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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate strange happenings in Necrom.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Curate Gadayn Deras Thirothan
Location(s): Telvanni Peninsula
Concurrent Quest: Fate's Proxy, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream
ID: 6971
ON-quest-Keeper of the Fate.jpg
Prelate Faram closed the catacombs of the Necrom Necropolis due to a mysterious illness, but the circumstances seem strange. I should find a young monk named Curate Gadayn and see if this is related to the threads of fate I need to investigate.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Leramil the Wise.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Leramil will instruct that you investigate the Necrom Necropolis, and it will not be hard to notice something is very wrong. In an unprecedented move and to the dismay of grieving families, the Necropolis has been closed. You can find Curate Gadayn outside the entrance to the Necropolis, having been ordered to keep visitors out.

Ovis Fels: "How can we honor our ancestors if the Necropolis is closed?"
Prelate Faram: "The abbot ordered the closure for your own good, citizen. Curate Gadayn, make sure no one enters."
Curate Gadayn: "Prelate? Oh, of course. No one enters the Necropolis."
Eleth Madon: "The Necropolis is closed? Whoever heard of such a thing?"
Curate Gadayn: "Something about this doesn't feel right."

After this, Maral Hlara, Ovis Fels and Eleth Madon will walk away and disappear. Speaking to the Curate will reveal more information, and have him reveal his suspicions about Prelate Faram:

"Sorry, friend, but the Necropolis is closed today. And by order of the abbot, it seems. We've never turned away the families of the dead before, but if the rumors about illness are true …. Plague isn't something to be treated lightly."
"Prelate Faram arrived from the Temple and suddenly my fellow monks fell ill. We were never notified of a visit and besides, Faram isn't our usual prelate. Never even heard of him. If you can help, I can make sure you're compensated. I think."
I can look into Prelate Faram for you.
"Fate must have led you here, friend. Prelate Faram arrived aboard the Stormwing. If you can find out where they boarded the ship, it might tell us something. Talk to the port master at the harbor while I deal with any pilgrims that come by."
Tell me more about the Necropolis.
"This is the Necropolis of Necrom, perhaps the largest and oldest necropolis in all of Morrowind. For thousands of years, families have interred their revered ancestors in these catacombs. It's my honor to serve as one of the Keepers of the Dead."
The Keepers of the Dead?
"Yes. We're a monastic order. We keep the crypts in good repair. We help families make funerary arrangements. And we guide those pilgrims who come to visit their ancestors. We never turned anyone away—until now."
You said you were away when the other keepers got sick?
"I was with Abbot Ilvel when Prelate Faram arrived. I was barely introduced when the abbot sent me to get tea from the market. I'm worried about the abbot. He's always been kind to me. He and the monks raised me after … well, I had no other family."
Tell me more about the illness affecting the Keepers of the Dead.
"I think he brought this sickness to the Necropolis, yes. Perhaps he picked it up on the voyage to Necrom … although neither he nor his aides appear sick. I wish I could ask Abbot Ilvel about it. But Prelate Faram won't let me inside to see him."
If the keepers are sick, isn't it prudent to close the Necropolis?
"Maybe? But if it isn't spreading to the prelate or his aides, is it really that dangerous? I have no idea."
Speaking of fate, anything happen here recently that could be connected to Hermaeus Mora?
"The Lord of Secrets? I hope not! I mean, I suppose Hermaeus Mora isn't bad as far as Daedric Princes go—he's not part of the House of Troubles, after all. But trafficking with any Daedra is dangerous business. Everyone knows that."

Your next destination are the docks of Necrom, where you will find the Stormwing, the Prelate's ship. You will need to get permission from the port master to investigate the ship first. Thankfully, you can quickly find her asking out loud where her missing assistant is:

Port Master Ulene: Where's that layabout, Randas? Absent again?"

