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This article is about the Daedric Prince. For the cat, see Sheogorath (cat).

(lore page)
Location Cheesemonger's Hollow
Cathedral of the Golden Path, Southpoint
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness and ruler and creator of the Shivering Isles, with a particular affinity for anything cheese-related.

He is the antagonist of the Mages Guild questline. Shalidor seeks to take back the island of Eyevea, which he lost to Sheogorath in the First Era, to act as a sanctuary for the Guild.

He also appears as the Skooma Cat, the Khajiit interpretation of the Mad God.

In Cyrodiil, the Mad God can be found "infusing some entertainment into this dreadfully dull bloodshed."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Grip of MadnessEdit

Sheogorath in the Cathedral of the Golden Path

While Daraneth and Mayor Aulus converse, Daraneth suddenly convulses, and none other than the Mad God himself appears:

Sheogorath : "You heard me!
Sheogorath : "I've always wanted to meet a person within a person! Tell me, what's it like?
Mayor Aulus : "I'm … I'm so sorry, Sheogorath! I thought you'd abandoned me!
Sheogorath : "Aulie, I left you a tongue that drives people mad! But I suppose if you don't want my gift, I can take it from your mouth and give it to my new favorite mortal friend.
Mayor Aulus : "No! Think of all I've built here, the wonderful screams I've created, all in your name. Doesn't that make me your favorite?
Sheogorath : "Oh, very well. Sorry, my second favorite mortal friend! We had a good run, but it's time for your curtain call."
Sheogorath mocks you in your cell

Wake up in the dungeon, and he'll mock:

Sheogorath : "Such despair! Richer than a cheese sorbet!"

If you have not completed the Mages Guild quests, he'll say:

"I see you've reacquainted yourself with Daraneth. Unacquainted? Unrequited!
There there … she'll come around to you. Like I did!"

Otherwise, he'll say:

"Well, if it isn't my old friend Hunt-For-Books!"
"Now don't look so glum, or the Skeevers'll notice. Then they hit you up for spare gold, a few shin bones, your best pair of cheese-filled slippers.
Insufferable beasts! They can't hold a conversation."

Either way, you can ask: What do you want?

"Mayor Aulus is a curd in the soup. A real fly in the whey, don't you say? Made a mess of the gift, the kind from the wrong end of a dog.
I tried to encourage him. Even brought him a hero to destroy! But he couldn't go through with it. Can you imagine?"
You're talking about me.
"I led you right here to make it all boring again. And what did he do to stop you? Nothing! There I stood in my best old-lady suit, and he said it was all my fault!
Ah, he just needs motivation. What better than an escaped prisoner seeking vengeance?"
You want me to kill him?
"Could you kill someone you love? I can't! Well, I have. But not Mayor Aulus, it would be too pedestrian.
No, I want you to try killing him."
Why should I try to kill him?
"I want him to reach deep down, below all the marmalade and crushing failures defining his life, to find a seed of confidence, and grow it into a tree of gumption he'll use to beat your brains to paste.
But if not, any brain paste'll do. Even his."
I'll do this if you swear to leave Southpoint forever.
"Deal! Oh, and one more thing. Daraneth stays behind. If you bore me too much, I'll turn her into a goose, roast her, and feed her to you covered in find Eidar glaze.
The goose, I mean. It's a might bit chilly for my Eidar-pants."
Whatever you say.

As he opens the door to your cell, he'll say:

Sheogorath : "And make it entertaining, would you? After spending so much time in this town, I finally know where the Colovians keep their fur hats."

In the catacombs:

Sheogorath : "Already bored! Here, I brought you some presents. The shiny ones are always the best, wouldn't you say?"
Sheogorath : "Haste and blood! It's why you're my new favorite mortal. Well, also your buoyancy. But mostly haste and blood!"
Sheogorath : "Bridge is out! My boredom washed it away. Really got in the cracks, there!"
"Oh, you can't seem to catch a break, can you? Chin up, just like the bridge! Adversity is the brother-in-law of propensity! As they say. "
Why are you doing this?
"Eh, a proper hero needs obstacle. Struggle. Repeated attempts at bodily harm. You're going to play the proper hero to Aulie can shine! Or our deal is off. And if it's off, so is Daraneth's head. To Skyrim! In a field! With berries growing from her eyes. "
Sheogorath : "Do you have to lumber about like that? Show some …. Show some panache! A little swagger!"
Sheogorath : "This just isn't your day. But your Uncle Sheogorath can make it better!"
"I can never decide between Choice and Free Will. Which will triumph in the end? But why not settle the matter for me.
Or you could yank a lever, but that's hardly fun for either of us."
You asked me to kill the mayor. Why are you playing these games?
"I just told you! Choice and Free Will are subjects I hold quite dear!
So, you could fight a very good friend of mine. Or you could pull another lever. You're Choice!"
I'll fight your friend
"Wonderful! Just say the word and I'll bring him here."
Sheogorath : "Free Will! Get out here, there's someone I want you to meet!"
I'd rather pull another lever.
"Oh, all right, but do it with gusto!"
Whatever you say.
Sheogorath : "Remember, with gusto! A big steaming pile of it!"
Sheogorath : "Not much gusto. But a smidge of verve, three jots brio … the essentials for a moxie fondue! Mmm, fondue. Hmm? What was I saying?"

Re-enter the cathedral, and you'll see the following scene:

Mayor Aulus : "What do you mean, coming to kill me?"
Sheogorath : "It's a gift! A chance to shine, to prove you have some backbone that won't snap at the lightest touch! Really, Aulie, I'm quite fond of you. Mmm. Fondue. What was I saying?"
Mayor Aulus : "That you're fond of me. That you don't want to watch me die!"
Sheogorath : "Watch you die horribly, all alone, and laughing my head off when it happens? That doesn't sound like me. Does it? But I'm sure you can work the matter out for yourself."
Mayor Aulus : "Please, don't do this! Maybe we can work something out?"

