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Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors
Location Varies
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors is the new Guildmaster for the Fighters Guild following the death of her mentor, Jofnir Iceblade. She has been directing almost all of the Guild's efforts to destroying Dark Anchors.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Sees-All-Colors uses Eviscerator abilities during combat.

Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Low Slash
A physical attack which also has a chance of snaring her opponent.
Dragonknight Standard
This will be cast at the start of the fight, if the target is not already standing within an already cast one. The attack is a circular AoE and causes persistent Flame Damage.
Dark Talons
Colors roots all targets within range with claws which deal minor physical damage over time. Roll dodge or break free to get out of it.
Blink Strike
Colors will jump and teleport toward her target and land hard on top of them, causing moderate physical damage and knocking down the target and anyone in the AoE. Blocking will reduce the damage you take and prevent you from being knocked down.
Heat Wave
Colors channels fire which blooms in all directions for five seconds. Avoid the lines of fire as they move outwards. Being hit by this ability causes you to take moderate flame damage, and may cause Burning.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Basile's InvitationEdit

Before you join the Fighters Guild, you can talk to her and she will say:

"I'm sorry. I'm dry with distraction. If you're looking for a recruiter, my aides should be able to help you."

Anchors from the HarbourEdit

Join the guild, then talk to Sees-All-Colors to receive further instructions.

"Comrade! Thank you for coming so quickly.
We have need of you. Will you fight by our side?"
What did you have in mind?
"The guild has accepted an unusual contract. We've agreed to eradicate Daedric Anchors when they drop from the sky. Wherever they appear, Molag Bal's minions soon follow."
What would you have me do?
Aldmeri Dominion "As we speak, two of my guardians investigate rumored anchor sites. Merric and Aelif are the best the guild has to offer. Meet up with them on the beach east of Vulkhel Guard. You can proceed from there."
I'll see it done.
"I know you'll change the river's course, comrade. They're investigating the coastline, down the beach from the Guard Lighthouse."
Daggerfall Covenant "As we speak, two of my guardians investigate rumored anchor sites. Merric and Aelif are the best the guild has to offer. Meet up with them outside of Daggerfall. You can proceed from there."
I'll see it done.
"I know you'll change the river's course, comrade. They're investigating the wilds nearby, at Riverden Falls."
Ebonheart Pact "As we speak, two of my guardians investigate rumored anchor sites. Merric and Aelif are the best the guild has to offer. Meet up with them in the hills west of Davon's Watch. You can proceed from there."
I'll see it done.
"I know you'll change the river's course, comrade. They're investigating the wilds nearby, above the Starved Plains."
The contract you mentioned, who placed it?
"A powerful benefactor. She hates that monsters can ruin the lives of everyday folk. Our benefactor has put gold behind her principles. And so, we put our strength behind her cause."
How is the contract unusual?
"The size of the task. Our benefactor has asked we call in every guildmate, from the lowest associate on up. Every member of the Fighters Guild has been tasked with ending this Daedric corruption."
Can you tell me more about Daedric Anchors?
"They are tendrils of Coldharbour, reaching into Nirn. The minions of Molag Bal erect dark shrines in his honor, landing sites for these horrors. The coin this contract brings is good. And in this time of trouble, we need a focus."
A focus?
"Yes, I am new to my role as guild master. The death of my mentor, Jofnir Iceblade, has been hard on the Guild. He was well-liked among the rank and file. I hope the river has carried his soul where it wanted to go."
Tell me about Merric.
"He's a proud Redguard warrior, one of our best, and a follower of Stendarr. Merric's full title is "Resolute War Horn". He's sworn to fight the spawn of Oblivion wherever they touch Tamriel."
And Aelif? Who is she?
"Proof that the guild accepts all kinds. A Khajiit. She does as much damage with her wicked tongue as with her curved blade. Taciturn, rude sometimes. But a cunning fighter."

