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Joined 14 March 2013

About MeEdit

I am a 42yr old Elder Scroll nut, born in Somerset, England and am currently living in Stoke-on-Trent with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, the three of them are my life, my love and everything (except Elder Scrolls!). I am disabled and spend my time playing Elder Scrolls, reading books (especially David Eddings and Raymond E Feist (over and over again), collecting and watching films, playing poker when feeling well enough to play properly and make money. My wife and I are Kleeneze distributors (well she is and I sometimes do some driving for her). I was introduced to Elder Scrolls through Oblivion, which I still love today and will return to at some point. I've now been playing Skyrim since it's release. I do want to play the previous games from the beginning.

  • Well obv I'm no longer 42....oh those were the days! And I'm no longer married, I finally left my abusive/controlling wife and am getting there. My health is still pretty lousy most of the time and the brain fog turns me into a simpleton often especially when i get tired, which is all of the time...My two beautiful daughters are now grown up! The eldest has her own place with her boyfriend and my youngest has just moved into a supported living flat just up the road from me, as she also has severe health challenges. I'm in a loving, supportive relationship with a gorgeous lady, who has shown me the true meaning of love. Anyway back to the "real" world of Skyrim.......

Current activityEdit

I'm not around too much at moment 24/2/15. Hopefully back soon.

  • Hoping to be around more as my health is a bit more stable atm 9/4/19

Favorite QuotesEdit

If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough! ― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Projects/Pages I've worked onEdit

I spend the majority of my time working on adding detail to the place pages in Skyrim.

To-Do ListEdit

  • Finish the last five houses needing cleaning up/walkthroughs writing as part of SHRP.
  • Finish the last five place stubs on Skyrim (already written two, just need checking/revamping and coding)
  • Finish the last twelve place stubs on Dragonborn.
  • Currently trying to rewrite the nine Fort pages, to include specific details on the differences dependant on who is controlling the forts.
  • Standardise the military camp pages.
  • Rework the alchemy page to show a new "potions to make to learn all effects for both main ingredients and then to include Dragonborn and Dawnguard additional ingredients".
  • Write a character's page detailing the different character's I've played/am playing on Skyrim.

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