After defeating the Mayor:

Sheogorath : "Oh, that was exciting! And depressing. Poor Aulie, never finish what he started. you really are a joy to watch!"
"And that's why you're my new favorite mortal. When you kill something wonderful, you keep it interesting.
Makes me wonder if I should stick around, see what wonderful things you'll kill next."
We had a deal.
"Think I don't remember, you daft little sprig? Call me a debt-hedger, will you? A deal-fondler?
Ah, but you're forgiven. I've always said grudges are like a good cheese. Hold them inside for too long, and you're the one to suffer."

If you decided to let Aulus try to convince Sheogorath to take him to the Shivering Isles, the following scene will play:

Mayor Aulus : "Sheogorath, I've been thinking. Southpoint can't truly appreciate your gift. But if you brought me to the Shivering Isles, I'd fit right in!
Sheogorath : "You want to go where you're like all the others? Where you can be a shank of bacon in a house built of bacon shanks?
Mayor Aulus : "No! I mean, think of how I could use your gift in a place that truly understood me.
Sheogorath : "Well, I suppose you'd make a fine addition to the garden. Very well! The killing's off. Couldn't bring you to my home with more holes in you than when we first met. Just not proper.
Mayor Aulus : "Thank you, Sheogorath! Thank you so much. I can't wait to see my new home.
Sheogorath : "I'll send you ahead. I need a moment to speak with my second favorite mortal. Don't mind the grummites! They always smell that way."
"Choice wins again. Really tugs at the heart-strings! Careful with those. Yank too hard, and the blood goes everywhere but up.
I really do admire this town. Shame I can't take it with me. Oh, but can't I? I know just where to put it!"
We had a deal.
"We did, did we?
Well, I suppose you're right. Aulie and I could always visit. Perhaps during hurricane season! That would be delightful."

Once you complete the quest, he'll glow with a teleportation spell, and holler: "Don't be a stranger!", then vanishing until your next encounter.

Long Lost LoreEdit

While you're exploring the Hollow, You'll come across a Clannfear, Gutsripper, to which Sheogorath will excitedly exclaim:

Sheogorath: "Look, pup, someone to play with you!"

While engaging Gutsripper, he will remark:

Sheogorath: "Puppy doesn't like you, does he?"

After dispatching Gutsripper, you can attempt to take the books, just as Sheogorath appears behind you:

Sheogorath: "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

You may speak to Sheogorath :

"Puppy-killer! Come to steal me books? Wha ...? Who? Where? What? When? Sometimes why!
Speak up! Honesty is the best policy, as far as you know."
I'm here to recover four tomes for Shalidor.
"Shalidor! That pompous Nord and I go way back!
I know what he wants, indeed I do. His island. He wants to steal it back. Oh, how I love a challenge."
Right. I'll just take them with me, then.
"Where's the sport in that? Tell you what. I'll give you one book in exchange for your heart or lungs. Your choice.
No, wait. I have a better idea! Let's have a contest. A contest, wrapped in a mystery, with an enigma glaze! Oh, what fun we'll have!"
What kind of contest?
"A few tasks, the odd deathtrap. Nothing so difficulty, as, say, reassembling the Staff of Chaos or rebuilding the Numidium.
Take the first book. Puppy-killer. And I'll give you an additional book for each test you pass. Are you game?"
I suppose... it's a deal.
"Excellent! Cheese and cabbage for everyone!
But wait! We should inform Shally-dorable of our deal. With any luck, he'll die of embarassment [sic] all over again!"
I'm not sure that's how it works.
Sheogorath in Cheesemonger's Hollow

Observe the interaction between Sheogorath and Shalidor:

Sheogorath: "I can't wait to see the look on his face! If it's precious enough, I might hang it on the wall."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "What's the meaning of this? Sheogorath!"
Sheogorath: "You remembered! Ah, Shalidor. You never write. You never visit."
Sheogorath: "Just now, I made a deal with your lackey here. How long have you wanted those books? Eternity?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Your "deals" are hardly fair. What farce have you contrived this time?"
Sheogorath: "Think of it as an adventure! And don't worry. I've got a surprise for you too."
Sheogorath: "I put a tiny curse on these books. Just a small one! Long story short, Shal: You can never read these books."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Curse you, Mad God!"
Sheogorath: "Boring! Be more imaginative, Shal. Like, "Curse you, Mad God! May you become cheese eternally gnawed by skeevers!" Unfortunately, I have no more time for constructive criticism. Do stay in touch!"

With those parting words, Sheogorath disappears in a flurry of butterflies.

Simply MisplacedEdit

He appears at the end of the quest after Haskill brings you back to the Isles.

"Look, Haskill! Forky's back! It's so nice to see him again!
Oh. And good to see you too, mortal. I guess."
Yes, here they are.
"Wonderful! I'll just take … Forky! Oh, I've missed you so much, Forky! Let's never, never be parted again.
Gives me goosebumps just to hold it in me hand again!"
What about this staff?
"Ahh, the Wabbajack! Maleel held it down in that dusty tomb for so long ….
Say, why don't you clear its throat? Take it in hand and use it on some of these holier-than-thou temple types?"
What am I signing up for?
"No need to worry your pretty mortal head. The Wabbajack, it unleashes the potential in everyone. The unrecognized essence of artistic beauty that swells and beats within the—
Look, you want the book? Whack some folks with the Wabbajack!"
If you insist.

Speaking with him again:

"This is so exciting!"