Meet your guildmates, then report back to Sees-All-Colors about the projection of the Dremora you've seen.

After you have returned from helping Merric and Aelif.

"Back so soon, comrade?"
Merric and Aelif stopped the cultists, but a projection appeared to us. A Dremora woman.
"A vision of a Dremora … this clouds the waters. The forces of Molag Bal must know more than we realized. What did she say?"
She talked about a Mortuum … Vivcus? I don't know what that is.
"Nor do I, comrade. Interesting. Did she say anything else?"
She said she'd take a Redguard's soul. She's going after Merric.
Aldmeri Dominion "Merric? This dries my scales. Recruit, you must get to them. Aelif and Merric are competent, but the Daedra are not to be trusted. Find them near Skywatch.
I will rally our forces here, and investigate this Vivicus. Whatever it is."
Daggerfall Covenant "Merric? This dries my scales. Recruit, you must get to them. Aelif and Merric are competent, but the Daedra are not to be trusted. Find them near Aldcroft.
I will rally our forces here, and investigate this Vivicus. Whatever it is."
Ebonheart Pact "Merric? This dries my scales. Recruit, you must get to them. Aelif and Merric are competent, but the Daedra are not to be trusted. Find them near Ebonheart.
I will rally our forces here, and investigate this Vivicus. Whatever it is."
Will do, Guildmaster.

Talking to her right after this:

"Good luck in the field, comrade. I know you'll do your Guildmates proud."

Save Merric and meet the Guildmaster outside Buraniim, Dourstone Vault or Stonefang Isle for a reward.

"You're the sun on my scales, comrade. You've returned Merric to us."
He was captured by a necromancer, a follower of Molag Bal.
"Molag Bal! May he burn in the glare of a thousand suns! It's just like him to send an assassin to kill a noble warrior. That's a coward's weapon."
She wanted him for something called the Mortuum Vivicus? We found this journal and some notes.
"Xuth! The Mortuum... what? And I can't make tails or scales of these scribblings. No matter. It's going to take time to decipher this scrawl, but we'll put our best scribe on it."
Is there anything else I can do?
"You've done a great service for the guild today, comrade. I look forward to drawing steel with you in the future. If we learn anything from the journal, I'll make sure you hear about it."

Receive your quest reward.

If you haven't turn in the quest and exit out of the conversation, she'll say:

"You've done the Guild proud, comrade."
Is there anything else I can do?

After the quest is turned in, you can ask her more about Jofnir:

"I'll look for you down the river, comrade. You'll hear from us once we've decoded the journal."
May I ask you a few questions, Guildmaster?
"Of course. After-action report, yes? Wise choice."
I saw a ghost here, on the island. He claimed to be the last Guildmaster.
"Jofnir? His passage down the river called me to this post. What did he say?"
He told me where Merric was. He seemed rushed.
"Interesting. I'll get in touch with some of our sisters in the Mages Guild, see if they can investigate this apparition. I try to avoid the walking dead, when I can."
How long do you think it will take to decipher the journal?
"Not long. Aelif told me you found some trinkets with the cultists. Between those baubles and the notes you found, hopefully we'll have a start for the translation effort."

The Dangerous PastEdit

Sees-All-Colors is waiting for you with Merric and Aelif.

"Good to see you again, comrade. You recall our encounter with Doshia, yes? When we found her encoded journal?"
It’s been translated.
"Yes. We called in several favors to do it, but we've cracked her code.
In service to her dark master, Doshia was after something hidden in a Dwarven ruin. A place called Mzeneldt."
What was she looking for?
"We're not sure, but it seems to have something to do with that Mortuum Vivicus her notes mentioned. Mzeneldt is far from here, but I've prepared a portal that will carry up across Tamriel.
What do you say, comrade? Venture with me into the unknown?"
Let's do it.

She then casts a spell to open the portal to Mzeneldt.

Sees-All-Colors: "I will open the portal. Takes just a moment."
Sees-All-Colors: "Here we go."

