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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate strange happenings in Alavelis.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Miner Omalen or Scruut
Location(s): Alavelis, Apocrypha, The Tranquil Catalog
Concurrent Quest: Fate's Proxy, Keeper of the Fate, and Spirit of Fate
Reward: Decoction Mitts
Very High Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6974
Why is a gateway being created in Alavelis?
I found the Watchling Scruut brooding outside Alavelis. She was drawn here by some sort of contradiction in fate that may involve Daedric cultists. I agreed to help Scruut investigate the situation.
Something strange is going on in the mining village of Alavelis. Apparently the place is overrun with Daedric cultists. This may be related to the threads of fate Leramil asked me to investigate in the area.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Head to Alavelis
  2. Speak with Scruut
  3. Search the town for survivors
  4. Speak with Miner Sadalas
  5. Search the Green Glass Inn
  6. Investigate the Glass Mine and talk to Scruut
  7. Enter Apocrypha and track invaders
  8. Speak with Cipher Mukheesh and enter the Tranquil Catalog
  9. Gather three Sacred Tears to enter the Pool of Inquiry
  10. Eavesdrop on invaders
  11. Kill Kynreeve Ryl
  12. Use glyphic to read the Archived Tomes
  13. Leave the Tranquil Catalog and speak to Scruut

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After you agree to assist Leramil the Wise with her investigation, you can begin the quest in two ways. Firstly, you can enter through the portal to Alavelis that Leramil creates, or you can find Miner Omalen who asks you go the town after he escaped with his life.

Either way, when you arrive in Alavelis, where you will encounter the Watchling Scruut, a servant of Hermaeus Mora. She will be found looking at the corpse Cipher Zanseth who summoned her and will request your assistance.

"Mortals. You scurry around obsessed with your petty affairs and then you die. But you bear the mark of Hermaeus Mora. Have you come to replace me in my task? That would be typical.
Wait. Were you sent to help me with these cultists? Before you die?"
Maybe. Tell me about these cultists.
"Not much to tell. I just arrived myself. This mortal served the Great Eye, but he died before he could tell me about the other Daedric cultists that scamper about.
They're creating an intolerable contradiction in reality. Makes my tentacles ache."
A contradiction in reality?
"Something here undermines a fate recorded by Hermaeus Mora. Likely foolish mortals trying to change what has already been written. To fix this, I could use some help.
Hmm. It's common knowledge that mortals prize gold. Aid me and I'll give you some."
All right, I'll help you. Where do we begin?
"I'd prefer sit back and wait for entropy to claim us all, but I suppose we must do something. Let's survey the town. See if anyone survived and try to determine what the cultists want here.
Oh, and despite my size, I'm good in a fight. You'll see."

Scruut will then become your follower and can assist you in combat by using (?). Head into town, where you will find cultists ransacking the place. You will hear Miner Sadalas from the town speaking strangely:

Miner Sadalas: "No more dreams … no more nightmares …."
Scruut: "What a horrible noise you mortals make. Where's it coming from?"
Miner Sadalas hiding

When you find her hiding in a shack she will insist you stay away:

Miner Sadalas: "No, stay back! I need to wake up! I have to!"

Speaking to Scruut for counsel will have her state the cause of her distress and instruct you to speak with her:

"A mortal, damaged by a glimpse of the meaninglessness of the infinite. You should speak with them. I don't want to get any of that on my tentacles."

Talk to Sadalas as requested:

"Are you … are you real? Not another one of those awful dreams? And you look undisturbed. Don't you hear the terrible whispers?"
Tell me what happened here.
"It started when a stranger came to town. A Telvanni master. She offered to purchase the old glass mine. I thought it was too good to be true. The mine closed years ago. But she offered us a chest full of gold and the village elders accepted it."
What happened next?
"Everyone in the village was given a job in the mine. Then others came. Masons and additional laborers, we thought. Then the dreams started. Nightmares. Toiling in the darkness. Working to cut malachite and stone for an arch and a statue."
What arch and statue?
"In the dream, they were building an arch in the mine while we dug out the glass and stone. What wasn't used for the arch was sent to restore a statue, at least that's what the overseer said.
We woke each morning exhausted, hands bloody."
Where's everyone now?
"I don't know. But listen, the overseer and his workers…they're Daedra worshipers! They rounded up the villagers and took them away. I … I hid.
Check the Green Glass Inn. The cultists commandeered it. Now, please, I need to get out of here."

