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This article is about the god. For the city of the same name, see Vivec City.

(lore page)
Home City Vivec City
Location Vivec's Palace
Race Chimer Gender Male (predominantly) and Female
Health 15,000
39,959 (During the divination ritual/Coming back from Skar/In his palace after the main questline)
Reaction Friendly

Vivec is the Warrior-Poet of Almsivi and the Guardian God-King of Vvardenfell. He is worshipped as a living god by the settled Dunmer. Vivec can be encountered at his Palace in Vivec City.

You will be tasked with acting as Vivec's eyes and ears as part of Morrowind's main quest.

Related QuestsEdit


Divine ConundrumEdit

First encounter:

Canon Llevule: "This is the person who helped me at the tomb, my lord."
Archcanon Tarvus: "Lord Vivec, we don't need the help of this … outlander."
Vivec: "Oh hush, Archcanon Tarvus. Outlanders have their usefulness. This one intrigues me."
Archcanon Tarvus: "As you say. I'll be in my office if you need me."
Vivec: "Step forward, friend of Llevule, and let us speak."

Speak to the living god and he'll say:

"Canon Llelvule says you helped him in his mission. As I have written, "the one who helps my ally becomes my friend.
Despite the Archcanon's concerns, I greet you with sincerity and pose a simple question. Will you assist us further, Outlander?"
What kind of help do you need, Lord Vivec?
"I have Ordinators and Armigers at my disposal, vast armies of followers and dedicated priests. What I don't have, however, is a fresh perspective.
Will you set aside your personal goals for a time and become the eyes and ears of a god?"
Of course, Lord Vivec. I can provide a fresh perspective.
"Good. I need assistance to investigate a…strange phenomenon that the ancestor confirmed may indeed be a problem.
We'll start with a simple divination ritual. Archcanon Tarvus can tell you what we need to delve into this mystery."
I don't think Archcanon Tarvus wants my help.
"The situation that troubles me has taken a toll on my Archcanon. But he's a faithful servant. Tarvus will do as I say, and I say we need your assistance.
Find the Archcanon in his office and he'll tell you how to proceed."
When I first arrived, I saw a vision of Azura.
"The Daedric Prince? I suppose the same events that concern me might interest Azura, though she could just as easily be the source of these troubles. Red Mountain. Strange Daedra. And then there's … well, we'll talk more about that when you return."
Was what the ancestor said helpful?
"Llevule's ancestor assured me that a source of power remains safe. As for the rest, 'Let the guess ripen in the mind and only speak when the fruit grows certain.'
I require more information on these matters, hence the need for the divination ritual."

Speaking to him again before leaving:

"Find Archcanon Tarvus in his office and do as he commands. Help the Archcanon and you help me.
Remember the words of my Seventh Sonnet. 'Time is neither ally nor enemy. It simply is. And then it has passed.' Now go before it passes you."
Vivec during the divination ritual

If you speak to him before the ritual while you have the Blessing Stone, he'll say:

"I sense that you have one of my Blessing Stones. Well done! Let the Archcanon know and we can begin the divination ritual."

Speaking to him before getting into position for the ritual:

""The battle ends before it begins when you control the field of battle," according to my Odes of War.
That means it's time to take your place now so that we can perform the divination ritual."

After the ritual:

"Between the cryptic warnings of the ancestor spirit and the unexpected result of the divination ritual, I fear there may be more astir than I imagined. We solve the greatest mysteries by accident, I suspect.
Hmm. I should write that down."
Something went wrong during the ritual. Did you learn what you had hoped?
"We learn from every action we take. Failure or success, each result teaches us something, at least in the larger sense.
To be more specific ... no, not as much as I hoped."
But there were images in the ritual ....
"Images that suggest avenues to investigate, riddles to solve. Let me tell you a secret, Outlander. It concerns a Living God and energy that fades like daylight as dusk spreads across the land."
I don't understand, Lord Vivec.
"Listen well and speak not a word! My divine energy, it drains away. Whether from illness or foul malady, I know not. You must travel the land and seek answers on my behalf.
But first, "Gratitude before service," as I have written. So, thank you."

Divine InquiriesEdit

Your conversation will continue from where the previous quest left off.