Upon entering Mzeneldt:

"Doshia was no scholar. She did nothing idly.
The river has brought us here for a reason."
What are we looking for?/Then what are we looking for?
"A treasure of some kind? A potent weapon or an epic spell? Doshia respected only one thing: power.
Whatever it is, we must get it away from here."
Why the urgency/If they’re long gone, why the urgency?
"Doshia knew of this place, and so others know as well. If we don’t retrieve ... whatever it is ... others will come. And it must have something to do with that Mortuum Vivicus. If Molag Bal plans to unleash that weapon again, we must stop it."
What do you think it is?
"The last days of the Dwemer were endless war. Their mages raced to perfect ever more esoteric spells. Ever more powerful weapons. Perhaps the origins of the Vivicus stem from that long-gone era."
What is this place?
"A holdfast of the Dwemer, the Dwarves. We’re someplace in Hammerfell, I think, near the south Dragontail Mountains.
Or so Doshia’s notes say."
Do you know where the Dwarves went, Sees-All-Colors?
"If I did I’d be the wisest woman in Tamriel, comrade. No, no one knows what made the Dwarves disappear.
Or at least, no one is saying."
Why Hammerfell?
"Why does the river take us anywhere? The Dwemer built complexes all throughout northern Tamriel. My guess is that we’re at this ruin for a treasure of some kind.
If just any Dwarven ruin would do, there are closer places than Mzeneldt."
Could you remind me about Doshia?
"Doshia kidnapped our comrade, Merric. She intended to harvest his soul for Molag Bal, in service to a plan involving this "Mortuum Vivicus."
And then, of course, you came to his rescue. Slew her, and stole her journal. Which is what led us here."
Did you learn anything else from Doshia’s journal?
"Many things. The journal spoke of this place. But it also spoke of … terrible things. Things I wish I could unlearn. Prolonged contact with Molag Bal twisted her mind."

Sees-All-Colors will hear the first scene with the Ayleids:

Sees-All-Colors: "What in Nirn?"

After the Ayleids leave:

Sees-All-Colors: "Those were ancient ones. Ayleids in a Dwemer ruin. What went on here?"

If you leave the area:

Sees-All-Colors: "I heard ... voices just before you arrived. The past may not lay quietly here."

After the next scene:

Sees-All-Colors: "A sacrifice? What did they come here to do?"

After the next scene:

Sees-All-Colors: "Giving yourself willingly to the river’s current. Noble."

Along the way, she will comment on the ruin:

Sees-All-Colors: "Blades ready, comrade. These constructs know no mercy."
Sees-All-Colors: "The skill it took to craft these constructs. Amazing."
Sees-All-Colors: "Just think what this place must have looked like in the time of the Dwemer."
Sees-All-Colors: "More wonders. And a split in the path. Which way shall we go, comrade?"
Sees-All-Colors: "Amazing that these halls remain intact."

At the scene where Valasha dies:

Sees-All-Colors: "A moment. This may be crucial."
Valasha: "My love. Ostarand. If you're going to do it, you have to do it now. I'm dying."
Ostarand: "I can't. Don't die on me Valasha! I can't do this!"
Valasha: "You must, my love. Or Molag Bal has won..."
Endarre: "It's what she wants Ostarand. This is why we came here. Do it."
Ostarand: "Goodbye my love... my Valasha."
Sees-All-Colors: "Valasha's journal remains. Perhaps it will shed more light on what's going on here."

If you leave the game and come back, she'll say:

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "I heard … voices, just before you arrived. The past may not lay quietly here."

After you pick up the journal and bring it to Sees-All-Colors.

