reality is safe now?
"Ithelia is gone and can never return, but the damage she caused to reality may still be a concern.
For the moment, let us reflect on what this victory has cost us. And take this reward, in recognition of your efforts. The One Who Knows insists."

After this, Scruut will arrive saying you still have more work to do. You can take the opportunity to ask Leramil about what happened in Apocrypha before speaking with Scruut:

"Another task, another danger to deal with. It never ends, does it, proxy?
Go on. Talk to Scruut and see what else the One Who Knows requires of us."
Can I ask you about what happened in Apocrypha first?
"What happened is that we defeated Ithelia and Torvesard, exiled the Prince of Paths to a remote reality, and kept Apocrypha from being transformed into a new Mirrormoor.
Or did you have a more specific question?"
Do you know where Ithelia was exiled?
"Hermaeus Mora found a distant reality where neither magicka nor Daedric power can exist. Ithelia showed him the path and he opened a portal. And thanks to you, that portal and path were destroyed.
She poses no danger there and cannot return here."
What was that last exchange between you and Ithelia?
"Ithelia provided me with wisdom. To see, for a moment, as she sees.
I could not make sense of everything, but the possibilities of the Many Paths stretched before me. Curate Gadayn … he still exists … somewhere. I think."
We can save Curate Gadayn?
"Perhaps … perhaps not. I am unsure. But nothing can be done while the fabric of reality remains tattered and torn. Talk to Scruut and let us see what comes next."

In Memory OfEdit

At Beragon's townhouse, Scruut will appear out of a portal, claiming that Hermaeus Mora has one last task for you.

Scruut: "Mortal! The Great Eye requires one last task before your contract expires … along with everything else!"

When you talk to Scruut, she explains that the reality tears and the danger they pose still remain despite Ithelia's departure. However, Hermaeus Mora has a plan, and has provided a specifically crafted spell for this. You will need to take Abolisher, the Lamp of Clarity and the Skein of Secrets to specific reality tears around Tamriel and perform the described ritual in the scroll.

The spell will release the energy of the relics, created to counter Ithelia's own power, into the fabric of reality and repair the tears and, because those locations are nexus points that resonate throughout the realms, what happens there will resonate and repair the fabric of reality in its entirety. After you have spoken with Scruut, Leramil will want to talk to you as well:

Leramil the Wise: "One moment, proxy."

Talking with her, she will have her own thoughts about this:

"The plan Scruut has brought us sounds tenuous, but we must put our faith in the One Who Knows.
Even with Ithelia gone, the tears ripped in the fabric of reality shall continue to spread. Like pulling on a loose thread until your tunic unravels."
So you agree that reality is still in danger?
"The tears occurred unnaturally, so it is unlikely they will heal without help. If the plan provided by Hermaeus Mora works and the fabric of reality is repaired, then I can use the wisdom Ithelia gave me … to try to set one last thing to rights."
Wisdom? You mean that exchange you had with her before Ithelia entered the portal?
"Yes. She allowed me to briefly experience the possibilities of the Many Paths. Gadayn still exists somewhere … I think. If there is a chance ….
Hope is not something I usually put stock in, but Gadayn believed in faith. How could I do less?"
Tears in the fabric of reality. It sounds so metaphorical.
"That does not make the threat or the danger it presents any less real. Apocrypha and the Mundus both are built atop endless metaphors.
Now, we have a plan to carry out, I believe."
You're going to help us carry out this plan, right?
"Of course, but perhaps not how you expect. I shall work from here to help stitch the threads of fate back together as you place the relics and cast the spell.
Here, take the relics. You will need them for the task ahead."
All right. I'll head for the sites Scruut marked on my map now.

You are once more given the relics:

Leramil the Wise: "The relics, Mora's spell, and my magic together shall help you repair reality, proxy."

If you talk to Leramil before you leave:

"While you and our allies place the relics in the prescribed locations, I shall perform a ritual to help strengthen and enhance the spell provided by the One Who Knows.
I shall also think more about what Ithelia showed me before she departed."