You will need to speak to her for permission, which can either be obtained by convincing her of the importance of your task, or by finding her missing aid:

"Not now, stranger. My assistant never showed up for work today and I've got my hands full directing cargo bound for both land and sea."
Passengers from the Stormwing may have brought a plague to Necrom.'
"Plague? That's not a word to toss around lightly. What proof do you have?"
The Necropolis has been closed because the monks there have fallen ill.
"Look, illness is a part of life when you work with the dead. I'm surprised the Keepers of the Dead aren't sick more often. Plague can be serious, but I'd need more than your word to shut down the port or quarantine the city."
If you let me investigate the Stormwing, I can find the proof we need.
"Sorry, I can't let you wander around unattended on a ship under my watch. And since my assistant Randas never showed up for work today, I have no one available to escort you. Without Port Agent Randas or more substantial proof, I can't help you."
[Persuade] You don't want to be remembered as the port master who let a plague overrun Necrom, do you?
"No, I wouldn't want that. All right. If you're careful and don't touch anything, you can go aboard and take a look around. But if you find anything to verify your claim, I want you to bring it to me immediately."

Finding Port Agent RandasEdit

Port Agent Randas

If you decide to help her with her assistant, you will instead say:

I'll go find Port Agent Randas.
"Port Agent Randas likes to fish at a little cove south of the city. Even when he's supposed to be working. Tell him to get his arse back here and I'll let you look around the Stormwing.
Just be careful. The wildlife along the coast can be dangerous."

As you approach Randas who can be found on the coast southeast of Necrom, you can overhear him say:

Port Agent Randas: "Ugh … I don't feel so good. Should have stayed in bed."

Speak to him:

"I usually have this spot all to myself. Well, you can have it today, stranger. I don't feel up to fishing.
Good luck to you. I'm going back to bed."
Port Master Ulene sent me to find you.
"Did she? Not the first time the port master sent someone to fetch me. \n\nBut you can tell her I won't be much help today. I fell ill after inspecting the Stormwing when it arrived in port the other day."
You think something on the Stormwing made you sick?
"Now that you mention it, the air in the lower holds smelled … unhealthy. And the passengers kind of gave me a bad feeling, though I can't rightly say why.
Look, tell the port master I'm sick and can't work today. For once, that's the truth."
I'll tell the port master.

Return to the port master:

"You again? And without that good for nothing, lazy Randas in tow.
I told you before, I don't have any time to waste on nonsense today."
I found Port Agent Randas where you said, but he was really sick.
"Well enough to go fishing, but too sick to work? A likely story!
I should drop everything and go catch him in his lie. Then I'd have a reason to dismiss him and hire a competent assistant."
He went home. He's really sick. Now about the Stormwing ….
"Hmm. First you shout plague, then I hear that several of the dock workers who unloaded the Stormwing took ill. Now Randas?
All right. Go investigate the Stormwing. If you find anything incriminating, I want to hear about it!"


As you approach the Stormwing, you will hear a conversation clearly suggesting something is very wrong on the ship.

Makdannif: "What's going on with the Stormwing? Nobody wants to go near that ship."
Gellius Nuncius: "Good question. I hear it's full of skeevers and it arrived with a prelate from the Temple."
Makdannif: "Interesting. No one's gone near it since the Temple priests disembarked. Not even a rat."
Gellius Nuncius: "Probably cultists of some sort. That's my guess, anyway."
Makdannif: "You don't think the ship is haunted, do you? Haunted and cursed?"
Gellius Nuncius: "Until we know what's going on, I'm giving that ship a wide berth."

Inside the Stormwing, the evidence that the ship was truly ran by a cult known as the Hidden Kindred dedicated to Peryite will be very easy to find. You will find a note from an Supreme Plague Master Blightcrown laying out the plan. They will infiltrate the Necropolis posing as monks so they can spread disease to the real monks via a miasma. Once the monks have fallen ill, they will have access to search the Necropolis for something they need.

Ritual circle and rot

Although this alone is damning enough, you will also find an Peryite Idol, corpses of the ship's crew, skeevers, rooms filled with rot and fungus, and ritual circles. First Mate Dalmir's Log will reveal that the crew was not in on the plot.

With very clear evidence of the plot, including a plan written and signed by its leader, your next stop is to report what you discovered to Curate Gadayn. He will be happy to see you:

Curate Gadayn: "You're back! I was worried maybe you abandoned me."

