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Rescue a priestess from the hands of Molag Bal.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Laeloria — Rescue Culanwe from her prison in Coldharbour.
Quest Giver: Afwa, Azura
Location(s): Tower of Vastarie, Laeloria
Reward: Culanwe's Will
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 4854
Free a servant of Azura from Molag Bal's clutches
Culanwe, a priestess of Azura, has long suffered at the hands of Molag Bal. Her pain is so great it has torn a hole between Coldharbour and Laeloria, an Ayleid ruin in Grahtwood.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Visit the shrine of Azura near the Tower of Vastarie.
  2. Search the tower.
  3. Search Laeloria.
  4. Enter Coldharbour.
  5. Rescue Culanwe and escape from Coldharbour.
  6. Visit the shrine of Azura.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The sigil geode

When you walk the road north from Elden Root in the direction to Cormount, turn east when you are on the bridge in front of the junction to Karthdar and you will see a treehouse. Climb up the treehouse to meet its three inhabitants, Tholor the Dreg, Rinces and Afwa. As Tholor is sleeping and Rinces is a squirrel, there is only Afwa left to talk to. He tells you about the nearby ruins, which are infested with Daedra. Someone named Culanwe has been trapped there by Molag Bal for longer than anyone can remember. Afwa's friend, Vastarie, went to Laeloria to set Culanwe free a long time ago, but she never returned. He asks you to look for Vastarie if you seek to thwart Molag Bal.

Head towards the Tower of Vastarie. You can either head in a more or less straight line west by south from the treehouse and end up in its back yard, or you take the more scenic route. For the latter, follow the road down a bit south and turn westward at the crossing before Elden Root. When you reach a terrace with a Bosmer alchemist's booth on it, turn north and climb the way up the hill; on its top you find the tower.

Before you enter the tower, you are encouraged to follow a strange voice and wandering lights into a nearby shrine. Azura wishes to speak with you. She tells you that a mage named Vastarie sought to end the suffering of one of Azura's servants, Culanwe, who is being tormented by Molag Bal. Culanwe's suffering is so great, a rift between Laeloria and Coldharbour has opened. Azura placed a seal upon Laeloria so Molag Bal's servants could not pour through, but Vastarie found a way through. Azura asks that you find a way into the tower as Vastarie did. Follow in her footsteps and don't fail.

The Twilit Heart, charged

You will find the Tower of Vastarie in desolate order and infested with lesser Daedra, particularly Clannfear and Banekin. Start collecting hints on Vastarie's research. They come in form of three notes, scattered around within the building: Loriasel Tablet, Entry 1, Loriasel Tablet, Entry 2 and Loriasel Tablet, Entry 4. Once you have gathered the Loriasel Tablet Notes, you will be able to learn about the Loriasel Tablet. A Winged Twilight named Irrai is bound to the tablet, and armed with the knowledge you've found, you have the ability to summon her. Find the tablet and summon Irrai.

<The spidery script upon the tablet seems to flicker when you don't look at it directly.>
I think I'm supposed to say "Irrai."
<The tablet pulses with power.>

Talk to Irrai after she appears. She explains that Vastarie entered Laeloria by breaking the seal with a relic called the Twilit Heart. You'll need to feed it souls to charge it with magical energy so you can enter. Irrai says Vastarie used something called a Sigil Geode to charge the Heart.

Follow Irrai, as she will guide you to an alchemy table where a small box contains a sigil geode. Take the geode and speak with Irrai for further instruction on how to use the sigil geode.

Long time, no see

Charge the sigil geode by draining the animus from three of the daedra outside in the courtyard. In order to drain their souls, you must reduce their health by half, then use the popup command to drain their remaining health. Be warned that moving will interrupt the drain, simply reducing their health. If this occurs, simply resume the process. Once the sigil geode has absorbed three Daedric souls, it will be fully charged, and you invigorate the Twilit Heart.

Now head towards Laeloria's entrance. In front of it stands the Twilit Heart, a crystal on a stele. Use the sigil geode to charge the Heart. Irrai will then move to open Laeloria gate, allowing you to follow her inside. You and Irrai will encounter Vastarie, who is still alive and very angry. You learn that Irrai once betrayed the wizard and lured her into a trap, as she planned to do with you. Help Vastarie fight back against Irrai. Once she is sufficiently weakened, Irrai will try to escape. Vastarie will give chase and pin her down. Speak with Vastarie.

She says that you need to imprison Irrai in the sigil geode. If Irrai dies outside of the stone, the two of you are going to spend the next century imprisoned within Laeloria. Deep within the ruin lies a portal to Coldharbour. Once you enter, you'll have no hope of escape unless you have Irrai's soul trapped in the geode.

Culanwe is at peace

You can choose to either imprison her in the geode as Vastarie tells you, or kill her outright. If you choose to imprison her, Vastarie will approach you and explain that Irrai is bound to the tablet you summoned her at. With Irrai in the sigil geode, Vastarie can use Irrai as a tether between Coldharbour and Laeloria to allow the two of you to escape when you enter the realm to retrieve Culanwe's remains. If you decide to kill Irrai, one of you will be trapped in Coldharbour forever, and Vastarie will be understandably frustrated. Regardless of your decision, the matter of Culanwe's torment must be resolved.