"Another journal? Amazing it’s still preserved. May I see it?"
Here you go.
"The water begins to clear. Two cities, one worships Meridia. The other Molag Bal. Abagarlas, the city of the dead, creates a relic to strike at the Meridians. Delodiil, city of light, creates their own weapon. Forged around a heart of crystal."
The Ayleids here are from the Meridian city, right?
"Just so. These Ancient Ones steal into the heart of the event with this crystal weapon. They stop the ritual, and their king ends the dark rule of Abagarlas. But they are hunted. So they try to find a haven, a place to hide the crystal."
And they came here, to Mzeneldt.
"You have the right of it. They sought to hide their prize ... but the priestess of Meridia first gave her life. She relit the crystal heart so that the weapon could one day be forged anew."
So the crystal is here?
"Yes, comrade. The journals also speak of a tome, instructions for creating the weapon. The crystal heart of the weapon and the means to construct it lie here somewhere in these ruins."
Then we’d better find them.

Speaking to her again, she'll add:

"We must find the tome and crystal.
A weapon against Molag Bal's minions, within our grasp!"

Continuing through the ruin:

Sees-All-Colors: "And still more active constructs."

After the last scene:

Sees-All-Colors: "Such bravery, in the face of certain death."

In the final puzzle room, before opening the doors:

"The Dwarves were quite creative! For such a godless race. Perhaps those stands could get us past the doors?"

After solving the laser puzzle:

"I’m dry with apprehension, comrade. Everywhere, I smell musty rot.
It is different from the rot of the swamp. It makes my scales itch."

Defeat the centurion and she'll remark:

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "Well done. Now, to leave this place."

After retrieving the crystal heart and the tome:

"We’ve succeeded where that withered root Doshia failed, comrade.
Here. I will open a portal for us to return."
Yes, Guildmaster.
"Take the crystal and the tome. Give them to Merric, and he can begin learning what it will take to forge the weapon."
Where are you going, Guildmaster?
"I have something I must attend to, comrade. The knowledge we have gained here has flooded my mind ... I must mind the river’s course.
I’m sure we’ll speak again soon."
See you soon, then.

She opens the portal and walks through.

Sees-All-Colors: "I'll see you down the river, comrade."

The Prismatic CoreEdit

If you didn't answer the summons from Bera, and approach Sees-All-Colors in Shornhelm, she will say "Good, good, we have much to discuss."

If you speak to the guildmaster at the relevant Guildhall (Greenshade/Shornhelm/Stormhold) before speaking to Bera, Sees-All-Colors will greet you with:

"Comrade! The river has returned you at the perfect time. We've discovered much since our adventure in Mzeneldt. The events of the past continue to stalk us."

If you have receive a summons via Bera, you can head to the guildhall to speak with Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors. She wishes for you to accompany her to another ruined Ayleid city to continue her investigation.

"I see the messenger found you, comrade! We've discovered much since our adventure in Mzeneldt. The events of the past continue to stalk us."
What do you mean?
"The visions, my friend. The Ayleids fled from the forces of Molag Bal and hid away the remains of a powerful relic. Merric has taken the crystal and the tome to an ancient forge. There he's begun the work of crafting the weapon anew."
So we're going to join him?
"In time, comrade. First you and I must travel afield, to the ruined city Abagarlas. It was there the Ayleids went, to stop the Mortuum Vivicus. Together we will understand the threat to the present in the events of the past."
I'm ready to go if you are.
"Comrade, you were the first person I thought of when it came time to explore a musty ruin. That is meant as a compliment."

You can ask her some questions about your destination and others to remind you of what you previously learnt.

Can you remind me … you mentioned a crystal?
"Of course, you have much to concern yourself with. When last we spoke, we had explored the Dwarven ruin of Mzeneldt.
We found an ancient crystal and tome, left behind by a squad of Ayleid soldiers fleeing undead abominations."
That's right … why did you leave the ruin so quickly?
"You have my apologies, comrade. When I heard the Ancients speaking of the Mortuum Vivicus, I knew the past might contain more clues to solve our present crisis. I wanted to begin my research immediately."
You mentioned an ancient forge? / Can you tell me any more about the forge? / Can you tell me any more about the forge you mentioned?
"We call it the Earth Forge. Merric found it on a contract a few years ago. The maintenance constructs had long since shut down. The ruin contains the most unique blacksmithing setup … even the basest of metals sing in its embrace."
Where are we going? Abagarlas? / You mentioned enemies. What did you mean?
"In Mzeneldt, we saw visions of Ancient soldiers. Survivors of a strategic attack on a city of darkness. Abagarlas is that city, an ancient stronghold of Molag Bal. I expect we will learn much from those old stones."

