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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate strange happenings in Tel Rendys.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Leramil the Wise
Location(s): Telvanni Peninsula
Concurrent Quest: Fate's Proxy, Keeper of the Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream
ID: 6973
Leramil the Wise met me near the abandoned tower of Tel Rendys. She senses that both of us will be required to learn why Tel Rendys is important to stopping the threat facing Hermaeus Mora's realm and Nirn.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Leramil the Wise.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Travel to Tel Rendys, a Telvanni Mushroom Tower for Meln the Mouthless. Leramil the Wise will be present to assist you this time. She will call out to you with the line:

"Come, proxy. Fate dictates that I join you at this location."

Speak to her to learn your objective:

"The threads of fate draw both of us to this place, proxy. Tel Rendys. Once the home of a powerful Telvanni magister named Meln the Mouthless, but now abandoned. From what I could ascertain, no one knows what happened to the wizard of this tower."
Is that why we're here, to find out what happened?
"That has yet to be determined. One of the strands of fate revealed to me converges at this location. More than that, Hermaeus Mora expects us to learn for ourselves. Of the three sites, this one requires that I be on hand to assist you."
Why is this place more important than the other two sites?
"I never said it was more important. Just that fate requires both of us here. More than that, we shall need to determine.I do sense a lingering presence. A connection to Apocrypha. Help me investigate this place and Hermaeus Mora will reward you."
I'll help you investigate Tel Rendys. Where do we start?
"I wish to survey the tower and its grounds. The threads of fate hang over this place like cobwebs of possibility and consequence. Let us explore the center of the compound and see where those threads take us."
What can you tell me about the Telvanni?
"The Telvanni are one of the great Dunmer houses. They focus on magic and the arcane arts, and they consider power, ruthlessness, and ambition to be paramount. We must be careful in our dealings with them, for they are nothing if not dangerous."
You mentioned a name, Meln the Mouthless.
"Yes, but I could not learn much. Just that he owns this tower but has not been seen in some time. The place is considered abandoned.He was a Telvanni magister, the highest rank in the house, second only to the archmagister."
What does it mean, that he was mouthless?
"Telvanni masters and magisters avoid undue socializing, fearing threats from all directions. So they appoint agents to represent them. Mouths. Meln eschewed the practice, hence they called him mouthless. I expect his tower to be a fortress."

On the tower grounds you will find a camp belonging to the Dusksabers, an organization of vampire mercenaries. You will overhear a conversation about infiltrating the tower.

Dusk Captain Zenfis: "Master Shelreni, the tower's defenses continue to oppose us."
Master Shelreni: "Meln was thorough, I'll give him that. Any word from the tower?"
Zenfis: "No progress yet. I'll keep you informed."
Shelreni: "See that you do, captain. You there, come forward. You aren't with the Dusksabers."

You can find a note with Master Shelreni's Orders for the Dusksabers. The instructions tell the Dusksabers to establish a camp and wait for Shelreni to assist in defeating the tower's defenses. You can also find a book called A Report on the Dusksabers, which provides some background information on the group. Attempting to speak to Zenfis will have him direct you to Shelreni instead:

"Talk to my employer, stranger. Master Shelreni is not known for her patience."

Leramil will urge that you do the same, but with some caution if you choose to speak to her directly:

"A Telvanni master. Speak with her, proxy."
"Speak with the Telvanni master … but take care. Find out why she is here, but do not give away any more than you must about our own purpose in Tel Rendys."

Speak to Master Shelreni to continue:

"I expected to have Tel Rendys all to myself today. And you're certainly not one of Captain Zenfis's vampire mercenaries. So who are you and why have you come to this tower?"
I'm [Player Name]. We heard the place was abandoned.
"Oh, the Telvanni magister who owned this place. He's been missing for decades. The old fool possessed a book that I very much want to add to my library. Scavenge if you will, as long as you understand the book is mine.Now, why are you really here?"

