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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Seek guidance from the Lady of Twilight against a common foe.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Vivec City — Explore Vivec City and meet Lord Vivec of the Tribunal.
Quest Giver: Vivec
Location(s): Vivec City, Clockwork City Vault
Prerequisite Quest: Divine Disaster
Next Quest: Divine Blessings
Reward: Blade of the Warrior-Poet
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 717
Vivec's stolen power resides somewhere within Sotha Sil's Clockwork City
Archcanon Tarvus revealed himself to be Barbas, the hound of Clavicus Vile. In an effort to locate and take control of Clockwork City, he tricked me into helping him drain Lord Vivec's energy. I need to stop Barbas and recover Lord Vivec's energy.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Vivec in his Palace.
  2. Talk to Seryn in the Archcanon's Office.
  3. Gain access to the Clockwork City.
  4. (Optional) Talk to Barbas.
  5. Meet Barilzar in the Maintenance Junction.
  6. Follow Barbas to the Divinity Atelier.
  7. Destroy the Clockwork Defense Cores.
  8. Enter the energy reservoir and defeat Barbas.
  9. Reverse the polarity of the energy flow.
  10. Return to Vivec's Palace.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Getting to the Clockwork CityEdit

Vivec, drained of his divine energy

Start this quest by speaking to the ghostly form of Vivec in Vivec's Private Chambers.

"Clarity emerges … like sunlight breaking through the clouds ….
Barbas must have replaced the Archcanon weeks ago … all to set the wheels in motion to steal my divine energy …."
He went to a lot of trouble just to steal your divine energy.
"Every move … has a purpose. Stealing my energy sowed discord and disaster … throughout the land … and ultimately revealed the location of … the Clockwork City.
If Barbas and his master can bypass the wards and enter Sotha Sil's domain …."
This has all been a ploy to find the Clockwork City?
"Clavicus Vile distracted me, weakened me … all to locate the Clockwork City. Perhaps we require a Daedra … to fight a Daedra.
Azura's champion, Seryn … in the Archcanon's office. Seek guidance from her patron. But hurry, my time grows short …."
I'll find Seryn and see if Azura can help us.
Azura speaking through Seryn

Leave the palace and go down to the Archcanon's Office. Seryn will be waiting for you, and will start talking as soon as she sees you: "Outlander, over here. I've been trying to find something that makes sense of all-" She gets cut off by Azura possessing her, saying "Mortal, the Lady of Twilight has words for you!"

"So Vivec deigns to ask for help? I foresaw such an event, but scarcely believed it.
Listen well, for if you continue to perform flawlessly, we might yet thwart the efforts of Clavicus Vile and his hound, Barbas."
Lord Vivec said to ask you for guidance in this matter.
"Just as I anticipated. The mysteries reveal that Barbas seeks to enter the Clockwork City. So far, Sotha Sil's wards have impeded him, but the hound has Sunna'rah.
You must beat him to the prize - the reservoir that holds Vivec's stolen energy."
Do you know where the Clockwork City is located?
"Such knowledge has been hidden even from me, Mortal. But I know someone who can provide you with the means to travel to Sotha Sil's creation.
Stand back and I shall summon the mage of cogs and gears."

Azura opens a portal and summons Barilzar. He is momentarily confused about what happened and where he is, but figures it out when you talk to him.

The Clockwork City
"Interesting. Summoned by a Daedric Prince and her mortal mouthpiece. I was right in the middle of a crucial experiment, but I suppose I can spare a few clicks of the cogs for Azura and my erstwhile assistant.
So, did you break the tonal inverter?"
No, the tonal inverter worked fine. Azura wants you to help me get to the Clockwork City.
"No, not going to happen. No offense to the Lady of Twilight, but Sotha Sil was quite adamant about keeping the place hidden and warded against the Daedra.
Oh, wait. Pistons fall into place. This concerns Sunna'rah and Lord Vivec, I presume?"
Yes. Barbas tricked us into draining Lord Vivec's divine energy.
"Barbas? Another Daedra. Thinking…thinking….
So Sotha Sil's forgotten tool was modified to steal Vivec's energy, which in turn energized the Clockwork City. Lit it up like the top of Red Mountain. Even Vile's dog would be able to see that!"
Can you get me to the Clockwork City or not?
"What is Barbas after? Wait, gears click into place…the reservoir! You need to reach the reservoir that contains Vivec's stolen energy before Barbas!
I can get us to the entrance in Seht's Vault, beneath the Mournhold temple. Ready to go?"
You're coming with me? All right, let's go.
Within the Clockwork City

