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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Join forces with Hermaeus Mora to stop a threat to reality itself.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Leramil the Wise
Location(s): Telvanni Peninsula
Next Quest: A Hidden Fate
Concurrent Quest: Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream
ID: 6971
Sign a contract, it's for your own good
A dark conspiracy against Hermaeus Mora threatens both Nirn and his realm of Apocrypha, placing all of reality in danger. The Daedric Prince of Knowledge requires a mortal agent to help preserve reality.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Leramil the Wise.
  2. Meet with Hermaeus Mora.
  3. Sign Hermaeus Mora's contract.
  4. Complete all three investigations you are assigned:
- Investigate Necrom Necropolis = Sub-quest Keeper of the Fate.
- Investigate Tel Rendys = Sub-quest Spirit of Fate.
- Investigate Alavelis = Sub-quest Fate's Lost Dream.

5. Return to Leramil the Wise (On Balcony in Necrom Bindary).

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While traveling, throughout the Telvanni Peninsula, you will have Leramil the Wise call out to you for assistance:

"Fate has noticed your talent for altering destiny. Reality hangs in the balance, as does the future of Apocrypha and Nirn. Hence, I bring a message from Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows. Mora offers you a purpose. An aspiration dark and heavy."
Purpose? What purpose?
"We are bound together by a common danger. Enemies of Hermaeus Mora threaten his realm of Oblivion—and in so doing, pose a threat to the mortal world as well. Therefore Mora sent me to meet you here and secure your cooperation."
What sort of cooperation?
"Only a mortal proxy can deal with the threat and save both Apocrypha and Nirn. The fates of both realms are linked, and you are the key to preserving reality. Without you, everything unravels. Help avert this disaster and Mora will reward you."
All right, I'll help. Where do I start?
"The One Who Knows instructed me to give you this. A condensate of planar potentialities—ah, you will not understand. It is ink. Take it to the Menos Cistern, a ruin near the city. Pour the ink into the water and your path will become clear."

To face this threat to existence itself, you have to travel to the designated meeting spot at Menos Cistern and pour the "ink" into the water. This will cause the water to darken to pure black, and the sky to become green. A figure will begin to rise out of the pool, Hermaeus Mora:

"Leramil has done well and brought fate's chosen into my unrelenting gaze. All other outcomes are now excluded. From this moment, fate's ever-branching tree begins to grow again. And with it, new possibilities emerge."
What's this all about?
"It concerns beginnings and endings, secrets too dangerous to reveal, and the stability of the threads of fate. Hidden rivals threaten my realm, and thereby threaten all of reality. If they succeed, fate will unravel and doom both our worlds."
Leramil calls you the One Who Knows. How can your rivals hide from you?
"I am the Golden Eye of Fate and the Keeper of Whispers! Knowledge and memory are my domains! How this threat eludes me, I do not know. But you are the key to preserving Apocrypha. I have foreseen it. And in so doing, you shall save the mortal realm."
How can I save Apocrypha and Nirn?
"Let Leramil guide you. She can perceive the threads of fate and lead you to the three tasks that will reveal my hidden adversaries. Meet her in the Necrom Bindery, in the mortal city of the same name. Your journey to preserve reality begins there."
Seal our covenant? How?
"The three glyphics before you contain the concepts necessary to create a contract to bind us. I submit to this as a promise of cooperation. You may serve as my proxy without fear of harming your own interests. Now take the glyphics. Combine them."
Tell me more about Apocrypha and its connection to Nirn.
"Do you know so little, mortal? Apocrypha is my domain. A plane of Oblivion I have shaped to my needs. And this plane—the mortal realm—some refer to it as Nirn. As for the connection, just know that if Apocrypha falls, Nirn will cease to exist."
And what exactly are you?
"The scholars and mystics of your world call me a Daedric Prince. What you see is only an aspect of my true self, for the mortal mind cannot contain the whole of me. This form suffices. Your mind must remain intact for you to be of use to fate."
What do you know about the enemy that threatens Apocrypha?
"Precious little. They are shadows that vanish under my scrutiny. Obscure figures that somehow hide from my gaze. It is … disconcerting. Never have I been so blind."
Then how do you know that there's a threat again Apocrypha and Nirn?
"Every possible fate unfolds before me. They all lead to an event I thought erased from chance eons ago. If this course isn't altered, Apocrypha falls, reality unravels, and Nirn is destroyed. This enemy eludes me, but you are my secret advantage."
If you can't determine who they are, how can I?
"That is the reason fate chose you. Your instinctual ability to succeed no matter the obstacles placed before you, no matter the odds. Follow the threads I selected for Leramil. See where they lead. That is the key to saving both our realms."
I'm not sure I want to sign a contract.
"It is for your peace of mind, mortal. I offer to bind myself. To give you the power to constrain my actions so that you may trust me. The contract also marks you as my proxy. That could prove beneficial in some places you must travel."
Emerald, Umber and Onyx Glyphics