"The ritual confirmed my worst fears—divine energy flows out of me for no reason that I can discern.
I felt the power imbued within my Blessing Stone get wrenched away as soon as you added it to the ritual. I couldn't stop it."
You're losing divine energy? How is that possible?
"To quote my own words as the Warrior-Poet, "No lock exists that the determined thief cannot open."
Follow the trail of my missing energy and try to discover the identity of the enemy Llevule's ancestor warned us about."
You think an enemy is responsible for your energy loss?
"Something drains my energy. Find Archcanon Tarvus in his office and ask if he gleaned anything useful from the ritual. If not, I know his earlier research indicated new avenues to investigate.
Go where he tells you and learn what you can."
I'll talk to Archcanon Tarvus.

You can ask him some questions before you go.

"My divine energy diminishes with every passing moment, but the ritual confirmed my affliction is not natural.
I regret that I could not reveal the full nature of these dire circumstances until your trustworthiness had been demonstrated."
I'm not sure Archcanon Tarvus shares your assessment of me.
"Yes, well, Archcanon Tarvus has always been cautious about ideas and ideologies that didn't originate within the Tribunal. And recently, that prudence has grown a thousandfold. He's a faithful servant, however, despite his narrow-mindedness."
What do you mean that your divine energy has diminished?
"I've always used my power freely and without detriment. I create the Blessing Stones, hold the moonlet above the city, and perform a hundred miracles a day to benefit my people.
I begin to feel the toll this liberal application of divinity costs me."
Do you think you're in danger?
"I care little for my own safety, but my people are another matter. Without my power to stop it, the moonlet will crash into the city and kill hundreds—perhaps thousands—of innocents. And that would just be the start of Vvardenfell's woes."
Why do you suspect the affliction isn't natural?
"At first, I barely noticed the loss of energy. But as I continue to grow weaker, the more it feels like an attack against my person.
Besides, the ancestor spirit confirmed that an ancient enemy was to blame. We just need to determine who before …."
Before …?
"Let us not dwell on disasters to come when we have problems enough to deal with in the here and now.
Consult with Archcanon Tarvus and discover the source of this attack. Then we can put an end to it and not worry about what might have been."
What does the rest of the Tribunal think about all this?
"They always chide me about my flagrant displays of divinity. But so far, I am the only one of the Living Gods whose power is fading.
Almalexia hoards her energy and has barricaded her temple against attack. As for Sotha Sil …."
What about Sotha Sil?
"My brother … travels. We have not heard from him for quite some time, but I sense that he remains safe and in possession of his full power.
Funny. He always wanted to discover the limits of our divinity. Perhaps I will solve that mystery for him."

Enter the palace and you'll hear Llevule and Vivec speaking:

Canon Llevule: "My lord! Please! Let me send for aid. Perhaps one of the healers can help you."
Vivec: "'Pain is best tolerated in private,' as I have written in the Thirty-Seventh Ballad."
Canon Llevule: "There must be something I can do."
Vivec: "You can call the Archcanon. He should hear the news our friend brings us."

You'll speak with him to turn in the quest.

"'The river drains into the sea, as my divinity flows out of me.' Hmm. Needs some work.
As you can see, I continue to lose energy, and it has made me somewhat agitated. Have you made any progress toward discovering the source of my discomfort?"
I think that an Ashlander named Chodala might be responsible for your condition.
"An Ashlander? That seems unlikely, but I trust your instincts. We need to find out more about this Chodala and the ancient enemy that aids him.
Take this. Another token of my appreciation. And look, here comes the Archcanon now."

If you speak to Vivec after turning in this quest and before starting the next:

"'When a god knows loss, mortals suffer. As is often the case, dark thoughts form the most poignant phrases.
I must concentrate lest the moonlet plunge or some other disaster befalls us. Talk to the Archcanon. See how he thinks we should proceed."

Divine DelusionsEdit

If you speak to Vivec after accepting the quest from the archcanon:

"The wary warrior weakens and withers, despite his dashing exuberance of expression.
Do as the Archcanon directs while I conserve my remaining energy and do what I can to stave off this attack—if attack it truly is."

Return from Ald'ruhn and he'll be in even worse shape:

"As a god weakens, so too does his city suffer. I know my people grow fearful. Even the Archcanon is distressed. But the energy that remains to me holds the moonlet in the sky—at least for now.
So, what news does my eyes and ears bring to me?"
We discredited Chodala as the Nerevarine, but he escaped with Sunna'rah.
"How this upstart Ashlander learned to attune Sotha Sil's tool confounds my understanding. And he dares use my power?
Still, your help is appreciated. Every strike and parry takes us one step closer to ending this threat and restoring my vitality."

Divine InterventionEdit

Speaking to Vivec before accepting the quest:

"Consult with the Archcanon to decide our next course of action. This Ashlander thief must be dealt with before my condition dooms my people.
Now leave me. If my concentration wavers, Vvardenfell is doomed."

