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The United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits is the official in-game guild of the UESP in Elder Scrolls Online. There are currently four branches, one for each PC server, one on the North American Xbox One server, and one on the European PlayStation 4 server. There is also a subforum for the official guilds on the UESP forum, found here, which is used for planning and advertising events, and can also be used to ask questions about the guilds. Members are encouraged to install the uespLog AddOn for a few useful utilities and to help collect game data for the site. The Alliance affiliations listed here only affect PvP; members of all Alliances are welcome to join UESP.

PC North American GuildEdit

UESP Guild, North American heraldry


This guild is open to all administrators, editors, and users of the UESP to provide a place to meet up, talk about the game, the UESP, or life in general. If you need help with a quest or world boss, or want to run a group dungeon, just ask on chat. Information about our social activities can be found on our calendar or the in-game Message of the Day (MOTD). Members have access to a myriad of free services via our Guild Hall.

We are a very diverse group of people. Our members range in age from 16 to 60+ and hail from 5 continents. We are of different cultures, religions (including none), sexual orientations, and some have disabilities or long-term health conditions. There are only two rules you must observe: 1. real life comes first and 2. respect your fellow guildies, even if you disagree with them.

  • Server: North America
  • Platform: PC
  • Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
  • Heraldry: Imperial Purple/Gold on Chevron 4 with a Silver Eye of Hermaeus Mora, representing the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory. Gold represents the color of UESP site pages. The other two colors were chosen by a vote among Guild Members, with a deep purple being the most preferred/least disliked.

PC European GuildEdit

UESP Guild, European heraldry


  • Server: Europe
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
  • Leader: @Legoless1 (Legoless)
  • Officers: @Enodoc (Enodoc), @MissKokane (MissKokane), @Talaront (Holomay), @SarthesArai (SarthesArai)
  • Purpose: EU equivalent of the NA guild.
  • Ranks: Doyen, Savant, Scholar, Pundit, Recruit, Naughty Corner
  • Heraldry: Yellow/Brown on Fang 5 with a Brown emblem of Julianos, the Aedric God of Wisdom and Logic. Colors were chosen to complement the wiki design.

PS4 European GuildEdit


  • Server: European
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
  • Leader: @benethoukes (Biffa)
  • Officers: @ArgenteumScudo (AgShield)
  • Purpose: PS4 equivalent of the PC guild.
  • Ranks: Doyen, Savant, Scholar, Pundit, Recruit
    • No guild bank.
  • No heraldry.

Xbox North American GuildEdit

UESP Guild, Xbox North American heraldry


  • Server: North America
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
  • Leader: @naga007 (Naga007)
  • Officers: @S Carver Orne (SCarverOrne), @Cannabisnomnom, @FioFioFio (FioFioFio), @pilotjimjones
  • Purpose: Xbox equivalent of the PC guild.
  • Ranks: Doyen, Savant, Professor, Acolyte, Scholar, Novice
  • Recruitment: Actively recruiting. More members will open opportunities for a guild trader, raffles, group activities, and more.
  • Heraldry: Black/Gold on Hilted 1 with a Gold Sunburst emblem. Gold represents the color of UESP site pages. Black complements the color choices of the PC guilds while providing its own unique variation.

TeamSpeak ServerEdit

A TeamSpeak 3 server is available for use by anyone in any UESP guild:

  • Server: ts.uesp.net
  • Password: SothaSil


The following userbox can be used by members of an official UESP guild:

Template Userbox
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ON-icon-logo.jpg This user is a recruit of the UESP ESO guild on the North American PC server.