With this said, you are left having to sign the contract to continue. Interact with the glyphics and they will become a paper contract, which you must then sign. After binding Hermaeus Mora with the contract, you can then speak to him again for your assignment.

"I have alerted Leramil to three specific threads of fate that converge in a place known as the Telvanni Peninsula. She will guide you to these locations so you can unmask my hidden adversaries. Go to the city of Necrom. Leramil awaits you there."
How do I know I can trust you?
"That is why I agreed to bind myself to you with a powerful contract. I cannot act against you or your interests, so long as you adhere to your part of the bargain. Our enemies have no such constraints, so proceed with caution."

As Hermaeus said, Leramil will be waiting for you in Necrom, specifically in the bindery. Here you will you fill in Leramil on the job Hermaeus has for you two. In return, she will provide intelligence on the three locations Hermaeus alerted her of, and provide you portals for quick travel to all three sites:

Meeting Hermaeus Mora represents a rare honor. The One Who Knows materializes in a delimited projection … ah. He chooses to manifest before few mortals. The threads upon which reality dangles are precarious indeed. What did Mora impart to you?"
Hermaeus Mora said you would guide me.
"And so I shall. The One Who Knows traced three crucial events to this area. Investigate each and he believes we can expose the conspirators moving against Apocrypha. We may even stop them before the ultimate threat takes shape."
What do I need to at these three locations?
"Many possible futures branch from every mortal choice. If we know the consequences of our choices, it changes the outcome. Therefore, Hermaeus Mora tells us only what he must. As fate's chosen, the rest is up to you."
Very well. Where do need to go?
"The threads of fate lead to three locations in this region. The Necropolis of Necrom, the old tower of Tel Rendys, and the town of Alavelis. I shall open a portal to each. Investigate them and return here to the Necrom Bindery when you are done."
Tell me about the locations I need to visit.
"A reasonable and prudent request. I shall provide what details I can, but I know little more than you do. Local history and politics are not my usual area of study. Which location would you like to know more about?"
Tell me about Necrom Necropolis.
"Necrom serves as a center for the ancient Dunmer practice of ancestor worship. A strange custom. The monks of the Necropolis, called the Keepers of the Dead, tend the catacombs beneath the city. They guide the faithful in venerating their forebears."
Tell me about Tel Rendys.
"Tel Rendys is one of the many mushroom towers that dot this land. They usually serve as domiciles of Telvanni wizards who wield formidable magic, but this tower is abandoned. Interesting. Fate dictates that when you go there, I shall accompany you."
Tell me about Alavelis.
"Alavelis is a minor settlement whose only claim to fame is its malachite quarry. A glass mine, as the Dunmer refer to it. That thread of fate vibrates with particular intensity. What you shall find there, I cannot say, but I urge caution, proxy."
What is this place?
"An old bookbinder's shop. Our temporary base of operations in this region. I secured it so we could travel to and from Apocrypha without causing undue panic. I doubt Necrom's authorities would approve of portals to an Oblivion realm in their city."
Tell me about the portals.
"In addition to the three to take you to the locations you must investigate, I summoned two gateways to Apocrypha. One leads to the Endless Library, a place of books as numberless as the stars. The other to Chroma Incognito, where lost fates linger."
Am I supposed to go to Apocrypha now?
"Only if you desire to do so. The threads of fate Hermaeus Mora asks you to investigate begin here in the Telvanni Peninsula. Where they shall lead us, I cannot say. But with the threat directed at Apocrypha, I thought quick access was prudent."
The three portals

After finishing the conversation, Leramil will open portals to expedite your investigation across the peninsula. You are free to pursue your three new quests, Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream in any order you desire. Although your remaining activity is part of three other quests, this quest is technically not completed until you have finished all three. After preparing the portals, Leramil will leave the choice of which one to use first to you:

"There. Three paths are now arrayed before you. Which will you pick?"