You will have the option to be honest, or lie to her:

Hermaeus Mora sent us to investigate this place.
"Indeed? You don't look like a Daedric cultist. Running errands for Daedra is frowned upon in most lands, but I appreciate your honesty.
My Dusksabers are stymied. And Meln warded his tower against other Telvanni such as myself. Perhaps you can help."
[verification needed — Line recovered from game data without viewing in-game.]
"What kind of help do you need?"
[Lie]Like you surmised, we're here to scavenge whatever we can from the abandoned tower.
"Hmm. A capable adventurer might be just what I need. The wards of Tel Rendys are intended to keep out other Telvanni wizards, myself included. And since my Dusksabers are stymied, I have a proposition for you."
What kind of proposition?

This will lead to her proposing you breach the tower:

"Find a way into the tower and breach Meln's defenses so I can recover the book I seek. You can then attend to your business … with the gratitude of a Telvanni master. So what do you say? Do we have an agreement?"
We'll help find a way into the tower.
"I suggest you begin with the old Tel Rendys Hall, to the southwest of this camp. Captain Zenfis reports that his Dusksabers are having a difficult time there. If you can succeed where they have so far failed, I will make it worth your while."
You're working with vampires?
"The Dusksabers? They're mercenaries, f'lah. Efficient, capable, and rather expensive, but I believe in hiring the very best. No need to worry. They won't bite anyone unless I pay them to."
Tell me a little more about yourself.
"An appeal to my vanity? How charming. And clever. We Telvanni think highly of ourselves and enjoy sharing. I'm an accomplished mage, as you might guess. And I have more than earned the right to wear a master's hood. In fact, I should be a magister."
A magister?
"The next rank up in the house, which will allow me to challenge the archmagister. I expect to be awarded the rank soon enough. Now, don't you have a tower to break into?"
Have you seen Hidden Kindred cultists here? OR a Dremora named Torvesard?
"There are no cultists here. Only my Dusksabers and the defenders Meln the Mouthless left behind. But I am curious about how you are acquainted with Torvesard. Where did you encounter him?"
Torvesard worked with the Hidden Kindred to steal a relic from the Necrom Necropolis. You know him?
"In some quarters it's impolite to ask about such things. I'm a Telvanni master—I know many Dremora. My dealings with them are not your concern. But if you must know, I had no part in whatever happened in Necrom. Now, assist me or leave this place."

With the conversation finished, Leramil will urge caution once again:

"That Telvanni bears watching, but the tower remains the crux of our investigation here. Let us find a way in."

Conversation with Leramil will allow you to discuss Shelrani further:

"Master Shelreni has more to do with all this than she lets on, but I sense that our goal here is within the tower. Let us head to the old hall and see if we can access the tower from there."
Master Shelreni seems very intent on acquiring that book she mentioned.
"Indeed. Whether that book is tied to the threads that brought us here or not has yet to be determined. Let us make our way to the tower and see what fate shall reveal to us."

Zenfis will tell you to urge on any Dusksabers you encounter:

"If you see any Dusksabers in the old hall, tell them Master Shelreni grows impatient. Whatever delays their progress, they need to deal with it. Quickly."

As you approach the tower you can find a dead Dusksaber, with a report written by Zenfis. It provides a summary of what the Dusksabers have found on the grounds so far.

Enter the tower, where you will find Dusksaber Uleni waiting. Leramil will question her:

Leramil the Wise: "A magical ward seals that door. What happened here, mercenary?"
Dusksaber Uleni: "What happened here? That ward killed my comrade. Not easy to do to a Dusksaber."

If you speak to Leramil she will request you speak to her further:

"Question the mercenary. We must find our way past this obstacle. She may also reveal more of her employer's true intentions if she is willing to talk to you."
"Careful there, stranger. Whatever Three-cursed spell-trap the old magister placed on that door kills vampires like us rather efficiently. But I don't recognize you. You're not a Dusksaber. Did Master Shelreni send you to help us?"
Master Shelreni sent us to help open a path into the tower. Tell me what happened here.
"Nalia tried to push through the ward on that door. The note over there suggests that something in this room disarms the trap. Clearly, she guessed wrong. I think this strange lens is part of the puzzle. We found it by the note."
A strange lens? What does it do?
"Here, you take it. We obviously weren't able to figure it out. I'll be damned if I try to use it again. If Shelreni sent you, by all means be my guest. I'm just going to stand back here …."
I'll see if we can figure out how to dispel the ward.

