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Online:Clockwork Defense Core

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Clockwork Defense Core
Location The Divinity Atelier, Seht's Vault
Species Dwarven Sentry
Health 127,470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Clockwork Defense Core

The Clockwork Defense Core is a large Clockwork Sentry found in the Clockwork City Vault. It has been activated as part of the city's defenses against intruders, attacking you when it detects you. During it combat, it stays in the same spot, but can look around and uses a series ranged attacks. It will also periodically summon a number of mechanical blade traps.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Defensive Flare
A basic ranged attack dealing low shock damage.
The core shoots out a traveling lightning bolt, indicated by a quickly moving circular AoE, dealing high shock damage.
The core flips in place in its receptable, releasing a burst of energy, indicated by a large circular AoE around itself, dealing high shock damage.
Activate Traps
The core activates several spinning traps within the arena.

The "Blade Traps" will have the following skills

Spinning Blade
Serrated Blade


  • It doesn't give experience or loot when defeated.
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