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Molag Bal
(lore page)
Location The Wailing Prison, Stirk, Planar Vortex
Dark Anchors, Bangkorai Garrison
Seat of Tyranny, Heart's Grief
Species Molag Bal
Health 6393480 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Molag Bal

Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince of Domination and the Enslavement of Mortals. He is the main antagonist, and is attempting to pull Nirn into his realm of Oblivion, Coldharbour, in an event known as the Planemeld. Molag Bal has stolen the soul of the player, forbidding them to die. To reclaim your soul, you must save Tamriel from the Prince's clutches.

For more information, see the lore article.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fiery Death
Molag Bal will speak to you at specific points during your climb up to the Garden of Ruin. When he speaks, he throws a massive ball of cold fire down at you, which stuns you if it hits and deals major flame damage. If any enemies are in range when it lands, they will be damaged by it; Dark Seducers who are in his line of fire will die upon impact. He does not use this during your battle against him.
Crushing Grip
Molag Bal crushes you in his fist during a scripted event, dealing physical damage. It is possible to die during this event if you are a Stage 4 Vampire, as the passive -100% health regeneration debuff prevents you from healing.

On your way to the Seat of Tyranny, Molag Bal will throw minions at you. The Seducers will go down in one or two hits from a light attack, the Daedroths typically in three, and the Titan in 5, if you're unaided by armor set bonuses. With the extra beef added by set bonuses, these enemies tend to go down in a single hit. When you block, your hands will glow with Divine light.

Molag Bal uses a combination of ranged and melee abilities during combat. He holds his eponymous mace in his left hand, leaving his right hand free to channel spells. At first, he only uses two basic skills, but as the fight progresses, audio cues herald the use of new abilities. Molag Bal is not leashed, and will chase you all the way back to the Vestibule if you try to run there during battle. His Titan pets can't follow you down the stairs if you try to flee, but he can.

Fire Bolt
Molag Bal hurls a ball of cold fire at you from his right hand, dealing moderate flame damage.
Molag Bal hits you with his titular mace, dealing moderate physical damage. When he performs a heavy attack with his mace, he can apply a snare effect, reducing your movement speed.
Vile Leap
Molag Bal teleports away from his location in a pillar of blue light and attempts to land directly onto you. When he disappears, an AoE will begin to crawl out from the space beneath you. If you don't avoid this attack you'll be knocked down briefly. This deals moderate damage. He begins using this ability after he calls you an infant.
Enraged Pound
Molag Bal's mace glows blue as he raises it high, then he brings it down, knocking you off balance and dealing moderate physical damage. He always follows this ability with Flaming Scream. He only starts using this ability after he says that he "can taste your fear".
Flaming Scream
Molag Bal uses this ability after Enraged Pound hits. While you're stunned, Molag Bal uses considerable force to scream in your direction, knocking you back and dealing moderate flame damage.
Summon Titans
Molag Bal's dialogue during the fight is on a timer. When he grumbles about Tamriel being ripe, he summons four Titans and uses Vile Leap to teleport away. After 20 seconds, he lands on top of you and returns to the battle.
Soul Burst
Molag Bal summons five souls to his right hand, which coalesce into a mass of energy. This mass splits into three cold-fire orbs that he hurls in your direction. He begins using this ability after he claims "you will know eons of suffering". This attack deals moderate magic damage.

When his health falls to 12%, he is defeated.

His health (and the health of every other enemy in Heart's Grief) lowers every time you die at any point in the dungeon. He starts with 6,393,480 hp in total, which is reduced to 5,114,784 if you die once and 4,155,762 if you die a second time. The lowest his health can get is 3,196,740; a value achieved if you die three times.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

Molag Bal rains on your parade

When you approach the front entrance to the Prophet's Cell after blinding one of the Sentinels, the door bursts into blue flame as a ward appears over it.

Molag Bal: "Fool! You will never escape my realm."
Lyris Titanborn: "Herma-Mora's wagging tongue! The door's warded. We'll never get in this way."

When you reach the Dark Anchor Mooring, Molag Bal appears and summons the Child of Bones.

Molag Bal: "The mortal thinks it can defy me. Futile. Soon your world will be in my chains."

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

Once Mannimarco is killed, his spirit will rise from his body.

Mannimarco: "Do you really think that death can stop the most powerful necromancer Tamriel has ever known?"
Mannimarco: "This is merely a transition! My first step towards true immortality!"
Mannimarco: "Now witness my true power! Watch as I rise up from the grave and ascend to godhood!"

Mannimarco will begin to cast a spell, only to be interrupted.

Molag Bal: "Worm! You think you can betray the Lord of Brutality and Domination without consequence?"

Mannimarco is blown flat on his back by a powerful force, leaving a crater in the ground. A Dark Anchor portal opens above him. Molag Bal reaches out of the portal and lifts Mannimarco into Coldharbour with a simple gesture.

Molag Bal: "You will pay for your arrogance! You will writhe in agony for the rest of eternity! Your tortured screams will echo throughout Oblivion to serve as a warning to others!"
Molag Bal retrieves Mannimarco from Sancre Tor

Anchors from the HarbourEdit

When you enter the ruins where Doshia has taken Merric, you'll hear Molag Bal giving Doshia instructions.

