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Elven Ruin:
Reliquary of Stars
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Flesh Atronach, Skeletal Cryomancer, Skeletal Defender, Skeletal Infernal, Skeletal Warrior, Spectral Blademaster, Spectral Infernal, Spectral Storm Mage, Spectral Warrior, Watcher
Green HallGrahtwood
West of Cormount
Other Buildings
Loading Screen
The official histories of the First Empire state that when Empress Alessia's forces captured White-Gold Tower, all the Ayleids' evil relics of arcane power were taken and destroyed. But Duke Quarl of Twil insisted until his dying day that an Elf King escaped with the chief artifacts.
Vault: "The most famous burglar in Elsweyr's history, Rajhin is said to have stolen a tattoo from the neck of Empress Kintyra as she slept." — Brother Mikhael Karkuxor, "Varieties of Faith" 
The Reliquary of Stars

The Reliquary of Stars is an Ayleid ruin in northern Grahtwood, west of Cormount. The Mages Guild are currently leading an expedition into the ruins, searching for the Heart of Anumaril.

A Fisherman's Hut is located to the west of the ruins, beside a waterfall.

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A map of the Reliquary Ruins
A map of the Reliquary Vault Top
A map of the Reliquary Vault Bottom


  • The loading screen mentions Empress Kintyra, however, the character was born in the Third Era, long after the events of ESO.
  • Developer maps label this location as "Staregole".


  • An invisible wall is present in the hallway connecting the Flesh Gardens and the Hall of Might, which prevents movement in that specific area. This forces you to go back to the entrance area to access those areas while in either of them. ?