Although there will be no major consequence to the order you do them, it may be worth doing Spirit of Fate first, if you desire additional commentary from a companion you acquire during it for the other two quests.

Completing the InvestigationsEdit

Once you have completed Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream, Leramil will tell you to return to the Bindery to plan your next move. You will see your assembled allies on the balcony overlooking Necrom with the notable exception of Scruut, Curate Gadayn, Meln the Mouthless, and Leramil the Wise. While here, you can find a copy of A Feast Among the Dead on the table. Your still living associates will be conversing among themselves:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn of Necrom, you tend the archive of corpses?"
Curate Gadayn: "Never heard it called that before. But yes, yes I do. Would … would you like a tour of the catacombs?"
Leramil the Wise: "Perhaps … later. Hermaeus Mora's proxy returns."
Curate Gadayn: "Ah, of course. I'm sure the two of you have much to discuss."

You can choose to converse with Meln and Gadayn first. Both will comment on Leramil, although Meln will also tell you that Gadayn is infatuated with her:

Curate Gadayn: "This Altmer, Leramil. She seems a few Kwama short of a clutch, if you catch my meaning. I've seen it happen to many who dared to peruse the secrets of Apocrypha.
As for the young curate, I'd say he's smitten with the lady. Mark my words."
Meln the Mouthless: "Leramil is a remarkable woman. So intelligent and vibrant. But she won't tell me anything. She says we had to wait for you to return.
Talk to her, friend. Put in a good word for me and see if you can get her to tell me what this is all about."

Turn to Leramil to discuss everything you found:

"Three labors were set before you, proxy. Now Vaermina, Peryite, and Master Shelreni stand revealed as our foes.
I have been speaking with Curate Gadayn. I find him … intriguing. But I wish to hear it from you. What did you find in Necrom Abbey?"
Peryite's cult infiltrated the abbey. Blightcrown stole a relic from the catacombs.
"Just as Gadayn told me, then. The Fulcrum Obscura. The Hidden Kindred are well named. Although I understand you prevented them from escaping with the complete relic.
Let us move on. What happened after we parted ways at Tel Rendys?"
"I rescued Meln from Master Shelreni. Without him, she can't easily decipher the Black Book."
"Black Books serve as doorways into Apocrypha. A master such as Shelreni Baro likely has other ways to reach Hermaeus Mora's domain, so why is this particular book so important to her?
Hmm. What did you find in Alavelis?"
Vaermina's servants built a gate to Apocrypha so they could break into the Tranquil Catalog.
"Able to invade Apocrypha unnoticed and break into the realm's master index? Our enemies are bold and capable it seems.
Three different locations and three different schemes. They must be connected, but how? What are Mora's foes trying to do?"
Hermaeus Mora's enemies are searching for a key, a rite, and a forgotten dream.
"Ah, I believe I see. The relic must be the key. The secret Vaermina's servants sought in Apocrypha is the location of the dream. And the Black Book is needed for the rite they plan. Clever.
Someone put them up to this. But who?"
A Dremora named Torvesard plotted with Master Shelreni, Blightcrown, and Vaermina.
"Ah, yes. Torvesard. Well done, proxy. Now we have a name for the spider at the center of this web. Key, rite, and dream. These are the threads we must follow to unmask our foes' true goal.
Take this, with the thanks of Hermaeus Mora."

This will officially complete this quest, leading you into the latter and linear half of the quest line.