Speaking with him after swinging the Wabbajack around:

"A bit rusty, but not bad! So funny, watching you mortals muck around with things you can't possibly understand.
I'll be needing that back, now."
Here it is.
"And, as promised: the book. Go ahead. Take it!"
Thank you.
"Once it's yours, it'll send you straight back to Tamriel. Funny how books have a way of transporting you ….
Simply hold your breath, close your eyes. And count to … let's say a million?"
All right?

Speaking with him again:

"What? Are you expecting someone to knit a sweater while we wait for you?
No one is going to do that! Do I look like I knit?"

Circus of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

Sheogorath in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
"Welcome, welcome, to the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter!
Step right up, my mortal friend. The show is about to begin, and you're the star!"
Show? What show?
"You're going to perform a play. My play, actually. Wrote it meself.
I call it "The Folly of Isolation." It's a tragedy and a comedy, both at once. A tromedy!"
Why am I doing this?
"You want the next tome, right? Well, I need entertainment! I can only light Prince Maleel here on fire so many times before it gets boring.
You understand."
What exactly do you want me to do?
"Before we get to your motivation, we need to set the scene! The scene: Tamriel.
The three alliances are at war, and the wee little Mages Guild wants none of it. They want to stand alone."
The play is about the alliances?
"Jolly good! You're paying attention. Now, this is a play in three acts.
In each act you'll isolate the guild from those bloodthirsty, political, warmongering sons of silkworms. By killing them."
Killing them? Killing who?
"Oh, everyone! Right up to the high muckity-mucks themselves. Just remember: you wait for your cues. You kill nobody unless it's in the script.
Now, let's get going! I can't wait to see it performed. Here, Maleel will even light the way for you."

Sheogorath will then set Maleel on fire, sending him stumbling and yelling:

Maleel al-Akir "My soul's on fire!"
Sheogorath "Don't forget to light the brazier! Ah, ya daft fool."

He will then say "Hah! Guess it still hasn't gotten old. I'll meet you up ahead, at the bustling Pact town of Heartholdhelm!"

True to his word, he'll be waiting at the gates to Heartholdhelm. A town full of Pact soldiers of varying races sharing mead and laughter.

"Shall we raise the curtain? Begin the first act?"
I'm ready.
"Our opening act features the Ebonheart Pact. Hah, that rhymes, doesn't it? I'm a poet, and until now I didn't realize it."
I'm supposed to fight the whole alliance?
"Don't be presumptuous, mortal, or I'll banish you to the Isle of Lusty Bards.
Ahem. Like I was saying: as the curtain rises, our Ebonheart friends are at peace. Allies. Historically, though, they've been at each others' throats."
If they're at peace, what do I do?
"Slavery, border raids, and in-fighting have them primed for chaos. They just need a little... push.
I've written meself a part, a small but pivotal role. If you'll excuse me..."

Sheogorath takes center stage:

Sheogorath: "Hey! You hate each other! Remember?"
Pact Soldier: "Oh yeah! Get em'!"
Sheogorath: "Go, join the fracas! This is your cue. Action!"

The Pact Soldiers will begin to fight with each other, but it is up to you to ensure none of them remain alive. Once that's been done, Sheogorath is pleased:

Sheogorath: "Splendid, splendid! But wait? Do I hear someone approaching?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Why do you fight, you milk-drinking dogs?"
Sheogorath: "Oh, it's simple my king. The Mages Guild caused this in-fighting. It's all their fault!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "The Mages Guild? This mewling puppy? You want trouble? Here is trouble! For the Pact!"

Once the Pact leaders have been defeated, it's off to the home of the Aldmeri Dominion: Skyroot Heart. Sheogorath will implore you to hurry there: "Step on, step on! The show must go on!" Once again, Sheogorath awaits you at the gates.

"We now pause for a brief intermission. Would you like some cheese?"
Can we skip this?
"No time for witty banter, eh? Fine, fine.
This act features the Aldmeri Dominion. Cats and Elves! I never had a taste for either, honestly. Too much fur and fancy."
And my role is to kill more of your actors?
"Let's play it by ear. The scene: Queen Ayrenn is addressing some of your peers.
As a master thespian, you should respond to her heartfelt pronouncements as you see fit. And... action!"

Queen Ayrenn addresses the assembled Mages Guild

Queen Ayrenn: "The Mages Guild cannot turn on the Dominion so easily. You are a part of this world, like it or not."
Mages Guild Wizard: "My Queen, you don't understand. The Guild does not belong to any alliance. We merely wish to study in peace and solitude."
Sheogorath: "Hey! Quiet down front! I am trying to watch the queen's speech!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Either you're with the Dominion or you're against us. You want to be removed from this world? Fine. I'll do it for you."
<Queen Ayrenn uses storm magic to kill the gathered Mages Guild members.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Here, let me show you the path to exile!"
Queen Ayrenn: "You can't ignore the world around you!"
<The mages lie dead and Sheogorath pipes up.>
Sheogorath: "Hey, Queenie! You missed a mage! This one is a member of the guild, too."
Queen Ayrenn: "Ah. Good catch, jester. Soldiers! Give this Mage the gift of exile."

After you kill all the Dominion soldiers, Queen Ayrenn will call out:

Queen Ayrenn: "Such impertinence! Razum-dar, Captain Odreth! Take care of this serf."

After Razum-dar is killed:

Queen Ayrenn: "You killed my favorite cat! Such a loyal pet."

Once both Razum-dar and Captain Odreth have been killed, she'll face you yourself:

Queen Ayrenn: "Looks like I'll have to handle this myself. You face Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri! In her full glory!"

Sheogorath will be pleased when she's killed, simply saying "And... scene! Let's move on."

You meet a downcast Sheogorath outside the gates of the Daggerfall Covenant city.

