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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Research the relic, the rite, and the dream.
Zone: Apocrypha
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Leramil the Wise, Scruut
Location(s): Telvanni Peninsula, Apocrypha
Previous Quest: Fate's Proxy
Next Quest: Conclave of Fate
ID: 6975
Leramil the Wise suggests we go to Cipher's Midden in Apocrypha to research the relic, the rite, and the dream that Hermaeus Mora's enemies seek to remember. I agreed to continue to assist her.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Leramil.
  2. Travel to Cipher's Midden.
  3. Attempt to research what you learned.
  4. Use the cairns to discover the Infinite Panopticon.
  5. Travel through the Panopticon.
  6. Enter Hermaeus Mora's memory.
  7. Speak with Hermaeus Mora.
  8. Share what you learned from the altered memory with Leramil.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After investigating the initial threads for Leramil the Wise, you will have found a small group of allies to avert the doom of Nirn. Your team will consist of the Watchling Scruut, the ghost of the Telvanni Magister Meln the Mouthless, and from the Necropolis Curate Gadayn.

You will journey to Cipher's Midden in Apocrypha to try to learn more about plot against Hermaeus Mora. Leramil will have you travel there with Meln, while she takes Gadayn. As you enter Apocrypha Meln will comment on his past:

"Apocrypha, the Oblivion realm of Hermaeus Mora. In life, I came here often."

Leramil and Gadayn will be waiting when you arrive in Cipher's Midden. If you speak to Gadayn, he will mention not feeling well:

"Traveling by portal … is disconcerting. I'm doing my very best not to spew right now.
Please, talk to Leramil while I compose myself."

Do as he suggests and talk to Leramil instead:

"I trust your trip through the Endless Library was not too unsettling. The winding paths of Apocrypha can prove troubling to those unfamiliar with its preternature.
Cipher's Midden contains a wellspring of knowledge. Shall we begin our research?"
How are we going to find anything useful in all these books?
"The Ciphers of the Eye offer hospitality and refuge to mortals who arrive in Apocrypha, whether purposefully or by accident. However, I am reluctant to involve them in this endeavor.
Fortunately, I have my own methods for conducting research."
What sort of methods?
"The contents of these stacks change from moment to moment. Such is the nature of this realm's thirst for knowledge.
I can prepare a spell scroll for each of us. As you search, it will dredge up anything related to the parameters I set for the spell."
"All research requires parameters. This spell should locate information pertaining to the Fulcrum Obscura, the rite, and Torvesard's lost dream.
Use the scroll's enchantment to aid your search. Then return here and we shall compare notes."
All right. I'll see what I can find.
"What a curious query. Where else would I research and ponder the knowledge that the One Who Knows deigns to share? It is a humble refuge, nothing more.
Now, we really must see what information we can draw from the stacks of Cipher's Midden."
What do we already know about the relic, the rite, and the dream?
"You and Gadayn recovered a portion of the relic, the Fulcrum Obscura, from the catacombs of Necrom. The rite appears to be related to a Black Book once in the possession of Magister Meln.
Both seem to be essential to the enemy's search for a dream."
How can they search for a dream?
"That is what we must determine. The various repositories of Apocrypha are infinite. Books, glyphics, vaults. We have ascertained that if this particular secret is uncovered, it has the potential to destroy reality as we know it. That must not happen."

Meln will disapprove of the treatment of the books:

"They call this a library? I see no rhyme or reason to the cipher's organization, and this is a terrible way to treat books. I understand now why Leramil must employ spells to conduct her research here."

Head to the eastern room, and he will also help point out the stacks you should search:

"Hmm, this stack looks promising. The spell drew that book from the stack! Quick, grab it!"

Once you use Leramil's spell, a book will appear, and quickly start disintegrating. This is not the intended result of the spell's use. Your first pull will give you a few pages of a text known as Memories Lost before it disintegrates. Meln will comment on the clear relevance of it, and the misfortune of the book's destruction.

"An ancient tome describing lost memories barely remembered in a dream? Too bad you only retrieved a few pages."

Travel to the southern room, and Meln will comment on the stack of books here as being worth searching again.

"It's burning up! Quickly, grab whatever remains!"

