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Cut content is content that had plans to be added to the game at one point, but was removed or changed prior to release. It is not to be confused with Deprecated content, which was formerly in the game and later removed, or Pre-Release content, which is planned to be in the game but still subject to change. Due to the constantly updating nature of The Elder Scrolls Online, some elements from cut content still remain in the game or are introduced later on in some manner.


Quite a lot of content was never intended to be publicly released and were used for testing only. This lists that content.

RL_DungeonTest 1Edit

This test quest took place in RL_DungeonTest and would have had you find a midget on behalf of a character. Sadly the midget perished at the claws of a wolf.

A dialogue entry still remains:

"Please help me find my midget. He keeps wandering off to play with that damn wolf.
I'm so sad without my midget at my side... please find him."
Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Quest NPC is sad because his midget has dissapeared [sic].
Find the missing midget
I found Quest NPC's midget. He was eaten by a large undead wolf. I should return to Quest Giver NPC at the start of RL_DungeonTest to tell him the good news.
I've found the midget! I should return to Quest Giver NPC.

RL_DungeonTest 2Edit

This test quest also took place in RL_DungeonTest and had you find a tome on behalf of an NPC. You would have the choice of handing it over to a well dressed mage or bring it back to the original quest giver.

Some dialogue still remains:

"Greetings Adventurer. I'm in need of someone with your skills. There is a magical tome hidden somewhere inside that I'm in dire need of. Could you fetch it for me?
There is no telling the evils abound... once you find it, return to me quickly!"
Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Disheveled NPC asked me to find a magical tome and bring it back to him. He says when I find it, I should quickly deliver it to him - there's no telling the evils abound...
I've been tasked with finding a magical tome, somewhere in RL_DungeonTest by Discheveled [sic] NPC.
A well dressed and important looking mage suddely appeared after I picked up the Magical Tome. I should see what he has to say.
The well dressed mage told me that he would make it worth my while to give him the tome instead of the disheveled [sic] guy who origionally [sic] asked me to find it. I need to decide who to give it to...
Complete one: Give the Tome to the Mage or Give the tome to Discheveled NPC
After turning down the mage's offer and fending off his attacks, I returned to Discheveled NPC and gave him the tome. He was relieved to finally have it and promised to use it to save the Tamriel. (If you gave the books to the Discheveled NPC )
I decided to give the Tome to the mage, who started giggling uncontrollably after reciving [sic] it. He gave me a handsome reward and then abruptly dissapeared [sic]. (If you gave the book to the well dressed mage)



Balfiera Keep
A map of the battleground

During a time when Battlegrounds would be Alliance War related.

Balfiera Island is contested by all three alliances of Tamriel. It's a constant battlefield. Dangerous, yes, but this may be an advantage. Reinforcements are constantly being sent to Balfiera. You should have no problem joining up and shipping out with them.

Have you come to prove your worth, recruit? Balfiera has become a land of war and death, a land with no place for the weak. Enter this land of death, and do not return until you have slain thirty of our enemies.

Your friends in the Daggerfall Covenant would gladly send you to Balfiera Island. They always need more reinforcements for their war. Just ask for a battlemaster in one of your alliance cities.

The fight for Balfiera is more than just capturing the Fort at the center! There are many other aspects to war on this small slab of rock.

Battle Tasks are always running because the fight is always changing! Be on the lookout for flags that mark key locations to capture every fifteen to twenty minutes!

Fort Balfiera is fueled by support structures we call Resources. There are three of these per keep: a Farm, Mine and Lumbermill. Capture these to cripple the keep!

The Fort is the primary objective on this island. Capture Fort Balfiera, and our entire Covenant reaps the rewards both here on the island and abroad.

We have to secure a foothold here in Balfiera. To that end, we will need to capture the keep to serve as a strong point. The Dominion needs you once again.

Original Main QuestEdit

The original version of the main quest involved re-assembling the Staff of Chaos. A large documentation is found on the Imperial Library.

Some visited locations included Balfiera (map), Lake Canulus Refuge (map), and the Vaults of Genim (map).

"There are many objects of Divine origin scattered throughout Tamriel with which one might recharge something as powerful as the Amulet of Kings. The difficulty is determining which is the safest and most logical to utilize."

"<<1>> believes the energies of the Crystal Tower can be tapped by the Balac, and will partially return the staff to its former power. The anchor of the Crystal Tower is called Crystal-like-Law; its energies tie the tower to Nirn."

"Charge the Balac within the Adamantine Tower" "Charge the Balac within the Crystal Tower" "Charge the Balac within Red Mountain" "Charge the Balac to the Zero Stone" "Charge the Balac to Crystal-like-Law"

"You say you are willing. Then let your journey begin. The towers await, their stones laid within. The Balac will be drawn to them, as the light is drawn to the dawn."

"The power to restore the Balac lies within the Anchor Towers of Tamriel. Each tower is laid upon a singular stone, its essence and foundation, the connection to Nirn. Find the stones, one to each tower, and bolster the Balac upon their energies."

"Do not travel by land to the towers! It is out of the question. The Balac is too precious, and there are many dangers out in the world. Seek the Mages Guild I say, for they are allies still, and know much of the magics of teleportation."

"I am inside the Adamantine Tower. Now I must find a way to the Zero Stone and imbue the Balac with its power."

"The Anchor Towers await - Adamantine, Crystal, Red Mountain. Through they alone can the Balac be restored. Ask now of each tower, and I will tell what I may know."

"Find first the Zero Stone, at the heart of Adamantine Tower. In the halls above and dungeons below Clan Direnni rules. They will despise your intrusion, and guard the Zero Stone ferociously. But you must find it, tap its power, tap its power.

"The Zero Stone will restore the staff. It was laid by the gods themselves, back before the dawn.It's so simple! And yet... I fear the journey will be anything but."

"Your friends in the Daggerfall Covenant would gladly send you to Balfiera Island. They always need more reinforcements for their war. Just ask for a battlemaster in one of your alliance cities."

"In the light of the scrolls, through the veil of permeation, I saw three steps to the end."

"First there is an island of war: the place called Balfiera. You must go there to begin."

"Second: the tower, the one called Adamantine. You must get inside. Through depths and darkness you go, downwards, never up."

"And last, the Zero Stone, the core and foundation. Place the staff upon the stone. Its eternal surface connects to Nirn, to recharge and renew."

The final battle at Adamantine Tower

"The what reveals the where. It is Balfiera Island a rock upon the Iliac Bay. The bickering factions of Tamrial vie for its control. An endless arena of war. The battlemasters of the Daggerfall Covenant will readily send you there to die."

"To Balfiera, the island of war - to Adamantine, the tower's depths - to the foundation the Zero Stone! Upon that timeless stone the staff must be charged."

"There is but one tower on that island - the one named Adamantine. Enter the tower,but go down, not up. In those ancient depths, in the dungeons far below, you will find the foundation - the Zero Stone. It alone can restore the Staff of Towers.”

"The Prophet has opened a portal to Balfiera Isle and the Adamantine Tower. I will be bringing the Amulet of Kings with me."

"I must descend into the depths below the tower and locate the Zero Stone, a massive source of Divine power from the Dawn Era."

Abnur Tharn is here, speaking to his Legion soldiers through a magical projection. I should have words with him.

There is a path leading down not far from here. Abnur Tharn's soldiers and Worm Cult agents stand between me and the Zero Stone.

"I've entered into some kind of ancient Ayleid observatory built up around the tower spire. I need to find my way through.