Speaking to Vivec after accepting the quest:

"Barilzar? I think I remember that name. Sotha Sil's apprentice, if I recall. At least, one of his apprentices. The crazy one, I believe."

After the Archcanon reveals his true nature, a projection of Vivec appears over him. Speaking to him, he'll only say:

"Barbas … pet hound of the Prince of Bargains. I should have known.
Talk to the Ashlander while I … compose myself."

After speaking to Seryn, he'll add:

"Azura's champion... is correct. That was Barbas, faithful hound of Clavicus Vile. A shapeshifter. He killed the Archcanon... took his place.
Chodala... Sotha Sil's device... impersonating Tarvus... it was all part of some elaborate plan."
Plan? They tried to kill you!
"That was simply a consequence. They needed Tribunal energy to locate the Clockwork City.. I was the easiest target. If Barbas enters Sotha Sil's city... disaster will follow. I appreciate your help, but I must conserve what remains of my energy."

Divine DisasterEdit

Vivec in a weakened state

Speaking to Vivec before accepting the quest:

"Must … maintain … concentration."

Speaking to Vivec after accepting the quest:

"Baar Dau … must keep Baar Dau … above us …."

Speaking with Vivec after returning with the Blessing Stone, Llevule moves to the receptacle at the foot of the bed and places the stone there:

Canon Llevule: "Hang on, Lord Vivec …."
Vivec: "Sweet energy … like a sip of water … for a thirsty man …."

Speak to him before speaking to Llevule and he'll say:

"A boost of energy from a Blessing Stone … how ingenious! The danger hasn't passed, but you've bought us … a little time."

Divine RestorationEdit

"Clarity emerges … like sunlight breaking through the clouds ….
Barbas must have replaced the Archcanon weeks ago … all to set the wheels in motion to steal my divine energy …."
He went to a lot of trouble just to steal your divine energy.
"Every move … has a purpose. Stealing my energy sowed discord and disaster … throughout the land … and ultimately revealed the location of … the Clockwork City.
If Barbas and his master can bypass the wards and enter Sotha Sil's domain …."
This has all been a ploy to find the Clockwork City?
"Clavicus Vile distracted me, weakened me … all to locate the Clockwork City. Perhaps we require a Daedra … to fight a Daedra.
Azura's champion, Seryn … in the Archcanon's office. Seek guidance from her patron. But hurry, my time grows short …."
I'll find Seryn and see if Azura can help us.

Speaking with Vivec before leaving, he'll add:

"Azura's champion … went to the Archcanon's office … to investigate Barbas's activities.
Imagine … the Tribunal seeking aid … from an Ashlander … and a servant of Azura. Now I must concentrate. Llevule can answer any questions you have …."

Returning to Vivec:

"My time … draws to a close ….
Were you … successful? Can you restore … my energy?"
I have the staff, but the last time it nearly killed you.
"So you retrieved my … stolen energy. You … stopped Barbas ….
Now … return what is rightfully mine …."
But how can we be certain the staff won't harm you again?
"To quote my … seventy-fifth exhortation … "certainty is the brother of fear."
Nothing is certain, but I have confidence … in you… in what you have done. Use the staff …. return my energy. Or not. In a little while … it won't matter."
All right, I'll use the staff.
Vivec: "Use Sunna'rah and … restore my energy …."

Use the staff and restore the living god's power:

"Remarkable! No ordinator or armiger could have done any better! You uncovered a Daedric spy in our midst, brought a Living God back from the brink of death, and saved all of Vvardenfell.
Well done, my friend!"
I did what I could.
"As my next sermon shall proclaim, 'Modesty is the false cloak of a flatterer or the sincere garment of the humble.'
Again, you have my gratitude, and that of all my people. Indeed, even those who rail against the Tribunal owe you their lives."

Divine BlessingsEdit

"You have done much for me and for Vvardenfell. But as the warrior says, 'Do not think the battle is over when the enemy is dead. The hearts and minds of the people must also be won.'
I must ask you for one more service."
What do you need me to do?
"'Gratitude is its own reward,' I once told the crowds in Ebonheart. But I've found that some of my followers appreciate something more tangible.
Help me reward those who aided in the saving of Vvardenfell so we can reassure my people."
How can I help you reward people?
"To start, retrieve the Archcanon's Signet from the Hall of Wisdom. It is time to appoint a new head priest. I shall gather my people and meet you at my statue on the central canton.
It shall be a glorious ceremony, my friend!"
All right, I'll get the signet and meet you at the central canton.