Once given the ghost lens Leramil will remark:

Leramil the Wise: "Lenses such as that can reveal hidden things. Look through it, proxy."
Leramil the Wise: "Look for anything glowing. That should be the switch to dispel the ward."

Leramil and the Dusksaber can be talked to again after activating the lens but before activating the now glowing sword embedded in the stonework:

Leramil the Wise: "A very useful lens indeed. This missing magister clearly was concerned about blundering into his own traps. Try the illuminated object, proxy. It should be safe. At least I sense no overt danger from it."
Dusksaber Uleni: "All right, so you figured it out. Maybe Master Shelreni will give you a bonus. I still don't trust anything in here. You go and touch the sword. I'll stand by and wait to see what happens."

When you take down the ward Uleni will make a move to leave:

Dusksaber Uleni: "The ward is gone! Master Shelreni must be informed at once!"
Leramil the Wise: "This is our opportunity. Lead the way, proxy."

Speaking to Leramil will have her restate this:

"Since the vampire mercenary excused herself, we have the perfect opportunity to follow the thread of fate before Master Shelreni arrives. We should find a way into the tower through that door. Lead the way, proxy."

After entering, Leramil will draw your attention to a glowing blue portal:

"This portal should take us to the tower."
Leramil the Wise: "I suggest we reach the topmost level of the tower. That is where the sanctum is usually situated. I suspect that we will find what we seek there. Let us find a way to ascend,proxy."

You will appear in a frozen grotto, guarded by an Ice Atronach.

Leramil the Wise: "We have reached the lowest level of the tower. There should be more portals to take us higher, proxy."

As you approach the portal to the next level, you will hear Meln the Mouthless:

Meln the Mouthless: "You dare enter the tower of Meln, magister of the Telvanni? Turn back or be destroyed!"
Leramil the Wise: "A spirit? Ignore it and keep going, proxy."

The next floor is a grotto on fire, with a Flame Atronach and Air Atronach.

Meln the Mouthless: "You aid that thief and liar, Shelreni Bero? Provoke me at your own risk, intruder!"
Leramil the Wise: "Interesting. The spirit seems aware of Master Shelreni's attempt to access the tower."

Once you approach this level's escape portal, Meln will interject again:

Meln the Mouthless: "As if murdering me wasn't insult enough, now she sends you to steal my book?"
Leramil the Wise: "Is this spirit actually Meln the Mouthless? Perhaps he is the thread that led us here."

The next floor will be Meln's personal chambers, with Meln personally protecting it. He will demonstrate his magical might by growing in size and making the room glow red with magical energy, before offering to let you just speak to him instead:

Meln the Mouthless: "Prepare to face the fury of Meln the Mouthless, magister of the Telvanni! Or we could have a nice chat and discuss this like civilized people."
Leramil the Wise: "A reasonable request. Speak to the spirit, proxy."

Leramil will assure you that she will help you if he attacks:

"Talk to the spirit of Meln the Mouthless and I shall stand ready to protect you. Even in death, a Telvanni magister can be dangerous."

Converse with Meln the Mouthless, as he requested:

"If there's one thing I learned in death, it's how foolish the living can be. I know all that passes in my home, intruder. I heard your bargain with that so-called master, Shelreni Baro. You have given my murderer access to my tower."
Master Shelreni murdered you? Why?
"Why does a Telvanni do anything? Ambition. Power. Greed. Twenty years ago I stood in Shelreni's path. An obstacle to the higher rank she craved. She requested a meeting. Instead of negotiating, she killed me and tried to steal my prized possession."
If you were dead, what stopped her from stealing this possession of yours?
"Oh, just all the contingencies I had in place. With my last breath, I banished her from the tower and set all the wards and defenses. They held perfectly well … until you mucked everything up. She'll have no trouble stealing my Black Book now."
Black Book?
"The Tormenting Eye. A tome of forbidden secrets. I see Hermaeus Mora's mark on you and your companion. If you don't know about the Black Books, she can tell you more. Shelreni Baro is careless in her pursuit of power. She must not possess my book."
What are you asking, Meln?
"Two things protect my book. The spell of illegibility I cast upon it and the fact that without my aid, it will take her time to break the spell on her own. Still, I'd rather she never gets her hands on it. Stop her and I'll find a way to reward you."
I need to discuss this with Leramil.