I've reached the Seal of the Stars. I must determine the configuration of constellations that will allow me through.

The way is open. The Zero Stone awaits.

The last of Abnur Tharn's minions stand in my way, hoping to delay me while the Imperial gorges himself on the energy of the Zero Stone.

Abnur Tharn has turned Lyris Titanborn into an undying servant and has set her against me. I must defeat them both to get to the Zero Stone.

Lyris Titanborn is dead, and Abnur Tharn's own demise is little penance for his crime. It is time to empower the Amulet of Kings and find my way, unerringly, to my soul.

I am in some kind of vision. The Amulet is attuning itself to my soul's location.

I will now be able to find my way to wherever my soul is kept, no matter who possesses it. The Prophet has appeared in the flesh through one of his portals. I should speak with him.

The Prophet has asked me to set and light Lyris's funeral pyre.

Lyris has been laid to rest, and her spirit will find its way to the Nord afterlife in Sovngarde. I should finish my business with the Prophet so we can return to the Harborage and prepare for our final task.

"I have entered a twisting descent into the world's heart. The only way forward is down."

"And last1 the Zero Stone1 the core and foundation. Place the staff upon the stone. Its eternal surface connects to Nirn, to recharge and renew."

"I hear it! The Zero Stone echoes from within the staff. You have succeeded. We are one step closer to life, one step further from annihilation."

"I've safely returned to Gudrun's Retreat. I should speak to the Prophet and tell him what transpired beneath the Adamantine Tower."

The Vaults of GeminEdit

Aldmeri DominionEdit


Map of Rictus

The unimplemented companion starter island to Khenarthi's Roost would have been Rictus, likely being visited after Khenarthi and before Auridon, akin to the dual starter zones of the other two alliances. It had a tropical climate and would have been set on the islands seen southwest of the Drowned Coast on most maps of Tamriel. It would have had 3 wayshrines (though two would be on the Prowler). Locations would have included:

  • Coral Island: a slightly smaller island west of Rictus, which would have had an accessible eastern beach, and presumably the original Storm Totem ritual from The Tempest Unleashed.
  • Fire Ship: a ship docked at Port Dibellum
  • Fort Kragg: a square fort on the southern part of the bay with Dibellum, with Ayleid ruins stretching across the southern end of the island, towards a dock.
  • Port Dibellum was a the hub settlement of the zone that used a mix of Colovian architecture and had a wayshrine (Port Dibellum Wayshrine).
  • The Prowler was a ship owned by Captain Jimila that would be docked on the north bay of Rictus and the southeast bay of Coral Island.
  • Stonehallow Ridge was a beach on the northeast part of the island with shallow sands, and connected to a small island to the south.
  • Cave of Endless Anguish: Found on the southeast part of Rictus
  • When you're prepared to travel, we leave for Rictus.
  • <<1>> awaits me on the beach. When I'm ready to leave for Rictus, I should talk to him.
  • A few more serpents came rose from the sea before you silenced the horns. With the Green Lady leading our forces, we quickly slew the beasts and put down the remaining Maormers.
    It was a true honor to serve alongside her. Rictus will be glorious.


Long before the release of ESO: Summerset, the files had contained remnants of a zone in southern Summerset since launch. The cities of Sunhold (then found on Sunhold Isle) and Dusk were still present, as were settlements such as Isque and regions such as Varyllis and The Orrery. Ayarynne was the original name of Queen Ayrenn. Imga, Sload, and Maormer were also included but removed. This is largely documented on the Imperial Library.


  • The antagonist of the Grahtwood quest line would have been an Imperial Daedric priest called Vonov Sarturus. He would have hastily trained the Imperial troops responsible for the Haventown attack - not Jackdaw Pirates as in the final release - to be Daedraphiles. You would have cleared the city with a member of the Khajiit Warrior Guard named Warmaster Rahira who would be worried at not finding Vonov's body despite witnessing his demise.
  • Aldmeri reinforcements stabilised Razorvine Refuge and slowly reclaim Haven.
  • Later he killed the Treethane of Southpoint and stole an ancient relic. Vonov set up magical wards around the town tied to the illusion magic he cast inside the town's cathedral.
  • The Blacksap Bosmer were a lot more antagonistic; allying with Imperial forces and Molag Bal's cultists to be rid of the Dominion. They would have used Daedric magic to create lurchers and wielded Imperial weaponry.


  • The Bonebarrow was guarded by King Faume Toad-Eye. You would have had to place decapitated bonesnatcher heads upon his grave to summon him. Imperial soldiers were seen carrying bones from the Bonebarrow to Haventown in order to build an Infernal Device but were not attacked by skeletons. Priestess Fleile sent one of her personal guards, Golleon,
  • The Imperial soldiers were actually zombies disguised by illusion magic, explaining why the skeletons were not attacking them.


  • Gil-Var-Delle was atop a plateau that sat between Cold Harbor, and Nirn and is inaccessble to most thanks to a miasmata which characters described as a "strange fog" that is "not alive, but seeks life, and extinguishes it". The Wardens of the village of Karthdar Pilgrimage wore special rings that protected them from the miasmata. The stream flowing off Gil-Var-Delle was foul and undrinkable water called Blightwater that polluted the rivers below.
  • The great Elden Tree of Gil-Var-Delle was Lifetimber and its corpse became known to the local Bosmer as Black Log. However the ancient plant-lich Darkcarcass made his lair in the core of Black Log and used necromantic plant-magic to raise an army of the undead, threatening the tree's future. He was responsible for the tree's Daedric infestation, afflicting the tree with a pox that caused necrotic sores and nessiciated you to apply Lifetimber Pollen to them. Scamps would threaten Lifetimber blossoms to the northeast. You would have used a Woodrune that caused a snapweed to sproutout assisting in killing the scamps.
  • Vonov's troops have stolen enchanted rings from Karthdar's wardens. A Warden's Ring provides protection from the miasmata at Gil-Var-Delle. You would have obtained a spellbook from the Grove of the Dead that would be a manual for summoning Daedra. A page is marked for the creation of amulets. Apparently, it requires the Daedra associated with the ritual.
  • You would have required a potion to keep you alive in the miasmata and would have had to obtain seeds of the asphodel, a flower native to Cold Harbor, and Nirnroot from an Imperial alchemist. Your task would be to kill a lich named Vonov, a priest in the service of Molag Bal, that aided the Imperials. After killing a treethane he stole amulets that turned him into a lich and is drawing power from the miasmata.
  • Within Gil-Var-Delle you would have encountered a strange magical barrier generated by a staff. This would have protected the house pod of a mage who claimed to have sealed herself away inside her home for five centuries. Touching the staff would have destroyed the barrier allowing the hostile ghosts of the town to breach it.
  • On the ground you wouldn't have assisted High Ordinator Danys but a Priest of Arkay who was observing cultists sacrificing innocents in the Daedric temple. An encounter would have involved saving a Bosmer from being sacrificed and he would reward you back in Residue.


  • Brukbook was a town north of Elden Root that Carelleth, a priestess of Arkay, would have lived in.
  • Branglebracken was an area west of Gil-Var-Delle that Imperial troops would have retreated to for a final last stand after the failed attempt to takeover Elden Root.
  • Ebon Ro was a settlement occupied by the Blacksaps. It's suggested they would have attacked Brukbook and Carrelleth would have led the survivors to safety.
  • Moss Lord was a city far to the west and had a large Aldmeri Dominion presence.
  • Residue was a refugee camp near Gil-Var-Delle.


