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Hi, I'm FioFioFio. On Discord, I'm FioFioFio. On ESO, I'm FioFioFio. On Legends, I'm FioFioFio. Notice a trend yet? :P

I tend to jump around between different projects on an almost hourly basis. Everything below the line is for my reference, but, hey, if you want to know what I'm working on, here it is.



  • Vvardenfell Quest Walkthroughs
Quest List
  • Divine Power questline
    1. Divine Conundrum
    2. Divine Inquiries
    3. Divine Delusions
    4. Divine Intervention
    5. Divine Disaster
    6. Divine Restoration
    7. Divine Blessings
  • Veya Releth questline
    1. Fleeing the Past
    2. Of Faith and Family
    3. A Purposeful Writ
    4. Family Reunion
  • Gnisis questline
    1. A Melodic Mistake (already written)
    2. Hatching a Plan
  • Sun-in-Shadow questline
    1. A Hireling of House Telvanni (already written, needs cleanup)
    2. Rising to Retainer (already written, needs cleanup)
    3. Objections and Obstacles (already written, needs cleanup)
    4. The Magister Makes a Move
    5. The Heart of a Telvanni
  • Balmora
    1. Like Blood From A Stone
    2. The Memory Stone
  • Gnisis
    1. Haunted Grounds
  • Molag Mar
    1. An Armiger's Duty
  • Sadrith Mora
    1. Bound By Love
  • Suran
    1. Nothing to Sneeze At
    2. The Scarlet Judge
  • Seyda Neen
    1. Broken Bonds
    2. Breaking Through the Fog (already written)
  • Vos
    1. Reclaiming Vos
    2. At Any Cost
  • Ald'ruhn Dailies
    1. Ancestral Ties
    2. Ashlander Relations
    3. Relics Quests
    4. Hunting Quests
  • Hall of Justice Dailies
    1. A Call For Aid
    2. Bounty Quests
    3. Exploratory Quests
  • Misc
    1. The Ancestral Tombs (already written)
    2. The Lost Library
    3. A Late Delivery
    4. To Tel Fyr
    5. Ancestral Adversity (needs quick walkthrough, dialogue, formatting)
    6. A Dangerous Breed
    7. Echoes of a Fallen House
    8. The Heart's Desire
    9. A Hidden Harvest
    10. If the Spell Fits
    11. A Smuggler's Last Stand
    12. A Web of Troubles
  • Place pages People Tables
  • TOC2D for various collectibles pages
  • NPC Classes & Attacks
  • Patch Notes (formatting & links)
  • Factions:
  • Making sure all faction members are in the correct category
  • Making sure all faction members are listed on the faction pages
  • Fixing icons and locations for Quest Items and subpages
  • Delve Maps
  • Specific Pages
    • NPC Pages:
  • Seryn
  • Canon Llveule
  • Barilzar
  • Ibaal
  • Place Pages
  • Skar
  • Wise Woman Dovrosi's Hut
  • Temple Canton
  • Construction Cantons
  • Move location-specific info and images from Loading Screens to the location pages.


  1. Verifying Forgotten Hero rewards
  2. Uploading HoS audio
    1. Uploading emote audio
  3. Deckbuilder tutorial
  4. /Userboxes
    1. Attributes
    2. Classes
    3. Different greetings
  5. Decklist table
    1. /Sandbox-Decklist