Molag Bal: "A pure soul, Doshia. Don't fail me."

Once Doshia is vanquished, Molag Bal addresses her failure with an air of disappointment.

Molag Bal: "You have failed me, Doshia."

The Prismatic CoreEdit

At the end of the vision in Abagarlas, he takes the Mortuum Vivicus back to Coldharbour.

Molag Bal: "Worm! You accomplish nothing. I remove the Vivicus to Coldharbour. This doom will come again to Tamriel."

He interrupts the reforging of the Prismatic Weapon in the Earth Forge:

Molag Bal: "Fools! Do you truly think you could hide that trinket from the God of Schemes?"

He begins summoning skeletons.

Molag Bal: "The people of Abagarlas serve me even in death! My devoted, kill them! Kill them and bring me the crystal."

When the first few skeletons are defeated, he summons Queen Palolel, who is now a lich.

Molag Bal: "That blasphemy must not be allowed to be reforged! Bring that crystal to Coldharbour."

When all of his undead servants are defeated, he withdraws.

Molag Bal: "Remember this day, mewling wretches. My followers serve me even in death."

Will of the CouncilEdit

Aelif transformed

In the Halls of Submission, Aelif's treachery is revealed. She was a servant of Molag Bal the entire time. Molag Bal turns her into a Daedric Titan during the battle:

Molag Bal: "A boon for my servant. Receive my power and destroy them!"

When Aelif is defeated, Molag Bal expresses his disdain over her failure to protect the Mortuum Vivicus:

Molag Bal: "Aelif, you miserable failure! You are not worthy of my gifts!"

Storming the GarrisonEdit

After Battlemage Papus is killed in the Bangkorai Garrison crypts, Molag Bal will ominously say:

Molag Bal: "Your Covenant cannot escape my wrath. You will see soon enough …."

Leaving the crypts will reveal that the Battlemage successfully summoned a Dark Anchor inside the garrison walls.

Molag Bal: "Bangkorai is mine, mortal. You cannot possibly protect it."
Molag Bal: "Your king and queen will soon be slaves in Coldharbour!"

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

Projection of Molag Bal in Stirk

Molag Bal reveals himself on the island of Stirk, mocking the mortals and their quarrels.

Molag Bal: "These are the great leaders of Tamriel? Pathetic. But how convenient to have them gathered together in one place, so I can crush them like insects."
<Countess Hakruba rushes at the projection of the Daedric Prince.>
Countess Hakruba: "Molag Bal!"
Vanus Galerion: "Stay back, Countess!"
Molag Bal: "The insects fight back! How amusing, and yet so very sad."
<The projection of Molag Bal dissipates as he summons three powerful Daedric minions, Bitterwind, Ra'Lorka, and Sormorask, to assassinate the alliance leaders.>
Molag Bal: "All of Nirn shall be mine!"

The Final AssaultEdit

Bal attacking Meridia

After Meridia smites a second anchor in the Planar Vortex, Molag Bal appears from behind a ruined wall:

Meridia: "We have to hurry! Molag Bal knows we're here!"
Molag Bal: "I grow weary of your games, Meridia."
Meridia: "Go, Warriors of Light! These dark chains must be broken!"
Molag Bal: "You cannot stop me, Meridia. This realm will be mine!"

Once you bring the Light of Meridia to the focal point, King Laloriaran Dynar and Vanus Galerion will join you. Soon enough, Molag Bal and his council arrive to stop you.

Clorsatari: "The light approaches. It brightens the shadows. It attempts to break the darkness."
Kehothar: "But the darkness is strong. Our father, our god—he is the darkness. He shall repel the light."
Verkynvayl: "Our father approaches. He will consume the light. He will tear it apart. He will destroy it. He will destroy you!"
Clorsatari: "Our father has spoken. He wishes us to challenge you and you alone."

Vanus and the King are shrouded in dark energy and teleported behind a barrier.

King Laloriaran Dynar: "What … what's going on? No!"
Molag Bal: "You believe that light can destroy my Planemeld? Your Prince thinks I would allow this? She is more foolish than I thought."
Clorsatari: "I live to serve. It will be my pleasure to destroy this one, my lord."
Molag Bal: "Oh, how sad. You were drafted into a war you could never win. My council shall destroy you. I shall enjoy watching a hero die!"
Molag Bal with his council

Once the council is defeated, Meridia will appear with the rest of your allies:

Molag Bal: "Most curious. This light powers you somehow. Meridia … where are you hiding?"
Meridia: "Merely fetching those who would stand against you."
Molag Bal: "I tire of this game. Now you shall die!"

Molag Bal begins hurling meteors at you. Meridia channels a golden ward to defend you from Molag Bal's magic.

Meridia: "Quickly, get behind my shield!"

Portals open up on either side of the ward, and Dremora start pouring out.

Molag Bal: "Did you think it would be that easy? My minions will tear you apart."

Vanus and Gabrielle Benele channel a spell to prepare the Light of Meridia. When the Light is ready to be unleashed, Meridia and Bal will yell:

Meridia: "The light is ready! Quickly, release it!"
Molag Bal: "No! You cannot do this! I cannot fail!"

