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This article is about the Daedric Prince. For the cat, see Azura (cat).

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Location Laeloria, Pariah Abbey, Weeping Giant
Seyda Neen, Ald'ruhn, Vivec City Morrowind
Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Azura in the Cavern of the Incarnate

Azura is the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk. She communicates with you multiple times throughout the game, either by possessing somebody or speaking through one of her statues.

She appears physically in Seyda Neen during the quest Divine Conundrum by possessing the body of Tanisa Drothan, and then again in Ald'ruhn and Vivec City by possessing an Ashlander named Seryn during the quests Divine Delusions and Divine Restoration.

She asks for your help in freeing the soul of one of her servants, Culanwe, from eternal torment by Molag Bal and in freeing her Oracles from pocket realms of Oblivion. In the Morrowind chapter, Azura plays a vital role in stopping Clavicus Vile's plan to use Vivec's divine energy to open a portal to the Clockwork City, as the success of that plan would have resulted in the destruction of Vvardenfell.

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Eyes of AzuraEdit

If you start the quest through her:

"Mortal, you stand above the sealed ruins of Laeloria. Within is a gateway to Coldharbour, where my priestess Culanwe suffers at the hands of Molag Bal. Her pain is so great, it has torn a hole between worlds.
This injustice must end."
What are you?
"I am the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk, who weeps for Culanwe's suffering. I am the Mother of the Rose, who sealed Laeloria away from your world.
I am Azura, mortal. And I would put an end to Culanwe's endless torment."
How can I do that?
"Long ago the wizard Vastarie came to Laeloria. She sought to end Culanwe's suffering. But Vastarie failed, and was lost.
Go to Vastarie's tower. Retrace her path into Laeloria. And mortal, set Culanwe's bones to rest."
I will.

Asking her further questions:

"Vastarie kept careful records of her struggle to pierce Laeloria's seal. They remain scattered in her tower.
Find them. Use them to breach the seal and recover Culanwe."
(Leads to same questions being asked below)

Otherwise if you start the quest through Afwa, speak with her before entering Vastarie's tower:

"Mortal, you stand above the sealed ruins of Laeloria. Within is a gateway to Coldharbour, where my priestess Culanwe suffers at the hands of Molag Bal. Her pain is so great, it has torn a hole between worlds.
This injustice must end."
What are you?
"I am the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk, the Mother of the Rose, who sealed Laeloria away from your world.
I am Azura, mortal. And I would put an end to Culanwe's long suffering beneath its gates, below."
Why do you need me?

Asking her questions about Vastarie and Culanwe:

"When Vastarie found these ruins and sought to end Culanwe's torment, she failed, and was lost.
Go to Vastarie's tower. Follow her footsteps, and mortal—do not fail, as she did."
Who is Vastarie?/What can you tell me about Vastarie?
"A powerful wizard who built the tower behind you. She studied Laeloria for years, always patient, until finally she found a way through.
But despite her preparations, Molag Bal's servants overwhelmed her companions. She was forever lost."
If you sealed Laeloria, why not open it for her?
"Laeloria is the mouth of a bottle that floats through Coldharbour. My seal is the cork. Should I release the seal, Molag Bal's servants will pour into Laeloria until they have nowhere else to go but here.
Vastarie found a way to slip past the seal. As must you."
Who was Culanwe?
"Culanwe was the most beloved of my servants. Her voice bent the world to her will, yet she used her power for selfless works. Until she was taken to Coldharbour.
Molag Bal made her song of pain last millennia. But in his distraction, you will recover her."

She speaks once more at the end of the quest, after bringing Culanwe's remains to her shrine.

<A quiet stillness hangs over the shrine, but you feel a sense of anticipation.>
<Place Culanwe's Bones before the Azura Shrine.>
"Culanwe. Beloved of the wild ones. My priestess returns from the clutches of Coldharbour at last."
Vastarie is here, as well.
"So I have seen. A mortal has managed what the eternal dead could not."
Is there anything else I can do?
"Much, when it is time. You have taught humility to a Daedric Prince, mortal. Tread carefully, for he will attempt to exact his revenge.
Now go, with my blessing. When I have need of you, you will know."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"My priestess, returned to me at last. Long did she suffer in the clutches of Molag Bal, yet you have brought her to me."
Is there anything more I can do? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

After the quest:

<The shrine is quiet, empty of whatever power flowed through it.>


The Return of the Dream ShardEdit

When the Dream Shard is returned to Azura's Shrine in Pariah Abbey, she speaks to you.

