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Dusk Captain Zenfis
Location Tel Rendys
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dusksabers
Condition Vampire

Dusk Captain Zenfis is a Dark Elf vampire and a captain of the Dusksaber mercenaries. He can be found at Tel Rendys where his group is assisting Master Shelreni with her recovery project.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

While completing Fate's Proxy, Leramil the Wise will have you investigate three locations around the Telvanni Peninsula. One of these locations will be Tel Rendys where she accompanies you herself. Once you arrive, you will find various atronachs roaming the area while the Dusksabers fight them off. You can head to the camp set up in the middle of the area, where you will find Master Shelreni in conversation with Dusk Captain Zenfis:

Dusk Captain Zenfis: "Master Shelreni, the tower's defenses continue to oppose us."
Master Shelreni: "Meln was thorough, I'll give him that. Any word from the tower?"
Dusk Captain Zenfis: "No progress yet. I'll keep you informed."
Master Shelreni: "See that you do, captain. You there, come forward. You aren't with the Dusksabers."
<Dusk Captain Zenfis walks away.>
Leramil the Wise: "A Telvanni master. Speak with her, proxy."

Speaking to him before Master Shelreni:

"Talk to my employer, stranger. Master Shelreni is not known for her patience."

If you talk to him after agreeing to access the tower:

"If you see any Dusksabers in the old hall, tell them Master Shelreni grows impatient. Whatever delays their progress, they need to deal with it. Quickly."

Unknown Trigger:

"You look like a fellow soldier of fortune. I have no quarrel with you … at least until my employer tells me otherwise. Mind your manners, sellsword."
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