God of SchemesEdit

You will enter Molag Bal's sanctum after being imbued by the power of the Divines. Molag Bal threatens you as you approach his throne, throwing Daedra at you all the while.

Molag Bal: "Your continued meddling has reached an end, Hero of Tamriel!"
Molag Bal: "What is this foolishness? Has your tiny mortal mind snapped? Do you really think you can defeat me?"
Molag Bal: "The dark machinations of Oblivion are far more complex than anything your mortal senses can comprehend."
Molag Bal: "Your anguish will be legendary, even in Oblivion!"
"I am God of Oblivion! You are less than nothing!"
Molag Bal: "Still you fight on? Do you care nothing for your own existence?"

Once you reach the Seat of Tyranny, you'll be enveloped in a misty shroud of dark energy before being forcefully wrenched from the ground and into his fist, where he begins to crush you.

Molag Bal: "I am God of Oblivion! You are less than nothing!"

When you unleash the power of the amulet, his giant form will crumble and you will fall to the ground. When you land, he meets you on the battlefield in a more compact form, slamming into the ground in a pillar of blue light. He will shout threats at you as you fight, mace in hand.

Molag Bal: "Your pathetic Aedric trinket can't defeat me! I am Molag Bal, Lord of Domination!"
Molag Bal: "What is this? Infant! Do you think your toy can slay a god?"
Molag Bal: "Your mind is naked to me! I can taste your fear! You are fertile ground for the seeds of eternal torment!"
Molag Bal: "Tamriel is ripe, and I have all of eternity to reap its harvest of flesh! Death comes for you and all children of the Mundus on black wings!"
Molag Bal: "I am the face of pain! The souls of the damned are my weapons! You will know eons of suffering!"

Once you have beaten him down, he will fall to his knees. With the last of the blessing's power, you will manifest a sword of light to slice him in half.

Afterwards, Molag Bal explodes in a flash of bright light, and you are transported to The Colored Rooms. Here, a familiar voice will call out to you.

Molag Bal in the Colored Rooms
Meridia: "Come forward, Vestige. You are safe, for now. Something precious to you has been riven from Stone-Fire's being. I have brought it here for you to reclaim."

Once you reclaim your soul, the projection of Molag Bal will arrive to "congratulate" you.

Molag Bal: "I congratulate you, little insect. Your sting is formidable."
Molag Bal: "You have bested me and released a thousand times a thousand souls back into the Mundus."
Molag Bal: "For the moment, your world is spared, but my grand scheme has only begun to unfold. Excellent. Your power shall prove useful in the coming conflicts."
Molag Bal: "You've made a great and terrible enemy this day. Your world would have been better off if the Planemeld had succeeded. Had you bowed before me and accepted eternal servitude, I would have protected you. There are worse masters than I. Far worse."

Meridia manifests in a flash of brilliant golden light, standing between you and Molag Bal.

Meridia: "You are but a phantom here in my domain, Stone-Fire. The mortal prophecies of the Scrolls have been fulfilled. Leave this place and return to your pit!"
Molag Bal: "You have a powerful ally. Did you know that she would bring you here? What future role has she to play in this grand, cosmic farce, I wonder?"
Molag Bal: "Bah! Your meddling has already cost me too much, accursed creature of light and flame. This farce no longer amuses me."

He will then leave the plane.

Minor InvolvementEdit

There are some quests in which Molag Bal participates off-screen. This section does not detail the breadth of the Worm Cult's affairs (such as the attempt to construct a Dark Anchor in Wrothgar): the deeds of Molag Bal's envoys are covered elsewhere.

Curse of SkullsEdit

In Curse of Skulls, you meet a predictably Cursed Skull that tells you the Worm Cult has bound its spirit to the discarded cranium to serve as Molag Bal's eyes on Nirn. The skull informs you that Molag Bal is currently observing your conversation through the skull's hollow eye sockets. It then requests that you take it and the other cursed skulls around Soulshriven Tower and destroy them at the tower's charnel heap. Molag Bal can do naught but watch as you comply with the skull's plea to blind the Prince's unwilling eyes in Stormhaven.

The Lightless RemnantEdit

Count Verandis Ravenwatch correctly predicts that if Baron Wylon Montclair were to die while connected to the Lightless Remnant, it would shatter, unleashing the bloodfiend curse upon Rivenspire. While you fight Montclair, Verandis busies himself with contacting Molag Bal, the one who transformed the Count into a vampire eons ago. Molag Bal agrees to take both Verandis and the unstable relic into Coldharbour, where it cannot harm the people of Rivenspire.

Gwendis mentions that Verandis struggled long and hard to distance himself from the Daedric Prince. If this quest is completed before The Gray Council, you will end up retrieving Verandis from Coldharbour during that quest through the use of a Stone Husk, freeing him from eternal torment.

Imperial CityEdit

Molag Bal's scheme to dig his claws further into Tamriel before his grasp can be completely wrenched free can be explored in the Imperial City DLC's zone story quests. There, the Drake of Blades works to foil him at every turn.