"I have been conversing with Curate Gadayn. I find him … interesting. But now we must return to the business at hand. The fates of two worlds depend on what we do next, proxy.
Shall we proceed?"
Have you determined what the Hidden Kindred plan to do with the relic and the rite?
"I admit the particulars of their plan currently elude me. Clearly, they believe the relic—this Fulcrum Obscura—and the rite are key to remembering the dream they seek.
To stop them, we must learn more about the dream and the secret it holds."
How do we do that, Leramil?
"We go to Apocrypha. The stacks of Cipher's Midden contain the most extensive collections of tomes and treatises in all the known realms. If answers to our questions exist, we will find them there.
Will you continue to aid me in this endeavor?"
I'll go with you to Cipher's Midden.
"The portal in the room downstairs connects to the Endless Library of Apocrypha. Once there, head northwest and meet me at Cipher's Midden. Our research begins there.
Since Curate Gadayn is intent on recovering the relic, he shall accompany us."
Why are there portals to Apocrypha in an abandoned book bindery, Leramil?
"Where better to hide Oblivion portals than inside a ruined bookshop? This is just one of many studies I utilize across Tamriel. I even have a site in Apocrypha from which I can conduct my research. In Cipher's Midden, to be exact."
Tell me more about Cipher's Midden.
"The Ciphers of the Eye established the site as a headquarters of sorts. These mortals have come to Apocrypha at the invitation of Hermaeus Mora. They maintain and study the many libraries of the realm.
It is both a refuge and a place of learning."
What do you know about the Hidden Kindred?
"Daedric cultists that regard themselves as part-time rivals and full-time enemies would only band together under direct orders from their Princes. Obviously, their cooperation relates directly to the threat the One Who Knows has foreseen."
Right, the threat against Apocrypha that also endangers Nirn.
"The unraveling of reality, Hermaeus Mora called it. All because Vaermina, Peryite, and Torvesard seek to find a dream remembered only in Apocrypha. We must ferret out why.
Hopefully the knowledge stored in Cipher's Midden will aid our investigation."
Remind me, what's going on here again?
"Hermaeus Mora selected you to help preserve reality from a threat he foresaw. Your ability to alter destiny and fate makes you instrumental in the struggle ahead.
We learned that a secret Vaermina and Peryite seek threatens both Apocrypha and Nirn."
Tell me about Vaermina and Peryite.
"Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dreams, and Peryite, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence. They set aside their animosities to challenge Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Fate. They pursue a secret they believe is connected to whatever offense Mora committed."
And why does that concern Nirn?
"Because Hermaeus Mora has foreseen that if they reveal this secret, reality itself will unravel, destroying not only the realm of fate but our world as well. That would be regrettable.
This appears to be related to Torvesard's lost dream."
"Torvesard is a Dremora without a clan. He seems to be the linchpin that negotiated the alliance between Vaermina and Peryite, all because he believes his lost dream concerns some wrong they think the One Who Knows perpetrated against them."

After this conversation Leramil will give Gadayn a chance to back out:

Leramil the Wise: "Curate Gadayn, are you certain you wish to accompany us?"
Curate Gadayn: "Absolutely! The relic is my responsibility. Let me just grab a few essentials. I'll be right back!"
Leramil the Wise: "Fate provides the aid we need, proxy. We will meet you at Cipher's Midden."

Meln will end this meeting with a final bit of snark if you speak to him:

"Dreams and fate and secrets capable of destroying reality? What have you and Shelreni Baro gotten me into? Well, unless you toss away my soul gem, I've got no choice but to go with you.
Lucky me."

Your next stop is Cipher's Midden, where you will have to learn about A Hidden Fate.

Quest StagesEdit

Fate's Proxy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Leramil the Wise asked me to find Menos Cistern in the wilds of the Telvanni Peninsula. There I can learn more about the threat facing Hermaeus Mora.
Objective: Go to Menos Cistern
I found the old ruin of Menos Cistern. Now I need to pour the ink Leramil gave me into the water.
Objective: Pour the Ink into the Water
When I poured the ink into the water I summoned Hermaeus Mora! The Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge wants to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora instructed me to find Leramil the Wise in the city of Necrom, at a place called the Necrom Bindery. There I begin my mission to discover the identity of the conspirators threatening his realm.
Objective: Meet Leramil the Wise in Necrom
I found Leramil the Wise in an abandoned book bindery in the city of Necrom. I should speak to her about the tasks I need to accomplish.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Leramil sees three paths that will reveal the threat to Hermaeus Mora. One leads to Necrom Necroplois, one to Tel Rendys, and one to Alavelis. I need to follow each thread of fate to unmask the conspirators.
Objective: Investigate the Necrom Necropolis
Leramil sees three paths that will reveal the threat to Hermaeus Mora. One leads to Necrom Necroplois, one to Tel Rendys, and one to Alavelis. I need to follow each thread of fate to unmask the conspirators.
Objective: Investigate the Necrom Necropolis
Objective: Investigate Tel Rendys
Objective: Investigate Alavelis
I explored several sites around the Telvanni Peninsula, learning about the conspiracy against Hermaeus Mora. I should return to Necrom so I can discuss my findings with Leramil the Wise.
Objective: Meet Leramil the Wise in Necrom
I completed the three tasks Leramil appointed to me on behalf of Hermaeus Mora. I should speak to her about what's next.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
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