Voice of Azura: "Thank you, mortal. I had my doubts, but it seems the Abbot's faith in you was well-placed. I will watch you more closely from now on."

Azura's AidEdit

Azura will speak several times during the quest.

After collecting Azurite:

Voice of Azura: "Excellent. You have the stone. Proceed, mortal, and come to my shrine."

After collecting Wisp Dust:

Voice of Azura: "Yes. This dust will return the light to my shrine. Bring this and the stone when you come to my shrine."

Once you arrive at Weeping Giant:

Voice of Azura: "Follow the lights up to my shrine. Smite Vaermina's foolish servants as you come."

When you arrive at the Shrine of Azura:

Voice of Azura: "This was once a glorious shrine, but time and these fools have befouled it. Come. Cleanse the shrine and we shall speak."

When the shrine is cleansed, Azura will speak through one of her Daedric servants, Azura's Winged Twilight:

"You've done well, mortal. You returned my Dream Shard, you vanquished Vaermina's Omens, and now you've cleansed my shrine as well.
But the Mistress of Nightmares has not yet released Stormhaven from her clutches, has she?"
No. She now targets High King Emeric.
"Indeed, and King Emeric has been very tolerant toward my Spirit Wardens … a fact I have not failed to notice.
First, Vaermina attacks my abbey, then she desecrates my shrine, and now this. If I didn't know better, I might think it was personal."
Will you give us assistance in fighting her then?
"Yes. Vaermina has pushed too far this time, and she must receive her comeuppance.
I will aid you, but you should know that extricating your king from her clutches will be far more difficult than it was with the others."
What makes this situation different?
"This time, she has unleashed her own consort, Galthis——the Night Terror. He consumes King Emeric's mind in the nightmare, blocking your entry.
I will give you a Duskstone to penetrate the nightmare, but defeating Galthis will be another matter."
How do I defeat Galthis?
"You've proven to be talented and resourceful so far. Let this be another test of your strength. I'm sure you'll succeed in serving me faithfully once again.
Go now, mortal. Go save your king … and teach Vaermina to keep her hands off what's mine."
Thank you. I will,

The Missing ProphecyEdit

Statue of Azura

Rhea Opacarius in Wayrest will send you to Pariah Abbey to speak to her master. Enter the abbey chapel and "speak" to the Statue of Azura in the apse of the church.

If you have completed Azura's Aid, she'll say:

"Rejoice, mortal. You stand in the presence of beauty and terror, between pale light and long shadows. I am Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.
You served me before—cleansing my shrine near the Weeping Giant. Now, the time has come to serve me again."