You can meet Tribune Alea at Faro's Cavern is West Weald, Beragon at Dalam's Cavern in the Telvanni Penisula and Scruut at the Watchling Grotto in Apocrypha. At each of these sites, you will locate the reality tear and place one of the relics to cast the ritual to start repairing reality.

Once this is done, you can return to Beragon's Townhouse where you will find a small gathering of guests from West Weald and beyond. While you will told to check in with Bergon, you can talk to Leramil beforehand:

"I am still attempting to discern the meaning of the wisdom Ithelia shared with me, but Beragon insisted that this celebration go on. I found myself unable to refuse him.
I admit that I usually avoid such festivities, but this is pleasant enough."
Did it work? Did we repair the fabric of reality?
"You do realize, proxy, that the fabric of reality is a metaphor. A way to easily explain a concept that is nigh unexplainable.
But to answer your question, yes. We have accomplished what Hermaeus Mora originally asked us to do and preserved reality."
And you haven't figured out what Ithelia tried to show you before she departed?
"I know she allowed me to briefly see the world the way she does. To gaze upon the Many Paths. For just a moment, I saw a path where Gadayn still existed. It gave me … hope.
As for what I do with that … I am at a loss."
So what now, Leramil?
"We let Beragon carry out his plan. And we remember what we have accomplished in our time together. We defeated three Princes—Peryite, Vaermina, and Ithelia. We saved Necrom. We saved West Weald. We saved Apocrypha.
We have … done well."

When you speak with Beragon, you can explain what happened with Ithelia and he wonders about how the world will change with knowledge about a new Daedric Prince. Afterwards, Scruut will call you over, while you have begun the process to repair the tears in reality, it will still take some time. As for the relics, they will soon be drained of power and become ordinary items.

But her reason for speaking with you is that Hermaeus Mora wants to have one last meeting with you before your contract is concluded. She then suggests you make sure talk with everyone you want to before you leave, just in case. After you finish your conversation, Scruut will create a portal nearby, and Leramil will announce she wants to accompany you:

Scruut "Mortal, Hermaeus Mora demands an audience when you finish talking to your allies. This portal will take you to him"
Leramil the Wise: "When you are ready, I shall accompany you, proxy."
Scruut "I suggest you speak to whoever you wish before entering the portal. Just in the unlikely event that you never return."

Talking with Leramil before you leave, she explains her reason for coming:

"After you, proxy. In addition to hearing what Hermaeus Mora has to say, I wish to ask him about what Ithelia showed me. If there is a way to restore Curate Gadayn, the One Who Knows should be able to tell me."

When you emerge in the Mythos Vaults, Leramil will ask to go first:

Leramil the Wise: "Allow me to talk to Hermaeus Mora first, proxy."

As you approach Hermaeus Mora, he will be curious at Leramil's appearance by your side:

Hermaeus Mora "Leramil, I summmoned fate's chosen. Why are you here?"
<Leramil walks forward and stands before the Prince.>
Leramil the Wise: "Pardon the impertinence, but we have done everything you asked. Now I have a request, Prince of Fate. Help me understand what Ithelia showed me."
Hermaeus Mora "Ah, the Many Paths. You seek the return of the mortal, Gadayn. It is within my power to do this for a loyal servant, but there will be a cost."
<A series of arcane sigils appear before Hermaeus Mora's eye as the surroundings tint green>
Hermaeus Mora "It is done. One day, Leramil, you who are called the Wise, I shall claim my due for this little boon. Be prepared to pay the cost at that time."
Leramil the Wise: "I understand … and I accept."
Hermaeus Mora "Now, leave us."
<A portal appears and Leramil leaves>
Hermaeus Mora "Chosen of fate, approach. We willl have words."

After Leramil leaves you approach Hermaus Mora and discuss what has occured. Mora reveals that his last act for this entire matter will be to remove Ithelia's memory from the world once more, though Mirrormoor and its forces will be remembered but altered. He explains that Ithelia must be forgotten, for the sake of averting any potential danger to existence. But as a final boon to you and your gift of unpredictable potential, he will allow you to be the only other person than himself to remember the entire story.