Speak to him and reveal the plot:

"If I have to turn away one more family …. Did you learn anything at the Stormwing about a sickness or a plague? And did the Temple really send Prelate Faram to the Necropolis?"
Prelate Faram is an impostor. He's the leader of the Hidden Kindred cult and a follower of Peryite.
"An imposter? Let me see what you found. I knew there was something wrong the moment I saw the prelate, or I suppose I should call him Blightcrown. What kind of name is that? And what does a devotee of Peryite want in the Necropolis?"
The note doesn't say, but it does indicate they want to search the Necropolis for something.
"All sorts of relics and heirlooms are stored in the catacombs with the ancestors. And with Peryite cultists loose inside, Abbot Ilvel and the keepers are in terrible danger! We need to get into the Necropolis, but how? The main door is locked!"
You must know another way to get into the Necropolis.
"I don't—wait! When I wanted to slip out after curfew, I used the cellar that connects to the city's underways. I doubt Blightcrown or his attendants know about it. Meet me in the tunnel behind the Necropolis. I think I can get us inside from there."
Good idea. I'll meet you in the tunnel.
"The entrance to the underways is on the west side of the Necropolis. You'll find the cellar door in an alcove on your right. I'll post a notice about the closure and join you there. We can't let Peryite's cult rummage through the catacombs!"
What can you tell me about Peryite?
"Not a terrible lot. I'm not an expert on Daedric studies or anything. I know he's the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, the Blighted Lord, the Master of Tasks. Some believe he isn't a very important Prince, but people get sick all the time."
People worship a god of disease?
"People worship all sorts of things. Peryite's followers see disease as a blessing. They revel in suffering and spreading plagues. Blightcrown's attendants have pox scars. I should have suspected something when I first met them."
You seem very worried about the abbot.
"I was orphaned at a young age. No other family. Abbot Ilvel took me in and raised me. He … he's the father I never had. A kind and devout servant of the Necropolis, but maybe too trusting. It never occurred to him to question Blightcrown's story."
Blightcrown, as the prelate, said the Necropolis was closed by order of the abbot.
"I only have Blightcrown's word about that. I'm not even sure if the abbot and the keepers are really sick. When I returned, the place was already locked tight and I was ordered to stay at the door and turn pilgrims away."
What about the city guard? Can they help?
"As Prelate Faram, Blightcrown has the authority of the Temple. The Necrom Guard would never make a move against a Temple prelate or the orders of the abbot. No, we need to get inside and find the abbot ourselves. Before it's too late."

As you part, he will remind you where to go:

Curate Gadayn: "I'll meet you in the underways."
The trapdoor

As the Curate said, you will find him in the underways, and he will show you to the trapdoor needed to infiltrate the Necropolis:

Curate Gadayn: "Over here, friend. A rarely used trapdoor."

After you enter, he will comment on the situation inside:

Curate Gadayn: "No one around, just as I hoped. The chapel is through the doorway and up the stairs."

Speaking to him will have him provide a more detailed explanation:

Curate Gadayn: "We should head for the chapel. If they actually set up a quarantine, that's the best place to do it. The chapel is through the door and up the stairs. We'll need to be careful, though. The false prelate brought a lot of attendants with him."

As you progress Hidden Kindred can be seen, ransacking and guarding the Necropolis. Once you enter the chapel you will find some of the monks, imprisoned and being poisoned by censers. In total there are four of them labeled "Censer of Contagion" that are releasing a green miasma that is hurting the monks. Destroy them all to save the keepers, who will reveal they were also being interrogated by the cultists. Unfortunately Abbot Ilvel is not present.

You will find another note from Blightcrown with his orders. The note will explain that the keepers are to be interrogated with the intention of finding a relic, Prior Durdryn's tomb, and anything else secret inside the catacombs. The note also reveals that Ilvel was sent to his chambers, to be interrogated by Blightcrown personally. Gadayn will point you in the direction of the abbot's office, where you will find him also being poisoned by a Censer of Contagion. Rescue him and he will reveal what the Hidden Kindred are looking for:

Abbot Ilvel: "No … prelate, stop. Fulcrum Obscura? Durdryn's tomb … in the lower catacombs."
Curate Gadayn: "Poor Abbot Ilvel, he's delirious! What did he say about the lower catacombs?"

