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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate what is going wrong with Apocrypha.
Zone: Telvanni Peninsula
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Leramil the Wise in Necrom Bindery, Scruut in Necrom, Ald Isra or Cipher's Midden
Location(s): Telvanni Peninsula, Apocrypha
Previous Quest: Conclave of Fate
Next Quest: An Unhealthy Fate
Reward: Abyssal Cephaliarch's Body Art, Experience, Gold, Partial Skill Point
ID: 7025
ON-quest-A Calamity of Fate.jpg
Blightcrown completed Master Shelren's rite and Vaermina entered Apocrypha. The Prince of Dreams' presence has disrupted the workings of the realm as she hunts for the lost memory. I need to find a way to stop her from reaching it.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Vaermina has successfully entered Apocrypha, a move that seems to have incapacitated Hermaeus Mora. Your quest to stop this threat to reality continues with the conversation you were having with Leramil the Wise at the end of Conclave of Fate:

"Both Scruut and I felt the tides of fate churn and boil. Worse, neither of us has been able to commune with Hermaeus Mora since the Black Book's rite was completed at Vaermina's shrine.
And you say you saw Shelreni's body walk into Apocrypha?"
Yes. Vaermina possessed her body after Blightcrown sacrificed her.
"Giving Vaermina access to Apocrypha and a host to work through. They must know where to find the memory they seek. Or they have a good idea where to look.
Apocrypha is infinite. Without fate to guide us, we are lost in the dark without a candle."
There must be some way to follow them, Leramil.
"Blightcrown and Torvesard have ways to avoid detection. Only one viable option presents itself. We must ask Master Shelreni where Vaermina has taken her body.
Will you see this through, proxy? Before the disaster Mora foresaw comes to pass?"
I'm with you, Leramil. But how can we ask Master Shelreni anything? She's dead.
"Fortunately, we have two conduits to spirits not yet bound for Aetherius at our disposal. Magister Meln and Curate Gadayn.
Speak to Meln first. He obviously knows what happens when a Telvanni mage dies."
Tell me more about Aetherius and why you think we can contact Master Shelreni's spirit?
"Aetherius is the Immortal Plane. When a person dies, their spirit moves on to that realm unless something prevents that from happening. A violent death, perhaps, or because the spirit still has tasks left undone.
Shelreni fits both categories."
Why would Vaermina want to enter Apocrypha?
"What Hermaeus Mora foresaw was always about an assault on Apocrypha. Vaermina and her allies want to recover the memory that was stolen from them. But the way she is going about it will doom us all.
We need to determine her destination and stop her."
You mentioned that neither you nor Cruut can feel the presence of Hermaeus Mora.
"You know how you can feel the warmth and know the sun is above you, even if you never look up? That is what Scruut experiences every day in the service of her master. And what I sense when I commune with the One Who Knows.
Now it just feels empty."
And you think this has something to do with Vaermina entering Apocrypha?
"Perhaps. We know Blightcrown used a corrupting combination of pestilence and dream to avoid detection in the Panopticon. And he was trying to increase its potency.
Maybe the rite did more than open a path. Maybe it cut Mora off from his own realm."

Meln the Mouthless will speak up to voice his support for this plan:

"Leramil's idea is a good one. Master Shelreni has the answer we seek and I know how to reach her."

You can use this opportunity to confer with all four of your allies. Scruut will have this to say:

"I don't understand this death thing. Or spirits, either. Daedra aren't bound to such a limited and finite existence.
Beyond that, spirit or no, can we trust anything Master Shelreni says? With reality hanging in the balance, I don't think so."
What did you mean about reality?
"Reality. The place where we keep all our stuff! When Vaermina entered Apocrypha without permission—which should be impossible, I might add—reality went askew. My connection to the realm radiates with torment.
But the silence is worse."
"I no longer hear the melodious decrees of my master! Hermaeus Mora is just … gone. And that shouldn't be possible, either!
Find a way to fix this mortal, or I fear Apocrypha will just be the first realm to suffer."

Curate Gadayn will say:

"Dealing with spirits can be dangerous! Even more so when the spirit is newly deceased! Working alongside Meln is one thing, but bringing back Master Shelreni ….
Be careful where this path leads, my friend."

Meln will tell you how to get into contact with Shelreni:

"No Telvanni master worth their weight in kwama cuttle would relinquish their hold on this plane without a fight. I have no doubt we can contact Master Shelreni's spirit.
Whether we can get her to cooperate? Well, that's an entirely different matter."
How do we contact Master Shelreni's spirit
"As the curate can tell you, Necrom forbids summoning the dead. But there's no regulation against the dead choosing to speak to you.
We don't have to summon Shelreni's spirit. We can go to her and simply request an audience."
And where do we go to find the spirit of a dead Telvanni master?
"Same place you found me. In her tower, of course! We must go to Tel Baro and search her sanctum. If her spirit lingers, she'll haunt there.
Oh, and better take Gadayn with us. If she's become a vengeful spirit, his expertise might be required."