The next book you pull will catch fire, limiting what you can salvage once more. What you get is a few snippets from On the Fulcrum Obscura. Meln will be suspicious of this second result incident limiting the information you recover:

"It's almost as though someone is eliminating these books the moment you find them. At least you recovered something."

Now head to the western room, and Meln will point out the stack you should search a final time:

"A brittle, old tome. Handle it carefully."

And once again, the book will disintegrate. What you do get is On the Infinite Panopticon.

Meln the Mouthless: "The book crumbled to dust! Hopefully the pages you recovered contain something relevant."
Scruut: "Another disturbance in the currents of fate and what do I find? The Great Eye's mortal surrogate. Again."

Scruut will appear, investigating a disturbance, specifically the destruction of the books you needed. If you speak to Meln, he will tell you to speak to her:

"Ah, the curious Watchling has returned. I think she wants to talk to you."

Speak to Scruut to learn more about the books you keep pulling being destroyed:

"Once again the water of fate ripples with unnatural disturbances. As if some huge clod tossed a rock into a still pond.
And what huge clod do I find at the center of these ripples? The Great Eye's mortal surrogate."
What ripples are you talking about, Scruut?
"As I explained on the mortal plane, I am tasked with aligning wrinkles in the annals of fate. How I accomplish that is totally up to me. But when something alters fate's prescribed path, it makes ripples.
Just like the one I followed here."
We're searching these stacks for information about the relic, the rite, and the dream.
"Interesting. It would be good to know more about what the agents of Vaermina and Peryite seek in my master's realm.
Did anything out of the ordinary occur while you were conducting your search?"
All of the books we found crumbled before we could get more than a little information out of them.
"I was afraid of that. Whatever you're involved in may be beyond my jurisdiction. I suspect the secrets you hope to uncover fall under the direct protection of Apocrypha itself. The Great Eye has put precautions in place to keep them hidden."
What does that mean exactly?
"It means you have been given an impossible task. And it may taint my otherwise spotless record. This is not good. Not good at all.
Take whatever you learned and bring it to Leramil the Wise. Hopefully she can make sense of this conundrum."
I don't understand why this has you so upset, Scruut.
"Of course not. Why would you? You're only mortal.
You were selected to help Hermaeus Mora save Apocrypha and Nirn. To do that, you must uncover the very secrets the Great Eye's enemies pursue—secrets that can unravel reality as we know it!"
And you think the books crumbled because of some protection Hermaeus Mora has in place?
"Obviously. Everything of Apocrypha is of Hermaeus Mora. Only through the Great Eye's will could the sacred tomes be destroyed.
You were chosen. And then I was unlucky enough to become involved. For good or ill, our fates have become tangled."
And that means?
"For me to complete my task, you must succeed in yours. Which is clearly impossible, since you can't overcome Apocrypha's protections. Which means you won't be able to save fate, so I suppose it doesn't really matter. Reality will unravel soon enough."

With your task now declared impossible, it is time to regroup with Leramil. You can meet her in her study. Head outside, and Gadayn will tell you Leramil had the same issue:

"Friend, Leramil is waiting for you in her study."
"Leramil had the hardest time extracting anything useful out of these stacks. And every time she found something promising, it crumbled to dust or burned to ash.
Anyway, she's in her study. You should go in and let her know if you fared any better."

As you head into Leramil's study you will see a book she is holding being turned into magical dust.

Leramil the Wise: "The Midden stacks have been reluctant to yield the answers I had hoped for."
Scruut: "Apocrypha itself works against you. But the Great Eye's surrogate had some success."
Leramil the Wise: "Indeed? Show me, proxy."

You can choose to speak to Gadayn and Scruut first:

Curate Gadayn: "Is Scruut correct? Were you able to acquire the information that eluded Leramil? If so, you should tell her what you learned."
Scruut: "You have an annoying tendency to disturb the course of fate, mortal. Makes my duties all the more difficult. I hope you're happy about that."