Speak to the Curate to formulate your new plan:

"How insidious! Blightcrown made the Keepers of the Dead sick so he could question them in their fevered state. And all so he could find some old relic hidden in the Necropolis? Why go to all the trouble?"
It's part of a plot to attack Hermaeus Mora. I was told that fate sent me here to stop it.
"Hermaeus Mora? The Keepers of the Dead have nothing to do with the Lord of Secrets! And I never heard of anything called the Fulcrum Obscura—wait! How do you know all this? Are you a cultist, too?"
No. I agreed to hlep because the threat to Hermaeus Mora also endangers Nirn.
"Endangers Nirn? I'm just a minor curate working in the Necropolis! Feuds between Daedric Princes are beyond me. Still … I want to help. Finding anything in the catacombs will take time. We might be able to catch up with Blightcrown if we hurry."
What kind of relic would be in Prior Durdryn's tomb?
"Take the key from the desk and head to the catacombs. The door is through the chapel and to the north. I'll stay with Abbot Ilvel. Do what I can until he recovers. Just be careful. We know Blightcrown didn't arrive at the Necropolis by himself."
What else can you tell me about Prior Durdryn and his tomb?
"Prior Durdryn established the Keepers of the Dead as a religious order and built this abbey over the ancient necropolis. He lived and died here centuries ago."
Do you know anything about the relic, the Fulcrum Obscura?
"Hmm. I don't remember that coming up in any of the abbot's lectures. But Prior Durdryn possessed many talents. Legend has it he could command powerful Daedra and resist their lures. And he was given some sort of charge by Lord Vivec personally."
And where will I find Prior Durdryn's tomb?
"I only visited it once, with Abbot Ilvel when I was very young. It's somewhere in the lower catacombs, at the very deepest point in the Necropolis. Remember, Blightcrown brought the Hidden Kindred with him. You might have to fight to get there."
Are Abbot Ilvel and the other keepers going to be all right?
"The ancestors watch over us. I have faith that in moments of need, my prayers will be answered. Although it certainly helps that the censers were destroyed and that foul miasma is dissipating. I'll do what I can while you deal with the imposter."
Tell me about the catacombs.
"Since the founding of Morrowind, Dark Elves have interred their dead in necropolises. Necrom is one of the oldest. Maybe the oldest. Here our people can visit their revered ancestors. Seek their guidance. Remind them they haven't been forgotten."
Are there many relics in the catacombs?
"It depends what you mean by relic. Many families choose to honor their dead by entombing them with trophies or keepsakes. Some of those might be valuable … or dangerous. But no Dark Elf would think of stealing from their ancestors."

Pick up the key on the table. You can also find a book called The Prior's Fulcrum that will explain more about Durdryn, and reveal what the Fulcrum Obscura, the key of secrets, is. The Fulcrum is the tusk of a beast given to Prior Durdryn by Vivec. Working with Hermaeus Mora, Durdryn created a relic capable of recovering lost memories and secrets. Although the prior originally gave it back to Vivec, it would later be returned to the prior's possession, which eventually became an obsession of the prior. He starved to death, refusing to even stop using the fulcrum to eat. Afraid of the power of the Fulcrum Obscura, it was stored in Prior Durdryn's tomb.

With Curate Gadayn staying back, head into the catacombs. You will encounter more Hidden Kindred forces along the way, but they should pose little threat to your progress. You will encounter a few cultists searching desperately for the prior's tomb, unaware their master has already found it:

Acoylte Drin: "By the blessed pox, the prior's tomb should be here somewhere."
Acoylte Onmar: "Keep looking! Blightcrown demands we find the relic!"