Once you conclude the conversation, Scruut will diagnose the source of the local disturbance:

Scruut: "Nightmares. Sounds like Prince Vaermina, all right. We should investigate this Green Glass Inn."

If you speak her she will remind you of your new objective:

"I'd like to learn more about this arch and statue the villager spoke of. But first, we should visit this Green Glass Inn. I would very much like to see a structure of that sort. And we might learn something about the cultists, too, I suppose."
Investigate the Green Glass Inn

Continue towards the inn. You will continue to see the damage the cult has done, which will cause Scruut to comment on the destruction. Meln the Mouthless will also provide commentary, if you have acquired him:

Scruut: "Are mortal villages typically so broken and on fire?"
Meln the Mouthless: "Look what they did to this village. It's an outrage!"

As you enter the inn, Scruut will comment on the misleading name of the building, as it's not made from green glass. Speaking to her will have her discuss her knowledge on taverns in general, and suggest a course of action:

"How disappointing. Another name that over promises and under delivers. Ah, well. We might as well look around."
"I have read of places such as this. Mortals drown their wits in drink, rather than confront the crushing despair of existence.
Look around. Something here might provide a clue as to what happened."

Beyond people, you can also find a note from Kindred Rector Nyleth to Master Shelreni. It will reveal that a shrine to a Daedric Prince was uncovered by the mind-controlled miners, and they are about to restore it. It also reveals that Torvesard is involved with this operation. Scruut will ask if you are familiar with Shelreni, while Meln will say he should have known she would have been here as well if you have him with you:

Scruut: "Master Shelreni? Are you familiar with this mortal?"
Meln the Mouthless: "Bah! I should have guessed Shelreni Baro was involved in whatever happened here!"

Another letter from Master Shelreni will be addressed to an individual known as Kynreeve Ryl. This letter reveals their goal with this mine, to infiltrate Apocrypha without Hermaeus Mora being aware of it, and to search for a door seen in a dream Torvesard had. This will immediately alarm Scruut, who will comment on the realization of the threat here.

Scruut: "The Dreamcarvers plan to strike at Apocrypha? That must be the disturbance in fate that brought me here."

Speak with her to discuss your findings, the later dialogue will differ depending on if you have already finished Keeper of the Fate and Spirit of Fate:

"I assumed this would turn out to be some pointless mortal delusion. A minor contradiction, easily resolved. But Oblivion gateways and Daedric shrines? And plans to invade Apocrypha?
Ugh. This might take longer than I thought."
What do you make of the two letters we found here?
"Clearly, the cult used the mine to construct a portal to Apocrypha for the express purpose of invading my master's realm. They also sent stone to restore a Daedric shrine, most likely one devoted to Peryite or Vaermina.
But who's Master Shelreni?"

If you have not finished Keeper of the Fate and Spirit of Fate:

I'm not sure, but her letter to Kynreeve Ryl mentions a relic and a rite they need to find a door.
"Doors in Apocrypha lead to secrets and knowledge. Something this Torvesard saw in a dream? Is that why Vaermina is involved? I suppose we should investigate the mine next. Just make sure I don't get mutilated.
Reconstitution is so unpleasant."
Let's go to the glass mine.