Once you are ready, speak to Leramil to continue the quest:

"Is it true? Were you able to successfully gather research on the relic, the rite, and the lost dream? Every time I thought I found something relevant, it crumbled or burned up before I could examine it."
Same, but I saved these pages concerning the relic, lost memories, and the Infinite Panopticon.
"So you experienced something similar? As though the stacks were actively trying to keep the information hidden?
Still, you managed to save some of the research. A reflection of your role as fate's proxy, perhaps? Let me peruse these pages …."
I'm not sure what any of this actually means or how it helps us.
"Hmm. This implies the relic was specifically created to reveal hidden secrets. Do these secrets pertain to the ancient cipher's report regarding the dream of a lost memory? And this last one ….
Could the enemy be seeking the Infinite Panopticon?"
What's the Infinite Panopticon?
"Only one of Hermaeus Mora's most secure repositories of secret knowledge. It exists within a pocket realm of Apocrypha, but the entrance constantly shifts locations.
Of course! They must be using the Fulcrum Obscura to reach the Panopticon."
So how do we use this information, Leramil?
"You and Gadayn must use the part of the relic you possess to do the same as the enemy—locate the entrance to the Panopticon. There are cairns throughout the realm. Sprinkle this dust of conjunction on three of them, then let Gadayn apply the relic."
How do these cairns help us find the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon?
"Applying the dust to the three cairns I marked on your map will form a matrix of magicka. Gadayn shall use the relic on each, then I can perform a ritual to locate the Panopticon's entrance.
I shall also give Gadayn a gift. Something to protect him."
A gift?
"A charm that will provide Gadayn with some measure of safety as you travel through Apocrypha. Please keep him safe, proxy. Even with the charm, he seems overly … fragile.
Each cairn should glow after the successful application of dust and relic."
I'll watch out for Curate Gadayn, but are you certain this will work?
"Research is often a series of trials and errors, but yes, this should work. In addition to its normal properties, the relic should also seek out its other half.
After you activate the three cairns, return here. Then I shall complete the ritual."
Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, take this charm. It shall mark you as my guest in Apocrypha and keep you safe."
Curate Gadayn: "That's … most thoughtful, Leramil. Thank you."
Scruut: "The Infinite Panopticon is kept hidden for a good reason, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Which is why we must locate it and protect it from the enemy."
Scruut: "This is the sort of quandary that makes my tentacles twitch …."

Before leaving, you can find a copy of Ciphers of the Eye here. You can also speak to Gadayn and Scruut again before proceeding if you wish:

Curate Gadayn: "What a kind gesture. Leramil … she's special, isn't she, my friend?
Well, I have Leramil's charm and I have the piece of the Fulcrum Obscura. I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be to traipse across a realm of Oblivion."
Scruut: "Tapping into the ancient cairns of Apocrypha, what could possibly go wrong? Well, other than everything?
Proceed with caution, mortal."

You can pass through the tunnels to to travel to Chroma Incognito, where the cairns you need are located. When you approach one Gadayn will attempt to activate it with the relic:

Curate Gadayn: "I suppose I just need to hold the relic out like so …. It … it almost feels alive in my hand …. It worked! Look how it glows! Very smart. Leramil's tapping into the realm's currents of fate to find the Panopticon. The cairn is glowing, just as Leramil said. Let's find the others and finish this."

With this cairn activated, head to the next one. Gadayn will call it out as you approach:

Curate Gadayn: "Look, another cairn!"
Curate Gadayn: "Give me a moment to focus the Fulcrum Obscura …. I know how dangerous this sort of ritual can be. Leramil's brave, I'll give her that."

Now head the final cairn. Gadayn will once again call it out:

Curate Gadayn: "There's the final cairn!"
Curate Gadayn: "Dust applied. Now to use the relic …. Oh my! It wriggled in my hand! All done! Let's return to Leramil's study and let her know she can proceed."

With the cairns taken care of, return to Cipher's Midden. You will find Leramil waiting for you in her study, along with Scruut. Gadayn will take the lead once you enter:

Curate Gadayn: "The cairns have been activated. Let's return to Leramil's study so she can complete the ritual."
Leramil the Wise: "Well done. Now to complete the ritual. I feel the ebb and flow of Apocrypha … some guide me … others try to …."
Curate Gadayn: "Oh Leramil, do be careful!"
Scruut: "I told you. Apocrypha doesn't give up its secrets without a price."
Leramil the Wise: "Got it!"

Leramil will double over in pain momentarily, and will still be clutching her side in pain after the completion of the ritual. You need to speak to Leramil to continue the quest, but you can talk to Gadayn and Scruut first.