"The third act always brings me down."
Why is that?
"Because it means the play is almost over. I'm enjoying this so much I don't want it to end! And the sideshows! Have you enjoyed my little illusionary performances? Very … illuminating, I think."
I suppose. What do I do in this last act?
"I won't tell ya, I'll show ya! That's the essence of storytelling. Show, don't tell.
What do you think this is, community theater?"
I have no idea.
"Well, it isn't. This is a professional production! And you are the star.
I'll set the scene. We can just improvise from there. Remember: show, don't tell."
Sheogorath: "Stage left, we have the founder of the Mages Guild, Vanus!"
Sheogorath: "Stage right, we have your old, old, old, old, old friend, Archmage Shalidor!"
Sheogorath: "And backstage we have Valaste, your new friend and confidant in the Mages Guild!"
Sheogorath:"But what's this? Why, it's King Emeric and his friends from the Daggerfall Covenant! No doubt he's got kind words to share. Take it away, Your Highness!"
<King Emeric appears in a cloud of purple butterflies.>
King Emeric: "For perpetuating the use of magic, we hereby burn you at the stake. Let your corruption be gone from this land once and for all!"
Sheogorath: "Seems like nobody wants you around. Hah! So, this is the final scene. Save your friends. Then I'll give you me book."

Once you defeated King Emeric and rescued your Mages Guild associates from the clutches of the other Daggerfall Covenant leaders, it's time to talk with the Mad God to claim your reward:

"Bravo! Author, author! Oh wait, that's me …."
I did as you asked. Can I have the tome now?
"Hmmph. I don't know. Your performance was a bit uninspired at points. And you refused to eat cheese with me!"
We had a deal.
"Yes, yes. You did make me laugh. And cry. And kick Maleel in the head. I suppose that's all I could ask.
Take your book. Just don't eat it all at once!"
How do I get out of here?
"The book will take you back, it knows the way. Just remember, little actor. You still have one book left. And if you thought my play was rough, just think of what's ahead. Hah!"

Chateau of the Ravenous RodentEdit

During your next foray into the Shivering Isles, Sheogorath will interrupt your discussion with Shalidor just after you arrive.

Sheogorath: "Not so fast there, Shalidor. Only invited guests at the Chateau. We have standards, you know."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Damn you, Mad God!"
Sheogorath: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Shally."
<Sheogorath waves his hand at Shalidor.>
Sheogorath: "Annnd … off you go!"
<Shalidor disappears and Sheogorath focuses on you.>
Sheogorath: "Just the two of us. Now we can talk in peace."

Talk to Sheogorath to see what he wants.

"Ahh, my little mortal. I'm a man of many personalities, but I tell you what? They're all very fond of you."
What's the game this time, Sheogorath?
"The game is a foot [sic]. Or a leg. In fact, all manner of severed limbs.
But don't worry about that! I've brought you here because I've been watching you. You work too hard! You need a nice little vacation."
A vacation?
"Of course! This is my chateau! It's me family's estate. Gets handed down from me to myself, and so on, and so on.
I think you'll love it here. Or hate it. Or one of the two, certainly."
All right. What's first?
"Up the road behind me is our guest quarters. But, silly me! All three rooms are already occupied. Frankly, they've overstayed their welcome.
One of them, though. Hoo! Just not fitting in. Could you do me a favor? Could you tell them to shove off?"
What's the catch?
"Catch? Such an untrusting soul. If there were a catch, I'd say it's that two of my guests are murderous cannibals.
My advice, Don't let anyone eat you. If anyone tries to kill you, kill them right back!"
I'll keep that in mind.

After this he will turn into a cloud of butterflies while giving you some final advice.

Sheogorath: "And remember, try to relax!"

When you arrive in the Chateau's guesthouse, Shalidor will manage to contact you with a message though Sheogorath is quick to chime in.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Be wary. Talk to these "guests" carefully before you try to throw anyone out."
Sheogorath: "I can hear you, Shally! Don't bother my guests!"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "You're the only one who thinks you're funny, Mad God!"

Once you evict the guest which doesn't belong, Sheogorath will helpfully give them a means to leave:

Noble: "Fine, then! My advocate will be contacting you about this!"
Noble: "I'll show myself out. But I'm not taking that dreadful portal!"
Sheogorath: "That's a perfectly good portal. I should know, I made it!"

Once you evict the Noble, Sheogorath calls you through the portal on to the next task.

"It's been so long since we had guests. You would have loved my old uncle Leo, back in the day.
Charming dinner conversation, when he wasn't bringing up old girlfriends. Literally. Regurgitating them. Nasty habit."
I evicted your guest. What's next?
"Well, let's see. Now that you're settled in, you should tour the grounds. We have this lovely maze at the chateau.
You simply must see it."
So I have to navigate a maze? Why?
"Why do I need a reason for everything? Mortals, mortals, mortals! Always needing a reason to do things.
For example: people like to think that light chases away the shadows! I prefer to think that without a few lights, there'd be no shadows to enjoy."
So the maze will be dark, then?
"Jolly good, you're getting it! I knew if we spent enough time together, you'd start to think like me. I have that effect on people.
It's a bit too dark, actually. Why don't you light a few braziers as you go? Improve the ambience."
Whatever you say.

Sheogorath then leaves in a cloud of butterflies with some final words.

Sheogorath: "Mind what bumps in the night, now!"

Shalidor tries again to give you advice as you approach the maze.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "You've faced darkness before, adept. Remember your training."
Sheogorath: "No cheating, Shalidor! Don't ruin this for me."

After lighting two of the four braziers:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Only two more to go. This trial is child's play."
Sheogorath: "I'm going to bind you to haunt a little old lady in Wayrest! Does that sound fun, Shally?"