If you have already finished Keeper of the Fate and Spirit of Fate:

I met Master Shelreni at Tel Rendys. She has one of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books.
"Hmm. Black Books open doors to Apocrypha, so why do they need a gate? Still, Telvanni masters are powerful. That makes her dangerous and important to the Hidden Kindred.
But why go to all this trouble? It's impossible to sneak past my master's gaze."
"The letter mentioned a relic and a rite needed to find a door. Blightcrown got the relic in Necrom."
"Blightcrown sounds unpleasant, but doors in Apocrypha lead to secrets. Something this Torvesard saw in a dream? Is that why Vaermina is interested? I suppose we should check the mine next.
I hope I don't get hacked up. Reconstitution is irritating."
Let's go to the glass mine.

She can be asked further questions:

"Most of the time, the research I undertake is wasted, but my study of the area indicated that the mine runs underneath the village. The entrance lies to the east.
Hmm. Why do you bear the mark of my master, mortal? You don't seem to be a devotee."
I made a deal with Hermaeus Mora to save Apocrypha and Nirn. He called me fate's chosen.
"Of course he did. Mortals always get the special titles. But who winds up doing all the work? Usually, that's me. Well, as long as we're both here, we might as well work together. What's the worst that could happen?
Never mind. I already know."
Any idea who this Torvesard is?
"Hmm. Never heard of him. The letter we found claims he's an unaligned Dremora working with Vaermina and Peryite. And with Master Shelreni, too. It's highly unusual for a Dremora not to be dedicated to a clan or a Prince.
That mention of a dream …."
What about Torvesard's dream?
"Another contradiction in a flood of discrepancies. Daedra don't normally dream. Not like mortals, at any rate. Not even the Dremora, who consider themselves above the rest of us.
I may need to look into this Torvesard when I return to Apocrypha."
Enter the mines

Head into the glass mine, which will have large deposits of glass that were ignored by the mining operation here. Scruut will note that the gateway's absence from the entrance, and comment about mines in general if spoken to directly:

Scruut: "No arched gateway here. I suppose we'll need to go deeper inside."
"A place where mortals pass their pitiful lives breaking large rocks into small rocks. How depressing.
The arched gateway must be in here somewhere. I suppose we should keep looking."

Further in the mine:

Scruut: "Malachite, volcanic glass that absorbs magicka under the right conditions. A good choice for building a gateway to Oblivion."
Dead miners

You will find a number of dead miners as you descend into the mines, as well as Hidden Kindred forces opposing you. Scruut will also comment on this:

Scruut: "Some of the missing villagers. Mortals should have the decency not to leave their empty husks lying about. It's untidy."

Continue until you arrive at a Daedric site, with multiple banners and the arched gateway in the center. Scruut will realize the gateway has already been used. She will also encourage you to investigate the site:

Scruut: "An arched gateway. It's inactive, but I can detect the lingering energy of Apocrypha in the air. It must have closed recently. Look around, mortal. We need more information before I attempt to activate this gateway."

Conversation with her at this juncture will have her restate this:

"We're too late. It seems the Hidden Kindred and their Dreamcarver allies have already used the gate. They're probably stomping through my master's realm now, causing all sort of contradictions. How rude of them! Look around and see what you can find."
Artisan Tools
Oblivion Gateway Instructions

You will then have to search the area. Scruut will provide commentary when you examine the Artisan Tools found on the right side of the gateway:

Scruut: "Contradictions cling to those tools like void-ticks adhere to a Watcher's tentacles. Leave them for now. We need to deal with the gateway."

On the left side you can find a note called Oblivion Gateway Instructions. Unsurprisingly, this provides instructions as to how to open the portal to Apocrypha with this gateway.

"This is bad, but at least we have the invocation needed to activate the gateway. An obscure invocation. Where did Shelreni dig it up, I wonder."