Curate Gadayn: "Poor Leramil! That seemed to take a lot out of her. You should check on her, my friend."
Scruut: "The researcher taps into currents of fate that aren't hers to access. And look what it does to her.
Leramil has been performing stunts such as this for more than a century. I'm surprised she's still somewhat sane."

Talk with Leramil to learn how to reach the Infinite Panopticon.

"Curate Gadayn's concern is appreciated but unwarranted, proxy. I have been sifting through Apocrypha's secrets long enough to know my limits. And the ritual performed just as I hoped it would.
Still, I could use a moment … to regain my strength."
So you located the hidden entrance to the Infinite Panopticon?
"The ritual directed me to the desolate, northwest reaches of the Chroma Incognito.
I sensed the entrance we seek there, as well as the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura. Our enemy must have also located the entrance—or is close to doing so."
What should we do?
"Let me mark your map. Seekers tend the flora of the region. Their talons often break off in the resin.
And there should be plenty of tomedust scraped from parchment in the Cipher's Midden expungatory. Try to get some from a Daedric incantation."
All right. I'll meet you at the spot on my map.
"Go to the northwest region of the Chroma Incognito and see what you can find, proxy. I shall catch up with you in due course."
Can you tell me anything else about the Infinite Panopticon?
"Only what I read. It exists outside the time and space of Apocrypha, hidden from all. It supposedly contains many of Hermaeus Mora's most closely guarded secrets.
The interior is said to be so bizarre that the very sight drives mortal minds insane."
That doesn't sound good.
"Do not fear. My decades of study have made me mostly impervious to the horrors of forbidden knowledge. And you are fate's proxy. You should be able to survive a visit to the pocket dimension.
Besides, to save both realms, we have no other choice."

Leramil will pass on the task of getting Gadayn home to Scruut:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut, please make sure Curate Gadayn returns safely to Necrom. His work here is done."
Curate Gadayn: "But we still haven't recovered the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura!"
Scruut: "Listen to Leramil, mortal. Your mind would melt the moment you stepped into the Infinite Panopticon."
Curate Gadayn: "I … but … oh, very well. I'll return to Necrom and see if I can learn anything more about the Hidden Kindred or Master Shelreni. Do be careful, my friends."

You can speak with Gadayn and Scruut a final time before departing:

Curate Gadayn: "I'll return to Necrom with Scruut if Leramil thinks that's for the best. Just stay safe, my friend. And keep Leramil safe, too.
I'll protect this half of the relic and see what more I can learn about Master Shelreni."
Scruut: "I prefer simple anomalies. This one has become too complex and dangerous for my liking. I'll return the mortal corpse-keeper to Necrom. Perhaps by the time I'm done, the course of fate will have corrected itself.
But probably not."

Travel to the northwest of Apocrypha, into Chroma Incognito. You will meet up with Leramil besides a portal in the middle of nowhere. Talk to Leramil before heading in:

"By all the tomes of Apocrypha, we found the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon!"
"The ritual worked, proxy. We located the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon—at least, until it moves again.
Let us head inside and try to stop the Hidden Kindred from locating the secret they seek."
You think the Hidden Kindred are already inside?
"I know not which of our enemies have entered the Panopticon, but the ritual latched onto both the hidden entrance and the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura. They must have used the relic to find this place, not unlike how we did it."
What should we expect once we enter the Infinite Panopticon?
"Legends say the Panopticon is an endless labyrinth of rooms and passages, but nothing inside conforms to reality as we know it. It protects some of Hermaeus Mora's most precious secrets, and powerful guardians roam its lengths.
Shall we proceed?"
All right. Let's enter the Infinite Panopticon.
"Prepare yourself, proxy. We should both be able to withstand a short visit to the Panopticon, but that does not mean we can ignore the dangers. Steel your mind and harden your will.
When you are ready, let us head inside."
Remind me. What do we think the enemy is trying to find in the Infinite Panopticon?
"We know they seek details concerning a lost dream, and they plan to use a rite from a Black Book to recover it. But first they must determine where it is stored. I assume that is what they hope to learn in the Panopticon, the dream's location."
And they can learn that in the Panopticon?
"They believe so. And with the Fulcrum Obscura, they can sift through the infinite secrets locked within until they find the exact one they require.
We must get inside and prevent them from accomplishing that."