Once you have lit the braziers, Sheogorath will be waiting in the garden area between the maze and manse.

"So … what did you think? What was your favorite part?
No, don't answer that. I can see by the look on your face how happy you are!"
I made it through. What's left?
"Such confidence! Braggadocio! Gumption! I like that!
The last place I'd like you to visit is our humble little manse. Just behind me."
That's a mansion?
"I want you to meet the family! So many fond memories. There was that one time, with the scalpel? And all of our family dinners, hah!
And of course, you'll get to play with the family heirlooms!"
"Aye! We have an old rhyme about them. Ahem: "Four lights in a row, poke one to make it glow."
No, that's wrong. Maybe it was "Four lights in a trough, poke one to turn it off?" Hmm. Something like that!"
I'll be sure to remember that.

The Mad God then encourages you to enjoy the experience.

Sheogorath: "Remember, vacations are about enjoying the little moments!"

While exploring the manse you will encounter feral madmen, members of Sheogorath's family. Shalidor pities them while Sheogorath just wonders how the Arch-Mage keeps getting in to commentate.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Those poor souls. Sheogorath's "family.""
Sheogorath: "How do you keep getting back in here? I blame Haskill."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Apparently, not everything is under your control!"
Sheogorath: "Not yet, anyway."

Once you manage to light all four heirloom crystals, Sheogorath will appear.

Sheogorath: "Beautiful, aren't they?"

He will be literally weeping from their beauty, after this Sheogorath calms down and will tell you a story about the place.

"Isn't it beautiful? The most beautiful part of the chateau. You can see why I've held onto the place all these years."
It's great. Can I get the book now?
"Now just hold on there. Haven't you been wondering why it's called the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent?"
I guess?
"Well, you should! And before I give you the last tome—before I reward you and Shally for all your hard work—you need to meet one more member of my family.
Let me tell you the story of old Uncle Leo …."
Can I have the short version?
"Spoilsport. Suffice it to say that old Uncle Leo has quite the history with the ladies.
Ever since his last lady love, he's preferred the company of squeakers to speakers. And I turned him into a Flesh Atronach."
Uncle Leo likes rats. Got it.
This sounds interesting. Go on.
"Ahh, a mortal after me own heart. Well, Uncle Leo was quite the ladies' man back in the day. He had a beauty in every town, from Windhelm to Stormhold.
As the years went by and his looks began to fade, it got harder and harder to … y'know."
Yes, I know.
"Right. Well, not getting the attention of the ladies, the way he used to … it started to drive Leo a little bit batty.
And that's when I stepped in. Can't have someone as well loved as Leo all lonely, right?"
I suppose?
"So I offered him a little deal. I gave him back his looks, his youth. All he had to do was promise never to bed a maiden more than once! Simple, really, and he took the deal with gusto.
Heh heh heh. Then, a few years later, he meets Mjoll."
He fell in love?
"Cheese for the smart skeever! Leo couldn't resist her. Thought he'd have an out on our deal if they got married. Nope!
His flesh melted like wax on his wedding night. Became an Atronach of my very own. Now? All his girlfriends are rats."
You turned him into a Flesh Atronach and now he loves rats? / Uncle Leo likes rats. Got it.
"Ehh … too much, I'm afraid. To be honest, it's become an embarrassment to the family.
So … as the final act of a courteous guest. Go kill Uncle Leo, will you?"
Let's get this over with.

Sheogorath then leaves you to it.

Sheogorath: "Give the old lug my love before you rip his skull open, will you?"

After killing Uncle Leo, Sheogorath appears at the entrance to the room:

Sheogorath: "Well done! the family would be so proud, if you hadn't already murdered most of them."

You can then ask him for the book. At first he will sound annoyed before abruptly calming down.

"Always sad to see a good man die. Leo's death, just now? Hilarious! Hah."
I've toured the Chateau. May I have the book now?
"I should make you fight Narwhals on the open ocean. I should make you run a gauntlet of angry Argonian concubines!
But I won't. Book's yours."
Thank you.

As he leaves he'll ask you to pass his best wishes to Valaste.

<Sheogorath waves as he disappears.>
Sheogorath: "Give Valaste my best!"

The Mad God's BargainEdit

Once you arrive on Eyevea after putting the four books together, you quickly see that your task will not be easy as it is overrun with Daedra. Once you make your way to the entrance of the island's guild hall, you will find the door blocked by a barrier and Sheogorath chatting with Shalidor:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "This is not what we agreed to, Mad God! Leave this place."
Sheogorath: "Careful, mage. Remember who you're talking to."
<Sheogorath notices you and binds Shalidor in place with butterflies.>
Sheogorath: "Our mortal friend has arrived! Be quiet now, Shally. Adults talking."

Sheogorath will be happy to talk with you about your prior deal. You will notice that he seems interested in Valaste:

"Ah! Good! You and I can have reasonable conversations. Shalidor's just too old and crotchety for me."
What are you doing here, Sheogorath? We had a deal.
"You know, funny thing about deals. They're really the sorts of things you should get in writing. I said if you completed the trials, you could find the island.
The portals to deepest Oblivion scattered here and there? A sort of bonus."
So this is another trial then?
"If you want to see it that way, sure! It's another trial. I'm sure you and Valaste - oh, hello dearie! I'm sure you'll have no problems closing the portals.
Honestly, I'm surprised the Mistress of Incunabula didn't see this coming."
Why are you so focused on Valaste.
"No reason at all! What are you implying? That my choice to curse the books was a calculated move?
That crazy old Sheogorath knew there were only a handful of people in the guild that could do the work she did? Madness!"
What are you talking about?
"Oh, I'm sure you'll figure it out. You outwitted daffy old Sheogorath, right?
Anyway, pull the crystals to close the portals. Have fun, see you soon!"
Wait, what did you mean about Valaste?