Accompanied by Vastarie, press your way through the ruin until you eventually reach the portal to Coldharbour. Follow the wizard through the portal. On the other side you will find Vastarie and a summoned skeleton in a battle with several Dremora. Advancing further you will find an elaborate platform with an altar, upon which Culanwe's remains have been placed, while Culanwe's soul is held and being tortured above. Her soul is kept imprisoned by the energy emanating from two crystals flanking the platform. Vastarie will instruct you to destroy the soul pinions binding Culanwe's soul to the altar. Be aware that they are not undefended; as soon as you approach each pinion, three Dremora will ambush you.

After you have shattered the crystals, climb up the stairs to the altar and collect Culanwe's remains in order to take them back to Nirn. Return to Vastarie to discuss your exit strategy. Once you leave, you'll find yourself outside the entrance to Laeloria, next to the Twilit Heart. Take Culanwe's Bones to their final resting place at the nearby shrine of Azura. Interact with the Daedric Princes' statue to speak with her. Azura rewards you for your deeds.


  • While the first objective in the quest states to search the Laeloria Ruins, the objective actually takes place within Vastarie's manor next to the ruins.
  • The Loriasel Tablet notes won't exist in the manor before starting the quest.
  • If you look to the wall behind Vastarie while she's holding Irrai, you will find the Journal of Culanwe. Reading it, it becomes clear what might have called Molag Bal's wrath upon the priestess.
  • Despite the objective description after picking up Culanwe's bones stating the portal has closed, leaving you trapped in Coldharbour, the portal you took to enter will in fact remain open for you to use if you wish to exit the room.

Quest StagesEdit

Eyes of Azura
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should investigate Laeloria and see if there is any truth to Afwa's tale.
Objective: Investigate Laeloria
  The Daedric Prince Azura spoke to me! She told me of Vastarie, a wizard who long ago attempted to enter the sealed ruins and recover Culanwe. I should search the Laeloria Ruins for the method she used to gain entry.
Objective: Search Laeloria Ruins
Objective Hint: Find the Tablet Vastarie Mentions in Her Notes
Hidden Objective: Locate Vastarie's Research: 0/3
Vastarie's notes referred to a tablet. She spoke the name "Irrai" before it to summon a Daedra which helped her gain entry to Laeloria.
Objective: Talk to Irrai
Irrai, a Daedra who long ago helped Vastarie gain entry to Laeloria, said I will need a sigil geode. I should follow Irrai to where they are stored if I wish to retrace Vastarie's footsteps.
Objective: Obtain a Sigil Geode
Irrai said the sigil geode must be filled with Daedric souls before I can enter Laeloria. I should use it to capture Banekin and Clannfear lurking among the surface ruins.
Objective: Fill the Sigil Geode
Objective Hint: Charge: Low
Hidden Objective: Charge: Moderate
Hidden Objective: Charge: High
I filled the sigil geode with Daedric souls. I should use it to empower the Twilit Heart, just outside the entrance to Laeloria.
Objective: Use Sigil Geode on the Twilit Heart
After I empowered the Twilit Heart, Irrai used its energy to unseal the ruins. I can now begin my search for Culanwe.
Objective: Find Culanwe
Vastarie is still alive! It seems she was long ago betrayed by Irrai and left for dead. I should help Vastarie defeat the Daedra, who seems to have turned on me as well.
Objective: Defeat Irrai
Hidden Objective: Pursue Irrai
When Irrai neared defeat, she fled into the ruins only to be stopped by Vastarie, who now holds the beast in place with magical bonds. I should speak with Vastarie and find out exactly what happened so long ago.
Objective: Talk to Vastarie
Objective Hint: Talk to Irrai
Irrai revealed herself to be a servant of Molag Bal. Now that I've determined the Daedra's fate, I should speak with Vastarie about what we can do to find Culanwe.
Objective: Talk to Vastarie
Culanwe's torment tears a hole in the world between Laeloria and Coldharbour. Once we find the portal, Vastarie and I will need to pass through. From there we can seal it, ending the threat it poses to to the world.
Objective: Close Portal to Coldharbour
Objective Hint: Reach the Portal
Hidden Objective: Open Portal to Coldharbour
Objective Hint: Go to Coldharbour
Hidden Objective: Close Portal to Coldharbour
Hidden Objective: Go to Vastarie
Vastarie said two Soul Prisons bind Culanwe. I should shatter them to break her bonds.
Objective: Shatter Soul Prisons
Hidden Objective: Shatter Soul Prison
I destroyed Culanwe's magical shackles. I should retrieve her bones from the altar in order to end her torment and close the portal to Laeloria.
Objective: Retrieve Culanwe's Bones
Removing Culanwe's Bones from the altar closed the portal, but now Vastarie and I are trapped in Coldharbour. I should speak with Vastarie and see if she has any ideas about how we can escape.
Objective: Escape Coldharbour
Objective Hint: Talk to Vastarie
In order to escape Coldharbour, Vastarie opened a portal using Irrai's connection to the Daedra's summoning tablet.
I should return Culanwe's Bones to Azura Shrine.
Objective: Return to Azura Shrine
Optional Step: Talk to Vastarie
(If you imprisoned Irrai)
In order to escape Coldharbour, Vastarie opened a portal using a connection to her own phylactery. Doing so meant she was unable to return with me.
I should return Culanwe's Bones to Azura Shrine.
Objective: Return to Azura Shrine
Optional Step: Talk to Vastarie
(If you killed Irrai)
Finishes quest  Upon returning the Culanwe's Bones to Azura Shrine, the Daedric Prince seemed pleased. I should speak with her while I am able.
Objective: Return to Azura Shrine
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.