Speaking to him again:

"One last task before your service ends, my friend."
"I'll send word to all the people of Vvardenfell. Once you've retrieved the signet, we'll meet again in Vivec City."

Once you have retrieved the Signet, leave the Archcanon's Office and head west to the other end of the canton to meet Vivec for the ceremony. As you approach, Vivec will be talking to the crowd.

Vivec: "Rejoice! You cursed the darkness, with good reason. Now Praise the return of the light!"

Speak to him to start the ceremony.

"The eyes and ears of the Warrior-Poet returns! And just in time for the gathering crowd!
Were you able to locate the Archcanon's Signet?"
Yes, I have the signet right here.
"Continue to guard it, for it represents not only my loyal servant Tarvus but also the past and future of my priesthood.
And take this as well. To aid you in your next task."
What's in this bag?
"You have been my eyes and ears in the world. Now be my hands. Within that modest sack resides gifts for my faithful servants. Blessings from me, though I would have you deliver them.
You served me in adversity. Now join me in celebration!"
What do you want me to do?
"As I call forth my faithful, reach into the sack and give them the first thing you find. They shall hear my words of praise and gratitude, while it shall be your hand that rewards them.
Are you ready, friend of Vivec?"
I'm ready.

At the ceremony, Vivec will bestow blessings on those who sacrificed so much on his behalf:

Vivec: "Overseer Shiralas, step forth!"
Vivec: "Overseer Shiralas, you sacrificed your Blessing Stones to aid the Warrior-Poet. Well done! Take these recharged stones and finish building my city - after relaxing with your patient wife."
Vivec: "Barilzar, approach!"
Vivec: "Your knowledge of the mysteries of my brother Sotha Sil and the intricate twists and turns of portal magic were invaluable. Take this and use it well to further your experiments."
Vivec: "Canon Llevule, kneel before me!"
Vivec: "Archcanon Tarvus served us well until his death. But when I was most in need of assistance, Canon Llevule rose to the occasion. Now rise once more—as Archcanon Llevule!"

He then turns to you:

Vivec: "In every poem, it's the last stanza that holds the most meaning. Once a stranger in our land, now a friend forever—step forward!"

Speak to him.

"You come before me with an empty sack, but have no fear. As I have written, 'Treat your enemies well and your friends even better.' Know that I consider you to be a very good friend.
Will you accept the honor I am about to bestow upon you?"
I accept, Lord Vivec.
"Then let it be known that from this moment forth, you shall be called the Champion of Vivec! And along with my thanks, take this modest reward.
I foresee even greater achievements in your future, but for now be content to be the hero of Morrowind!"

When you exit the conversation, he says:

Vivec: "Now go forth and rejoice!"

Speaking with Vivec after completing the quest:

"The Warrior-Poet shall write of your deeds in story and song, my friend. You will be remembered for your service to Vvardenfell. Now go, see the wonders of our great land. There are others who need your help, of that I'm certain."

You can talk to Vivec back at the palace, where he will say one of the following:

"I thought you might be Archcanon Llevule. He's been very busy since we last spoke. I'm afraid Barbas's impersonation of our poor Tarvus did not extend to keeping the temple books in order. Our records are in shambles!"
"One crisis ends and another begins. Such is life on this rock we call Nirn. Nothing to concern yourself with, my friend. At least, not at the moment."
"I usually don't discuss my works-in-progress, but I know I can trust your discretion. I am currently composing a poem about how friendship endures through hardship. With so many songs about war and betrayal, we need more that speak to compassion."
"Did you notice that I haven't moved Baar Dau back to its original position. It's in no danger of falling, thanks to you, but as I wrote in the Ballad of Red Mountain, "All actions have consequences and pose some risk." Best to leave it alone."

Trailer DialogueEdit

Morrowind Announcement Trailer DialogueEdit

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer, Vivec says the following:

Vivec: "What do you ask of me, assassin?"
Naryu Virian: "Sanction to execute the Grandmaster for his betrayal of the Order."
Vivec: "Hmm… granted."
Vivec: "Kill him somewhere out of the way to avoid questions."
Vivec: "Return swiftly Morag Tong, and bring any allies you meet… Morrowind has need of you all."

Official Launch Trailer DialogueEdit

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Official Launch Trailer (4K), Vivec says the following:

"When a god knows loss, mortals suffer."
"Something creeps through the shadows of Vvardenfell."
"Whatever is bold enough to challenge me… is just the beginning of Vvardenfell's woes."
"And now, it is your time… to save Morrowind."