Sheogorath will then leave you with questions and portals to close. While Valaste follows you around, the effects the books had on her mental state are clear. After you close the portals, you and Valaste can enter the guild hall where Sheogorath is waiting for you with Haskill.

Sheogorath: "Ahh, my favorite mortal. Shalidor finally figured out how to let you in. You're here to kick me out, I know. But fighting isn't really my thing. Haskill?"
Haskill: "Very good, sir. Ahem. Have at you, adept. We will now face each other in honorable combat. On your guard."

While you fight Haskill, Sheogorath will cheer his chamberlain on:

Sheogorath: "Haskill? Oh, Haskill! Show them what the Wabbajack can do!"
Sheogorath: "The pigs, Haskill! Toss those huggable, squeezeable piglets!"
Sheogorath: "Now you've gone and done it. I've never seen Haskill so angry! At someone else, I mean."

Nearing defeat, Sheogorath will call the match:

Sheogorath: "All right, that's enough. Break it up you two!"

Haskill will be teleported back to Sheogorath's side and Shalidor will arrive:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Enough with the games, Sheogorath. Are you going to relinquish the island to us or not?"
Sheogorath: "All right, all right. Settle down. I'll just gather my things and go. Valaste! Dearie, why don't you come over here?"
Valaste: "Uncle Sheo? Are we going somewhere?"
Sheogorath: "Yes, little one. You're coming with me. Home to the Shivering Isles! Won't that be nice?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Mad God, stay back! Valaste isn't yours to take!"
Sheogorath: "Isn't she though? I can see it on her face, smell it in the air. She's crazy, mad, a lunatic. All that time with Uncle Sheo's stories and she's got the urge to visit the Isles. My Shivering Isles."
Valaste: "I do! I want to go with Uncle Sheo! He's got the butterflies! I love butterflies!"
Sheogorath: "Hmm, this is a conundrum. A riddle, a … choice. I tell you what, mortal. Why don't we let you decide? Should Valaste stay? Or come with me to the dear old Isles?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "And if the adept decides she goes with you?"
Sheogorath: "Well, as it happens I have one more book here. I'd give it to you in exchange for Valaste. It's called … the Folium Discognitum."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Sheogorath, you bastard! You'd throw the Folium back in my face, after all these years?"
Sheogorath: "Wrote it myself, it's a delightful little artifact. It imbues the reader with the knowledge of madmen! It's very powerful … worth oh, four or five of those Skyshard things you adventurers are always looking for."
Sheogorath: "So! Valaste stays and I cure her. Or … she goes with me and you, my little mortal, become much more powerful. Your choice!"

You have the option of talking with Valaste and Shalidor before making your decision. You can then speak with Sheogorath once you are ready:

"Admit it … you were surprised, weren't you? The look on your face was precious!"
I'm ready to make my decision.
"Right! A mortal making a decision! Free will and agency! Now then: does Valaste stay, become sane again, and live her life out here? Or! Does she go with me, and you receive the power of the Folium Discognitum? Which will it be?"
[Valaste Stays] I want you to cure Valaste.
"Hah! I knew you wouldn't take the book. Could see it in your eyes. Oh well, can't blame Uncle Sheo for wanting to give his favorite niece a good home now.
As you wish, mortal. I'll undo what's been done to her."
[Valaste Goes] I want the Folium Discognitum.
"Hah! I knew you'd take the book. Could see it in your eyes. Don't worry, Uncle Sheo will take good care of his favorite niece. It's been nice doing business with you, mortal."

You have the option of asking him some question before your final decision:

Can we talk about this?
"Of course, of course! What can I tell you? Just so you know, as you talk I'm going to imagine there's a little person inside you moving your mouth like a puppet. It helps keep me interested."
What's the catch.
"No catch, mortal! Not this time. Look, no matter what choice you make, Shalidor's always going to know I got inside his head. Again! That's what I'm trading you the island for. This … this is just something between the two of us."
Tell me about this Folium.
"Well, see, if you sit a madman down and listen to him ramble he'll sometimes spout the most brilliant insights.
I don't know if you know this, but I spend a lot of time around madmen."
So this Folium is the collected insights of madmen?
"Aye! And they're some right insightful insights they are. You read through my Folium and, hoo! Like I said, worth the power and zip of half a dozen skyshards easy."
If Valaste stays here, you'll cure her?
"You've got it! No strings, no "lingering magical afflictions", no nightmare beasties haunting her in her dreams. Ooo … that's always fun … but no, no, no, no. I'll undo what my books did to her. Fair and square. If you deny the Folium."
Why would you do that?
"I'll be honest, mortal, I haven't had this much fun in years! Your struggle to collect the books, getting to poke Shalidor with a stick …. Oh, oh! Do you remember the time I had you close all those portals on Eyevea? Hah! Good times …."

If you decided save Valaste, Sheogorath will announce your choice:

Sheogorath: "The mortal's decided to let Valaste stay! So, this is where I say my goodbyes. Mortal, nice working with you! Shalidor … never change."
<Sheogorath points his finger at Valaste and a stream of magenta light flows out of her.>
Sheogorath: "Valaste … sorry dear. Say goodbye to the little dreamlings!"
<The beam of energy stops and Valaste looks exhausted.>
Sheogorath: "The Prince of Madness doesn't stay where he's not wanted … heh, except when he does. But in this case, he doesn't! Until next time, Magelings!"
<Sheogorath and Haskill leave.>
Valaste: "It's like … it's like a fog has lifted from inside my mind. Adept, I don't know what to say. You've saved me from a fate worse than death."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Valaste … are you?"
Valaste: "Yes, I'm … all right, Shalidor. I'm myself again."