In Of Brands and Bones, you and the Drake learn that Bal's Xivkyn generals are forcing raised skeletons to dig for the Dragonfire Cathedral to "snuff the light", and during The Watcher in the Walls, The Rat informs you that Molag Bal seeks to extinguish the Dragonfires forever. In Knowledge is Power, you rescue Chief Archivist Sergianus, who hid a particular book from the invading Daedra: The Sublime Brazier. The quest chain culminates in you gathering allies to defend the Sublime Brazier from being besieged by General Malivus, Molag Bal's chief enforcer in the Imperial City. The Drake of Blades partakes in a ritual to become the brazier's eternal guardian, a feat which is ultimately successful. The brazier is rendered safe from Molag Bal's grasp, and the Drake can sense that the Daedric Lord is seething at his abject failure:

"Oh yes. I can hear Molag Bal howling. He's not at all pleased. I believe the Brazier is well and truly out of his reach.
So, now I wait, I guess. I probably should have brought a book or something."

You'll also work with a Moth Priestess in the White-Gold Tower to prevent one of Molag Bal's servants from using an Elder Scroll to rewrite the fabric of reality during Planemeld Obverse. The Xivkyn monarch Molag Kena ascends the tower with the scroll in-hand, calling to her master through the Dark Anchor portal and proclaiming that the Planemeld Obverse can now be set in motion. She is promptly stopped by your group.

Molag Bal attempts to manifest on Nirn in the depths of the Imperial Sewers as the Simulacrum of Molag Bal. There, you can fight him repeatedly.

Dark AnchorsEdit

Molag Bal will address the players attacking dolmens throughout Tamriel at certain stages of the encounter:

  • Boss is summoned (When the four outer pinions are closed)
    • "Puny mortals, you think you've won? Come, my slaves! Destroy them!"
    • "Yes. Sacrifice those servants in my name. Let's give you something worthy to sacrifice!"'
    • "You do not yet know fear? I shall make you afraid!"
    • "You've only destroyed my whelps. These minions will not be so easily defeated!"
    • "You think this is over, wretch? Tell yourself another lie."
    • "Wretches! All my servants are wretches! Perhaps these will do the job!"
    • "The Planemeld will go on as planned. You cannot stop it!"
    • "They serve by choice. They serve the strong. They serve me."
    • "We sometimes admire our prey, and secretly applaud when it cheats our snares."
      A Dark Anchor is summoned
    • "When oath-bonds are weak, there is pain, and shame, and darkness."
    • "You must bow to me or die. Minions, destroy them!"
    • "I give you one chance to surrender … surrender to your death!"
    • "The end of Nirn is at hand. Come forth and destroy!"
    • "Wretched things, mortals. May a storm wash you into Coldharbour."
    • "While the prey was distracted, the predator prepared to strike."
    • "You again? Cease splashing blood upon my chains!"
    • "Your White-Gold Tower will serve as an anchor point for my dark machines!"
    • "Your corpse will make a fine addition to my collection. Minions, destroy them!"
    • "How many have you killed to defeat me? Each death is like a prayer to me!"
    • "Unexpected. I will call forth someone more worthy of your strength."
    • "Your death will mean nothing to me. You are but a minor distraction."
    • "This exercise becomes amusing, mortal. Give my minions more practice!"
    • "You are unworthy to kiss my feet. Begone with you!"
    • "Kneel before me and submit to the power of Molag Bal!"
    • "The armies of Coldharbour are upon you! Submit to their rule!"
    • "Fool! Did you think Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, would be defeated so easily?"
    • "Your pathetic attempts to save this world amuse me."
    • "To challenge me is to die. To flee is to become prey."
    • "Submit, and become mine! Fight, and be destroyed!"
    • "You entertain me, mortal. Well done. Now, entertain me more!"
    • "When Nirn and Coldharbour are one, all will serve my will!"
    • "Thrashing you thoroughly will please me, mortal."
    • "When you are destroyed, the flies will pick your bones clean."
    • "My minions will gnaw the flesh from your corpse."
    • "What will it be this time? Daedroth? More Dremora? How about this?"
      An active Dark Anchor
  • Anchor is destroyed (When the final pinion is closed)
    • "Drink in your victory. It won't last long."
    • "I don't want revenge. I want your submission."
    • "Destroy this anchor and scores more will take its place!"
    • "Pointless. Ten anchors drop for each that is destroyed!"
    • "When you destroy the next, this one will have returned."
    • "Nothing you can do will end this."
    • "My subjects failed me. They deserve to be destroyed."
    • "This will not finish me!"
    • "I am patient. This world will one day be mine."
    • "Dogs! Filth! You anger a powerful enemy."
    • "May your soul burn."
    • "Like all worldly things, you will in time wear and be used up."
    • "The effort was not for naught. Until next time …."
    • "I will ensure no tales are told of your valor."
    • "Sometimes the prey turns and nips us. It's a small thing."
    • "The Daedra. The anchors. You destroy them in vain."
    • "Destroy the body, and the animus is cast into darkness. But the animus returns."
    • "You've done nothing, mortal."
    • "You must defeat me every time. I need defeat you only once."
    • "Fool! Every drop of blood you spill to defeat me only gives me more strength."
    • "I admire your tenacity, mortals."
    • "The skins of those you love will fly as my banners."
    • "Kill my minions and you only remove the weaklings from my service."
    • "Man is mortal, and doomed to death and failure and loss."
    • "Wretched mortals. Worms."
    • "I will dominate this world and all others in time. The strong should always command the weak."
    • "May your enemies be broken and bloody."
    • "Yes. Wash the stones in blood. Good."
    • "I am patient. But not that patient, fool."
    • "These stones will wear down in time. As you will, mortal."
    • "You and I know how this ends."
    • "I've made you an offer, mortal."
    • "I await you at the next anchor."
    • "The plan is in place. You are but an inconvenience."
    • "Your efforts are futile. The Planemeld is nearly complete."
    • "That's right. Grind them into the dirt."
    • "You are useful little worms."
    • "If I cannot control your world, I will destroy it."
    • "You think me brutish? How do you imagine I view you?"
    • "These mortals are strong, but not strong enough."