Talk to Scruut and she will explain the next steps:

"I suppose we have no choice. We need to activate the gateway and follow Hermaeus Mora's enemies to Apocrypha. Such heroics aren't usually part of my duties, but so it goes.
I'll open the portal, then in we go."
You want me to accompany you to Apocrypha?
"Did I use the wrong words, mortal? My investigation is incomplete. To find out what the Hidden Kindred seek in my master's realm, I must follow them. And since you agreed to assist me, you must follow me.
I like it less than you, believe me."
What should I expect in Apocrypha?
"Hmm. Apocrypha can be overwhelming for mortals. You may find power or despair, knowledge or madness. Still, you bear the mark of Hermaeus Mora. I think you're meant to go there. And, damn it all, I think I'm meant to go with you."
All right, activate the gateway.
Gateway opens

She will then approach the gateway and use the invocation you found:

Scruut: "Ready yourself, mortal. Now what was that invocation? Ah. By Seventh Umbra and the Dismal Name, I bid thee open, Cephaliarch's fane!"

The gateway will then open, and can be entered. Speaking to Scruut first will have her remind you of the high stakes:

"I followed a disturbance in the threads of fate to this location, mortal. Now we hover over a precipice. Enemies of my master have invaded his realm. As much as I hate the idea, we need to follow them and protect Apocrypha.
Now, enter the portal."

As expected, it takes you to Apocrypha. Scruut will encourage you to enter once more:

Scruut: "Behold, Apocrypha. Don't look up, mortal. I understand your kind find our sky disturbing. Let me see … head south! They went that way."

Scruut will discuss how her skill set allowed her to track the invaders, even when Hermaeus Mora could not, if spoken to:

"It's almost imperceptible. If I didn't know what to look for, I would have missed it completely. It's sort of like an absence carving a path through the realm. No wonder the Great Eye hasn't noticed the intrusion yet.
We must hurry, mortal!"
The dead watcher

Head to the south and you will find a dead Watcher:

Scruut: "Poor Watcher. The invaders can't be too far ahead…the husk hasn't dissipated yet. The trail continues to the west, mortal."
More dead miners

Continue to follow her directions, and you will find more of the miners:

Scruut: "Alavelisians, mortal. The contradiction they were compelled to create hangs heavy in the air. The trail continues west."

Continue west as before, until Scruut realizes their destination, The Tranquil Catalog.

Scruut: "The trail leads directly to the Tranquil Catalog. Oh no! Pick up the pace, mortal."
The Tranquil Catalog

Unfortunately your opponents had a great time advantage, and you will find that Mora's local forces have already been defeated. However, a wounded Cipher is still standing at the entrance, and threatens you under the assumption you are with the Hidden Kindred. Meln will speak up here if he is in your inventory:

Cipher Mukheesh: "Hold, intruder. I failed to stop your allies, but I won't allow any more of you to enter the Catalog."
Meln the Mouthless: "This should be interesting. I was never allowed to visit the Tranquil Catalog before."

Speaking to Scruut will have her discuss how bad this situation is, and ask you speak to the injured Cipher:

"This is a terrible development. If the Hidden Kindred know about the Tranquil Catalog, then they know it contains an index of every secret and bit of knowledge stored in Apocrypha.
Question the scribe and find out what happened here."

Speak with the surviving defender, Cipher Mukheesh, to learn more:

"Pardon my impertinence. Now I see that you bear the mark of Hermaeus Mora and travel with one of the Great Eye's Watchlings.
Have you come to aid us, stranger?"
I agreed to help protect Apocrypha. Tell me what happened.
"Invaders forced their way into the Tranquil Catalog. I think they were devotees of Peryite and Vaermina, but how could that be? And Dreamcarver Dremora accompanied them! They killed or drove off my fellow ciphers."
Who are you and what is this place?
"I am a humble cipher, a mortal scribe in service to the Great Eye. This is the Tranquil Catalog, a register and index of the contents of Apocrypha. Hermaeus Mora's enemies could wreak havoc with the information stored here!"
Where can I find these invaders?
"They scattered once they broke into the Catalog. But two headed toward the Pool of Inquiry—a Dreamcarver kynreeve and a second Dremora with markings the likes of which I've never seen.
Please. You bear the Great Eye's mark. Stop them."

With the invader's next goal known, Scruut will speak up:

"The Pool of Inquiry? I know the way, mortal."

