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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Recover the Heart of Anumaril.
Zone: Grahtwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Reliquary of Stars — Uncover the secrets buried in the Reliquary of Stars.
Quest Giver: Laranalda
Location(s): Reliquary of Stars, Reliquary Vault
Prerequisite Quest: Lost in Study
Concurrent Quest: Fit to Rule
Reward: Ukaezai's Scalpel
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
Ukaezai uses the Heart of Anumaril
Laranalda uncovered information proving the Heart of Anumaril is definitely located within the Reliquary of Stars. She needs my help in recovering it.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Follow Laranalda.
  2. Search the Hall of Might.
  3. Find Ukaezai.
  4. Recover the Heart.
  5. Defeat Ukaezai.
  6. Return to Laranalda.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After completion of Lost In Study, Laranalda will be willing to discuss the Heart of Anumaril with you, though she has something else on her mind:

"I've captured one of the books. It mentions this ruin specifically. All very exciting!"
How so?
"The Reliquary of Stars was created to preserve knowledge. This we already knew.
But the book speaks of a deeper level, closed off from the rest of the ruin. I suspected the Heart of Anumaril was hidden somewhere in the ruin, and now I know where."
Where is it?
"If this description is accurate, the entrance lies somewhere in the Hall of Might.
But there's something else. Would you come with me."
All right.

She will walk a short distance away from camp whispering "Thank you. Tedryni has behaved quite erratically since his return." When she is out of earshot of Tedryni, she will share her concerns:

"When you went searching for my assistants, did you see anyone else?
Anyone intelligent, I mean. Spectres don't count."
There was a Daedra named Ukaezai in the Flesh Gardens.
"Damn. That's what I was afraid of. The book mentions her specifically, some sort of "caretaker."
Her specialty was ... well, there's no easy way around it. She controlled the minds of others. It seems even the Ayleids feared her."
Do you think she's controlling your assistant?
"Maybe. Tedryni hasn't been the same since he returned. He's normally so enthusiastic about his studies, but he's withdrawn into himself.
It's downright unsettling, watching him suffer like this."
What do you want to do about it?
"I'd like to run some simple tests for signs of Daedric influence.
While I do so, would you bring Behelir with you to search the Hall of Might? I suspect the Heart of Anumaril lays within its walls."
All right.
"Wonderful. If this tome is correct, there's a passageway hidden in the library. I'm sure you and Behelir will find it."

Behelir will then run up to you:

Behelir: "I heard my name! What do you need?"
Laranalda: "Behelir, our friend needs your help in the Hall of Might."
Behelir: "The hall of might? So you think we've found it! Oh, exhilarating! Lead the way, my friend!"

Enter the Hall of Might, fighting the skeletons and flesh atronachs in the halls, until you reach a chamber with the books The Black Year, Remnants of Cyrod, and Keeper of Tomes. Just north of the Keeper of Tomes is a bookshelf, and while it is covered with a grate, there are missing books inside it. Place each book in a missing space in the correct order, which is: Remnants of Cyrod, Keeper of Tomes, and The Black Year. When you enter the chamber, Behelir will start screaming in an unearthly voice that he now has the Heart of Anumaril. When he reaches it, Ukaezai will reveal herself and then use Behelir to run through a chamber. Avoid the spike traps and give chase, still fighting skeletons and flesh atronachs. Eventually, you will chase Ukaezai to a gate with a switch. She will use the switch to get through the gate. Follow her, to find Laranalda already waiting just past the gate:

"What happened? Why did Behelir sound so strange?"
Ukaezai controls him. She has the Heart of Anumaril.
"Behelir suggested Tedryni was under her control. A ruse, and one I should have seen!
But if Ukaezai has the Heart of Anumaril, she can use it to restore her spirit to her body. We have to get it back!"
Did you see where she went?
"Through the door. We've never been able to open it, and I don't know where it leads.
Quickly, after her! I'll attempt to restore the wards here, should you fail. We can't allow a Daedra to wreak havoc with the Heart of Anumaril."

Enter the Reliquary Vault and go down the stairs. Just ahead of you you will find Ukaezai performing a ritual with the Heart of Anumaril, and Behelir lying dead in front of her. She will suddenly glow red, and the chamber will collapse. You will come to in the collapsed chamber, with the Heart of Anumaril lying in front of you. Grab it, and leave the chamber. In the next chamber, you will find Ukaezai. Defeat her to restore the Heart of Anumaril to its former power. At various points in the fight, Ukaezai will collapse and be separated from her body. When this happens, capture some of the Fractured Essence at the corners of the room, but be aware of the savage books that try to attack you. Once you defeat her, return to Laranalda through the now collapsed and empty passages which lead outside. Laranalda will be waiting outside:

"You! I hadn't thought you'd make it out alive. Ukaezai must have been formidable alone ... with the Heart of Anumaril in her hands, I can hardly imagine.
You do have it, don't you?"
Yes, I have it right here.
"Wonderful. When all the flying books fell, I knew it had left the ruins.
I'll return it to the Elden Root Mages Guild, per our agreement with the king. We won't need to worry about Daedra finding it there."
King Camoran Aeradan needs it brought directly to the Orrery.
"Very well. So they're really going through with it, are they? I'd pay my weight in gold to see the Orrery working.
I'll personally ensure it reaches there without further trouble, don't you fear."
What will you do now?
"After I return it to the Orrery? Perhaps I can research its properties once the ceremony is complete.
If the queen allows, of course. I'm not one to stand in the way of royalty."

Once you complete this quest, you will earn the achievement Reliquary Retriever.


  • The interactible books in the Hall of Might won't exist before starting the quest.
  • Ukaezai won't exist in the vault lower level before picking up the heart.


  • It's possible to exit the vault without picking up the heart, though the door you take to leave won't be accessible from the outside, forcing you to make your way back to the heart from the regular entrance. Oddly, the exit door stops being one-way only once you have the heart. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Heart of the Matter
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
However, Laranalda seems concerned about something. She asked me to meet with her a short distance from camp.
Objective: Follow Laranalda
I should speak with Laranalda to find out what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Laranalda
Laranalda asked me to take her assistant Behelir with me to search the Hall of Might for the Heart of Anumaril.

HINT: I've found several volumes on the history of the Reliquary of Stars. They may be the key to opening the bookcase Tedryni has uncovered.

Hidden Objective: Explore the Hall of Might
It seems Behelir has been possessed by Ukaezai, a Dremora bound to the Reliquary of Stars. She used him to steal the Heart of Anumaril! I should pursue her.
Objective: Pursue Ukaezai
Objective: Pursue Ukaezai

Optional steps:

Objective: Laranalda saw everything. I should speak to her and find out where Ukaezai has fled.
I must follow Ukaezai and retrieve the Heart of Anumaril before she uses it to escape.
Objective: Confront Ukaezai
Ukaezai used the Heart of Anumaril to reunite with her body. Doing so collapsed the entire chamber. I should see if I can recover it before she does.
Objective: Recover the Heart of Anumaril
The Heart of Anumaril is drained of power. If I can catch Ukaezai before she escapes, perhaps it can be restored.
Objective: Defeat Ukaezai
Objective Hint: Absorb Ukaezai's Essence with the Heart
Hidden Objective: Trap Ukaezai
I defeated Ukaezai, returning the power she stole from the Heart of Anumaril. I should inform Laranalda as soon as I can.
Objective: Bring the Heart of Anumaril to Laranalda
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