"Rejoice, mortal. You stand in the presence of beauty and terror, between pale light and long shadows. I am Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.
I have a task for you."
Rhea told me that Daedric forces abducted your oracles.
"She speaks the truth. The halls of Oblivion fill with whispers. Collusion. Conspiracy. I believe some of my fellow Princes seek to blind me.
They know how much I treasure my servants. They would steal what I hold most dear."
Can't you just rescue them yourself?
"I cannot. The Princes' compact with Sotha Sil binds my hands. You must be the vessel of my wrath.
I sense my oracles, adrift in the void. Imprisoned in pockets of Oblivion—hidden dimensions, only accessible through Nirn. You will rescue them."
How can I open these pockets of Oblivion?
"My enemies' servants likely use Void Keys. Powerful charms, capable of tearing small holes in the veil of Oblivion. They require Daedric essence to function.
Slay any Daedra you find and claim their essence. A charged Void Key will open any pocket."
How do I collect Daedric essences?
"Daedra cannot be killed, only banished. When you strike a mortal blow, their essence returns to Oblivion.
The crystal Rhea gave you captures that essence before it escapes. A prison, of sorts. Defeat any Daedra and the crystal will do the rest."
You mentioned a compact with Sotha Sil?/Can you tell me more about this compact with Sotha Sil?
"Long ago, my vulgar peer, Molag Bal, manifested himself in the town of Gil-Var-Delle and destroyed it utterly.
In response, the Dark Elf magus, Sotha Sil, gathered eight of the most powerful Princes to a summit in Coldharbour."
What was the purpose of the summit?
"The Tribune persuaded us, through a private bargain, to cease meddling in mortal affairs directly. An amusing request from someone who fancies himself a god.
Now, we exert our will through … intermediaries. In truth, I prefer it this way."
What about the other Daedric Princes? Aren't there more than eight?
"Many more, but the Princes bound by the Coldharbour Compact stand above their lesser kith. None can match my beauty or Molag Bal's horrors. Dagon makes an art of destruction. On it goes.
Of course, outward weakness often shrouds hidden power."
If you're so powerful, how did Sotha Sil convince you to join the compact?
"Such matters are better left undiscussed. Perhaps you can ask Sotha Sil about it. If you can find him, of course."
How will I find your priests?/How will I find your oracles?
"While you hunt Daedra and gather their essence, my ward, Rhea, will conjure up visions."
"Yes—of her friends' suffering. Such visions might grant her a glimpse of where the other oracles are hidden.
There will be pain, undoubtedly, but she possesses a rare and terrible gift. True insight requires sacrifice."

If you try to speak to her more, she'll ask:

"Why do you linger, mortal?
Go forth and destroy any Daedra you find. By the time you return with their essence, Rhea will know where to find my captured oracles."

Return after freeing the oracles and she'll say:

"The flock returns to the shepherd. You have earned my favor, mortal, but the task is not yet finished.
These craven fools that accost my children must suffer. I trust that Rhea's visions revealed their location …."
Rhea saw a swampy ruin, tucked beneath a lizard's head.
"Such a place exists in Shadowfen—west of an encampment called Hei-Halai. Look for a great serpent's head, carved out of stone. Our enemies lurk in the caves beneath it.
Go there and slaughter these beasts. My oracles will join you soon."

Speaking with her again after this conversation:

"Time is short. Go to the caves west of Hei-Halai and destroy these Daedric conspirators.
My children suffered once. They will not suffer again."
Azura in the flesh, possessing Tanisa Drothan


Divine ConundrumEdit

While investigating an accident, Tanisa Drothan will channel the voice of Azura:

Azura: "By Dawn and Dusk, evil creeps through the shadows of my beloved Vvardenfell. But an Outlander arrives to aid my people, just as I have foreseen."

Divine DelusionsEdit

Inside the Cavern of the Incarnate after speaking to the incarnates, Azura will beckon you:

Azura: "Mortal, let us speak."

You'll get the chance to speak to Azura herself through her statue:

"I foresaw your usefulness before you even set foot in Vvardenfell. Now comes a test that will challenge your ability to separate truth from lies.
You must convince the tribes that Chodala is not the Nerevarine."
I communed with the Incarnates, just as the Wise Woman commanded.
"Dovrosi's wisdom outshines most other mortals. She recognizes the futility of Chodala's claim. If she rebuffs him, however, the tribes will turn on each other and blood will flow.
The staff, Sunna'rah. It makes Chodala confident, reckless."
The staff is the source of Chodala's power.
"Your instincts serve you well. Chodala's path took a dark turn. However, my sight clouds when I look too closely. Sotha Sil built Sunna'rah, but he did not create it with this vile purpose in mind.
You must act on my behalf—and Vivec's."
I'll do what you ask.
"Then go. Return to Ald'ruhn and help the Wise Woman reveal the falsehood of Chodala's claim.
And let Seryn assist you. She is my champion and a trusted friend of all Ashlanders."
How do I prove that Chodala isn't the Nerevarine?
"Use what the Incarnates shared with you. Their failures point the way toward Chodala's downfall.
But beware Chodala's power. He may not be the Nerevarine, but some greater agency has lent strength to his conviction."
Why don't you simply reveal the truth to the Ashlanders?
"Due to an ancient pact, I am not permitted to interfere in the affairs of Nirn. Even this casual discussion pushes the boundaries of that agreement.
Instead, I must work through trusted agents, such as yourself and Seryn."
Why are you helping Vivec? I thought you and the Tribunal were enemies.
"Helping that arrogant imposter? Whatever gave you the idea that I was helping that murderer?
Vvardenfell must stand. Everything I do in this regard serves that single goal. Best that you remember that, Mortal."