Several lines of dialogue have a chance to occur depending on how much of the Main Quest has been completed.

  • Boss is summoned
    • "Weakling. Pathetic piece of filth. Leave while yet you can." (to characters that haven't completed the main quest)
    • "Ah, it's my unwitting tool. Return to my realm and serve me."
    • "Destroy more. Destroy more. Destroy more in my name, pawn!"
    • "The strong will cleanse the world of the weak. Cleanse, my pawn, cleanse."
    • "I forged you in the soulfire of Coldharbour to be my tool. Prove your worth."
    • "Bend your knee to me, I'll give you a minion for each enemy you've slain. You will have an army."
    • "My plan comes to fruition, mortal. You serve me now as a vessel of destruction."
    • "Your soul is mine. I own you! Come. Let us play."
    • "Your strength is mine. Come. Serve me."
    • "You have killed many. But I have killed more. Fool, you are outclassed."
    • "The Prophet is a fool, and you are a greater one for following him."
    • "Varen's gambit nearly handed the empire to Mannimarco—and Nirn to me."
    • "Lyris Titanborn. She was the best slave at the Black Forge. Whatever happened to her?"
    • "Where has the giantess gone? Back to milk some mammoths?"
    • "You and Sai Sahan have much in common … except you're not a complete failure."
    • "Where is that failed Sword-Saint now? Brooding in some sandy cave on the edges of Oblivion?"
    • "Where has little Abnur Tharn run off to? Where does he hide?"
    • "The Tharns and their trinkets. It is weakness to rely on toys for strength."
    • "The Battlemage has the amulet, but you have true power. Fight for me."
    • "Mannimarco was a pawn. You are another. Come. Let's play."
    • "The King of Worms served me poorly. Perhaps you will do better."
    • "Mannimarco's failures are your opportunities. You both shall serve me well."
    • "Are you still working for the dim one?"
    • "Your time in my realm made you strong, as expected. Let's see how you fare against these."
  • Anchor is destroyed
    • "The time remaining when you can still refuse me is dwindling."
    • "You insist on wasting your time with these trifles?"
    • "Good. I grant you permission to strengthen yourself with my minions."
    • "Your strength will be rewarded. One day."
    • "The plan shall go on, with or without you."
    • "We go through the motions again, I see."
    • "The ends and the means are one. And you are both."
    • "Throw aside the pawns, my knight. Until one day you are taken unawares."
    • "The sacrifices you make are all done in my name. You are and will always be my servant."
    • "We shall see each other again."
    • "It is you who will strike the final blow at our enemies. You are almost ready."
    • "The soulless one thinks I can be defeated. Not so, fool."
    • "You've proven your strength. Again."

Summoning GeneralsEdit

Menta Na, one of Molag Bal's generals

Occasionally, the final boss wave will instead be replaced with Molag Bal summoning one of his fearsome generals, with his dialogue varying for each one.

