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Mouth Vabdru
Location Tel Huulen
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mouth Vabdru is a Khajiit. Telvanni Mouth to Master Shelreni.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Spirit of FateEdit

When you travel to Tel Vara in Ald Isra to retrieve the soul gem holding Meln the Mouthless. As you enter you will notice high tensions among a few Mouths in the lobby.

Mouth Saruse Serethi: "My master wants you to convey this message to Master Shelreni. The assembly will not tolerate threats or coercion."
Mouth Elar Delvi: "These rumors disturb the other masters. Shelreni must moderate her ambition before the assembly takes action."
Mouth Vabdru: "I will relay your concerns to Master Shelreni."

Serethi and Delvi will depart, leaving you alone with Vabdru. Vabdru will not be inclined to help you, and you will either need to do a favor for him or trick him into thinking you are already in Shelreni's employ.

"Forget what you heard, stranger. Master Shelreni cares not what the other masters think of her. Or how difficult she makes things for me.
So, what brings you to Tel Vara, the tower of the Telvanni mouths?"
I need to talk to Master Shelreni. Where can I find her?
"Master Shelreni never comes to Ald Isra. Telvanni masters rarely do. I expect she is at her tower, Tel Baro. But I would be a poor mouth indeed if I let you pester her at home without asking what business you have with her."

If you choose to help on his job:

Master Shelreni took a gem from Tel Rendys. I need it back.
"Master Shelreni never returns anything she takes. But if you're willing to scratch behind my ear, I'll scratch behind yours.
Serving Master Shelreni has become…difficult. I would prefer to find another role in Ald Isra."
You want me to help you find another job?
"Oh, I already have the perfect position in mind. I just need to show them I'm the best candidate.
Your part is simple. Gather some papers from the servants quarters. Bring them back here and leave them on Mouth Delvi's desk. Discreetly, of course."
Which papers and where are the servants quarters?
"The papers contain sensitive information. Letters found by a valet in my employ.
The servants quarters are in a small tower to the north. The papers are stashed on the upper floor. Bring them back and leave them on Mouth Delvi's desk. Simple, yes?"

Speaking to him when you have the papers:

"You have the papers? Good. Now take them to Mouth Delvi's desk over in the south alcove and leave them there. Discreetly!"

After placing the incriminating papers on Mouth Delvi's desk, speak to Mouth Vabdru:

"I see you found the papers and placed them on the correct desk. And my paws are clean in this matter. Thank you.
Now it's just a matter of waiting for Mouth Delvi to resign. Then I can swoop in and claim the position."
What exactly was in those papers?
"The less said, the better for both of us. Suffice to say, you helped me secure a new position in accordance with the time-honored traditions of House Telvanni.
With my business behind us, we can see to yours."
So, how do I gain access to Tel Baro?
"Take the Tel Baro insignia from my office. You'll need it to unlock the wards otherwise you'll never get through the cavern to reach the tower. Master Shelreni takes security quite seriously.
Now if you'll excuse me, a mouth's work is never done."
I'll go get the insignia now.
"My office is through the north door and the insignia is behind my desk. Use it to unlock the wards in the cavern or you'll never reach the tower.
Tel Baro is hard to find. Look for the Cavern of the Tower, east of Ald Isra. The tower is inside."

Before heading to get the insignia, he will pretend to be shock of finding the incriminating documents:

Mouth Vabdru: "What's this? It looks like Mouth Delvi's left some incriminating documents on their desk for anyone to see. How foolish of them."

If you instead choose to use persuasion to get the information you need, he will say:

[Persuade] Don't you recognize me? I was assisting Master Shelreni at Tel Rendys. She's waiting for my report.
"Ah. Master Shelreni doesn't discuss her work with me. Very well. Take the Tel Baro insignia from my office. You'll need it to unlock the wards, otherwise you'll never get through the cavern to reach the tower. She takes security quite seriously."
I'll go get that insignia now. (Leads to same dialogue as other option)

Regardless of which options you choose, you can ask him further questions:

What exactly does a mouth do?
"We tend to the affairs of the assembly on behalf of the masters we represent. Master Shelreni is far too important to waste her time in matters of house business. All the masters are.
So we mouths make sure routine matters never trouble them."
So you let [sic] everyone who asks get to see Master Shelreni? / Do you let just anyone meet with Master Shelreni?
"A better question is, do I think you're an assassin? Or do I even care?
If you aren't, then there's no danger. If you are, well, Master Shelreni can protect herself. Beyond that, I'm not sure my master and I are still on the same path."

Conclave of FateEdit

As you enter the building you can overhear him speaking to Sentry Valyne:

Sentry Valyne: "No, Vabdru. As Master Shelreni's mouth, you are prohibited from entering the conclave."
Mouth Vabdru: "But, but—I must warn the masters!"
Sentry Valyne: "Don't worry, your treacherous master will be dealt with soon enough."

When spoken to:

"You! You must warn the other masters! I can no longer stand by and do nothing while Master Shelreni continues along this dark path.
Her actions threaten the entire peninsula!"
You're Master Shelreni's mouth. Why should I trust anything you tell me?
"You probably shouldn't, but that doesn't mean I'm lying.
I admired Shelreni for her skill and power. Thought she would help me rise in the ranks. But her ambition and contempt for her fellow Telvanni will doom us all."
What do you mean?
"Master Shelreni made a deal with not one but two Daedric Princes! She plans to use their help to eliminate all who oppose her so she can become archmagister.
The masters won't listen to me. They don't understand the danger."
What danger are you talking about?
"I'm not sure. Master Shelreni stopped confiding in me. But I know how she thinks. She has no respect for the masters or this conclave. When they move to reprimand her, she's going to show them just how powerful she's become.
It will be a bloodbath!"

Speaking to him again:

"You must heed my warning. Lives are at risk!"

After you receive clearance from the sentries:

"They're letting you inside? Then you can warn them! Tell the masters. They understimate Master Shelreni at their own peril!"

Chronicle of FateEdit

When you are meeting Gadayn back at Necrom, Vabdru will be speaking to Inspector Ulene about the reopening of the Necropolis:

Mouth Vabdru: "Have you heard? Necrom Abbey will soon reopen!"
Inspector Ulene: "Truly? That's good to hear. The necropolis is the heart of the city."

Speaking to him:

"Why, it's you! I must admit, I was satisfied to hear that Master Shelreni Baro had met her end at the hands of her own allies. It was…fitting.
Many interesting people are gathering at the Necrom Necropolis. You will be there, yes?"

Inside the Necropolis, you can speak to him again:

"When you came to Ald Isra to ask me about Master Shelreni, I thought I was sending you to your death. Not from malice, mind you! I simply doubted she could be beaten by a wandering adventurer.
I'm pleased to see that I was wrong."
What's next for you, Vabdru?
"That's what a mouth does. I loyally represented my master's interests against all opposition. And I demonstrated the discretion to put House Telvanni's interests first when Master Shelreni became a threat.
I shall find new employment quite soon."
The assembly won't blame you for serving Master Shelreni?
"That's what a mouth does. I loyally represented my master's interests against all opposition. And I demonstrated the discretion to put House Telvanni's interests first when Master Shelreni became a threat.
I shall find new employment quite soon."
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