A port town located northeast of Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor. While this location is still mentioned in Maritawen's dialogue and the item Bloodgutter Tattooed Tambourine, it appears from cut dialogue that there was to be more to it—involving a Khajiiti Sangiin blood cult to which had taken over the port:

Daggerfall CovenantEdit

The original quest line was very different, with Ranser initially being alive and a major faction in the zone being the Magis Order. Aldcroft would have had a militia known as the Wardens who fought against the Order.

Ebonarm, the canonically disputed Redguard God of War, would mention having shrines to him as in the following dialogue:

"I keep a shrine to Ebonarm in my home. Every Redguard I know honors the God of War that way."
"I keep a shrine to Ebonarm, the God of War, in my home.
I don't know any Redguard who doesn't."
"May Ebonarm walk beside you in battle, traveller."

Yoku appears to have been used as a gentilic for the Yokudan people instead of the language in at least one quest. Examples can be found below:

"Oh! Tel is so thoughtful. Will you be assisting me with my spiritual divination?
I believe I saw a sword on the beach west of here. If it is a genuine Yoku sword"
"Hmm. I suppose I should set you to work. Listen carefully. The Soul Gem must be used on a real Yoku artifact"

A Warning for SebastienEdit

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Reachmage sent to slay King Drugo had a second target – King Ranser of Shornhelm, who is visiting King Sebastien’s court in Camlorn. Drugo fears Shornhelm will go to war if King Ranser dies in Camlorn.
Drugo’s courier has asked me to go to Camlorn and warn King Sebastien of the plot to assassinate King Ranser.
Drugo's courier tells me to go to Camlorn and warn King Sebastien of the plot to assassinate King Ranser.
I arrived too late. Judging from the chaos in King Sebastien's manse, Ranser has already been assassinated. I need speak to someone in authority regarding the note I found on the Reachmage.
Oron, an emissary of High King Fahara'jad, is trying to find King Ranser's murderer. I must speak to Oron to learn all I can about the circumstances of Ranser's death.
I must present this letter to King Sebastien's guard and gain an audience with the King. King Sebastien's manor is in the southeastern part of Camlorn. I am to go straight there along the main road. It will be North of Lord Drugo.

Stormhaven's PlotEdit

Cut dialogue implies that Hircine and the Glenmoril Wyrd may have originally planned to be the antagonists in Stormhaven, instead of Vaermina and her Supernal Dreamers.

The Vestige would have been given a task to slay the type of daedra favored by Hircine known as Hernes, and to offer its heart during a Glenmoril Coven's ritual to disrupt it. Hernes didn't appear in the base game and would appear much later in Morrowind's prologue quest.

"Honestly, it worries me. Long ago Sotha Sil made a pact with the Daedric Princes, forbidding casual summoners from unleashing them.
However, the Glenmoril Coven have ancient ties with Hircine - if they asked, I don't know that he would refuse."
"Excellent. This will do nicely. Give me just a moment... there.
Don't put the robe on until you're going to use it. The enchantment will only last a short time. And don't get too close to the coven - they know magic, and they may see through mine."
"Yes. Sabotage. Daedric Princes like Hircine value mortal sacrifices only. Sacrificing one of his prized Hernes may enrage him.
Collect a Herne heart, and place it on their altar during the ritual. If Hircine reacts, it may distract Nissa's guards."
"Daedric Princes are fickle, and Hircine prizes only mortal sacrifices. Sacrificing one of his prized Hernes may enrage him.
If you gather a fresh Herne heart and place it on the coven's altar during their ritual, I bet *bad* things would happen."
"The blood of an innocent - indeed, this will please our Prince greatly. Be a lamb and place it on the altar, dear. We'll step from the shadows once you've placed the sacrifice."

Sister Nissa would later be repurposed to instead align with Vaermina and her Supernal Dreamers, but she was ultimately cut from the final game:

"The Supernal Dreamers are a recent plague on the land. I'd never heard of them before they overran my father's farm.
Sister Nissa is the leader of the sect. The cultists who attacked our farm were following her orders."

Artifacts Of The MundusEdit

Inquisitor Danain, leader of Camlorn's Magis Order, has one artifact - the Chalice of Gwedrun. The Magis Order protects us from evil - daedra, undead and any who consort with them. Seek Danain in the Magis Order barracks by Sebastien's manse.

The Chalice Of GwedrunEdit

"Wraiths in the ruins east of Camlorn attacked a merchant named Jael. Now you'll see how we turn evil against evil.
We took this Soul Cage from a necromancer. Go the ruins. Fight the wraiths until they are weak, then use the Soul Cage to trap them."
"I shed no tears for King Ranser - a vile man. Yet I serve King Sebastian, so the beacon is yours - if you prove yourself. The city's in turmoil. You must patrol in our name, Hero of Glenumbra, and calm them. When you're ready, I'll tell you more."
"I must admit, I was leery of dealing with a Numinous demi-mortal. Your very existence smells of daedra, or worse. But you've won my trust, and I see no other way to save Northmoor from war. Take the Chalice to Canning. Clear Sebastien's name."
" I need a powerful soul beacon - something to call out to him beyond the Mundus. One such artifact is the Chalice of Gwedrun. To channel enough power to reach him"

Level 10

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I’ve agreed to help Oron, High King Fahara’jad’s emissary, prove King Sebastien is innocent of Ranser’s murder. I’m to work with High Priest Canning of the Order of Arkay to summon Ranser’s spirit, so Ranser’s shade can name his killer.
High Priest Canning needs two relics to summon Ranser’s spirit. Inquisitor Danain at the barracks beside Sebastien’s manse has one of them. I should speak to Danain about acquiring the Chalice of Gwedrun.
Collect the Chalice of Gwedrun from the Magis Order. Inquisitor Danain may grant it to you if you assist him.
Danain tells me the Chalice is in the nearby Magis Order barracks. He'll give it to me if I prove myself to him by either assisting him with his patrol or dealing with some wraiths out by the ruins.
Jael, a merchant in Inquisitor Danain's employ, was attacked by wraiths who lurk in ruins east of Camlorn. Inquisitor Danain wishes to show me how the Magis Order uses evil against evil. He gave me a Soul Cage to capture the wraiths.
Objective: If dealing with the wraiths is chosen
I must journey to the ruins and fight the wraiths there. Once the wraiths are weakened, I must use the Soul Cage Danain gave me to capture their essence, ensuring they will plague Camlorn no longer.
I've agreed to patrol Camlorn on behalf of the Magis Order. Inquisitor Danain has sent me to Captain Bieller to join the city patrol.
Objective: If you choose to patrol
As the first step of my patrol, Captain Bieller asked me to visit Camlorn's temple. He is worried that citizens blame the Order of Arkay for the rise of undead in Northmoor, and wants me to run off any who threaten the priests.
Objective: Patrol the Temple in Camlorn
As Captain Bieller feared, I arrived at the temple to find angry citizens accosting the priests of Arkay. They are angered by the rise of undead throughout Northmoor. I should do what I can to calm the citizens.
Objective: Speak to Commoner
Objective: Speak to Commoner
Objective: Speak to Commoner
As the second step on my patrol, Captain Bieller asked me to enter Camlorn's tavern, in the lower city on the shore. Bieller is worried about too much drink leading to fights, and needs me to keep the peace.
Objective: Investigate the Camlorn Tavern
No sooner had I entered Camlorn's tavern when I heard shouting among its patrons. Two men lost in their cups are yelling at each other. I must resolve the situation before it starts a brawl.
Objective: Calm Jaimie
Objective: Calm Bran
As the last step on my patrol, Captain Bieller asked me to patrol the Camlorn docks and reassure the merchants there the Magis Order still watches over them.
Objective: Patrol the Camlorn Docks
I arrived at the docks just in time to witness a theft from a dock merchant. A thief sprinted out of a stall, attempting to escape with stolen goods.
Objective: Speak to Alfred
I've completed the patrol route set for me by Inquisitor Danain. Captain Bieller said Danain would meet me on Camlorn's docks, so I should look for Danain there.
Talk to Danain
Objective: Get Chalice from Danain
Inquisitor Danain gave me with the Chalice of Gwedrun and charged me to use it to clear Sebastian's name.
I must return the Chalice of Gwedrun to Canning. He cautions me that if I am slain while I carry it, the Magis Order will retrieve it through mystical means, and I'll be back to square one.