Converse with her:

"Only Hermaeus Mora's most trusted followers and scribes are allowed access to the Tranquil Catalog. But if the Hidden Kindred and their Dremora allies know about the Pool of Inquiry ….
We must hurry, mortal."
What should I know about the Pool of Inquiry?
"It's an index of sorts. Whatever the Hidden Kindred seek in Apocrypha, they must not know where to find it. So they've come to the Catalog to get an exact location.
The Pool of Inquiry contains such information—if they know how to retrieve it."
How do we stop them?
"If they escape before we catch up to them, then we do what they did. Use the Pool of Inquiry to find them. The waters contain a record of everything in Apocrypha—which now includes these enemies of the Great Eye."

Inside Scruut will comment on the state of the catalog:

"Invaders in the Tranquil Catalog? What a calamity."

Conversation at this time will result in this comment:

"What a mess. These dead mortals will just lie around and smell until someone removes them. Why can't your kind dissipate graciously the way Daedra do?
But let's keep moving. The way to the Pool of Inquiry is straight ahead."

A few Hidden Kindred will be in your path, trying in vain to search through the countless books that cover every surface of the building, including the floor and ceiling. As in your previous fights, Scruut will assist you if you call for her help. You can find a letter from Blightcrown to Rector Nyleth. The instructions are for the Hidden Kindred to assist Torvesard and the Dreamcarvers, and to complete the mission themselves if they are betrayed.


Continue through the hallway until you reach a portal, with a broken Portal Seal. Scruut will comment on this when you find the shard of the Portal Seal, and if you speak to her:

"The invaders shattered the portal's seal. We need to follow them to the Pool of Inquiry."
"The invaders broke the seal and entered the Pool of Inquiry. As much as it pains me to say this, we must follow them, mortal."
Pool of Inquiry

On the other side you can find the Pool of Inquiry, but you are once again too late. The pool has been used, and if you wish to use it yourself you will need to replace the tears needed for it. Scruut will comment on this:

"I was afraid of this. The invaders used the sacred tears. Look around. Without them, we can't use the pool."

Thankfully, the Ciphers left a note nearby explaining how to replenish the tears. You will need to visit nearby shrines of Hyrma Mora, Herma-Mora, and Hermorah. Even more conveniently, there are also portals to each shrine to make the trip faster. Scruut will also point out the portals to you, and Meln will also chime in if he is present:

Scruut: "These portals lead to the shrines where we can find more of the sacred tears."
Meln the Mouthless: "Shrines and tears, bah! Even the tolerable Daedra rely too much on ceremony and arcane rules of conduct."

Each of the shrines are in a small area with a few Hidden Kindred guarding them. If you speak to Scruut before finishing your collection she will say:

"Handy that the ciphers left those instructions. Each portal must lead to the shrines mentioned in the note. You can replenish the sacred tears at each of those shrines.
Know that the pool will reveal nothing until we add the tears."

Beyond her battle dialogue, she will also speak at each shrine you visit, comment on the invading forces, and when you obtain the final tears:

"Ugh. More of the invaders! It will take forever to put the Catalog back in order."
"Be careful. Dreamcarvers and Hidden Kindred lurk around every corner."
"Never did like Spider Daedra. Cruel and deceitful creatures. I'm not surprised to find them among the Dreamcarvers."
"The mortals of Skyrim know the Great Eye as Herma-Mora. Gather the sacred tears."
"The Ayleids called my master Hyrma Mora. Pity they're long gone. I found them interesting."
"Hermorah is the Great Eye's name among the Khajiit. Gather the tear, mortal."
"Hands. I'm not jealous at all. Now take the tears and place them in the pool."
"Oh the terrible burdens that bring tears to the many eyes of the Abyssal Cephaliarch. Place them in the pool, mortal."

While going through the Ayleid shrine you can find a copy of Uluscant's Manifesto, in the Khajiit shrine you can find How Rajhin Stole the Book that Knows, and at the Shrine of Herma-Mora you will find Herma-Mora: The Woodland Man?.