If you decided take the Folium Discognitum, you will need to speak with Sheogorath again:

"Ah, it's so good to meet someone with the right priorities."
Right. The book?
"Here you go, mortal! Don't go around saying Sheogorath cheats on a deal. He does, sometimes. But not today! It's been … fun. Let's do this again real soon, all right?"

You will receive a glyph and the Folium Discognitum, Sheogorath will announce your choice:

Sheogorath: "The mortal's decided to let Valaste go with me! Valaste, dearie, come on over. You're coming with Uncle Sheo."
Valaste: "Yay! The butterflies! I love to watch them flutter!"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "He's … he's won again. Please don't take her, Mad God!"
Sheogorath: "Oh, don't worry, she's in good hands! And this is where I say my farewells. Mortal, nice working with you! Shalidor … never change. Say goodbye, dearie."
Valaste: "Goodbye! I'll miss you!"
Sheogorath: "Until next time, Magelings!"
<Sheogorath, Haskill and Valaste leave in purple light. Shalidor doesn't want to stay either.>
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "I can't stay in here, adept. Let us speak some more outside."

The Lunacy of Two MoonsEdit

"It was me the whole time! Are you surprised? I was surprised."

After playing the part under the identity of the Skooma Cat, Sheogorath will reveal himself in his human form.

Sheogorath: "That's enough cat and mouse for one day, plaything."

You can speak with him:

"It was me the whole time! Are you surprised? I was surprised."
I already knew you were the Skooma Cat. I thought you said you'd let Sizenza go if I took her place.
"Oh, right. So I did! But then I thought it'd be more fun to just keep you both. I was half right. You're a little too good as a plaything. Not fair if you're always winning!"
What's not fair is you cheating.
"That's the best part of playing games with lunatics, they're always changing the rules! You'd get it, if you just let me whack you on the noggin a few hundred times. No?
Well, game's over. Off with you now!"
Don't be a sore loser.
"Look at you. Making demands. In my games. In my realm. All right, one last impossible challenge for you then. How's that for sporting?
Say my name three times backwards."
My name three times backwards.
"You took the words right out of me mouth! Next you’ll be plucking my teeth for a new princely smile. Well, you can’t have them! I need them to bite Haskill.
Take a bite out of my anchor instead, would ya?
<Turn your back.> Sheogorath, Sheogorath, Sheogorath.
"Bah! Knew I should have gone with frontwards! They never expect that.
Anyone who'd turn their back to a Daedric Prince is a wedge short of a wheel. Go on and take that one. You earned it. Looney."
Htarogoehs, Htarogoehs, Htarogoehs!
"Now how'd you—that can't be—I don't … normally that'd twist your tongue around to taste the inside of your ears! Or was it my tongue?
All right, you win again. Go on and take your prize. Oh! Ear cheese."''

He will insist you eat the cheese:

"Well? Go on and eat it. The smell is making me crazy!"

After you destroy the Aromatic Olroy Anchor:

Sheogorath: "Farewell, cheese of my dreams."
<A Portal Appears.>
Sheogorath: "Out you go. Before Haskill sees the mess you've made. Neither of us wants to hear that."

Chaos MagicEdit

At one of your Alliance's Gates in Cyrodiil, Sheogorath will appear as a figment of your imagination that no one can see. As you approach he will appear to be complaining about how droll things have supposedly become; "Maces, swords, axes … whatever happened to bludgeoning someone to death with a wheel of cheese?"

His initial greeting is dependent on how far you progressed in the main story.

If you haven't started the main story quest line:

"You there! With the rippling muscles and confused face! Do you enjoy jumbling fun with violence? Of course you do!
Don't worry about these levelheaded losers. No one can see me but you. You possess a special untapped talent for unhinged insanity!"

If you completed the Mages Guild story line:

"Well, if it isn't the wielder of the Wabbajack. We won't be turning anyone into cheese today, but all is not lost.
Don't worry about these levelheaded losers. No one can see me but you. You possess a special untapped talent for unhinged insanity!"

If you completed the quest Soul Shriven in Coldharbour:

"I know you! You're that soulless drifter, right?
Don't worry about these levelheaded losers. No one can see me but you. You possess a special untapped talent for unhinged insanity!"

If you completed the quest The Grip of Madness in Southpoint:

"It's really you, isn't it? I haven't seen you since we had that wonderfully psychotic time in Southpoint!
Don't worry about these levelheaded losers. No one can see me but you. You possess a special untapped talent for unhinged insanity!"

If you completed the quest God of Schemes:

"Well, look who got their soul back from Molag Bal! And is that Meridia I smell? You've been a busy little vestige!
Don't worry about these levelheaded losers. No one can see me but you. You possess a special untapped talent for unhinged insanity!"

They all lead to the same question:

What do you want?
"What does Sheogorath always want? I am the Mad Star! The Mad God! Ironically, I'm actually quite happy.
But I'm neither here nor anywhere. All that matters at the moment is infusing some entertainment into this dreadfully dull bloodshed."
War isn't supposed to be entertaining.
"Not with that attitude, it isn't. I can teach you a trick that will swing the war in your alliance's favor while bringing a smile to the ever-changing face of your favorite Daedric Prince.
I'm talking about me, just in case that wasn't clear."
I'm listening.
"I don't mind you mortals constantly murdering each other, but would it kill you to crack more skulls? I think I have just the thing."
What do you have in mind?
"That, my mortal friend, is a dangerous and delicious inquiry.
I want to give you the power of Volendrung. Don't be fooled by the funny name. Malacath's giant hammer is no laughing matter. Unless you're like me, and you enjoy watching skulls explode."
You stole Malacath's hammer?
"Of course not. I simply borrowed it for an indeterminate amount of time. And now you can borrow it from me to shower the battlefield with the brains of your enemies!
I don't recommend literally showering in anyone's brains, by the way. Too slippery."
Where is Volendrung now?
"Back in Cheesemonger's Hollow, with the rest of my madness!
Would you like to visit? I can open a portal, and take us there right now. I don't know how often you travel by portal, but it really is quite nice."
All right. I'll visit Cheesemonger's Hollow.