The Soulstone Of BrallEdit

"The Magis Order has been harassing three of my associates. Check on Simine, Bovie, and Dalomar and make sure they're safe. Simine and Bovie work in the marketplace. You'll find Dalomar on the docks."
"A bargain's a bargain - of course I'll lend you the Stone. War with Shornhelm would ruin commerce all over High Rock. For the good of the people and our King, I give up to you my dearest treasure. Just be sure I get it back."

Level 10

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I’ve agreed to help Oron, High King Fahara’jad’s emissary, prove King Sebastien is innocent of Ranser’s murder. I’m to work with High Priest Canning of the Order of Arkay to summon Ranser’s spirit, so Ranser’s shade can name his killer.
High Priest Canning needs two relics to summon Ranser’s spirit. Jes of Wayrest in Camlorn’s tavern has one. I should speak to Jes about acquiring the Soulstone of Brall.
Jes of Wayrest, a powerful merchant from across Iliac Bay, has another artifact - the Soulstone of Brall. He's connected with the Hands of Northmoor, a local group who claim to be champions of the common people. Speak to Jes about the soulstone.
Though Jes of Wayrest agreed to let me borrow the Soulstone of Brall, he asked me to do a favor for him first.
Jes asked me to check on his associates in Camlorn. I will find the first
Jes asked me to check on his associates throughout Camlorn. Simine and Bovie are safe. I should look for the last orator
Orator Dalomar is missing from his stand on the docks. I should ask around on the docks to see if anyone knows where Dalomar might be.
I should check beneath the docks of Camlorn for any trace of Orator Dalomar.
Objective: Check Under the Docks
While collecting Jes' weapon crates I've found a body in the sea beneath Camlorn's docks which seems to be Orator Dalomar. I should return to Jes with this news.
Jes of Wayrest let me borrow the Soulstone of Brall - provided he gets it back.
I must take the Soulstone of Brall to High Priest Canning in Camlorn's temple

A Ritual in CamlornEdit

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
High Priest Canning is almost ready to complete the ceremony to summon Ranser’s spirit. I must be ready for whatever comes next.
High Priest Canning is going to attempt to raise Ranser’s spirit using the power of the artifacts I’ve gathered. I must ensure he is not interrupted.
High Priest Canning is ready to begin the ritual. I should light the Holy Incense Burner in the Camlorn temple when I'm ready to protect him during the ritual.
Objective: Light the holy incense
When High Priest Canning attempted to summon Ranser's spirit, a hooded figure appeared and attacked. The fiend stunned Canning and disrupted the ritual. I must make sure Canning is all right.

Glaes MaarEdit

Dark Acolytes have disturbed the spirits of Glaes Maar. They toy with those seeking only rest. Take Crystalwan. Use it on four acolytes and bring them to the ruin's central altar. It will dispel the shield protecting them from just retribution. Use Crystalwan on First Dark Acolyte Bring Dark Acolyte to Altar Bring Dark Acolyte to Altar Use Crystalwan on second Dark Acolyte Bring Dark Acolyte to Altar Use Crystalwan on third Dark Acolyte Bring Dark Acolyte to Altar Use Crystalwan on fourth Dark Acolyte I have given four Dark Acolytes over to the spirits of Glaes Maar. I should inform Claude. I need to leash four Dark Acolytes with the Crystalwan and bring them to the Altar of Glaes Maar. The Spirits of Glaes Maar are destroying the Dark Acolyte! The Spirits of Glaes Maar are destroying the Dark Acolyte! I need to leash three Dark Acolytes with the Crystalwan and bring them to the Altar of Glaes Maar. The Spirits of Glaes Maar are destroying the Dark Acolyte! I need to leash one Dark Acolyte with the Crystalwan and bring him to the Altar of Glaes Maar. The Spirits of Glaes Maar are destroying the Dark Acolyte! I need to leash two Dark Acolytes with the Crystalwan and bring them to the Altar of Glaes Maar. They chose to desecrate the Direnni, this was their lot. Perhaps now they'll leave it be. As thanks, let me fuse the souls harvested in Crystalwan with an item you may find useful... I brought four Dark Acolytes to the central altar in Glaes Maar, where they were overcome by spirits. In gratitude for my actions, Claude combined the souls within Crystalwan with the Maarsword, giving me an item of great power.

A CrossroadEdit

Level 17

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Oron awaits word from High King Fahara’jad as how to proceed with King Sebastien. While he waits he asked me to ask Sebastien about the Shrouded Throne.

Alchemy WomanEdit

Alchemist Zoe Symbellene would have asked you to fetch ingredients to make potions for the Magis Order and deliver it to their headquarters in Camlorn.

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Alchemist Symbellene supplies magicka potions to the Magis Order. She needs me to help obtain wytchroot and aldwort to keep the Order supplied.
I can find the herbs I need for the potions just outside Camlorn
Objective: Collect Aldwort
Objective: Collect Wytchroot
I've retrieved the herbs Alchemist Symbellene wanted
Return to Alchemist Symbellene
Alchemist Symbellene has asked me to deliver the next batch of potions to Inquisitor Bieller at the Magis Order headquarters in Camlorn.

The Legend of IthguleoirEdit


Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
With the Whalebone Talisman protecting me, I should find Ithguleoir and slay him. He's probably in the waters north of the fishing village.\n\nWhen I'm ready to attack him, I can use the talisman to protect myself.
I've killed Ithguleoir. I should return to Therese Marron in the village of Farmost Reach.\n\nI can finally tell her that her son has been avenged.
If I'm going to slay the dreaded sea monster Ithguleoir, I'll have to talk to the families of those he's killed. Leon Pelaire, Jean Praul and Therese Marron are in the fishing village.
With the Whalebone Talisman protecting me, I should be able to find Ithguleoir and slay him. He's in the waters north of the fishing village. When I'm ready to attack him, I can use the talisman to protect myself.
With the Whalebone Talisman protecting me, I can find Ithguleoir and slay him. He's in the waters north of the fishing village. When I'm ready to attack him, I can use the talisman to protect myself.
I've killed Ithguleoir. I should return to Jean Praul in the village of Farmost Reach. I can finally tell him his wife has been avenged.
I've killed Ithguleoir. I should return to Leon Pelaire in the village of Farmost Reach. I can tell him his love has been avenged.
<<1>> is on the rocks south of the Imperial palisade. I should present the severed head to him for a reward.

After the Sea Wolf ran aground and the crew mutinied, I stayed loyal to the captain. I paid for it with my life, too.\n\nCould you find my father in Farmost Reach and take my sextant to him? One of the crew probably took it.... You found my sextant! Wonderful! \n\nPlease take it to my father. He lives in Farmost Reach, southwest of here.\n\nHe may be glad to finally know what happened to me. Now that I have Renee's sextant, I should take it to her father in the small fishing town of Farmost Reach. It's on the northern coast of Northpoint.