Once you enter the portal and arrive in the ruined city, you will need to speak Colors for your orders.

"Welcome to the ruins of Abagarlas, comrade. Ancient home to a foul den of necromancers and Molag Bal worshipers."
What's the plan?
"We are here to relive the past. In Mzeneldt we saw a squad of soldiers on the run for their lives. Here, at Abagarlas, that same group was calm and in control. Together we can see what they saw, and discover what they knew about the Mortuum Vivicus.
How can we do that?
"After Mzeneldt, I researched a way to take control of the visions we saw. Ostarand was the Ancient soldier charged with bearing the Prismatic Weapon into battle. It is through his eyes you will see. And, in turn, I will see through your eyes."
What do you hope to learn here, Colors.
"The Ancients stood against the Vivicus and survived. Now, Molag Bal makes ready to unleash the same relic against Tamriel again. It is my hope the courage of the long dead will save the living of today."
Then we'd better get started.

At this, a dark blue-purple aura will surround her head as she performs the vision ritual.

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "Hold still just a moment, comrade."

The screen will go black and when vision returns, you will be in the form of Ostarand and the ruins will as they did back then.

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "It's working, comrade. I can see the living past of this ruin through your eyes. Now let's move."

Colors is visible as a glowing white spirit who follows you as you move through Abagarlas, occasionally Colors will comment on what she sees.

After defeating Prince Maylon:

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "That was Prince Malyon, scion of evil King Anumaril. He must have been left behind to defend the Vivicus."
Sees-All-Colors following you through Abagarlas

While viewing a shrine to Molag Bal:

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "A shrine to the Prince of Lies. My stomache [sic] turns just to see it. Let's move on."

When you arrive in the chamber containing the Mortuum Vivicus:

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "By the light, that must be the Mortuum Vivicus!"

After defeating Queen Palolel and attempting to destroy the Mortuum Vivicus—only to be thwarted by Molag Bal—the vision will end and Colors will want to talk to you.

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors: "Comrade, over here!"

She will be very concerned about what was witnessed.

"This is terrible, my friend. Ostarand was on the verge of destroying the Vivicus and … nothing."
What do you mean?
"The rapids have grown swift, and we did not even notice. Let me explain. Do you remember the notes you took from Doshia's lair? The ones that spoke of the Vivicus?"
Yes, why?
"I had assumed that this relic she spoke of was a legend. Even when I heard the words of Ostarand, Endarre, and their companions, I thought this was a threat from a time long forgotten. But …comrade, we just saw it. The Vivicus was never destroyed!"
What does that mean?
"You saved Merric from a Worm Cult plot to harvest souls, remember? Those souls are fuel for the Vivicus! The intact Mortuum Vivicus that Molag Bal has kept hidden all this time, safely tucked away in Coldharbour!"
What do we do?
"You must go to the forge. Help Merric at-Aswala restore the Prismatic Weapon to its full potential. I will do what I can to find where he has hidden the Vivicus. Comrade, I put my faith in you. You must tell the others, warn them. Can I count on you?"
You can count on me, Guildmaster?
"I would entrust this task to no one else, comrade. You go with the weight of the guild on your shoulders."

Before you head to the Earth Forge, you can ask some questions before leaving.

