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(lore page)
Location Varies
Species Daedroth
Health 119,538
108669 (Imperial Sewers)Imperial City (Crown Store)
141270 (Barathrum Centrata) Imperial City (Crown Store)
Normal(?)Veteran(?) (Maelstrom Arena, Vale of the Surreal)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Daedra Husk; Daedra Heart; Poison Solvents
A daedroth attacking
An armored blue daedroth
An armored green daedroth

Daedroth are Daedra that are associated with the Daedric Princes Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As they are considered elite creatures, daedroth are immune to all forms of crowd control effects.

Jagged Claw
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Fiery Jaws
The daedroth bites the player, doing moderate physical damage. This attack also applies the "Burning" effect, which does minor flame damage over time.
Fiery Breath
The daedroth breaths fire, doing moderate flame damage over time to all players in front of it as indicated by a red cone.


Unique DaedrothEdit


Quests Involving DaedrothEdit


(lore page)
Location Merchant District, Eyevea
Species Daedroth
Reaction Friendly
Everyone's favorite marathon runner

A friendly summoned Daedroth can be found running back and forth at the Merchant District on Eyevea. It runs through the district and over the nearby bridge, then loops back around.

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