Generals Molag Bal's Commentaries
Amkaos, Kathutet and Ranyu "Now you face my chosen soldiers. Kathutet, Amkaos, Ranyu! Destroy these worms!"
"Kathutet, Amkaos, Ranyu! Time to torture some mortals!"
Anaxes and Medrike "The Xivilai make excellent torturers and guards. Let's test them against you."
"Xivilai know no honor. Anaxes and Medrike will test their strength, not yours."
Dregas Volar "Lord of Magas Volar, Bearer of the Daedric Crescent, serve me and destroy the mortals!"
"From your sanctuary on Vvardenfell, I summon you, Lord Dregas Volar."
Dylora, Jansa and Vika "Loyalties are fickle among the Dark Seducers. Face now the least loyal but most deadly."
"The Seducers are known for their subtlety, but I find they have many strengths."
Fangaril, King Styriche and Zayzahad "From deep beneath Cyrodiil, I summon Fangaril! Consume them, each one!"
"Your flesh is nothing but mort meat to Fangaril."
Gedna Relvel "From deep beneath Morrowind, I summon the lich Gedna Relvel!"
"Let's see if you can withstand the might of Gedna Relvel, crimson witch of Mournhold."
Glut, Hogshead and Stumble "Amusing. Let's see how you fare against these Ogrim."
"Think you're strong? Have some Ogrim! Three of them!"
Hrelvesuu "Deep in dark Nchurdamz, I found Hrelvesuu. Come forth and destroy!"
"Some of my pets are fascinated by the toys of mortals. Hrelvesuu, show them!"
Menta Na You will now be a gift to my most favored pet, Menta Na.
"The daedroth Menta Na has served me well. He will destroy you."
Methats, Sumeer and Vonshala "Many Dremora serve Dagon, but these serve me."
"The Dremora know no fear, and admit no defeat."
Nomeg Haga "Forged from ice at the heart of Coldharbour, Nomeg Haga will destroy you."
"Now you face my personal slave. Nomeg Haga, come forth and stop these worms!"
Ozozzachar "My son, my child! Ozozzachar, destroy them!"
"Ozozzachar, my son! I summon you from the skies!"
Rhagothan "You've done well. Now it ends. Come, Rhagothan! Feast!"
"A mortal for you to feast upon, Rhagothan. You may feed now."
Velehk "Blood on the water, Velehk this way comes. Your doom is upon you."
"He'll tear you open and eat your heart raw. His eyes gleam red, his heart will never thaw."
Yggmanei "Some prefer knowledge to strength. Yggmanei gives me both."
"For your final test, meet Yggmanei. Even the Lord of Domination needs spies."
Zymel Hriz "Can you withstand Zymel Hriz, an atronach of lightning and rock?"
"Most atronachs are weak. Some are strong. Zymel Hriz, I summon you!"

Cinematic TrailersEdit

Molag Bal cameos in the sky during the Arrival

Molag Bal appears in the sky behind the undead legion led by the reanimated Breton hero at the end of the Arrival. His face is visible in the clouds in the top left corner of the scene.

In the Confrontation, the nameless Nord hero confronts Mannimarco in the Imperial throne room. As the hero charges, Mannimarco casts a spell, and the face of Molag Bal is visible briefly as dust billows throughout the room. The door slams shut before the viewer is afforded an opportunity to witness how the battle plays out, but at the end of the trailer, the Nord hero can be seen in Coldharbour.

Cut & Deprecated ContentEdit

Molag Bal is invoked by Mannimarco's spell during the Confrontation

Some content featuring or relating to Molag Bal was removed with a patch or cut from the game entirely before release.

A set of unreleased research notes written by Mannimarco entitled On Soul Shriven claimed that the souls of Soul-Shriven that are utterly destroyed empower Molag Bal.

The Wailing PrisonEdit

With the changes made to the main story throughout the years, his dialogue seems to have been repurposed for other quests.

During ESO's beta, Molag Bal would summon the now-removed Anchor Guardian to stop you instead of the Child of Bones. Rather than rising from the base of the Anchor, Molag Bal's projection appeared in front of the Anchor much the same as it now does on Stirk. His dialogue here was also the same as it is on Stirk in the current patch:

Molag Bal: "The insects fight back! How amusing, and yet so very sad."

At the game's launch in March of 2014, he began summoning the Child of Bones in place of the Anchor Guardian. While summoning the monster, he would say:

Molag Bal: "I am the face of pain! The souls of the damned are my weapons! You will know eons of suffering!"

These lines appear to be from a much older version of The Wailing Prison quest, written before the version of the quest that was present at the game's launch. They don't resemble anything in the current patch, and Molag Bal's voice is different.

Audio Transcription
"And where do you think you're going?"
(File missing) "None can escape my prison of Coldharbour!"
"Pitiful worms. You are mine, now. You cannot escape."
"I will soon draw your world to mine. My dark anchors will see to that!"
"The dead rise at my command. Cracked fingers will rend your flesh!"
"Colossus of bone, rise! Tear these creatures asunder!"
"We will see each other again, soon."
(File missing) "Well done, mortals. But this is the realm of death itself. The armies of unlife are endless!"
"Your mortal magic will not save you, "Prophet". You cannot escape."
"What? What is happening?"
"No! You will not escape. Coldharbour does not release its grasp!"

Daughter of GiantsEdit

The Prophet's dialogue was a bit different from the final product. Notably, the Black Forge was where black soul gems were crafted instead of weapons.

"Fate brings us together again, as I foretold..
Lyris sacrificed herself to enable our escape from Coldharbour, and I feared her lost. But I see in dream visions that, though enslaved, she survives. We can rescue her."
"I have seen her. She works a terrible forge where Black Soul Gems are crafted to fuel Molag Bal's conquest of Tamriel.
By the power of my dream vision I shall open a gate to Coldharbour, so you can return there. Go. Rescue Lyris."
I don't care about Lyris, I just want my soul back.

The Prophet would have taken a much more active role in guiding you through the Forge, with more emphasis being put on the Prophet's mental link with the Prince than in the final release. Molag Bal would have eventually seen through the Prophet's gambit and set a pursuer on your trail, forcing you to flee.