Ebonheart PactEdit


The Battlebarge quest would have had you fight Magmer fire creatures on a washed up Akavari ship in Stonefalls so Mages Guild historians could examine it.

The following dialogue remains but it's impossible to pin it down to individual NPCs:

"The Akavari Battlebarge to the north draws a great interest from the Mages Guild. To think of the secrets that sit upon that boat"
"That ship holds far too many secrets to be just left sitting about. A good thing those damned fire creatures have taken up residence on it. Keeps all the good for nothing scavengers out.
"The Magmer are drawn to the flames in which they were created - not to a vassal that has been washed up during our last war. Residing upon this ship is not their doing. Something must be drawing them there - something the Akavari left behind."
"Something is drawing those Magmer in and it is our responsibility to get it out of here and into safety. We simply can't fight off those apparitions of fire. The Mages Guild would formally request your assistance. Find what draws those Magmer to it!"
Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A small gathering of Mage Guild historians have gathered just south of an Akavari Battlebarge. I have been asked to help clear out some of the Magmer that now infest the ship in order to help them start their research.
A group of Mages Guild Historians are seeking relics from the Akaviri Battlebarge which washed ashore after the Battle of Stonefalls. They believe a artifact of Akaviri technology is summoning the Magmer to the area and have requested my aid.

Stonefalls would have had a criminal hideout known as Sugar Cove. It would have had the following quests/events:

  • A notable criminal named Arven the Fingers would have asked for your help by destroying all his wanted posters across Ebonheart.
  • Mistress Ferise would have asked you to collect debts from clients on her behalf. A friend of hers would reveal Mistress Ferise changed her physical appearance from that of male to female through alchemy. In the released Summerset chapter Alchemy is implied to have changed her physical appearance through alchemy.
  • A Khajiit slave named Raijo wishes to escape from his mistress Nivele Madra. You could either obtain it, kill her for it, or tell of Raijo's plans for escape. Nivele considers Raijo a companion despite the chains and is distraught should he escapes.
  • A quest where you would play a game known as Death's Dice.

Apocrypha's GateEdit

Sealed entrance to Apocrypha's Gate
Map of Apocrypha's Gate

Apocrypha's Gate was a location in the Stonefalls near Ash Mountain. It was intended to be part of a removed quest involving Hermaeus Mora. The book Last Words of a Devotee can be found just outside.

Fort ArandEdit

Fort Arand would have been infested with diseased Cliff Racers.


Omaynia would have been a House Dres manor that would have been in the grips of a slave revolt. There would have been the option to side with the Dres nobility or the slaves.


  • QUEST: The Mournhold Spy
  • QUEST: Dremora in the Ruins
  • QUEST: The Gates of Nychthemeral
  • QUEST: House Dres Deposed
  • "Your form is weak, but my children will transform into beautiful creatures. We will rebuild the Chimer Empire!"
  • "We will make sacrifices. Nerevar will not have died in vain!"
  • "Three traitors fell upon our champion, yet they demand fealty?"
  • "Who is this mortal who dares to awakens me? You toy with the will of a god... and I am his chosen vessel!"
  • "Our god... lives!"
  • "Thank you. I owe you my life."
  • "Thank goodness you've come. I feared the worst."
  • "My prayers have been answered! Thank you for freeing me."
  • "How strange. I believe this tea has gone stale."

The Gates of NychthemeralEdit



Cragwallow FalmerEdit

The quest Merriment and Mystery originally involved Falmer instead of Ice-Biter Rieklings.

  • Q4097 Falmer Cave Exterior
  • Cragwallow Falmer Cage Room
  • Q4098 Cragwallow Falmer Exit
  • Those cultists ruined any chance we had of establishing contact with the Falmer. We were so close, damn them.
  • Those damned Worm Cultists have ruined any chance we had of establishing communication with the Falmer.
    We were so close. Our studies were nearly complete.'
  • Because something or someone has been kidnapping and killing people. The town's jumpy as a Falmer above ground.
    It'll take some doing for the vicecanons to keep the peace.
  • Collect Trinket from Falmer Fireranger
  • Collect Trinket from Falmer Footsoldier
  • Collect Trinket from Falmer Shaman
  • Collect Trinket from Falmer Bruiser
  • Falmer Gatekeeper, Falmer Nightprowler, Falmer Skulker, Falmer Gloomlurker
  • I agreed to kill each kind of Falmer until I find something unusual on each.
  • I've gathered trinkets from each kind of Falmer. I should return to Nila at her camp inside Pinepeak Caverns.
  • If I were to guess, I'd say Falmer. I've never seen them before, but heard tales. Pale and wasted, but vicious.
    They were dragging the bard up this path. There's a cave up a ways. My friend Vestrek was following them.
  • One of the Falmer approached our tent. It was menacing, but kept a safe distance. Aronel lost his composure and ran. I heard him shouting as the Worm Cult captured him.
    He should have listened to me!
  • Falmer Relic

Halls of the DamnedEdit

Halls of the Damned was either a delve or a public dungeon with six bosses. Commander Lefavre would have given you two missions, one killing bosses and another checking on their soldiers.

The Largest ThreatsEdit

Another quest given by Commander Lafavre that would have you kill six bosses in the Halls of the Damned - presumably a public dungeon - as most delves have one to three bosses.

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
You have killed all the bosses in the Halls of the Damned.
X Nazgol the Undying
X General Ripfang
X Bone Colossus
X Orutu
X Anarose Direblood
X Therion Direblood
Return to Commander Lafavre

Missing SoldiersEdit

Missing Soldiers would have been a level 35 quest that required you to find four of Commander Lafavre's soldiers that went missing. This would have presumably taken place in the Hall of the Damned public dungeon, as The Largest Threats also did.

Cut Content
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Commander Lafavre has asked you to find some of his soldiers who have not reported back. He is afraid they are in danger.
Find Commander Lafavre's Soldiers.
You found one of Commander Lafavre's soldiers. He did not make it.
You have found Commander Lafavre's soldiers. Sadly, none of them survived.


Group DungeonsEdit

It was originally planned for each dungeon to get a unique Veteran version (later a mark II instance) that served as a sequel to the story. However, after the success of the dungeon DLC monetary system the plan was scrapped.

  • Direfrost Keep II - Given a full unique exterior that can only be visited by going out of the map. Though complete, the dungeon was never released. The successor in terms of story and design became Icereach.
  • Arx Corinium II - Given a mostly complete map, the dungeon was never released. It had elements of its design repurposed into Ruins of Mazzatun and Cradle of shadows.
  • Blackheart Haven II - Shifty Tom mentions "My new master has waited long enough", intended to be explored in the sequel story, but was never followed up on.
  • Blessed Crucible II - Would have featured the player defending their title as champion from challengers
  • Selene's Web II - Would have featured Warlock Carindon as the antagonist. This story was scrapped and repurposed into Lair of Maarselok, where Selene is an ally (and optional villain) and Carindon is an anti-villain, morally in the wrong for his treatment of Selene.
  • Tempest Island II - Involving the storm spell attack on mainland Malabal Tor.
  • Vaults of Madness II - Would feature Gasteau Chamrond taking up the antagonist mantle from the Mad Architect, falling prey to the power.
  • Volenfell II - Heavily teased to involve finding where The Guardian's Eye went and clearing out the awakened undead. Tharayya says "I have a bad feeling about those undead. I'm going to get some help. Warn the region. Who knows how many of them are in there. [...] Eye or no, unearthing the undead is always an ill omen. And as much as I want to walk away, I don't think this mess is going to clean itself up." However, this was scrapped, and Tharayya returns in the Wrathstone DLC. When talking to her, she says "I never solved the mystery of the Eye or its relationship to the undead that overran Volenfell. No one was willing to head back into that mess, so any clues we left behind are beyond reach. [...] Fortunately, they seemed content to remain within the confines of the ruins, and the authorities content to leave them there. With no leads on where the Eye could have gone, I was back to square one.", meaning Tharayya did indeed give up on going back to Volenfell.