Go through the portal, and you will appear in a strangely empty section of the Panopticon:

"We have entered the Infinite Panopticon, but where are the catalogers?"
"I did not expect us to be deposited directly into one of the Halls of Secrets, but I sense ….
Proceed with caution, proxy."

A Hunger will appear at the other end of the room. It is shifted out of reality with Apocrypha, and cannot be attacked as it currently is, although it can still attack you. However, Meln the Mouthless will have a solution for this challenge:

"That hunger isn't native to Apocrypha. See how it shifts between the layers of reality? Attack while it's shifted and its energy can power my ghost sight."

Follow the strategy of attacking it while it is shifted, and green energy balls will appear, indicating that Meln's ghost sight is charging. After it is fully charged, you can successfully attack it for a period of time. Once it is defeated, you can proceed.

The next area shows very clear evidence of the Hidden Kindred, specifically Blightcrown and his censers of corruption, except they are also hidden this time. Thankfully Meln can once again aid you with his ghost sight. You will have to destroy the censers to proceed. Search the area, and destroy all three. You will find a note from Blightcrown explaining that they have managed to modify them to make them able to hide their presence, as well as cause Hermaeus Mora's forces to become crazed. Your companions will comment as you progress. You can speak to Leramil as well:

Leramil the Wise: "A malignant substance permeates the very air of this endless shaft. I do not know how long we can withstand its effects. We must locate the source and disable it.
Perhaps the ghost that haunts you can help us with this task?"
Meln the Mouthless: "You destroyed one censer of corruption, but I sense more above us."
Leramil the Wise: "What did you do, proxy? The corruption has lessened, but it persists."
Meln the Mouthless: "Another censer destroyed. Without my ghost sight, you'd never find them."
Leramil the Wise: "Well done! The corruption's hold weakens."
Meln the Mouthless: "That was the last censer. The corruption should clear on its own now."
Leramil the Wise: "Whatever you just did, I sense the corruption fading away. Let us talk."

Speak to Leramil the Wise, to discuss the invader's activity here:

"Whatever you did, it worked. The corruption dissipates even as we speak.
According to Blightcrown's notes, they are using the corruption as some sort of method to avoid detection. Is that how they plan to elude the gaze of the One Who Knows?"
Do you understand what Blightcrown's corruption is doing?
"I believe so. He has somehow combined the power of dream with the power of pestilence to shift between the layers of this reality. They are here but not here, effectively hidden from the all-seeing gaze of Hermaeus Mora."
So how do we follow them?
"The power of the ritual we used to locate the Panopticon lingers. We can use it to focus on the portion of the Fulcrum Obscura that Torvesard and Blightcrown carry. We can follow its trail directly to them."
All right, let's track down the stolen relic.
"I shall concentrate the residual power of my ritual into a final tracking spell. Follow where the energy leads."

The exertion will exhaust Leramil again, but it will reveal the trail.

"The relic passed this way, proxy. We should follow the trail and locate it before the guardians of this place fully recover. We are as much intruders here as Blightcrown and Torvesard."
"They carried the Fulcrum Obscura through this door, proxy."

Unfortunately, Hermaeus Mora's own security was ineffective against the Hidden Kindred, but now opposes your own progress.

"Hermaeus Mora has set a Guardian Gaze to protect the way ahead. We must divert its attention to cross the chamber."
"The Fulcrum Obscura passed through this chamber. Therefore, Torvesard and Blightcrown found a way to distract the Guardian Gaze. We must do the same. If the eye's gaze falls upon us, pain and disorientation will be the least of our concerns."

Thankfully, you can defeat the Guardian Gaze the same way the invaders did. Activating the corrupted idols they left behind will allow you to get past it. Once all of the idols are activated, you can proceed to the next area, which seemingly does not have a ground, walls, or ceiling. Giant pillars of books stretching from below to above fill the space. Leramil will comment on the location:

"This hall seems grander than the other locations we passed through. Proceed with caution, proxy."

