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This article is about the download. For the faction, see Knights of the Nine (faction).

Knights of the Nine
Released November 21, 2006
Size 155 MB
Filename Knights.esp
Xbox 360
  • Included with all versions of the game
Patch 1.1.511 or higher
CS Version 1.2
Knights of the Nine box art

Knights of the Nine is an official download for Oblivion, revolving around the titular order as they recover the lost relics of the Divine Crusader. A list of frequently asked questions and their answers can be found on the FAQs page.

A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of Oblivion to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released upon the land. You must heed the call, reclaim the lost relics of the Divine Crusader, and return the Nine to glory. New dungeons, characters, quests, and mysteries await. —Official Summary

Quest Information

  • Quests — Knights of the Nine adds 11 quests to the game, all following a main questline.

Gameplay Information

  • Creatures — Two entirely unique types of creatures are introduced with the download, while two others are new variations of existing creatures.
  • Items — Items introduced with the download include new armor, books, jewelry, and weapons.
  • Magic — Eight blessings, four curses, and five powers are included with the download.
  • NPCs — Over 30 new NPCs are introduced with the download, many of which are aligned with the Knights of the Nine faction.
  • Places — 8 new locations are included with the download, while a number of existing locations are altered once the download has been installed.


Knights of the Nine introduces one new faction and expands an existing one:

Nine Divines — The cult who worship the Nine Divines, largely consisting of people who work at the chapels across Cyrodiil.

  • This faction exists without Knights of the Nine, but cannot be joined unless it is installed.
  • When you begin the Pilgrimage quest, after speaking to the Prophet, you are given the rank of Pilgrim in this faction.
  • Membership in this faction allows you to freely enter all areas within chapels (including undercrofts and living quarters).

Knights of the Nine — An order devoted to recovering the relics of the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake.


  • Completing the Knights of the Nine questline will require you to abolish your Infamy.
  • The variety of items, powers, and services rewarded from completing the quests may be particularly useful for new characters.
  • You can only equip the Relics gained in the quests if your infamy is 1 or less. If your infamy ever reaches 2 or more, you must repeat the Pilgrimage to a Wayshrine of every deity. Items and effects that temporarily increase your Infamy, such as the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal will make you unable to equip the Relics until you unequip the items or the effects wear off.
  • Unlike other official downloads, Knights of the Nine introduces new dialogue into NPC interactions throughout the entire game. For instance, after several of the Crusader's Relics are claimed, NPCs will mention them in rumors and in conversations with other NPCs. Similarly, by completing the questline, NPCs will sometimes refer to you as a Holy Knight or Divine Crusader. If your infamy rises above 0 after completing the questline, NPCs will sometimes greet you saying: "I used to think you were a hero. A holy knight and all that. I guess I should have known better." or "I used to admire you. But it turns out you're just a sinner like all the rest of us."
    • The greetings for gaining infamy after completing the questline sometimes override the "greetings" of NPCs that would otherwise immediately dismiss you (such as Dulfish and Magub gro-Orum of Cheydinhal), allowing you to access otherwise unavailable topics (most of which are usually generic, such as Rumors).

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