Leramil will immediately show support for going through with this plan, but Shelreni will take this opportunity to intrude on your plan. She will use a soul gem to capture Meln, before disappearing again:

Leramil the Wise: "The thread becomes clear. Hermaeus Mora sent us to recover the Black Book."
Master Shelreni: "The Black Book is mine! And with this soul gem, I also have this miserable spirit. Meln comes with me!"
Meln the Mouthless: "And I thought this day couldn't get any worse."
Leramil the Wise: "I knew a Telvanni master would be formidable. Come, proxy, we have plans to make."

Speak to Leramil to figure out your next move:

"The threads of fate here are tied to three things—Master Shelreni, Meln the Mouthless, and the Black Book. That was the connection to Apocrypha I sensed here. Black Books are creations of Hermaeus Mora and his realm."
Tell me more about Black Books.
"Black Books are relics of Apocrypha. Each holds a different secret. Most are kept in the vast libraries of Hermaeus Mora's realm, but he sometimes gifts one to a mortal. In addition to forbidden knowledge, each serves as a portal to Apocrypha."
How many Black Books are there?
"That is a secret the One Who Knows has not yet shared with me. I can count the number of Black Books I know about on one hand. And each is unique. Only one copy of each book exists. This is the first I have heard of one titled The Tormenting Eye."
So what now?
"We must free Meln the Mouthless from Master Shelreni's grasp and retrieve the Black Book. But to do that, we need more information. Look around, proxy. If Meln was indeed murdered here, there might be proof of Shelreni's villainy."
Leramil the Wise: "Take a look around, proxy. Meln the Mouthless mentioned a letter, as well as his own mortal remains. Let us hope we find something to point us in the right direction."

Search the area. You will discover a letter sent by Mouth Vabdru, where he arranged the meeting during which Meln was murdered. You will also find Meln's body, with a signet ring and his remains. Leramil will have a few comments as you work:

"That letter from Master Shelreni's mouth. That meeting must have been when Meln was murdered."
"The body of Meln the Mouthless. It is clear he was murdered at this very spot."
"A letter and a murdered magister. I know what we must do, proxy."

Speak to her to learn what your next course of action is:

"Meln the Mouthless let down his guard and paid the ultimate price. His body has remained here, forgotten and undisturbed for decades because he preferred solitude above all else. Now Master Shelreni has both Meln's spirit and his Black Book."
You said you know what we need to do?
"To recover Meln and his Black Book, you must find Master Shelreni. And the letter you discovered explains how to do that. Go to the Assembly of Masters at Ald Isra and question Shelreni's mouth, Vabdru. He shall know how to reach her."
You aren't coming?
"No. Here our paths diverge. I leave Mouth Vabdru and Meln in your hands. While you pursue the spirit, I shall research the Black Book and contemplate the other threads of fate. I must determine how this factors into the threat against Apocrypha."
What do I do after I locate Master Shelreni?
"Master Shelreni has trapped Meln's spirit in a soul gem. You must retrieve that gem or destroy it. Go to Ald Isra and find Shelreni's aide, Mouth Vabdru. He must have an office in the tower called Tel Vara."
What can you tell me about Ald Isra?
"The Telvanni Assembly of Masters meets there. Well, their representatives do. The masters themselves rarely bother to make an appearance. That is what they have mouths for. You want to go to Tel Vara. The mouths work out of that tower in Ald Isra."
Why don't the Telvanni masters attend their own assembly?
"The masters leave day-to-day concerns to their mouths. Their own arcane studies are far more important to them. And they try to avoid direct interaction with their rivals whenever possible. The fate that befell Meln is not an uncommon one."