Once you finish your conversation with Mora, he will cast the spell and erase the memory of Ithelia's existance from reality once more. After you can enter the portal to return to the townhouse, and as you do so you will witness Curate Gadayn reappear in a burst of green light, restored to existence by Hermaeus Mora:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn! The One Who Knows spoke true!"
Leramil the Wise: "Leramil? Friend, wha-wa-what's going on?"

Talking with Leramil, she will insist that you talk to Curate Gadayn to confirm he is real:

"I know there is a price, but my gratitude knows no bounds! Gadayn is returned!
Please, proxy. Speak to him. Determine that he is all right."

When you talk to Gadayn, he will be confused by what just happened and believes he fell into a pit or something similar. When you mention Ithelia, he has no idea when you are talking about. Afterwards, Beragon will want to start his speech, but Leramil wishes to talk to you first:

Beragon: "Friend, I'd like to say a few words about what we accomplished."
Leramil the Wise: "One more moment, Beragon. I need to speak with our friend first."

You can talk with Leramil and take the opportunity to ask her about Ithelia and complete the quest:

"I knew you were special the moment I met you, proxy. No, you are proxy no more. You are just … my friend. We stopped Vaermina and Peryite, defeated Torvesard, saved Necrom and West Weald. But I feel there was something else. Something important."
You really don't remember Ithelia, Leramil?
"Do not tease me with nonsense words, friend. I am just grateful that Gadayn has been returned to us. And that the One Who Knows has given me one more reward to bestow upon you.
Now let us allow Beragon to make his speech and celebrate our success."

With this done, Beragon will finally be able to give his speech. Afterwards, Leramil and Gadayn will walk over to a bench in the corner for some alone time. You take the time to talk to her one more time:

"Our journey has reached a suitable conclusion, friend. A long rest is in order for all of us. Perhaps I can convince Curate Gadayn to join me in exploring Apocrypha. I would … like that.
As for you and me, thank you for everything."
I need to tell you, Leramil. Hermaeus Mora made you all forget something significant.
"I am not sure what you mean. I remember our adventures quite clearly. We saved Nirn and Apocrypha from rogue Dremora and a revived Ayleid cult.
And do not fear. I shall never forget that we accomplished all that primarily due to your actions."
Right. So what will you do next, Leramil?
"I believe some rest and relaxation are in order. I hope to take Curate Gadayn away so we can get to know each other better. The Speiran Tarn can be quite lovely when the tomeshells are migrating."
Hermaeus Mora pulled Gadayn from the Many Paths. Are you sure this is our Gadayn?
"A question I had not considered. But the paths I saw were possibilities, not other realities. I asked Mora to return my Gadayn. I must believe that he did as I requested.
In the end, does it really matter? Gadayn has returned and I am relieved."
Thanks for helping me through all this, Leramil. And enjoy your vacation!
"I should be thanking you. You were fate's chosen. I was merely along to guide you on your … path? But what did you call it? A vacation? I am not sure I have ever had one of those before.
Perhaps our paths shall cross again, friend. I hope so."

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

If Leramil is accompanying you as a follower, she will assist you in combat by providing buffs. She will create coloured AOE circles which have a variety of beneficial effects. She will say one of the following when she provides them:

Leramil the Wise: "Let the threads of fate restore your strength."
Leramil the Wise: "Let fate renew your vigor, proxy!"
Leramil the Wise: "Feel the currents of fate flow through you!"
Leramil the Wise: "The currents of fate shall revitalize you."


After the completion of the Secrets of Apocrypha storyline Leramil can be found in her lodgings in Cipher's Midden along with Curate Gadayn. Scruut will be in the adjacent room:

"The myriad filaments of conceivability divulged … let me start again. I had a feeling you would be visiting, friend.
I have been neglecting my usual studies to show Gadayn some of my favorite places in the realm—and it has been glorious!"
I need to tell you, Leramil. Hermaeus Mora made you all forget something significant. (Same as above)


  • Leramil is voiced by Mela Lee.[1]



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