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Seyda Neen
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Bitter CoastVvardenfell
Northwest of Vivec City
Other Buildings
Seyda Neen

Seyda Neen is a coastal Imperial settlement found in the Bitter Coast region of Vvardenfell. It is a Gold Coast Trading Company outpost ruled by House Hlaalu.

There is a thieves trove behind a wheelbarrow on the dock north of Seyda Neen, leading out of town. A chest can be found on a small island south-southeast of Seyda Neen.

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Seyda Neen Wayshrine

Seyda Neen Wayshrine is located before the northern bridge into the town.


  • The quests Breaking Through the Fog and Broken Bonds are mutually exclusive. Which one you receive depends on your character: new characters created after the release of Morrowind will start off with Broken Bonds as their very first quest if they choose to play the tutorial, while existing characters who travel to Vvardenfell, and new characters who skip the tutorial, can accept Breaking Through the Fog to complete the town's objective.
  • Seyda Neen also appears in Morrowind.


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