The Prophet: "Molag Bal is strong—but for the moment, his gaze is on me. Find Lyris, and quickly."
The Prophet: "The Black Forge is ahead, but the way is barred.
Hurry—I cannot keep his eyes off you for long."
The Prophet: "That crystal is entrancing Lyris. You must break the spell!"
The Prophet: "He suspects. I cannot hold his attention any longer. I shall open a rift in Oblivion ahead. Run!"
Molag Bal: "You! Your interference will cost you your flesh as well as your soul."

After your escape from Coldharbour, you would have spoken to the Prophet much like you do in the live version of the quest.

Molag Bal knew we were there.
"It was difficult to stave off his attention as long as I did.
With Lyris safe, we can enjoy a brief respite while we plan our next move. When the dream visions speak again, I shall call to you."

The Wakening DarkEdit

Molag Bal was at one point supposed to speak to you in Gil-Var-Delle during The Wakening Dark. He would have said something after you destroyed the Dark Anchor during the quest.

Audio Transcription
"Pitiful creature! You think you've won? Gil-Var-Delle is my greatest trophy, a place where the planes shall always meld. It will never slip from my grasp!"
(file missing) "Enjoy your victory while it lasts. I will return, again and again, until all bow before me."

Molag Bal is likely referring to Almalexia in this line:

Audio Transcription
"Tell me, does the goddess also see her own doom? I reserve a special place for her glorious soul!"

The Final AssaultEdit

It seems the developers once intended for Molag Bal to scream when the Light of Meridia is unleashed:

Audio Transcription


Count Verandis Ravenwatch was named "Verandis Ravenfeld", and he sacrificed himself just as he does at the end of Rivenspire's current zone story, but the nature of the quest was different. The true villain of the zone was a vampire named Karnosis Xane (sometimes misspelled as "Karnoris"), whom Baron Montclair served. Karnosis would have attempted to use an artifact known as the "Blood Pearl of Molag-Bal" to complete a "Planemerge".

→ See also: Cut Content: Rivenspire

Dark AnchorsEdit

These lines are either very rarely heard or do not play at Anchors. Many of them appear to be intended for use at Anchors that are destroyed while the Coldharbour invasion questline is ongoing.

Audio Transcription
"Little mortal comes a-calling. Comes to goggle at my devices."
"This place is not for you, wretch. This device will break your world and make it mine."
"The chains break. The anchors crumble. The gears halt. But I am still Lord of Domination, and you are still nothing."
"You. Everyone you love. Everyone you hate. All will labor at my devices in service to me."
"Where, oh where, is the little worm? We cannot have vermin in the heart of my devices."
"You're in my realm now, mortal. Don't think you can break the chains so easily."
"I no longer need these devices but they serve me by making you bleed."
"Where, oh where, is the little worm? We cannot have vermin in the heart of my devices."
"My slaves will throw you into the heart of the device, and you shall endure the tortures of the damned."
(File missing) "You invade my realm, filth, intending to do harm? You will fail. The servants of my devices protect them at all cost."
(File missing) "Again you seek to undermine my schemes. You are welcome to try. It is music [sic]"

A few lines are similar to those found within the game's text files, with slight discrepancies between the spoken dialogue and the subtitles from the text file.

Audio Transcription Corresponding Subtitle
"So… one sneaks into my realm with ill intent. You will not disrupt my devices so easily." "So… one sneaks into my realm with ill intent. You will not disturb my devices so easily."
"While your leaders chase phantoms, my chains pull tighter, drawing our worlds together." "While your leaders chase each others' tails, my chains pull tighter, bringing our worlds together."
"An anchor broken from its mooring? Reinforce the heart of the device and release another!" "An anchor broken from its mooring? Reinforce the heart of the device and launch another anchor!"
"Do what you will with my devices, wretch. These halls teem with those who call me "Master."" "Do what you will with my devices, wretch. These halls are filled with those who call me "Master.""

There are different takes of certain lines present within the game files.

Audio Status Transcription
Live "They serve by choice. They serve the strong. They serve me."
Cut "They serve by choice. They serve the strong. They serve me."


Molag Bal calls out to his minions to destroy an adversary.

Audio Transcription
"Slaves! Subdue this pretender, than [sic] I might feast upon their pain for all eternity!"

Molag Bal threatens you. Given the excessive and long-winded nature of the line, it may have been cut from the final battle in God of Schemes.

Audio Transcription
"I will have you, Vestige! Pathetic prophecies and trinkets of holy powers are fleeting! I am immortal! I am undying! Your world will drown in blood!"