You will eventually arrive in Prior Durdryn's tomb, a giant space open to the sky, with multiple altars to the dead lining the walls. The Fulcrum Obscura is on a raised platform near the back, in front of a shrine. Here you will see the fake Prelate Faram and a Dremora named Torvesard speaking:

Prelate Faram: "Ah, the Fulcrum Obscura—wait. Someone approaches, Torvesard. Quick, take the relic!"
Torvesard: "The relic broke! Still, this portion contains the power we need. I leave our guests to you, Blightcrown."
Prelate Faram: "The time to hide is over. Behold Blightcrown, most favored priest of Peryite! I leave you with a blessing from the Prince of Pestilence!"

Torvesard will enter a portal and vanish, and Blightcrown will drop his disguise. He will also summon a Plague-Gusher, a diseased Ogre, before departing himself. You will have to defeat this creature to proceed.

Once defeated, recover the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura, and return to Curate Gadayn. He will be waiting for you with the recently recovering Abbot Ilvel:

Curate Gadayn: "You're back! Look! Abbot Ilvel is awake and feeling much better."
Abbot Ilvel: "Is this the one, Gadayn? You saved many lives, friend. Come, talk with me."

Speaking to Gadayn first will have him say:

"I told Abbot Ilvel all about Blightcrown and the plot to steal the Fulcrum Obscura. And I told him everything you did for us. He wants to talk to you. But not too long. He needs to rest."

Talk to the Abbot, who will give you the opportunity to explain what happened in the catacombs:

"Young Gadayn told me of your mission for the Prince of Fate. A strange and perilous ally … but I thank you for saving the Necropolis. We owe you our lives. What happened in the catacombs? Did you find the imposter who called himself Prelate Faram?"
The prelate is actually a Peryite priest named Blightcrown. They got away with part of the relic.
"Interesting. I know Prior Durdryn cavorted with Daedra, but there was no mention of Peryite in any of the chronicles. At least I see that you recovered the rest of the relic. I have no idea what they think it can do or if it even still functions."
What shoould I do with this piece of the relic?
"Oh, hold onto it, of course. Gadayn said that fate led you to us. I can only assume it was because of the Fulcrum Obscura. It must have a role in whatever trials you must face to save Nirn. Yes, my young charge told me everything. He does that."
Was there anything else, Abbot Ilvel?
"Just this. I am in no condition to help you recover the relic. None of the keepers are. Well, none except Gadayn. I will send our young curate with you. Search out these villains, put a stop to their scheme, and recover the Fulcrum Obscura."
Abbot Ilvel: "Gadayn, go with this adventurer. Retrieve the stolen piece of Fulcrum Obscura. You need to see more of the world, anyway."
Curate Gadayn: "Go? But … yes, abbot. I'll do it. Friend, a word please?"

If you speak to Ilvel first he will say:

"A great evil reached out to strike at our order. I must know why. Take young Gadayn into your confidence, adventurer. Together, the two of you may find answers and recover the Fulcrum Obscura."

Speak to Gadayn as requested:

"I never traveled far from Necrom. Barely left the Telvanni Peninsula and that was just one trip to Mournhold with Abbot Ilvel. The abbot has given me a mission, though, and I mean to complete it. Just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead."
Meet me at the old Necrom Bindery. I'm working with someone named Leramil the Wise.
"The Necrom Bindery? I thought that place was abandoned. Of course I'll meet you there. Oh, and the abbot authorized me to give you this. For exposing Blightcrown and saving the Necropolis. They got away with part of the relic, but we'll get it back."

This will conclude your investigation in the Necrom Necropolis, and Curate Gadayn will give you the reward he promised you before. Speaking to him again before leaving will have him express his feelings about the current situation:

"This is all so strange. A little exciting, but also nerve-wracking. I'll meet you at the Necrom Bindery, friend."

Leramil the Wise will appear to provide you quick access to the other investigation sites, and will also note that Gadayn has a larger role to play in what is to come:

"Your work here is done, proxy. Still, we—hmm. That Dark Elf also bears the mark of fate. I shall speak with you momentarily, curate."