Once you have paid respect to each shrine, return to the pool and pour in the tears. It will reveal your goal to you, which happens to be the previous user's goal. The pool will turn black and ink tentacles will emerge from it, and Scruut will order you to enter:

"See how the pool reveals our goal? The Tranquil Archives. Enter the pool and it will take us there."
"The pool opens a portal to the place we need to go. We will find whatever the invaders seek through that gateway."

The portal will take you into the Tranquil Archives, and within sight of Torvesard. Scruut will begin to speak about finding the intruders, but Torvesard speaking up will instantly reveal their location:

Scruut: "The Tranquil Archives. One of the main repositories for Hermaeus Mora's glyphics. We need to find the invaders, mortal."
Torvesard: "This is the glyphic! Now I know where to find the memory of the dream your Prince helped me remember, despite your predilections, Ryl."
Kynreeve Ryl: "Prince Vaermina commands me to punish Mora's servants, clanless. So I do."
Torvesard: "Excessive and pointless, but I have what I came for. I'm leaving."
Kynreeve Ryl: "Do what you will. I'll deal with our eavesdroppers."
Kynreeve Ryl

This will begin a battle against the Ryl, who will use Vaermina's power to entangle you. Scruut will summon tentacles to aid you, and Ryl will summon a Night Terror and mind-controlled Lurkers in return.

Kynreeve Ryl: "You will beg me to kill you, mortal."
Kynreeve Ryl: "Vaermina's nightmares fight beside me, mortal!"
Scruut: "Closer, mortal! A smack from fate's tentacle can free you!"
Kynreeve Ryl: "You survived? Perhaps this will be a challenge after all."
Kynreeve Ryl: "Let us see how you handle a night terror!"
Scruut: "Let me hit you with a tentacle, mortal!"
Kynreeve Ryl: "Impossible! No mortal can best me!"
Kynreeve Ryl: "I will remember you, mortal …."

With Vaermina's Dremora defeated, the glyphic that the clanless Dremora was after is your next objective. Thankfully, he left it behind for you. Scruut will open a path to it for you:

"I suppose I need to activate this bridge for you. It would be easier for both of us if you could just float."
"Torvesard has already accessed the knowledge preserved in this glyphic. We should find out what it contains."

If you speak to Scruut she will ask for your help with the glyphic:

"Torvesard went to great lengths to reach this glyphic, but it refuses to reveal its contents to me.
Examine the glyphic, mortal. Perhaps you'll have more success."
Archived Glyphic
Three tomes

Activate it, and and three tomes will suddenly appear. Scruut will insist that you read them:

"Three tomes emerged from the glyphic! Read them, mortal!"

Speaking to her will have her more calmly explain:

"Ah. The glyphic holds memories of three books. The invaders breached Apocrypha to learn what's recorded here. You should examine the tomes, mortal."

Going from left to right, you start with On the Pact Primordial, which is mostly unreadable. What you can get from it states that that a Daedric Prince is the ruler of their realm, and no Prince may travel to another realm without the invitation of the ruling Prince. Scruut will comment that this is not a secret by itself:

"The Pact Primordial prohibits Daedric Princes from entering another's realm, but that's hardly a secret."

Next is the book Dreams of the Forgotten. It states that forgotten knowledge is still known to Hermaeus Mora, and he keeps a record of all things forgotten.

"Torvesard said he was trying to remember a lost dream. He believes he can find it in my master's realm."

The last tome is Secret of the Tormenting Eye, a reference to Meln the Mouthless's Black Book. Only a single line from this one still remains, stating that it can be used to unlock something that was forgotten, and should stay that way. Scruut will recognize the name, and Meln will tell you to talk to her:

Scruut: "The Tormenting Eye? That's one of my master's Black Books."
Meln the Mouthless: "That Dremora stole whatever was worth knowing here. Nothing left but the meaningless fragments. See what the Watchling makes of all this."