Molag Bal makes a confectionery cameo on the 2024 Anniversary Jubilee cake
  • When Molag Bal crushes you during God of Schemes, you are technically hovering over an invisible platform beneath his hand. If you die during this sequence, you'll be dropped on this platform. Attempting this is not recommended, as you can break the sequence by jumping down onto the platform Molag Bal is standing on.
    • Any issues with this quest can be remedied by exiting or closing the game and logging back in; if you log out at any point in Heart's Grief, you'll be deposited in front of the Harborage, and taken back to the stage of the quest where you're supposed to enter Coldharbour with the Five Companions. You will have to redo the quest from this point if this occurs.
  • Molag Bal loosely quotes Spirit of the Daedra several times in Dark Anchor dialogue. The following lines are referenced: most are paraphrased, but the last is quoted word-for-word.
    • Destroy the Body, and the Animus is cast into The Darkness. But the Animus returns.
    • We serve by choice. We serve the strong, so that their strength might shield us.
    • When oath-bonds are weak, there is pain, and shame, and loss, and Darkness, and great fear.
    • Perhaps you find Scamps comic, and Vermai brutish. How then do you imagine we view you humans?
    • As you may sometimes praise the fox or hare, admiring its cunning and speed, and lamenting as the hounds tear its flesh, so do we sometimes admire our prey, and secretly applaud when it cheats our snares or eludes pursuit.
    • But, like all worldly things, you will in time wear, and be used up. You age, grow ugly, weak, and foolish. You are always lost, late or soon.
    • Sometimes the prey turns upon us and bites. It is a small thing. When wounded or weary, we fly away to restore. Sometimes a precious thing is lost, but that risk makes the chase all the sweeter.
    • Man is mortal, and doomed to death and failure and loss.
  • His introductory lines for Velekh Sain are also direct quotes from Pirate King of the Abecean.
  • Several lines of Dark Anchor dialogue hearken back to The House of Horrors quest in Skyrim:
    • "I don't want revenge. I want your submission." is a callback to Molag Bal's response if the Dragonborn tells him they'll assist him in taking revenge on Logrolf the Willful: "Revenge? No. I want submission.".
    • "Fool! Did you think Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, would be defeated so easily?" is an almost word for word recreation of the dialogue that occurs once the spike trap around the altar in the recesses of the Abandoned House is triggered: "Fool! Did you think Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, would so easily reward you?"
  • One line of Dark Anchor dialogue, "Weakling. Pathetic piece of filth. Leave while yet you can.", pays homage to what Molag Bal says in Oblivion if you fail the task he sets out for you during his quest: "... Weakling. Pathetic piece of filth. Leave, before I make you sorry you ever came here."
  • Molag Bal is featured in one of ESO's Steam Trading Cards.

See AlsoEdit

  • Creating ESO: The Making of Molag Bal — A design article from the official ESO website detailing the character design process for Molag Bal and the creation of the statue bundled with the Imperial Edition.


Artwork commemorating ESO's 10th anniversary, with Molag Bal featured top center-left
  • If subtitles/NPC captions are turned on, Molag Bal's dialogue at a Dark Anchor stage may show both his pre- and post-main quest dialogue in the chat box.
  • If you enter a menu (such as your Inventory) while Molag Bal is crushing you in his hand, your character may clip out of his hand and perform an idle standing animation in mid-air. This doesn't break the sequence, but it may break immersion.
  • Molag Bal may interrupt himself in the middle of saying his "Tamriel is ripe" spiel. Teleporting away seems to be of higher priority than Molag Bal telling his opponent how he's going to reap Nirn's harvest of flesh.
  • If you log out while doing the quest, then log back in, you'll have to redo the stages of the quest leading up to the final battle. If you redo the sequence leading up to Molag Bal enough times (at least twice), the animation that plays when you vanquish Molag Bal may not work properly. Molag Bal will fall to his knees and your character sheds the Emperor costume, but your character just stands there with their weapon drawn, unmoving. The sword you summon is stuck to the ground next to your feet or to your character's hand, and you never swing the sword. Instead, you merely teleport to the Colored Rooms after the amount of time it would have taken to slice him in half passes.
    • Try to finish the quest in one go to avoid this. You won't be forced to redo the sequence if you log out or crash and immediately attempt to log back in; a certain amount of time must pass before your instance is reset, so don't panic if your connection drops.



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Patch NotesEdit

  • Fixed an issue if you had a summoned pet, it could potentially be grabbed by an invisible Molag-Bal and get stuck in a floating posture.
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue where Molag Bal would not appear in some situations.
  • God of Schemes: Molag Bal's dialogue will now continue regardless how far away you move from within The Colored Rooms.
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue where your soul would not appear in the Colored Rooms. We also fixed an issue that was causing Molag Bal's health to stay at 0%.
  • Heart's Grief: You will no longer lose the Aedric blessings if you log out in the middle of fighting Molag Bal.
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue with this quest that could result in your character not being lifted off the ground, or becoming stuck in Molag Bal's hand.
  • God of Schemes: Molag Bal will once again pick you up in his hand without incident.
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Molag Bal no longer freezes during this quest.
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent Molag Bal from grabbing your character.
  • God of Schemes: Molag Bal will no longer hurl your character's body, causing you to die from fall damage, during a certain phase of the boss fight in the final main quest.
  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue where Molag Bal would get stuck during his final encounter, causing the fight to no longer advance.

Being the main antagonist of the base game, Molag Bal is occasionally referred to in jest in the Patch Notes for issues he isn't directly involved in.

  • Where Shadows Lie: A dolmen ring will no longer appear in the Cogitum Centralis after the climatic events of the story. No, Molag Bal, this isn't your show. You had your shot.
  • Reverted last week's change to fix players teleporting while using movement abilities, as it upset the God of Schemes. A bargain has been made between Molag Bal and Sheogorath to resolve this issue in a future patch.