He will urge you to follow him before creating a portal:

Sheogorath : "Follow me to all of the cheese-laden madness a mortal mind can handle!"

Cheesemonger's HollowEdit

After entering the portal to the Hollow, he'll tell you:

Sheogorath : "There's Volendrung! Take it! Touch it! Love it!"

He is completely trustworthy:

"I know there's no one to murder at the moment, but that will change when you take Volendrung. Trust me, mortal. Would the Prince of Madness lead you astray?"

Take Volendrung and he'll say:

Sheogorath : "You feel that? That's the power of a true Daedric artifact, my friend! By the way, I forgot to mention that if you don't feed Volendrung souls, it will feed on yours."

Once you arrive at the Heavy Xivkyn target, he will give some advice if you talk with him:

"Hit this dummy! Pretend it's someone you really hate. Or really love. Or both!"

After using the first ability, he will send you on your way:

Sheogorath : "That's the murderous spirit! Now, go hit the other Xivkyn!"

Speak to him at any point here and he'll say:

"Go find the other Xivkyn dummy! Show it what an enchanted Daedric warhammer can do!"

Once you have practiced the second ability on the Light Xivkyn dummy, he will tell you take it further:

Sheogorath : "Are you ready? This is the best part! The killing part! Go kill the Xivkyn!"

Sheogorath poses a good question:

"What are you waiting for? Kill the dummy! It's not like it's going to kill itself. Or will it? Now you've got me thinking."

When you have proven yourself sufficiently murderous, he will send you to find more people to slay:

Sheogorath : "Well done! Now you're ready to kill all sorts of idiots! I already went ahead and summoned some for you! Charge!"

He'll lead you to another area where you'll crash the Gibbering enemies party, Sheogorath will egg you on as you get into the thick of it:

Sheogorath : "Good! Now put everything you have into it! Don't stop until you're dripping with blood and drowning in madness!"
Sheogorath : "You and that hammer go together like cheese and madness!"
Sheogorath : "There really is nothing like the sound of heads exploding."
Sheogorath : "Don't stop now! This is the best bloodshed I've seen in ages!"
Sheogorath : "Giving you that hammer was the smartest thing I ever did. Or maybe the craziest. Or maybe both. Who cares? Smash something!"
Sheogorath : "Oh! I didn't know he had that in him. Now it's everywhere."
Sheogorath : "They just don't summon gibbering idiots like they used to."
Sheogorath : "The blood! The guts! The cheese! It's glorious!"
Sheogorath : "You forget about the spine until someone rips one out in front of you."
Sheogorath : "I refuse to believe that Malacath would be having more fun with this hammer than we are."

Use the Ultimate ability and he'll say:

Sheogorath : "Oh! I haven't felt anything for a very long time, but I almost felt that one!"
Sheogorath : "Well done! Now bring that hammer back before it gets hungry."

After you return Volendrung to its rack, Sheogorath will be ecstatic:

"That was as brain-bashingly entertaining as I'd hoped! I've always said that everything is better with exploding heads.
You have to use this hammer in the Three-Banners War. I might finally be able to watch an entire battle without falling asleep."
But won't it eat my soul?
(If Soulless)"Molag Bal already took care of that problem for you, Soul-Shriven!
Volendrung could kill you once you're done with it. Or someone else could kill you first. Or you could stop worrying about it, and hit someone in the head with an enchanted hammer."


"Souls are overrated. Just ask Cadwell. He doesn't have a soul, and he's as happy as a decapitated clam.
We both know you want the power. Sometimes getting what you want means giving up a little bit of your eternal soul. What do you say?"
Can I get rid of Volendrung after I pick it up?
"You can't leave Malacath's enchanted murder hammer lying around for just anyone to pick up.
You can always bring it back here to play with. Uncle Sheo's house, Uncle Sheo's rules. But if you pick up a greater artifact in Cyrodiil, you're committed."
I don't want to trade my soul for power.
"Ah! Confusion and guilt are my bread and butter! Madness is my cheese! Moral fortitude is my melon-chevre salad! If I wasn't immortal, I would be starving right now!
We're done here! Get out! Happy head exploding!"

After completing the quest, you can continue to ask him questions:

"What are you still doing here? You're confused, aren't you? I get the feeling that you're a very confused person in general. You have that look about you."
Can I use Volendrung again?
"It would be a shame if you happened to find it lying at your feet in Cyrodiil and had no idea how to use it. Pick it up, and do your head-splattering best!
Just put it back when you're finished. Things tend to get lost around here. Minds, mostly."
Do you plan on acquiring more of the greater artifacts?
"I appreciate your boundless curiosity and understated thirst for power. A dependably entertaining and mentally malleable combination.
I'll be borrowing many more items from my endlessly serious siblings. Someone has to keep them on their toes."
There's no chance of me bringing the Wabbajack into Cyrodiil? (If you have encountered the Wabbajack before)
"Never again! If anyone is going to be turning mortals into cheese and sweetrolls, it will be me! No one else is suited to wield such absurdly sweet power!
Except for maybe the Daedric Demi-Prince of Pastries, but no one has seen her for a long time."



  • During The Grip of Madness Sheogorath possesses the mage, Daraneth of Southpoint. Therefore it could be said that her actions and dialogue from the time you meet her until Sheogorath reveals himself in the cathedral are those of the Mad God.