You will also finally catch up to Blightcrown and Torvesard, who will notice you, and you three will give chase:

Torvesard: "See how the Fulcrum vibrates? What we seek is here."
Blightcrown: "Another eye? It looks like all the others to me."
Torvesard: "Have faith, diseased one. This eye contains the memory of the dream we seek."
Blightcrown: "Ah, fate's mortals. I have no wish to harm you. Turn back and let us finish what we started."
Leramil the Wise: "They dare enter one of Hermaeus Mora's forbidden memories? We must follow them! Let me open a portal …. There!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Proceed carefully. Between the energy here and Blightcrown's manipulation of reality, Leramil's portal could behave erratically."

You can speak to Leramil before crossing through the portal:

"Despite the strange magicka that fills this chamber, I was able to open a portal. It shall take us into the same eye that Torvesard and Blightcrown entered moments ago.
We must hurry, proxy."

Meln called it correctly, and you will end up in a completely different location, and have even lost Leramil. More of Hermaeus Mora's crazed Daedra will be opposing you, as well. Your only option is to continue moving forward as you, where you will end up in increasingly bizarre areas. Meln will provide commentary as you proceed:

Meln the Mouthless: "I knew it! We're not where Leramil intended, and now she's missing! Spellcasting should be left to the professionals!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Look above us. The Eye of Mora! Leramil's portal deposited us on the ceiling!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Another portal? I knew it! Blightcrown's manipulation of the layers of reality caused Leramil's spell to splinter. Well, step on through and hopefully we'll reach the layer we're looking for."
Meln the Mouthless: "Keep moving through the portals!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Each portal gets us one step closer to the Eye of Mora. Maybe Leramil's a better spellcaster than I thought."
Meln the Mouthless: "Traversing different layers of reality is disconcerting. Quick, into that portal!"
Meln the Mouthless: "If this one doesn't get us there, I'm going to start making things explode!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Finally! The Eye of Mora on the walkway above us."

Once you are finally at the Eye of Mora, you will still have not found Leramil. Another shifted enemy will try to stop you, but with Meln's ghost sight you can defeat this one as well.

Meln the Mouthless: "We made it. The Eye of Mora! With or without Leramil, you need to go in after Blightcrown and Torvesard."

Enter the Eye of Mora, and you will appear inside a memory belonging to Hermaeus Mora himself. You will take on a ghostly visage, as will have Torvesard who is also present.

Meln the Mouthless: "You're as transparent as I am! And look, there's Torvesard!"
Torvesard: "We're in a memory of Hermaeus Mora, mortal. Here, no harm may befall us. I suggest we use this opportunity to confer."

Take the opportunity to finally speak with Torvesard directly:

"When dealing with matters of fate, meetings such as this meeting are inevitable.
Know that I am Torvesard. And know that we need not be adversaries in these matters. I simply seek an ancient dream, barely remembered. Lost knowledge, nothing more."
The knowledge you seek can destroy reality.
"Is that what Hermaeus Mora and his High Elf lackey told you? Can you imagine any revelation that possesses such power?
No, this is about keeping secrets. Hoarding knowledge. Stealing memories. Hermaeus Mora, the great miser of Oblivion!"
Then tell me more about this knowledge you seek.
"All I have is fragments of a dream. Even Vaermina could not help me recall it. But we remembered enough to get us this far. Hermaeus Mora stole this knowledge from us.
I do not wish to harm you, mortal. To harm anyone. But I will learn the truth."
And where's Blightcrown? Why are you working with Peryite's priest?
"The pompous mortal riddled with disease? The memory rejected him. We entered together but I stand here, alone. Except for you.
But worry not for Peryite's priest. Blightcrown has skills. It should be a simple matter for him to return to Nirn."
SO what now, Torvesard?
"I will continue my search. You, however, should turn back. Wandering the memories of a Daedric Prince is dangerous for one such as I. For you, such a journey will most likely prove fatal.
I would hate to see fate's chosen reach such an ignoble end."
Torvesard: "Heed my words, mortal."
Meln the Mouthless: "If I learned anything as a Telvanni magister, it's this. When a Dremora tells you to go right, you go left. Let's see what this memory contains."

You will see Vaermina's Daedra as you travel further into the memory, and Meln will provide context for some of the things you encounter:

Torvesard: "Dreamcarvers. Prince Vaermina's pet Dremora clan. Those are Vaermina markings on the walls."