Speaking to her again:

"Hurry, Mortal. Even now, Chodala's support for his false claim intensifies. You need to be there when he stands before the Wise Woman and reveal his divine delusions."

After the incident inside the Skar, you'll come outside to speak to Seryn, however Azura will possess her instead:

Azura: "Mortal, I would have words with you."

Speak to her.

"Chodala has been revealed as a failed Nerevarine, but that hasn't dissuaded him from his reckless course of action. As long as he wields the staff, he shall be unstoppable."
So what should we do?
"Time is against you, Mortal. Even now Vivec, that pompous usurper, grows increasingly weaker. As much as I deplore him, Vivec cannot fall to Chodala's vile magic. There's another power at work here, one I can't quite put my finger on …."
There must be something I can do.
"Return to Vivec City. Do what you can to aid Vivec. And pay heed to my faithful vessel, Seryn. I name her Champion of the Moon and Star. She will play a pivotal role in ending her brother's march toward godhood—if she survives."
I'll return to Vivec City.

Azura will release Seryn from her possession.

Divine RestorationEdit

Once Canon Llevule rouses Vivec, his lordship will send you to speak to Seryn to seek Azura's aid. You'll find Seryn in the former archcanon's office.

Seryn: "Outlander, over here. I've been trying to find something that makes sense of all—"

Seryn begins to convulse and glow once again:

Azura: "Mortal, the Lady of Twilight has words for you!"

Speak with her.

"So Vivec deigns to ask for help? I foresaw such an event, but scarcely believed it.
Listen well, for if you continue to perform flawlessly, we might yet thwart the efforts of Clavicus Vile and his hound, Barbas."
Lord Vivec said to ask you for guidance in this matter.
"Just as I anticipated. The mysteries reveal that Barbas seeks to enter the Clockwork City. So far, Sotha Sil's wards have impeded him, but the hound has Sunna'rah.
You must beat him to the prize—the reservoir that holds Vivec's stolen energy."
Do you know where the Clockwork City is located?
"Such knowledge has been hidden even from me, Mortal. But I know someone who can provide you with the means to travel to Sotha Sil's creation.
Stand back and I shall summon the mage of cogs and gears."
All right.

A portal opens and Barilzar comes through:

Barilzar: "Interesting. That shouldn't have happened. Now where in Oblivion am I?"
Azura: "Mage, this mortal speaks with the authority of the Mother Soul."

After speaking to Barilzar, Azura will fade from Seryn.

Deprecated and Cut ContentEdit

In the text files for Update 5, there exists different versions of a few of Azura's lines, as well as a few additional ones.

"At first? Nowhere. Over time, Molag Bal found a way to direct it to the depths of Laeloria, where all this began."
"Culanwe's voice resonated with the fabric of reality. It could bend time, create matter — and open gateways between worlds.
Though she did not give in to Molag Bal, over the centuries Culanwe was driven insane. In her madness, a portal opened."
"She waits to be called by those who would seek to enter Laeloria's depths. She has been commanded to assist them in its opening, that a day might come when Molag Bal is made to pay for his hubris."
You would not intervene?
"It is not for me to defend your world. I have already overstepped my place in sealing these ruins. If you fail, then night has already fallen."
Molag Bal?
"You know him by the marks you bear and the pain he has caused you. If he is allowed to take hold in this place …."
What will happen?
"His armies would pour forth from Laeloria. Valenwood would tremble beneath their passage. <<1>> itself would fall."