Speak with your Watchling companion about the damaged tomes in the glyphic:

"Glyphics endure for eternity. I've never heard of any erasing themselves before. Very strange. Do you understand the text that remained, mortal? I found the words very disturbing."
I'm not sure. What did you make of the three books?
"One concerned the Pact Primordial. Could they be seeking a way to subvert that ancient restriction? The second mentioned lost dreams, such as the one Torvesard seeks to recover. It told of a place in Apocrypha to find such misplaced memories."
But the exact location wasn't in the lines of text that remained.
"No, but we have to assume Torvesard learned the location before the text faded away. The final book referred to one of Hermaeus Mora's most infamous Black Books—The Tormenting Eye. It said it contains a rite for unlocking dangerous secrets."
Master Shelreni has the Black Book. Tell me about the significance of the Pact Primordial.
"The pact refers to ancient laws that bind the Daedric Princes. No Prince may physically intrude in another's realm. Everyone knows that. Well, perhaps not mortals.
That they sought out that tome tells us something important."
What does it tell us?
"The invaders found a way to enter Apocrypha undetected. Perhaps they hope to open a path for one or more of the rival Princes? That would be disastrous!
There's nothing more we can do here. It's time to exit the Tranquil Catalog."
All right. I'll meet you outside.

Scruut will simplify your escape from this location:

"One moment and I'll conjure up a portal."
"After you. My portals are perfectly safe. Usually."

Outside, Scruut will call you over to talk:

It appears we're in no immediate danger. We can speak here, mortal.
"I've never faced such a convoluted contradiction of fate before. While we learned the cause of the incongruity, I wasn't able to make the necessary corrections. Unfortunately.
At least we chased off Torvesard and defeated the kynreeve."
Is there anything else I can do to help, Scruut?
"You want to help? Me? What a strange mortal you are. But resourceful. I'm not sure I would have learned anything at all without your assistance. Here's the gold I promised. You earned it.
This problem bears contemplation. I'll find you again soon."

This will formally finish the quest. While Scruut will begin to send you away, she will be interrupted by Hermaeus Mora wanting to use her body to talk to you:

"Farewell. I—wait. My master. Hermaeus Mora wants to speak with you, mortal. He will use me as his vessel …."
Scruut? What's happening?
"Know that the Prince of Secrets addresses you, chosen of fate. I can observe through my Watchlings' eyes, speak through them. Even act through them when necessary.
You and Scruut uncovered a threat before even I became aware of it. That concerns me."
Torvesard and the Hidden Kindred found a way to enter Apocrypha undetected.
"But you and Scruut were not fooled. For that, I give you a gift. So that I may better aid you against this ongoing threat to my realm and yours, I will make this Watchling available to you for the duration of our agreement.
Now, Leramil comes."

As Hermaeus Mora said through Scruut, Leramil the Wise will appear.

Leramil the Wise: "I came as soon as I heard, proxy. I knew what Hermaeus Mora predicted, but I never truly imagined invaders in Apocrypha."
Leramil the Wise: "We have examined the threads of fate and learned much. Return to the Necrom Bindery and we shall determine our next steps."
Scruut: "Leramil the Wise? You know this mortal, too? Then understand that agents of Vaermina invaded my master's realm."
Leramil the Wise: "Ah, one of Hermaeus Mora's examiners of contradictions. Reality is in jeopardy, Watchling. We can use every ally we can get."