With you parting ways, Leramil opens a portal as a parting bit of aid:

"This portal leads outside. You must travel to Ald Isra from there. Defenses around Tel Huulen play havoc with portal magic."

Journey to Tel Vara in Ald Isra. As you enter you will notice high tensions among a few Mouths in the lobby.

Mouth Saruse Serethi: "My master wants you to convey this message to Master Shelreni. The assembly will not tolerate threats or coercion."
Mouth Elar Delvi: "These rumors disturb the other masters. Shelreni must moderate her ambition before the assembly takes action."
Mouth Vabdru: "I will relay your concerns to Master Shelreni."

Serethi and Delvi will depart, leaving you alone with Vabdru. Vabdru will not be inclined to help you, and you will either need to do a favor for him or trick him into thinking you are already in Shelreni's employ.

"Forget what you heard, stranger. Master Shelreni cares not what the other masters think of her. Or how difficult she makes things for me. So, what brings you to Tel Vara, the tower of the Telvanni mouths?"
I need to talk to Master Shelreni. Where can I find her?
"Master Shelreni never comes to Ald Isra. Telvanni masters rarely do. I expect she is at her tower, Tel Baro. But I would be a poor mouth indeed if I let you pester her at home without asking what business you have with her."
Master Shelreni took a gem from Tel Rendys. I need it back.

If you instead choose to use persuasion to get the information you need, he will say:

[Persuade] Don't you recognize me? I was assisting Master Shelreni at Tel Rendys. She's waiting for my report.
"Ah. Master Shelreni doesn't discuss her work with me. Very well. Take the Tel Baro insignia from my office. You'll need it to unlock the wards, otherwise you'll never get through the cavern to reach the tower. She takes security quite seriously."
I'll go get that insignia now.
"My office is through the north door and the insignia is behind my desk. Use it to unlock the wards in the cavern or you'll never reach the tower. Tel Baro is hard to find. Look for the Cavern of the Tower, east of Ald Isra. The tower is inside."
What exactly does a mouth do?
"We tend to the affairs of the assembly on behalf of the masters we represent. Master Shelreni is far too important to waste her time in matters of house business. All the masters are. So we mouths make sure routine matters never trouble them."
So you let [sic] everyone who asks get to see Master Shelreni?
"A better question is, do I think you're an assassin? Or do I even care? If you aren't, then there's no danger. If you are, well, Master Shelreni can protect herself. Beyond that, I'm not sure my master and I are still on the same path."

While in his office you can take advantage of your free access to gain further information. A letter from Shelreni demonstrates that she and her Mouth are not on good terms. Mouth Vabdru's Journal will have him document his issues with Shelreni recently. Both show that Shelreni is causing friction in House Telvanni to force a conclave, with her letter implying and Vabdru suspecting that she plans to kill all of Telvanni's leadership there. You can also find the Tel Baro Insignia that you need to infiltrate Shelreni's underground tower.

Head to Tel Baro Cavern, where you will encounter Dusksaber forces guarding the site. They will attack you on sight. You can find a note from Zenfis explaining the security to his underlings, while also revealing how you can defeat it. Use your insignia to break each of the four magical locks. Atronachs will appear after you break each one as an extra layer of security.

Once you have have conquered Shelreni's security, head into the tower and take the portals to reach further inside. You will hear Shelreni conversing with Torvesard as you make your way through the tower. She will also speak to Meln toward the end, demanding the Black Book.

Master Shelreni: "Meln is in my power, Torvesard. He'll unlock the Black Book soon enough."
Torvesard: "He better, Shelreni. We need the rite hidden within The Tormenting Eye or else all is for naught."
Master Shelreni: "Tell the Princes. I'll uphold my end of the bargain. I expect them to uphold theirs."
Master Shelreni: "I have no time for obstinate ghosts. You will give me access to the Black Book when I return—or else!"

Shelreni will depart to give Meln time to think about her threat, which gives you an opportunity to rescue him. He will call you over when the coast is clear:

"Over here! Quickly, before Shelreni comes back!"

