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The purpose of this page is to document some aspects of Oblivion that are specific to the PlayStation version of the game. The vast majority of gameplay is identical on all platforms (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3): the quests are the same, the glitches are similar, etc.

Missing PC FeaturesEdit

Some of the PC features that are not available on PS3 (or Xbox 360) are:

  • The console. Consequently, bug fixes, cheats and exploits used by PC players are generally not available to PS3 players.
  • The Construction Set. The Construction Set does not actually affect gameplay; rather, it allows the game files to be viewed and edited. A lot of the information on the Wiki is derived from the Construction Set, because it allows the factors controlling gameplay to be easily identified.


  • On the PS3, the game right out of the box is patched to version 1.2 and includes Knights of the Nine.
  • A PS3 GOTY (Game Of The Year) edition was released in the US on October 16, 2007. It is identical to the normal version for the PS3 except for the addition of Shivering Isles. The GOTY edition has also been distributed in Europe, by Ubisoft.
  • The PS3 does not have any downloadable content (such as the Official Plug-ins) other than the Shivering Isles and the (pre-installed) Knights of the Nine.
    • A retail disk of Shivering Isles for PS3 (separate from the GOTY edition) was released on November 20th.
    • On November 29th, 2007, Shivering Isles was made available for download on the US Playstation Network for $29.99.
    • Although Pete Hines has mentioned several times on the Bethesda Blog that Bethesda would like to make content available over PSN, it seems likely that the missing DLC will never be released for the PS3. ([1], [2], [3]).


  • Video
    • The PS3 features improved texture filtering (AF). Textures are significantly clearer at distance.
    • Video output is only supported up to 720p.
  • Performance
    • The PS3 version of Oblivion makes broader use of the standard hard drive to reduce load times, lag, and hitching.
    • The game's cache file cannot be defragmented manually as can be done with the Xbox 360 version of the game, however, according to Sony, it is done automatically upon switching off the console.
    • The number of save files is limited to 128. A workaround is to create a new profile to get an additional 128.
    • Saved Data can be copied onto an external standard USB storage device and used on a different console and/or an account unlike with the 360 version(s) of Oblivion.
    • PS3 version(s) of the game do not contain a region code restriction. Using a PAL version of the game on an NTSC console will work without problems if an SDTV in use supports both input signals; HDTV mode works regardless. A save file from one region however will not work with a copy of the game from another region, limiting save file sharing to those with a copy from the same region.
  • Glitches
    • The PS3 GotY version introduces a significant new bug to the Vampire Cure quest (which can be bypassed).
  • Gameplay
    • The condition of a bow is not affected by the number of arrows fired.
  • Mods
    • Mods or expansion packs are not supported beyond those provided in the two official PlayStation packages.

Interface DifferencesEdit

Although the keyboard and PS3 controller clearly provide very different methods of interacting with the game, most of the controls work the same way. Some differences, however, include:

  • On the PS3 there is no way to toggle Always Run or Auto Move.
    • Walking vs running is controlled by how far forward you push the left analog stick. Slight motions of the analog stick will cause your character to walk; pushing the analog stick as far as it will go will cause your character to run. (This is most obvious if you use third-person view).
  • The Quick Save and Quick Load shortcuts are not available; save and load are only accessible through the Menu options.

Controller SettingsEdit

A complete list of controls is provided at Controls. Some game controls that are not obvious or are not covered in the game guide are:

  • When at the "How many items?" dialogue (e.g., when selling multiple items), L2 or R2 moves the slider all the way left (one) or right (all), respectively.
  • When an item is selected in your inventory, L2 will drop the item in "grab" mode. Grabbing an item this way does not require you to hold down the L2 button.
  • Unlike the PC, spells cannot be repeatedly cast by holding down R2.
  • When in the "Wait" menu, pushing L2 takes six hours off the current amount, while R2 adds six.
  • Also when viewing the maps, you can hold down the "Use" button and move the map without having to scroll the mouse all the way from one side to the other to move it.
  • To Alter the distance of the camera from your character, you can hold the "Switch View" button and alternate between the R2 and L2. The former would bring the camera closer whereas the latter would pull the camera further away.

Cloud GamingEdit

It is possible to play the PS3 version of Oblivion via cloud gaming as part of a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription. This is available on modern PlayStation consoles and on PC.