The following loading screen text was datamined, but doesn't appear in-game:

  • Castle Copperwing - Tucked in the mountains of Wrothgar, Castle Copperwing has been abandoned for centuries.
    • Castle Copperwing Gatehouse
  • Torug's Shrine
  • Morkul Clanhold (original name for Morkul Stronghold)
  • Waflik Cavern
  • Yagdoth (a reused name from Daggerfall, ultimately scrapped)
  • Ice-Heart's Lair
  • Temple Library
  • Hall of Vengeance
  • Chambers of Loyalty
  • King Inulu's Throne Room
  • Horker's Notch
  • Sanctum of Prowess

Fharun was originally spelled Fharhun:

  • Reach Fharhun Sanctuary
  • Talk to Shufara gra-Fharhun
  • Go to Fharhun Stronghold
  • Grand Forge-Mother Alga
  • Chief Bazrag gro-Fharhun^M
  • Shufara gra-Fharhun^F
  • Fharhun Guard^m
  • Fharhun Guard^f
  • Fharhun Temple Sanctum
  • Fharhun Sanctum
  • Fharhun Temple
  • Fharhun Sanctuary
  • He asks that you seek him out at our home, Fharhun Stronghold. He would not share fully his thoughts with me, but in truth I worry for my husband. He does not beg, but he demanded I do anything necessary to convine you to come.
  • Oh yes. Has a shrine to the Daedric Prince right outside the Fharhun stronghold.
    But I suspect Bazrag's hatred for Trinimac is more politically-motivated. It's helped him rally a lot of the other clans to his cause.
  • I will seek out Bazrag at Fharhun.

The Auric Union was the original name for the Vosh Rakh:

  • Take Revenge on the Auric Union
  • Auric Union Striker^M
  • Auric Union Striker^F
  • Auric Union Skirmisher^M
  • Auric Union Skirmisher^F
  • Auric Union Armiger^M
  • Auric Union Armiger^F
  • Auric Union Champion^M
  • Auric Union Champion^F
  • Auric Union Conqueror^M
  • Auric Union Conqueror^F
  • Auric Torturer^F
  • Auric Union Deadeye^M
  • Auric Union Deadeye^F
  • Auric Union Tempest^m
  • Auric Union Tempest^f
  • The Daedric Prince Malacath spoke to me and gave me a blessing. I agreed to act as his instrument of vengeance against the Auric Union. I should kill as many Auric Union members as I can while the blessing lasts.
  • Chief Bazrag, won't you see reason? The Auric Union wants all of the Orsimer to see their beautiful future.
  • It's not fair that those Auric Union fanatics gave us a bad name.
  • Auric Mask
  • Then accept my blessing. Go forth into the midst of this Auric Union and kill them with prejudice. Let them experience the same anguish they bestowed on my faithful.
    The Bloody Curse works quickly and so must you.
  • The Auric Union did this.

The Hand of Morkul was originally called the Rime Hammer:

  • Whenever there's an Orsinium, our clan, Clan Morkul have always been keepers of the king's forge.
    But after the last time the city fell, well—our clan lost something. Sort of a family heirloom. The Rime Hammer.
  • Ssh. Don't let him hear you say that.
    The Rime Hammer is an old family relic. Legend is the first Morkuls used it to forge the battle-armor of Torug, founder of Orsinium. Some think we're cursed for losing it.
  • What's the Rime Hammer?
  • Trust me. You don't need the Rime Hammer to be strong.
  • You can return to your clan now. They've recovered the Rime Hammer.

For King and GloryEdit

  • It's the clan chiefs. I'm hoping that the death of Mogbach will quiet some of the constant complaining, but I really need to make an impression.
    Maybe you can help me with that.
  • Yes. It appears you have impressed the king with your martial skills and abilities.
    He also asked me to give you this. The Ice-Heart that you and the king ripped out of *Mogbach's chest. His mightiness wants you to have it.
  • Why don't you take Mogbach's frozen heart to Scarp Keep. I'll go on ahead and gather up the clan chiefs. They're probably still bickering anyway.
    You make a grand entrance and show off our trophy. That'll get the attention of the chiefs!
  • Kill Mogbach Ice-Heart
  • Kill Urfon Ice-Heart
  • Loot Mogbach
  • I should help King Kurog kill the Winterborn warlord, Mogbach Ice-Heart.
  • I should help King Kurog kill the Winterborn warlord, Urfon Ice-Heart.
  • This is the Ice Heart pulled from the chest of the Reachman Warlord, Mogbach.
  • No. There are still Reachmen to deal with. But without Mogbach, they won't present too much of a problem. I'll check in on the camp and head back to Orsinium.
  • No need. I get enough coddling from the shield-wives as it is.
    Head to Orsinium at your own pace. Just don't delay too long. We want to announce Mogbach's death to the chiefs before they hear about it from someone else.
  • What can you tell me about Mogbach Iceheart?

A Question of SuccessionEdit

  • Ushruka, my granddaughter and huntswife to King Kurog. She wishes to take on her father's mantle, but she serves the clan better from her place in Orsinium.
  • Ushruka, my granddaughter and the late King's huntswife. She wishes to take on her father's mantle, but the clan is better served by her remarrying into another to solidify our alliances.
  • Does, doesn't it? My great-grandfather chose the spot. Far away from everything. Plenty of trees, game.
    We drive the echateres to pasture in the warm months, and corral them up here in winter. This winter's likely to be colder than most.
  • Live on the land as long as I have, you learn to read the signs. The herd is restless, the wildlife flees, and the giants … well, I think all this snow gets to them sometimes.
  • Our chief lies dead by Kurog's hand, and his daughter, the king's Hunt-wife, has returned to demand her place in the trials for a new chief.
  • Our chief has passed, and his daughter, Hunt-wife to King Kurog, has returned to claim her place in the trials to choose a new chief.
  • Your words ring true. Malacath would not disapprove of your actions. Very well. I will make you Blood-Kin of our clan so that none may question your right to lead.
  • I helped plan it. It's about time we had a female chieftain. Orc women are as capable warriors and leaders as the men.
  • Ushruka is bold and capable but the Code of Malacath is clear: the chief must be male.
    She comes from Orsinium like a horsefly biting at the backside of a thousand years of tradition.

Horker-Tusk KingEdit

  • Go ahead with the plan. Steal the totem from the Horker-Tusk King and take it up to the ruins. Plant it in the Frostmaul Chieftain's Lair.
    I'll catch up as soon as I can. I just need to let my wounds mend a little and then I'll be right behind you.
  • I was. I grew up in the Mak Stronghold. Don't know who my real parents were. The wisewoman, Bazbekh, found me just outisde when I was an infant. I grew up assuming I was just a little paler than other Orcs.
    I'm not a Nord.
  • I'm sure Nords are fine people. Maybe they're a little soft, so I've heard. I just don't want to be a Nord myself.
    I've always seen myself as an Orc, and nothing can change that.
  • <The alchemist appears to have been slaughtered by a snow ogre. Recipes and ingredients are scattered around the area.>

Oozrul's CairnEdit

Azrath asked me to deliver the scroll containing the sacred words of Malacath to someone named Kroma. I should find her in a house marked with Malacath's light in Orsinium's residential district. Avreg asked me to find Lothangar in the cavern and convince him to abandon his plan.