Speak to Meln to learn how to save him, which for now simply requires you to pick up his soul gem:

"I see you were able to follow the clues I left in my tower, but you took your sweet time. I can't defy Shelreni much longer. If we're going to get out of here and keep me from complying with that lying murderer, you must do exactly as I say."
What do I need to do?
"My spirit is bound to the soul gem Shelreni used to capture me. Disentangling the connection will require more time and expertise than you have, so simply take the gem and leave. Without me, she may never be able to unlock my Black Book."
Where is the Black Book?
"Shelreni took the Black Book with her. But without my help, she'll have to unriddle it page by page. The labor of days or weeks, not hours. If she can even accomplish it. She's too fond of the easy path to power. It will be her undoing someday."
What does Master Shelreni need the book for?
"She doesn't need it at all. She's in league with a Dremora, Torvesard, and a pair of Daedric Princes. There's apparently a rite contained within the book they want her to cast. In return, they'll give her what she wants—control of House Telvanni."
I'll get the Soul Gem.

After picking it up, Meln will speak to you telepathically:

"Can you hear me? With the gem in your possession, I can come and go as I please. Now use that portal and let's go."

Exit through the portal and Meln will manifest his spirit from his gem to speak face to face.

"Yes, this will do nicely. Let's discuss our arrangement, my chariot of flesh and bone."

Speak to him to make a deal:

"Being dead and incorporeal isn't how I planned to spend eternity, but being with you is a thousand times better than remaining in Shelreni's clutches. And we delayed her plans for my Black Book. Now, tell me about your dealings with Hermaeus Mora."
Hermaeus Mora chose me to help save Apocrypha and Nirn from opposing Daedric Princes.
"So, end of the world stuff. Well, that's something interesting at least. Obviously, you're going to need the help of a Telvanni magister. Luckily, you have me. Let me conjure up a small reward from my old vault. A stipend for services rendered."

Accept his payment, and you will have completed this quest. After doing so Meln will explain more about how your unique situation with him will work:

"Now, mind you keep my gem on you at all times. I can't help you save the world or advise you on matters of import if I'm not on your person. Unless I manifest, only you can hear me. Oh, and I can lend you certain abilities, such as my ghost sight."
Advise me? About what?
"Remember, I was a Telvanni magister. Still am, as a matter of fact. One of the most powerful mages in the peninsula. And I've dealt with Hermaeus Mora before. And Shelreni. Don't you think my counsel will be worth listening to? Well, it is."
Why did Master Shelreni murder you again?
"Once, long ago, I was her mentor. But I recognized a darkness in her. And not the usual Telvanni traits. She was reckless. Dangerous. I refused to sponsor her advancement beyond the rank of master. And she coveted my Black Book. So, she killed me."
Tell me about ghost sight.
"It's an improvement on the ocular lens you used in my tower. I created a spell to produce the same effect without any need of a crude focus. Turns out, it works even better now that I'm dead."
Better? What do you mean?
"My Black Book, The Tormenting Eye contains many secrets. Ghost sight was one of them. With it, I can expand your senses. Allow you to see the hidden, the imperceivable, the unseen. I have no doubt it will prove important in the tasks ahead of us."

Once you wrap up the conversation Meln will complain about his new travel arrangements, and Leramil will appear to expediate your journey to your next destination and debrief you.

"Tossed in your pack? I expect you to find a nice silk pouch for my gem at the first opportunity. Now, let's be off."
"One more thread of fate to investigate, proxy. Take this portal and see where it leads."

Speak to Leramil to go over the events of the quest with her, and to discuss the remaining location(s):

"This thread led us to a powerful ally, the spirit of a Telvanni magister. And we learned that a Telvanni master aids our enemies—and plans to use one of Hermaeus Mora's own Black Books against him. The plot against Apocrypha becomes clearer, proxy."