Once you answer that you're ready to go, Barilzar pulls out a book and starts opening a portal to Seht's Vault. He says that you'll need his help because he knows the city "almost as well as Sotha Sil". Follow him through the portal, and you'll arrive at the top of a ramp in a cave. Go down the ramp to catch up with Barilzar, and he'll lead you down a passageway to a large chamber being patrolled by a handful of Skaafin. Deal with the enemies at the top, then go down the hill to a bridge. Barilzar will warn you that the skaafin have agitated one of the guardians. Cross the bridge, deal with the skaafin, then turn left and go up a small staircase. There you'll find the Clockwork Guardian, standing between you and the entrance to the Clockwork City.

Defeat the Clockwork Guardian, taking care to avoid his fire breath. Once he's down, Barilzar will catch up with you. You can talk to him before entering the city if you wish, and he'll explain why it is so small (and that you're going to shrink down to get inside).

Stopping BarbasEdit

When you enter the city, you'll find that the path ahead is initially blocked by an electric barrier, controlled by Barbas. Walking towards it will trigger Barbas to taunt you ("Ah, my favorite dupe has finally arrived."). Barbas will then lower the barrier and run off laughing. You can follow after him and talk to him (once he's behind another barrier), or just follow Barilzar through the now-accessible door to the Maintenance Junction.

If you talk to Barbas, he will tell you that you'll be able to witness his greatest achievement: bringing his Master's plan to fruition! But when questioned about what that plan is, he wises up and decides not to "give away the surprise". The only other information Barbas will reveal is that his Master has been trying to get into the Clockwork City for a long time, and that the Archcanon died peacefully in his sleep.

The reservoir holding Vivec's divine energy

Go through to the maintenance junction, and you'll find Barilzar at a control panel. If you talk to him, he says he's disabled the most of the defenses in the junction, and that he can open routes that Barbas does not know about to find the reservoir. Barilzar believes that Sunna'rah would have sent Vivec's power to the atelier where Sotha Sil studied divine energy.

The maintenance junction is a linear route. You'll run into some factotum enemies, as well as spinning, moving blade traps (which can't be attacked). Soon you'll reach two gates: an eastern gate and a western gate. You need to disable the couplings for each one in order to open them both.

Barbas is on the other side. Follow him down a hallway until he summons two skaafin. He'll run through a door while you're fighting them, and you have to find another way to get to him. This translates to following the hallway around to another door. As you approach that other door, a skaafin named Jovval Mortal-Bane will appear. Defeat him and you can proceed through the door to the access bridge.

From the bridge, you can see another bridge…the one Barbas is on. He taunts you some more ("Look, Master! Vivec's toy found a way through, just like you said! But Barbas has Sunna'rah! What does Vivec's toy have?"). Barilzar responds "Vivec's toy has me, you annoying creature", as he leads you to the door to the Engineering Junction.

Non-threatening portals emerge

The engineering junction is another linear pathway with blade traps. You'll also encounter some fabricant enemies, who presumably are responsible for the dead skaafin you see. The next door you get to brings you to the atelier courtyard. Barilzar will remark on how beautiful it is, and you can optionally talk to him before moving on to the Divinity Atelier.

Barbas in armor - note the helmet

If you do talk to him, he'll tell you more about the purpose of the atelier, and what he thinks Barbas intends to do there (use the divine energy to open a portal to bring Clavicus Vile to the Clockwork City). Barilzar goes over to a control panel (supposedly to lower the defenses in the atelier), leaving you to enter the atelier alone.