  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go on ahead and steal the riekr's tribal totem. Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go ahead and take the riekr's tribal totem and plant it in the ogre chieftain's lair. *Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • I placed the Horker-Tusk tribal totem in the Frostmaul chieftain's lair to break up their alliance. I should speak to Lothangar to tell him it's done.
  • Lothangar's now asked that I help him retrieve the helm of an ancient Orcish hero named Oozrul. First, I have to figure out how to get into Oozrul's tomb.
  • I've broken into Oozrul's tomb. Now I just need to find the helm.
  • I should read Oozrul's Epitaph.
  • Oozrul's Epitaph warns against stealing his helm. It says that anyone who carries it will be cursed. Either I should take it anyways and give it Lothangar or I should leave it and tell him about the curse.
  • I decided to leave Oozrul's cursed helm alone. I should tell Lothangar.
  • Lothangar can't be convinced to give up on his plan, so I agreed to help him. I should go ahead and take the Horker-Tusk tribal totem and plant it in the Frostmaul chieftain's lair. Lothangar will catch up when he can.
  • Yeah, Guess we don't look much alike. He's the one pretty one. Heh. I tease him about it.
    Don't tell me he sent you in after me? Doesn't he think I can handle a few reikr? Although to be fair, the Ogres are tough.
  • Easy. Riekr are like goblins, obsessed with their damn totems.
    I'm going to steal their totem and plant it in the the Frostmaul Chieftain's lair. That'll drive them into pure bloodlust, and once they attack the ogres, it'll be war.
  • Nope. I'll tell you the same thing I told Avreg. You want me to leave, you'll just have to help me.
    If you do help me though, I think we can do it quickly, and then we'll both be heroes. You should do it.
  • Well … the term implies sophistication, but really, the riekr and the Frostmaul ogres are simply conducting raids together.
    Must have been return of Orcs to the region that drove them to such strange behavior.
  • He heard, or was told, that there were ruins and treasure deep in this old cavern.
    His plan, if you can call it that, is to fight his way through the reikr and ogres and win glory for the gro-Mak brothers. He just doesn't think things through.

Wrothgar Riekr questEdit

Nellic Sterone and his Khajiiti apprentice named Mezhun were slated to appear in Wrothgar, but the quest was scrapped. A journal and errant strings of the quest can still be found in the files.

  • Assisting with research like this is a noble pursuit. We must educate people.
    Sure the riekr bathe in filth and sometimes eat their young, but these behaviors maintain their social structure. Some of their other behaviors are quite advanced.
  • <<1>> will not lose another clan.
    I won't allow it.
  • Ah, I can smell the all-too-familiar stench of Riekr on you. I'm guessing you have the items Nellic wrote me about. Good.
    What about Apprentice Mezhun? Any word from him?
  • Apprentice Mezhun is dead.
  • What happened with the Stonechewers in Stormhaven?

Mages GuildEdit

  • Eyevea, it's called. In ages past, it was an island in the Summerset Isles. Set aside for mages from across Tamriel, Shalidor worked tirelessly to make it a sanctuary. And just barely escaped when Sheogorath claimed it.
  • This journal tells of a four-person group seeking out treasure here in the Crypt. It mostly retells the group's tawdry internal drama, until the Crypt starts claiming members. It may be worth finding other such journals for more information.
  • The Mages Guild has an interest in the Crypt of Hearts as well. We have reason to believe there are some valuable Aldmeri relics within the Crypt. If you could retrieve them for us, I have the power to make it worth your trouble.
  • The Mages Guild wants to turn one of my precious Isles into their Sanctuary. They want to isolate themselves from the rest of Tamriel, correct?
  • You have done the Mages Guild a great service. We shall use Sanctuary to continue our studies in peace and solitude.
  • With Shalidor's oversight and assistance, we finished the translations. He's waiting for you at the island. \n\nWe named the place Eyevea. It means "Sanctuary" in the Altmer tongue.
  • Before we get to your motivation, we need to set the scene! The scene: Tamriel. \n\nThe three alliances are at war, and the wee little Mages Guild wants none of it. They want to stand alone.
  • Well, well, will miracles never cease. By the panic going on around here, I suspect you were successful. Don't get cocky, get off this boat as they'll be looking for who was responsible. Meet me back at Sanctuary.
  • Travel to Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary it is. Good thing, too. I'm baking out here in this armor.
  • Valaste and Shalidor have finished analysis of Sheogorath's books. Now I need to help them take possession of Eyevea, the Mages Guild Sanctuary.
  • Valaste and Shalidor have translated Sheogorath's books. Now I need to help them take possession of Eyevea, the Mages Guild Sanctuary.

Thieves GuildEdit

Characters originally had different names like Gwenneth (Quenneth), Vexa (Velsa), and Nicholas (Nicolas). It originally involved Nocturnal, her Skeleton Key, the "Violet Lodge", and Frikkhild Coldheart, and was set on Cybiades. No Shira Citadel was also called Hiradirge Citadel. A large amount of documentation is found on the Imperial Library.

  • The Isle of Cybiades
  • The Gray Barrows
  • Garroter's Grotto
  • Fortinbras Homestead
  • Mercuro's Safehouse
  • Xarxes' Rebuke
  • Cosh Hall
  • The Vault of Shadows
  • Void's Embrace
  • Black Rose Terminus
  • Free Legion's Redoubt
  • Wolfbane Dale
  • Zachak Plantation
  • The Dark Cells
  • Greenstone Cavern
  • Cathedral of Empyrean Light
  • Greataxe Hold
  • The Queen's Aerie
  • Shark's Teeth Grotto
  • Twilight Retreat
  • Cybiades Atoll
  • Qamna's House
  • Mysterious Island

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

It looks like the original Dark Brotherhood quest line was different, although it's difficult to piece together: Upon wanting to join the Dark Brotherhood, you would be contacted by Oosh and Varn, two Dark Brotherhood assassins.

  • Your first test would be to kill Mathys; a young man who wasted his father's fortune in taverns, either drinking or gambling. His father took out the contract.
  • Your second test would be to kill a woman named Henardel because she "has a devoted husband and loving family. She is happy and healthy. Her life is perfect."
  • This would get you into the sanctuary, known as the Void's Embrace where you'd meet the Listener and Keeper of the Night Mother and be given your first missions.
  • There'd be dead drops of some sort, possibly a precursor to the repeatables or another way of gaining the story missions.
  • Assassinations seem to have taken place in quest-specific area as you'd always require transport from a character called Bronric.
  • Your first real contract would be to contact a client named Isabella in Abah's Landing. You'd be in charge of scouting out routes. This seems to be more of a talky-talky mission and Isabella possibly played a role similar to Lyra in the released DB as she's referenced in later missions but with nothing there.
  • The Silencer would name you the Wrath of Sithis as you hadn't known him nor the Keeper for... reasons. He would then send you to kill Jarl Kalgar of Greataxe Hold - apparently a fort, not a hold in its own right.
  • Murder a ship's captain in Davon's Watch, poison seems to have been a bonus objective.
  • Assassinate a Dunmer politican named Adreso Relvi at the Zachak Plantation in Morrowind. Fellow assassin Maryn Bethalas would lie about his whereabouts to trap and betray you.
  • Infiltrate the manor house of a noble named Lady Margrette either through a well and underwater cave or by disguising yourself as a guard. You'd have the choice of sparing her or fulfilling her the contract
  • Eliminate someone attending a funeral at the Cathedral of Empyrean Light where you could dress up as a priest or a mourner.
  • The Keeper would give you a contract in the forests of Grahtwood: kill the captain of the Free Legion mercenary band on behalf of a fellow mercenary named Marganus. The Keeper would ask you kill everyone there.
  • The insane Listener would have taken the Night Mother's coffin to the Black Rose Terminus with the intention of burning it. The Night Mother would speak to you and have you kill him.
  • Afterwards you'd choose either Oosh or Varn as the new Listener. The other would become the Night Mother's Keeper.