Quest StagesEdit

Spirit of Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Leramil suggested heading toward the center of the tower's grounds to see what we can find.
Objective: Search the Tower Grounds
Leramil and I found a Telvanni master with a band of mercenaries searching for something in Tel Rendys. I should talk to Master Shelreni.
Leramil and I found a Telvanni master with a band of mercenaries searching for something in Tel Rendys. I should talk to Master Shelreni.
Objective: Talk to Master Shelreni
Master Shelreni seeks a way into Tel Rendys. She's willing to let Leramil and I attempt to breach the tower's defenses and suggested we start at the old Tel Rendys Hall.
Objective: Go to Tel Rendys Hall
Leramil and I entered the old Tel Rendys Hall. I should search for a way to access the tower from here.
Objective: Search Tel Rendys Hall
I found Dusksaber mercenaries in the old hall. One lies dead in front of a door sealed by a magic ward. I should ask the remaining mercenary what happened.
Objective: Talk to Dusksaber Uleni
Dusksaber Uleni gave me a strange lens she found near the sealed door. Maybe it will help me determine a way to dispel the ward that seals the door.
Objective: Use the Strange Lens
The strange lens revealed which object in this chamber dispels the ward protecting the door. I should deactivate it.
Objective: Dispel the Magical Ward
I dispelled the ward. The way is now clear. I should continue exploring this old hall.
The portal in the old hall led to the tower of Tel Rendys. Leramil believes we'll find what we're looking for in the sanctum at the top of the tower.
Objective: Ascend the Tel Rendys Tower
I reached the top of Tel Rendys and found the spirit of the tower's owner, Meln the Mouthless. The ghost wants to speak to me.
Objective: Talk to Meln the Mouthless
Master Shelreni appeared and got away with both Meln's Black Book and Meln himself. I should consult with Leramil about what we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Leramil thinks we need more information. She asked me to search the sanctum of Tel Rendys.
Objective: Investigate the Tel Rendys Sanctum
I found the physical remains of Meln the Mouthless, along with a letter from Master Shelreni's Mouth. I should talk to Leramil.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
Leramil the Wise asked me to pursue Master Shelreni. She told me to go to Ald Isra and seek out Mouth Vabdru in the tower of Tel Vara. He represents Master Shelreni at the Assembly of Masters.
Objective: Go to Tel Vara in Ald Isra
I found Master Shelreni's mouth, a Khajiit named Vabdru. Several other mouths confronted him about Shelreni's recent actions. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Mouth Vabdru
Mouth Vabdru says I need a Tel Baro insignia to enter Master Shelreni's tower. I should look for one in his office—and maybe see what else I can find.
Objective: Search Mouth Vabdru's Office
Mouth Vabdru told me I would find the entrance to Tel Baro tower inside a cavern northeast of Ald Isra. I should make my way to Master Shelreni's tower and find a way inside.
Objective: Go to Tel Baro Cavern
I reached the Tel Baro Cavern, Master Shelreni's stronghold. Now I need to find the entrance to the tower.
Objective: Find the Entrance to Tel Baro
The tower of Tel Baro is sealed with a magic ward. I must find a way to dispel it.
Objective: Find a Way to Open the Tower
As Mouth Vabdru explained, the entrance to Master Shelreni's tower is locked while the four wards are in place. I need to use the Tel Baro insignia to dispel the wards and unlock the way into the tower.
Objective: Unlock the Tower Wards
Objective: Destroy the Locking Wards
I dispelled the the four magical wards sealing the tower of Tel Baro. I can enter the tower now.
Objective: Enter Tel Baro Tower
I made it into Master Shelreni's tower. Now I should ascend the tower and search for Meln the Mouthless.
Objective: Find Meln the Mouthless
Master Shelreni left Tel Baro, providing an opportunity to rescue Meln the Mouthless. I should speak with the spirit.
Objective: Talk to Meln the Mouthless
Meln the Mouthless believes I can foil Master Shelreni by stealing the soul gem she used to trap him. I should take the gem.
Objective: Take the Soul Gem
I have Meln the Mouthless's soul gem. I should leave Tel Baro.
Objective: Leave Tel Baro
I took the soul gem from Master Shelreni's sanctum and rescued Meln the Mouthless. Now I should talk to the spirit and find out how he can help us save Apocrypha and Nirn.
Objective: Talk to Meln the Mouthless
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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