That orb of light was the Mortuum Vivicus? / What was that orb of light?
"Just so, my friend. I believe it to be some kind of relic, a massive spell capable of holding and harnessing the souls of thousands upon thousands of dead. If it had been released … if it is released … the world as we know it will end."
Whose memories did I relive?
"You saw through the eyes of Ostarand, one of the valiant Ancients that fought and died in Mzeneldt to safeguard our future. According to what we saw, it was he who slew Queen Palolel and stopped the use of the Mortuum Vivicus."

After helping Merric with his forging and fighting off a Daedra attack which interrupts the process, you will need to report back to the Guildmaster at the guildhall.

"Were you successful? Have you forged the weapon? We have more need of it now than ever, my friend. As you well saw."
We began to forge the weapon, but much has happened.
"What has happened, comrade? I do not like the look on your face. Or the scowl Merric bears."
The Earth Forge was attacked by the dead of Abagarlas. Molag Bal taunted us during the assault.
"Hsssk! The God of Schemes himself has taken notice of our quest. We're all in murky water now, comrade. And the current grows swift."
There's more. After the attack Jofnir appeared to us and told us he'd been murdered.
"What? Jofnir, murdered. This is dire news, comrade. The council must be told straight away. There will have to be an investigation … thank you for standing beside us, on this of all dark days."
Not a problem. What now, Guildmaster?
"Merric, Aelif, and I will confer with the council of Provost Generals. We'll want to talk about the attack, and this revelation about Guildmaster Iceblade. We'll contact you again, when there's more to discuss. Until then, comrade."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will say:

"I should've expected trouble. Damn that Daedric Prince."
What now, Guildmaster? (Leads to same quest completion dialogue)

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll add:

"Continue your journey, wherever your path leads.
We'll contact you once we know more."

However after this, Sees-All-Colors will soon be reported to have disappeared from her quarters, her location unknown to the guild. Meanwhile the council will be concerned with the appearance of Jofnir Ice-Blade's ghost, leading to you helping their investigation of the previous Guildmaster. The results will point to Sees-All-Colors as the culprit.

Will of the CouncilEdit

After you, Aelif and Merric track Sees-All-Colors down in the Halls of Submission, she will be standing before the Mortuum Vivicus. However, despite the execution order against her, she will make no move to attack you. You can ask her to explain her actions but Colors will immediately try and warn you:

"You must stop Aelif before it's too late!"
Colors, we know. We know about Jofnir.
"You what? No, my comrade. My friend. You have been deceived."
Did you kill Jofnir, or not?
"I … I did. Comrade, I serve the Daedric Prince Meridia. She blessed me with a sacred mission. I mobilized the Fighters Guild to defy Molag Bal. Jofnir … would not listen to me."
And you had to kill him?
"The Anchors were a danger to everyone on Tamriel. I received reports that cultists had begun harvesting souls for some kind of weapon. Jofnir would not listen, I had to act!
My friend, I trust you. As does the council. I put my fate in your hands."
I'm ready to decide your fate, Colors. / I've decided what to do.
"I know your decision will be just. What have you decided?"
The Guild has spoken. You must die.
Your quest is just. Let's finish and go.

Before you make a choice, you can ask her some questions:

Talk to me, Colors.
"What would you have me say? The Prince of Lies is everywhere. He undermines Meridia's efforts, places whispers in our ears. I tried to explain it to Jofnir in Ragnthar, but he wouldn't listen. He refused to hear my words."
Whispers in our ears?
"Yes. Surely you have seen the darkness within Aelif. I didn't know, not for certain, but … I believe she serves the Lord of Lies, and consorts with his minions!"
You could have spoken to Merric.
"I know. I should have.
But Merric is a servant of Stendarr. I feared he would react badly to my love of the Lady. As if she were like that foul schemer Molag Bal."
Who is Meridia?
"A Daedric prince, like Molag Bal. But totally unlike that cruel monster.
Meridia is the Sunfire, enemy of the undead, beacon to all that live."
What is her plan?
"An end to the dark plots of necromancers. The culling of cultists, and the death of Daedra. In short, she's offended by the God of Schemes. She will stop this weapon, and crush his champions beneath her heel."
Why are you here?
"You see it before you. The Mortuum Vivicus. After our time in Abagarlas, I knew that stopping this monstrous creation must be my priority. The Lady sent me a vision, a dark path through Oblivion. It's taken me all this time …."
This is the same artifact we saw in that vision.
"Yes! Snatched from Tamriel just as the Ayleids were to destroy it. Lurking here all this time, like a caged beast, while Molag Bal fed it soul after soul … restoring it to unholy potency."