Blackmoore's EndEdit

  • QUEST: In Crucial Need
  • QUEST: Exposing the Baron
  • QUEST: Blackmoore's End
  • QUEST: Treasure Beyond Wonder
  • Baron Blackmoore's death needs to be a message. I'll make sure no one can get in from here while you go and make his death memorable. The coward will likely flee at the sight of you. Don't let him escape.
  • In taking our vengeance against the Baron, we mustn't forget our code. The Baron practices dark magics, and we must catch him in the act. There must be some dark creatures here. Find them, so that we can properly spread the tale.
  • Assassinate Baron Blackmoore
  • Find evidence of the Baron's dark magic
  • You've done it. I heard his pleas from here. Now, he troubles no one. Let us away from this place, and let the Dark Brotherhood's name become the stuff of nightmares for those who would follow Blackmoore's path.
  • His Captain of the Guard was a werewolf? I knew Blackmoore was brazen, but that goes farther than I thought even he dared. Good work. Should anyone try to make the Baron seem a victim, this information will remove any question of his guilt.
  • That monster practiced necromancy? The Baron's death is more than just a boon for us - the Nine would smile on even us for our actions today. Rest easy tonight, for you have done work that even priests would approve of.
  • My long pursuit of Baron Blackmoore ends here, in his own keep. His crimes will not go unpunished, and his death will be a message to all. Time for me to hunt him down in his own home.
  • While I pursue the Baron through his keep, I need to keep watch for evidence of his dark magic.

Karndar WatchEdit

The ruins of Karndar Watch were datamined in the files before the release of Summerset, named twice as "Kandar [sic] Watch" and "Karndar". When Summerset was released, many map files for the location were found, showing that the interior descended deep into the depths of Summerset. The exterior location still remains on the map with a main road leading directly to it, but the entrance door was removed and it is unmarked.

Imperial CityEdit

The Imperial City went through some changes during initial development.


  • The Memorial District was initially called the Market District, as it was called in Oblivion.
  • There were Dark Anchors located in the Market, Nobles, and Arboretum districts.
  • These would apparently be closed by entering a portal to Coldharbour and finding a way to close them.
  • A Dark Anchor would have to be closed before the district would be capturable by the player's alliance faction. Only the aforementioned districts could be captured.
  • The sewer boss Lady of the Depths was initially named Lady of the Deep.


Name Description
Drive to Victory
City in Peril
Imperial Intelligence
Arms of Rescue
Of the Flesh
Marking Targets
The Mage's Projection
Care Package
Fight to Freedom
Reclaiming of Gardens
Scarhea's Return
The Cold Wind Blows


Vorias Ahala was a girl located in the Elven Gardens refuge who would give out a daily quest to kill the Daedra caled Scarhea. Both Vorias and Scarhea were cut.
Aishah was a female Khajiit who would give the player daily quests. The quest would involve looting former citizens' belongings from the Elven Gardens District in exchange for payment. Before the Planemeld, she was a bailiff with the Imperial City guard. While her resignation letter was cut (available at the Imperial Library here), a love letter from a roguish Khajiit remains in the final release however.
Aishah is also the name of a deceased Redguard found in Hallin's Stand, but the two characters have no connection.
Captain Brocchus was a male Imperial City officer who would presumably appear instead of Captain Ocella to send the player to find Sergeant Ocella if something happened to her, or simply an alternate method of acquisition as he shares identical lines as her.
Regulinus Bucco was a male Imperial found in the Fighters Guild hideout whose 'medicine' had gone missing in the Market District. He would give a quest to recover it. Presumably from the italics around 'medicine', you were actually recovering an illicit substance for him.
Priestess Faltonia would be sought out in the Temple District after speaking with Priestess Vonele for further information on unholy acts committed by Daedra in the temples.
Kerennia was a female hall steward of the Fighters Guild located in their hideout that would give out repeatable quests. One of the quests would have tasked the player with collecting 'dreadshards' from Worm Cultists in the Market District who were using them to enhance their spellpower. According to her, the dreadshards had a hum like 'bees and rusty chains'. Another quest involved collecting clannfear heads.
Chief Councilor Lovidicus was a male Imperial present in the Arena District, having been captured by Daedra and presently being tortured in the Imperil Arena. His brother, Jagar, would have been trying to help him. He is still mentioned in the Minutes of the Elder Council lorebook. He later appears as an NPC in Blackwood.
Jagar Lovidicus was a male Imperial who would be found in the Arena District, trying to help his brother Councilor Lovidicus, Chief Councilor of the Elder Council, who had been captured by the Daedra and tortured in the arena.
Simplicia Nivianus was an Imperial high priestess located in the Temple District refuge. She would give a daily quest to disrupt a Daedric ritual inside the Temple of the Divines.
Captain Ocella was a female Imperial Legion officer who would send the player to find her brother in the Nobles District. Interestingly, a Centurion Iunius Ocella wrote Cohort Briefing: Arenthia in Reaper's March, suggesting the Ocellas are a military family.
Sergeant Ocella was a male Imperial Legion solder commanding a garrison holed up in the Nobles District. In the released game it appears this role was taken by Captain Caudex. Captain Ocella was his sister who sends you to find her.
General Pollius was a male Imperial Legion officer holed up in a refuge in the Nobles District trying to find the source of Legion Zero's corruption to use as a countermeasure against them. In the final release, it seems Captain Regilus replaced him, who is notably a mole within Legion Zero rather than an untainted Legionary.
Proserpina Sylla was a concubine of Emperor Leovic that bore him a child. A quest involving her was cut before release.
Pudazi was a female Khajiit officer of the Aldmeri Dominion present in the Market District refuge. An Aldmeri Dominion player would be tasked with finding the wizard Narnolas and she could be asked his whereabouts. When he is found deceased, the player must return his notes to Pudazi. She appeared to find Narnolas handsome and expressed little time for General THING who she called a 'cranky little elf'.
Rayzeeh was a female member of the Fighters Guild who the player would be asked to seek out in order to destroy the Dark Anchor in the Nobles District. In the final release, the Fighters Guild don't have a presence in the Imperial City.
Captain Thorasa was a female Imperial Legion captain leading a squad to capture the Arboretum. One of the alliance's warlords would have tasked players to obtain a status report from her.
Vonele was an Imperial priestess who would tell the player about rituals taking place in the Temple District. The player would then seek out Priestess Faltonia to corrobate her story.


  • Originally planned to be around Gideon.


  • Numerous instances of "Frost Giant^M" were added to the lang.csv file in Update 25, yet no Frost Giants appeared. They were likely intended to show up on Icereach, given where they are placed in the file. They may have been similar to Fire Behemoths.

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