Whatever Barilzar is doing in the courtyard is not very useful, however, as you have to defeat three Clockwork Cores in order to get to the reservoir room. Defeating the Clockwork Defense Core opens the way to the South Platform, where you will find and defeat the Clockwork Mediator Core. Doing so will unlock the North Platform, which contains the Clockwork Assembly Core. After defeating that, Barilzar will tell you that he was able to activate the controls to unlock the final platform (the one with the reservoir).

Go up the ramp to the final platform. You have finally caught up with Barbas, and now it's time to fight him. He is wearing new armor for this battle including a helmet that looks like an angry dog's head. He starts off with melee attacks, but after a while decides to "give you a taste of [his] divine power", and starts using magical attacks, including summoning skaafin. He drops Sunna'rah once you defeat him. Pick it up and use it on the reservoir to pull the energy back into the staff.

Barilzar opens a portal to bring you back to Vivec's palace. As you walk over to the portal, Clavicus Vile revives Barbas (in dog form) and opens a portal to Oblivion for him. Go through the portal Barilzar opened, and you'll end up…not in Vivec City.

A Detour on the Way BackEdit

In fact, you end up in a cavern with a shrine to Clavicus Vile. Clavicus Vile will be talking to you as you arrive, "So you're the mortal who gave my poor dog so much trouble. I suppose we should have a chat, you and I." Go to the statue of Clavicus Vile and talk to it.

"How dare you discipline my dog? He was only trying to appease his master. And I'd never harm a hair on whatever insignificant creature you hold dear.
You, on the other hand, require a lesson in manners…."
Barbas tried to kill Lord Vivec and destroy Vvardenfell.
"Indeed? What ambition! As you can see, Barbas isn't a bad dog. He does get easily excited and overzealous. He embellished my plan somewhat, but it all worked out in the end. And we found the Clockwork City."
So you were trying to take control of Clockwork City?
Clavicus Vile would like a word with you
"This little flea thinks it's smart, but my plans are beyond its comprehension! Still, by delaying the inevitable, you caused my associates and I some trouble. You'll stay here until you're no longer a threat.
How does a few decades sound to you?"
No thanks, I think I'll find my own way out of here.

An apparition of Barilzar appears, much to the annoyance of Clavicus Vile. Talk to him.

"I lost you somewhere between Clockwork City and Vivec, but it was simple enough to trace your energy signature to this Daedric shrine.
Unfortunately, some power is interfering with my efforts to open a portal for you."
It's Clavicus Vile. He wants to trap me here for a few decades.
"Hmm. That would be unfortunate for you. Luckily, you have me to assist you. Well, me and Sunna'rah.
Expend a small amount of Vivec's energy at the statue and that should provide enough of a distraction for me to pull you out of there."

Use Sunna'rah on the statue, and after zapping for a few seconds, you'll be automatically transported to Vivec's palace.

Restoring VivecEdit

You reappear in Vivec's private chambers. Barilzar and Seryn are already there. Barilzar is surprised that his idea to zap the statue worked. Go and talk to Vivec.

"My time … draws to a close ….
Were you … successful? Can you restore … my energy?"
I have the staff, but the last time it nearly killed you.
"So you retrieved my … stolen energy. You … stopped Barbas ….
Now … return what is rightfully mine …."
But how can we be certain the staff won't harm you again?
Restoring Vivec
"To quote my … seventy-fifth exhortation … "certainty is the brother of fear."
Nothing is certain, but I have confidence … in you… in what you have done. Use the staff …. return my energy. Or not. In a little while … it won't matter."
All right, I'll use the staff.

Use the staff in the same way that you used the Blessing Stone in Divine Disaster. It will zap Vivec and his corporeal form will rise up to meet his ghostly form. As Canon Llevule says, "Praise Vivec, his energy is restored!" Talk to Vivec once more to finish the quest.

"Remarkable! No ordinator or armiger could have done any better! You uncovered a Daedric spy in our midst, brought a Living God back from the brink of death, and saved all of Vvardenfell.
Well done, my friend!"
I did what I could.
"As my next sermon shall proclaim, "Modesty is the false cloak off a flatterer or the sincere garment of the humble."
Again, you have my gratitude, and that of all my people. Indeed, even those who rail against the Tribunal owe you their lives."