You will approach an antechamber, where Hermaeus Mora and Vaermina will be fighting.

Vaermina: "I won't let you do this, fate-forger!"
Hermaeus Mora: "It is already done. You will forget this ever happened. Everyone will. It is the only way to preserve reality."
Vaermina: "Damn you, Mora! Damn—no!"

Hermaeus Mora will destroy a shrine to Vaermina:

Meln the Mouthless: "A spell to make all of reality forget … I can barely imagine. Come on, we need to find Torvesard."
Torvesard: "And now you know of Hermaeus Mora's grand betrayal. Once I restore Vaermina's statue, the process of restoring the memory will begin. I suggest you defend yourself, mortal."

More Dreamcarvers will appear, stopping you and Meln from interfering with Torvesard's efforts. You will need to use Meln's ghost sight to fight shifted opposition once again. Torvesard will succeed in restoring the statue, and the memory's alteration will alert Hermaeus Mora to what has been happening:

Torvesard: "The Prince of Fate comes, but too late! What was shattered has been restored!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Who dares enter this forbidden memory? No! What have you done? Flee while you can, transgressor! Your reckless actions threaten all of reality! This memory has changed. Chosen, speak with me."

Hermaeus Mora, not used to being blindsided, will ask you to explain these events:

"I erased all evidence of this moment … and of the events that led to the loathsome action I was forced to perform. But I could not strip it from my own memory. And now that misstep has borne bitter fruit.
What did the Dremora tell you, chosen?"
Torvesard said you hoard secrets. That you stole memories from him and Vaermina. From everyone.
"Torvesard spoke true. Forbidden knowledge and secrets are my prime concern. Much of what I hoard serves to protect all the realms of existence.
This particular secret, however, must stay forgotten. Even this slight recollection threatens reality."
You said this memory changed?
"Torvesard found a way to slip past the eyes that see all and entered a memory he should have had no ability to access. And yet here we are. He restored that which I destroyed and now this recollection is no longer forgotten."
And this will cause reality to unravel?
"The threads fray, but have not yet snapped. Torvesard and my enemies recall a fraction of the memory, but the most devastating secret remains locked away.
Return to your allies. The situation can still be salvaged, if you and Leramil work together."

Hermaeus Mora will open a portal to allow you to escape:

"Use this portal to return to Leramil's study. We will talk again soon."

Thankfully, Leramil is waiting for you on the other side. You will also have to tell her about these events:

"There you are. I was afraid you might have been lost in the Void after my portal fractured."
"When the opportunity to enter a place of forbidden knowledge was snatched from me, the frustration was nearly overwhelming. Ah, well.
Tell me what you saw inside the memory, proxy."
I met Torvesard and we saw Hermaeus Mora remove a memory from Vaermina and all of reality.
"Ah, the event that began this cavalcade of fate. Of course, such drastic measures must have been taken for good reason. The One Who Knows keeps referring to the unraveling of reality if we fail in our efforts.
What else did you experience?"
Torvesard altered the memory. He restored the Vaermina statue that Mora shattered to cast his spell.
"With that level of power, Torvesard is clearly more than your average Dremora. Much more ….
Does that mean the secret has been remembered? Have we failed? Shall reality begin unraveling all around us?"
Mora told me that fate's threads have frayed but we can still save Apocrypha and Nirn.
"Then only some of the lost memory has been restored. The most dangerous portion of the secret must still be hidden.
Very well. If you plan to honor your contract and still want to help save Apocrypha and Nirn, I shall assist you as best I can."
Hermaeus Mora said we could still save reality if we work together, Leramil.
"I would have it no other way, proxy. We followed Hermaeus Mora's enemies from one end of Apocrypha to the other, and we learned what they seek. You have done well, and the One Who Knows wants to reward your efforts. Take this.
Then … we shall see."

This completes this quest and begin the next one, Conclave of Fate.