If you exit out of the conversation before making a decision and come back, she will say:

"Comrade, I put my life in your hands. What is to be my fate?"
I'm ready to decide your fate, Colors. (Leads to choices)

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors
Location Halls of Submission
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 127470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Eviscerator
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

If you chose to slay Sees-All-Colors, combat will begin as soon as you make your decision.

Once Sees-All-Colors is killed, Aelif will gloat as she reveals her true nature:

Aelif: "Fool! You serve Molag Bal well today by destroying Meridia's servant!"

If you chose to spare Sees-All-Colors, Aelif will scream in frustration and bind the Argonian in a lightning field:

Aelif: "Idiot! Must I do everything? In Molag Bal's name, die!"

After you have slain Aelif and her Daedric allies, Colors will be freed and can be spoken with:

"You did it! The traitor is dead, and Molag Bal's hold on Tamriel is weakened.
You are wise, comrade. Wise, and strong."

Once you have destroyed the Mortuum Vivicus, you and your allies can return to the Earth Forge through the Jofnir's portal. While you were gone, the council will have assembled. Sees-All-Colors will be rightly concerned about her fate.

"Thank you for sparing my life, comrade, but my scales are dry with fear.
I believe the council is about to unspare me."

While reporting to Countess Hakruba, you can give your opinion on Sees-All-Colors fate. She can either be allowed to stay within the guild and earn her penance, or she can be expelled from the guild. Afterwards, Countess Hakruba will give judgement on Sees-All-Colors before announcing Merric as the new Guildmaster:

If you decided that Sees-All-Colors should stay with the guild
Countess Hakruba: "Sees-All-Colors. Present yourself to the council."
Countess Hakruba: "The council has decided we will honor the contract to fight the Daedra. Meridia continues to provide coin through her worldly servants. But we cannot allow a murderer to remain Guildmaster."
Sees-All-Colors: "I understand."
Countess Hakruba: "We have decided to award you a new title. The Light of the Guild. You will advise the new Guildmaster in all matters relating to the Daedra for the rest of your days. Penance for the blood on your hands."
Sees-All-Colors: "Thank you, Countess. I will not let you down."
Countess Hakruba: "You are dismissed. Merric, present yourself to the council."
<Merric steps forward>
Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors as she appears in Gathering Force: Arms and Armor of Tamriel
If you decided that Sees-All-Colors should be expelled from the guild
Countess Hakruba: "Sees-All-Colors. Present yourself to the council."
Countess Hakruba: "The council has decided we will honor the contract to fight the Daedra. Meridia continues to provide coin through her worldly servants. But we cannot allow a murderer to remain Guildmaster."
Sees-All-Colors: "I understand."
Countess Hakruba: "Furthermore, the coucil has decided to expel you from the Fighters Guild. We will report you to the proper authorities for the murder of Jofnir Iceblade. You are dismissed."
Sees-All-Colors: "Yes, countess. I understand."
Countess Hakruba: "You are dismissed. Merric, present yourself to the council."
<Merric steps forward>

Regardless of how you chose Sees-All-Colors' fate, she will be pleased with guild's choice of new guildmaster and will thank you helping her:

"I still live! The Countess spoke of my service as a punishment … but truly I am happy just to laze in the river's waters. Merric will make an excellent Guildmaster.
And I have you to thank for this. My friend."



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