Quest StagesEdit

Keeper of the Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to go to the Necropolis of Necrom and find Curate Gadayn. He should be able to tell me what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Curate Gadayn
Curate Gadayn asked me to begin by investigating the ship Prelate Faram arrived on. Necrom's port master at the harbor might be able tell me more about the Stormwing.
Objective: Talk to the Port Master
Port Master Ulene won't let me board the Stormwing alone. I can either find her missing assistant or try to persuade her to let me check out the vessel.
Objective: Find Port Agent Randas
Port Master Ulene won't let me board the Stormwing alone. I can either find her missing assistant or try to persuade her to let me check out the vessel.
I found Port Master Ulene's assistant, Port Agent Randas. He fell ill after inspecting the Stormwing. I should return and let her know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Port Master Ulene
Prelate Faram arrived in Necrom aboard a ship called the Stormwing. I should go aboard and look for clues concerning the prelate or where he sailed from.
Objective: Board the Stormwing
The port master agreed to let me board the Stormwing. I should search the vessel for anything suspicious.
Objective: Search the Stormwing
It seems the prelate might actually be a Peryite cultist called Blightcrown. I need to warn Curate Gadayn.
Objective: Return to Curate Gadayn
I returned to Curate Gadayn at the Necrom Necropolis. I should talk to him about what I found aboard the Stormwing.
Objective: Talk to Curate Gadayn
Curate Gadayn thinks he knows a way we can get into the Necropolis without alerting the imposter prelate or his attendants. I need to meet him in a tunnel on the west side of the Necropolis.
Objective: Meet Curate Gadayn in the Underways
I met Curate Gadayn at a rarely used door into the Necrom Necropolis. I should head inside.
Objective: Enter the Necropolis
Curate Gadayn and I slipped into the Necropolis through the cellar. We need to reach the chapel and find Abbot Ilvel.
Objective: Go to the Necropolis Chapel
The door to the Necropolis chapel is locked. I need to find a way inside.
Objective: Gain Entry to the Necropolis Chapel
Objective: Take the Chapel Key
Objective: Pick the Chapel Lock
We gained access to the Necropolis chapel. Now we need to locate Abbot Ilvel.
Objective: Search for Abbot Ilvel
Inside the chapel, we found strange censers emitting foul vapors that has made the keepers ill. I need to destroy the censers and examine any other evidence I can find here.
Objective: Destroy the Censers
Inside the chapel, we found strange censers emitting foul vapors that has made the keepers ill. I need to destroy the censers and examine any other evidence I can find here.
Objective: Examine Evidence
Objective: Destroy the Censers of Corruption
I destroyed the censers in the chapel, but evidence we found indicates that the abbot is also in danger. I need to go to his chambers at once.
Objective: Go to Abbot Ilvel's Chambers
Abbot Ilvel is delirious with fever. I must destroy the censer that's sickening him.
Objective: Destroy the Censer
I destroyed the censer, but Abbot Ilvel remains delirious. I should talk to Curate Gadayn and see if he knows anything about what the abbot mentioned in his delirium.
Objective: Talk to Curate Gadayn
Curate Gadayn needs to stay with the abbot. He told me to take the catacombs key and search for Blightcrown in the deepest part of the Necropolis.
Objective: Take the Catacombs Key
Now that I have the key, I should enter the catacombs. The door is through the chapel and to the north.
Objective: Enter the Necropolis Catacombs
The catacombs are crawling with Hidden Kindred cultists. I need to find Blightcrown and stop him from taking a relic called the Fulcrum Obscura from Prior Durdryn's tomb.
Objective: Search the Catacombs
Someone named Torvesard fled with part of the Fulcrum Obscura and Blightcrown left behind a diseased monster. I need to destroy the foul creature.
Objective: Kill the Plague-Gusher
I should investigate the tomb and see what Torvesard and Blightcrown left behind.
Objective: Search Prior Durdryn's Tomb
While the Hidden Kindred got away with part of the relic they sought, the Fulcrum Obscura, I recovered the other half. I should return to the abbot's chamber and let Curate Gadayn know what happened.
Objective: Return to Abbot Ilvel's Chambers
Curate Gadayn managed to wake Abbot Ilvel from his fever. He wants to talk to me.
Objective: Talk to Abbot Ilvel
I should speak with Curate Gadayn about what happened here in Necrom Abbey.
Objective: Talk to Curate Gadayn
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