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This article is about a location visited in the Morrowind chapter. For a similar location visited in the Clockwork City DLC, see Clockwork City Vaults.

Clockwork City Vault
Discoverable No
Dungeon (?)
# of Zones (?)
Quest Chain
Beneath the Mournhold Temple
Loading Screen
The vault that contains the City of Seht lies deep below Morrowind—but how deep, exactly? "As deep as it is possible to be," proclaims the Clockwork God.
The vault houses the entrance to the Clockwork City

Clockwork City Vault is Sotha Sil's secret vault containing the Clockwork City. It is located in the Dwemer ruin of Bamz-Amschend, deep beneath the Mournhold Temple in Deshaan.

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Clockwork City VaultEdit

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Maintenance JunctionEdit

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Engineering AccessEdit

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Engineering JunctionEdit

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