Quest StagesEdit

A Hidden Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Leremil thinks we can find out more about the relic, the rite, and the dream at Cipher's Midden in Apocrypha. She asked me to meet her there.
Objective: Meet Leramil at Cipher's Midden
I arrived at Cipher's Midden. I should speak to Leramil.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Leramil gave me a spell scroll that should help me search the stacks of books in Cipher's Midden for information pertaining to the relic, the rite, and the dream that Torvesard, Vaermina, and Peryite seek. I should use it as I search.
Objective: Search the Stacks
Objective: Take the Book
Scruut appeared as I finished searching the stacks. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
I should return to Leramil's study so we can compare notes about what we uncovered from the stacks of Cipher's Midden.
Objective: Return to Leramil the Wise
Now that I entered Leramil's study, I should talk to her and tell her what I found while searching the stacks in Cipher's Midden.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
To locate the hidden entrance to the Infinite Panopticon, I must sprinkle dust of conjunction on three cairns while Gadayn then synchronizes the relic to them. Then Leramil can use the cairns to identify the entrance.
Objective: Prepare the Cairns
Objective: Activate the Cairns
We finished activating the cairns. Now to return to Leramil so she can complete the ritual.
Objective: Return to Leramil's Study
Leramil completed the ritual, but it looks like it took a lot out of her. I should check in with her and see if she learned anything important.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
The ritual that Leramil performed indicated that both the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon and the stolen half of the Fulcrum Obscura are in the northwest reaches of Apocrypha's Chroma Incognito. I should go there and look for them.
Objective: Find the Entrance to the Infinite Panopticon
Upon reaching the location indicated by the ritual, I met Leramil near a glowing portal. I should talk to her before approaching the portal.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
We need to enter the Infinite Panopticon and locate Hermaeus Mora's enemies before they find the secret they have come here to unearth.
Objective: Enter the Infinite Panopticon
We entered the Infinite Panopitcon. I should look around and see if the Hidden Kindred have made it inside.
Objective: Explore the Infinite Panopticon
With Meln's help, I located and destroyed the censers of corruption. I should talk to Leramil and determine our next steps.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Leramil thinks we can track Blightcrown and Torvesard by following the trail of the portion of the Fulcrum Obscura relic they stole from Necrom. I should follow her tracking spell.
Objective: Locate the Fulcrum Obscura
To cross this chamber and continue to follow the trail of the Fulcrum Obscura, Leramil says we need to distract the Guardian Gaze that watches over the location.
Objective: Distract the Guardian Gaze
The Guardian Gaze is distracted. Now to continue exploring the Infinite Panopticon until we locate the Fulcrum Obscura.
Objective: Locate the Fulcrum Obscura
We entered another one of the Panopticon's Halls of Secrets. I should look around and see if I can find Blightcrown, Torvesard, or the Fulcrum Obscura.
Objective: Explore the Infinite Panopticon
Torvesard and Blightcrown stepped into an Eye of Mora, searching for the memory of the dream they seek. We need to follow them.
Objective: Follow Torvesard and Blightcrown
The conflicting magic in the chamber has splintered Leramil's portal spell and deposited us in a different layer of reality. I need to find her scattered portals and follow them back to the Eye of Mora.
Objective: Reach the Eye of Mora
I finally made it to the Eye of Mora, but lost Leramil somewhere along the way. Now that I'm here, I should follow Blightcrown and Torvesard into the eye.
Objective: Enter the Eye of Mora
I entered the Eye of Mora and seem to be in a memory of Hermaeus Mora. The Dremora, Torvesard, is here. He wants to talk to me. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Torvesard
Despite Torvesard's warning, I need to follow him and learn why this memory is so important.
Objective: Explore the Memory
I saw the memory of when Hermaeus Mora erased the memory of all reality. But what was forgotten? I should continue to explore and look for Torvesard.
Objective: Find Torvesard
As Torvesard restores the shattered statue of Vaermina, followers of the Prince of Dreams rush to attack me. I need to defend myself.
Objective: Defend Yourself
Hermaeus Mora arrived but he seems upset that this memory has been changed. He wants to talk to me.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora says there's still a chance to preserve reality, provided Leramil and I work together to keep Torvesard from revealing any more of the forgotten secret. I should use the portal he opened to return to Leramil's study in Cipher's Midden.
Objective: Return to Leramil's Study
I returned to Leramil's study in Cipher's Midden. Now I should talk to Leramil.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
I told Leramil what occurred in the memory inside the Eye of Mora. There's still a chance to save reality if we work together. I should talk to her about that.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
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