Quest StagesEdit

Fate's Lost Dream
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should make my way to Alavelis and look into the miner's story. Daedric cultists certainly sound like something that may be connected to the threads of fate I'm supposed to investigate.
Objective: Go to Alavelis
I found a strange creature on the outskirts of Alavelis. It might know something about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
  Scruut suggested searching Alavelis to find survivors or learn more about what the cultists want here. I should look around.
Objective: Seach [sic] Alavelis
Scruut and I found a surviving miner hiding in Alavelis. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Miner Sadalas
Miner Sadalas told me the villagers were enslaved in their sleep and forced to build an arch in the mine. She doesn't know where everyone else is, but suggested we check the village inn.
Objective: Go to the Green Glass Inn
It appears that the Hidden Kindred cultist turned the Green Glass Inn into some sort of a base of operations here in the village. I should search for clues about their intentions here.
Objective: Search the Green Glass Inn
Objective: Search the Inn: 0/2
In the Green Glass Inn I found several clues about the Hidden Kindred and their intentions in Alavelis. I should talk to Scruut about what we learned.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
Scruut and I learned the Hidden Kindred built a gateway to Apocrypha in the glass mine of Alavelis. I should go investigate.
Objective: Go to the Alavelis Glass Mine
I entered the glass mine of Alavelis. I should look for the gateway the villagers were forced to build here.
Objective: Search the Glass Mine
I found a chamber in the Alavelis glass mine that contains an arched gateway. I should look around to see if the Hidden Kindred left any clues behind.
Objective: Investigate the Chamber of the Gate: 0/2
We found the instructions to activate the gateway to Apocrypha. I should talk to Scruut and see if she can cast the invocation.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
Scruut activated the gateway and opened a portal to Apocrypha. I should use the portal and see where it leads.
Objective: Enter the Portal to Apocrypha
Scruut senses that the invaders have headed south. I should follow their trail and see where they're going.
Objective: Follow the Invaders' Trail
The trail led us to a wounded mortal scribe outside a place called the Tranquil Catalog. I should ask him what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Cipher Mukheesh
Scruut believes Vaermina's servants are searching the Tranquil Catalog for the location of the secret they want to steal from Apocrypha. We need to go in and stop them.
Objective: Enter the Tranquil Catalog
Optional Step: Talk to Scruut
Scruut and I entered the Tranquil Catalog. We need to find the invaders who headed for the Pool of Inquiry.
Objective: Search the Tranquil Catalog
Hidden Objective: Pursue Vaermina's Servants
The portal to the Pool of Inquiry has been unsealed by the invaders. I should go through the portal and follow them.
Objective: Go to the Pool of Inquiry
We entered the Pool of Inquiry but something's wrong. Scruut wants me to look around and find tears of some sort.
Objective: Search the Area
I need to go to three different shrines, each dedicated to a different aspect of Hermaeus Mora, in order to replenish the sacred tears and use the waters of scrying in the Pool of Inquiry.
Objective: Gather Hermaeus Mora's Sacred Tears: 0/3
I gathered three sacred tears from the manifestations of Hermaeus Mora. Now I must place them in the pool to access the waters of scrying.
Objective: Place Sacred Tears in the Pool
I placed the sacred tears of Hermaeus Mora in the pool, opening a portal to the Tranquil Archives. Whatever the invaders seek is on the other side.
Objective: Enter the Pool Portal
The Pool of Inquiry led us to a place Scruut calls the Tranquil Archives. We must find and confront the invaders.
Objective: Confront the Invaders
I found Kynreeve Ryl and Torvesard examining a glyphic in the archives. Torvesard departed, but Kynreeve Ryl stayed behind to face me. I need to defeat him to get to the glyphic
Objective: Kill Kynreeve Ryl
I defeated Kynreeve Ryl of the Dreamcarvers. I should examine the glyphic and see if I can learn what Torvesard sought in this place.
Objective: Activate the Glyphic
The glyphic held memories of three books. Torvesard found something important here. I should examine them.
Objective: Examine the Archived Tomes: 1/3
The books archived in the glyphic were mostly erased of the information they once held. I should talk to Scruut and see if she can make sense of what remained.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
Now that we're finished in the Tranquil Catalog, it's time to leave.
Objective: Leave the Tranquil Catalog
Finishes quest  Torvesard came to Apocrypha to examine three secret tomes related to lost dreams, a Black Book, and a pact between the Daedric Princes. I should talk to Scruut about all this.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
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