At this point, you can accept your reward and complete the quest, while the conversation continues and starts Divine Blessings.


  • In the Clockwork City Vault, it's possible to skip parts of the objective to follow Barbas by going straight in the direction you are redirected to later if you do follow him, such as going right immediately instead of following on the left side.


  • During the objective to use Sunna'rah on the reservoir, the objective marker points back the way you came from instead of marking where to use the staff at. ?
  • The portal that Clavicus Vile opens for Barbas to return opens up twice over itself. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Divine Restoration
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lord Vivec wants me to consult with Azura's champion, Seryn, and see if her patron has any wisdom to share concerning Clavicus Vile and Barbas. She should be in the Archcanon's office, looking for clues.
Objective: Find Seryn
Azura possessed Seryn again. I should talk to her and see if she has any advice on how we deal with Clavicus Vile and Barbas.
Objective: Talk to Azura
Azura summoned Barilzar to help me get to the Clockwork City. I should talk to him and see if he knows where Sotha Sil's creation is hidden.
Objective: Talk to Barilzar
Barilzar can't teleport us directly to the Clockwork City, but he can open the secret entrance to the city, located underneath the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. I should enter the portal and follow Barilzar.
Objective: Enter Barilzar's Portal
I need to clear a path through the Daedra so that Barilzar and I can reach the entrance to the Clockwork City.
Objective: Reach the Entrance to the Clockwork City
Objective Hint: Defeat the Clockwork Guardian
We made it past the Daedra and defeated the Clockwork Guardian. Now to enter the Clockwork City and see what's waiting for us inside.
Objective: Explore the Clockwork City
Optional Step: Talk to Barbas
Barbas locked the path ahead of us. To follow after him, we need to enter the maintenance junction and navigate through its twisting paths.
Objective: Navigate the Maintenance Junction
Optional Step: Talk to Barilzar
I need to disable the repair factotums and the couplings to open the way ahead so I can get past the gate.
Objective: Get Past the Gate
Objective Hint: Disable the Western Coupling
Objective Hint: Disable the Eastern Coupling
We spotted Barbas. I should find a way to follow him.
Objective: Follow Barbas
Objective Hint: Find Another Path
Objective Hint: Enter the Engineering Junction
The workshop where Vivec's divine energy is stored is just ahead. I should go inside and try to stop Barbas before he gains access to all that power.
Objective: Enter the Divinity Atelier
Optional Step: Talk to Barilzar
I need to find a way to access the energy reservoir before I can retrieve Vivec's stolen power and get my hands on Barbas and the staff.
Objective: Enter the Energy Reservoir
Objective Hint: Destroy Central Core and Unlock South Platform
Objective Hint: Destroy South Core and Unlock North Platform
Objective Hint: Destroy North Core and Unlock Final Platform
Now I need to enter the final chamber to defeat Barbas and take back Sotha Sil's staff, Sunna'rah.
Objective: Defeat Barbas
I defeated Barbas. Now I need to take Sunna'rah and use it to reverse the flow of divine energy.
Objective: Reverse the Energy Flow
Objective Hint: Get Sunna'rah
Objective Hint: Use Sunna'rah on the Reservoir
I stopped Barbas and gathered Vivec's divine energy into Sunna'rah. Now I should use the portal and return to Vivec City.
Objective: Return to Vivec's Palace
The portal didn't return me to Vivec City. Instead, I appear to be inside some sort of Daedric shrine. And Clavicus Vile just addressed me. I guess I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Clavicus Vile
Barilzar has projected an image of himself into this strange place. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Barilzar
Barilzar suggests that I use a small portion of Vivec's energy to distract Clavicus Vile so that he can pull me out of this place. I should use Sunna'rah on Vile's statue.
Objective: Use Sunna'rah on Clavicus Vile
Barilzar succeeded and returned me to Vivec's Palace. I should talk to Lord Vivec and see what I need to do to restore his stolen energy.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
Lord Vivec wants me to use Sunna'rah and restore to him his divine energy.
Objective: Use Sunna'rah to Restore Vivec
Finishes quest  I did as Vivec asked and restored his divine energy. I should talk to him and make sure he's all right now.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
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