After speaking to Meln, Curate Gadayn will interject:

Curate Gadayn: "Meln! We can't just summon the dead whenever we please! It's forbidden."
Meln the Mouthless: "Yes, yes. Summoning is an affront to your order. But if the spirit is already there …."
Curate Gadayn: "If I help you, I could jeopardize my standing."
Leramil the Wise: "We would not ask this of you if the situation was not dire."
Curate Gadayn: "I … of course I'll help, Leramil."
Scruut: "I'll return to Apocrypha. See if I can find Vaermina while you chase spirits. Not like I've got anything better to do."
Leramil the Wise: "Good luck at Tel Baro, my friends. Return here with whatever you learn."

Leramil will have a new response if spoken to at this point:

"Meln and Gadayn have more experience with the dead than I. I shall review my volumes on Daedric Princes and the fundamentals of Oblivion. You never know when a seemingly irrelevant detail may prove useful.
Return here after you finish at Tel Baro."

Talk with Gadayn to continue:

"Dealing with displaced spirits is very much frowned upon by the Keepers of the Dead. I'll help because the stakes are great, but it goes against every iota of my training."
Isn't ancestor worship all about communicating with those who have passed on?
"That's an aspect of our beliefs, but not the primary component. And it's different when you visit the catacombs and a spirit appears before you.
I suppose if Shelreni decides to speak to us, that shouldn't violate the codex too badly."
Meln thinks your expertise might come in handy if we do find Master Shelreni's spirit.
"Indeed. The recently departed are often confused. And that confusion can turn violent.
I much prefer to deal with the spirits of our ancient ancestors. They may be cantankerous, but they've had enough time to reconcile to their undead existence."

Return to Tel Baro:

Meln the Mouthless: "Where's the keeper? He should have been here by now."
Curate Gadayn: "The tower's locked tight. We need another way inside."
Meln the Mouthless: "Telvanni towers always have more than a single ingress and egress. Look around."

When you approach the right point, Meln will use his magic to break through Shelreni's defenses:

"Over there. Just let me …. There, easy enough for a magister to remove a master's ward. Let's go inside."

Inside her study, Meln will claim there is definite signs of Shelreni haunting her tower.

Meln the Mouthless: "Shelreni's private study. Her presence is strong here. My ghost sight allows you to see it. Move closer and I'll try to get her to manifest fully."
Meln the Mouthless: "Do you see it? The telltale sign of a spiritual presence? Go take a closer look."
Curate Gadayn: "Meln is right. I sense a malignant presence here. Be very careful."

An unnatural mist will appear. It will start out as white, before taking on a dark red hue. Gadayn will take the lead here, and use his training to make her appear as a ghost in a form that matches her past appearance:

Curate Gadayn: "Careful, my friend."
Master Shelreni: "Blightcrown! He killed me! I'll destroy them all!"
Curate Gadayn: "Such rage and suffering! Let me try to calm her."
Master Shelreni: "Have you come to gloat? To see how far the mighty Shelreni has fallen?"
Curate Gadayn: "I've done what I can. Talk to her and see if you can convince her that she hates her betrayers more than she despises us."
Meln the Mouthless: "Despite her protestations, Master Shelreni will talk to you. Wizards like her are proud. They enjoy the sound of their own voices too much to be silenced by the grave.
I should know. I was just like her when I was alive."

Take the opportunity Gadayn and Meln provided, and speak with Master Shelreni:

"I would have led House Telvanni to new heights. Instead, I lost everything. All my work, unfinished. My legacy in ruins.
This is your fault, outsider. You and those duplicitous Daedric Princes!"
Blightcrown betrayed you and Vaermina stole your body. You can help us stop them.
"Now why in the name of my despicable ancestors would I even consider such a notion? You're my enemy! I'm content to sit back and watch as Vaermina and Peryite steal back whatever they think Hermaeus Mora took from them."
You're content to let Vaermina's betrayal go unpunished? That doesn't sound like the Telvanni way.
"You know nothing of the Telvanni, outsider! Or of me. But I will admit that I hate it when a greater power reneges on a mutually advantageous agreement. Frankly, my role in all this was more difficult than what I requested of the Princes."
What did you do for the Princes?
"I decrypted Meln's Black Book, perfected Blightcrown's subterfuge concoction, and performed the rite that gave Vaermina access to Apocrypha. And all for a simple favor—eliminate my competition and elevate me to the rank of archmagister!"
Instead Blightcrown betrayed you and Vaermina stole your body. Do you know where she took it?
"I see what you did there. Clever. I suppose I've been taken off the board. A bit of revenge on my part is probably called for.
The path to the memory Vaermina seeks lies through the Infinite Panopticon. Torvesard will lead her there."
Why did you seek the help of Vaermina nad Peryite in the first place?
"It started with Torvesard and his dream of something lost long ago.
He needed someone to acquire Meln's Black Book and perform the rite. In return, he would help me achieve my dream of becoming archmagister, as long as I pledged myself to Vaermina."
What about Peryite? Why is he working with Vaermina?
"Torvesard behaves like a broker, bringing disparate parties together for mutual benefit. In truth, I now believe this is all about Torvesard. He has his own agenda.
Anyway, he convinced the Princes to set aside their differences and work together."
Do you know anything more about the secret they're searching for?
"Truth be told, I never much cared. All I wanted was to do what was asked of me and get my reward. Instead, I got a dagger in the back from that disgusting Blightcrown.
They believe Hermaeus Mora stole something from them. From all of us, really."
What did Hermaeus Mora steal exactly?
"It involves Torvesard's dream. He had vague visions of a Vaermina shrine. Believed it was important. So he asked Vaermina to help him recall the entire dream. When she failed, he expanded his list of allies.
That's where the Hidden Kindred came in."
You don't know anything more specific?
"Look, maybe Mora stole Torvesard's favorite sweetroll recipe. I wouldn't put it past the Prince of Fate. He collects knowledge like House Hlaalu hoards gold.
All I know is Vaermina and Peryite want the memory back. But Torvesard wants it more."
Do you know why Hermaeus Mora has gone silent?
"Silent, you say? Then my enhanced subterfuge concoction worked? Hehe, I told Blightcrown I could do it!"
What did you do?
"I took Blightcrown's mix of disease and dream and, with a few adjustments to the rite, enhanced its ability to hide them a thousandfold! If Mora has gone silent, it means it affected him, too. Cut him off from his own realm!
Am I a genius or what?"
How do you fix this?
"Oh, fear not. You can't separate a Daedric Prince from their realm for very long. Should last just long enough for Vaermina to get whatever she's after.
Of course, who can say what will happen when a realm and its Prince are sundered, even briefly?"

With you having the information you need, Curate Gadayn will help her pass on:

Curate Gadayn: "I can't absolve you of your transgressions, spirit, but I can grant you peace."
Master Shelreni: "Eternal disappointment, more likely!"
Curate Gadayn: "Let's return to Necrom and tell Leramil what we learned."
Meln the Mouthless: "I wonder if we can even find the Infinite Panopticon again. Let's rendezvous with Leramil at the Necrom Bindery and see what she thinks about all this."
Curate Gadayn: "That was much more intense than the ancestor visits I've participated in at the catacombs.
Anyway, let's go find Leramil and tell her what the spirit said. She'll be able to make sense of it, I know she will."

Scruut will have been busy while you were gone, and scouted out the situation in Apocrypha. She reports that the situation is deteriorating quickly. Leramil will be reassuring her:

"Calm yourself, Scruut. I am sure Apocrypha is not as bad as you say. Ah, proxy. Tell me what happened at Tel Baro."

You can choose to check in with Scruut with first:

"It was terrible, mortal. Some of the realm's Daedra have gone insane. And I still can't hear or make contact with the Great Eye.
If you have better news, share it with Leramil now."

When you are ready, share what you learned with Leramil:

"Scruut returned from Apocrypha with disheartening news, while my efforts at research have been marginally effective at best.
Tell me you have something better to report, proxy."
Master Shelreni said Vaermina needs to enter the Infinite Panopticon to find the secret they seek.
"The Infinite Panopticon? First they sought a memory to alter, now they seek … what? Another memory? And can they even find the entrance again?
Well, we have a destination. Now all we need is a plan."
Do you have something in mind, Leramil?
"What research I was able to accomplish tells me that Vaermina will be a formidable opponent. But in order to enter Apocrypha without Mora's consent, she requires an anchor and a shield. In this case, Master Shelreni's body.
That will be her undoing."
What do you mean?
"Shelreni's body is mortal. If we destroy it, I do not believe that even Blightcrown's concoction will hide Vaermina from the One Who Knows.
Of course, there is also the matter of an Apocrypha gone amok, but one problem at a time, I think."
Then I guess we need to return to Apocrypha.

Leramil will ask Gadayn to stay behind, but he will refuse:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, this will be dangerous. I would feel better if you remain here, out of harm's way."
Curate Gadayn: "I swore to retrieve the relic. And I can't stand the thought of you facing this danger without me—um, all of you, really."
Scruut: "Vomitous."

Leramil will give you a meeting location if you speak to her again:

"Let us meet at the location where we first entered the Infinite Panopticon. While the entrance never appears in the same place twice, I have an idea that might just turn this to our favor."
If the Panopticon's entrance has moved, will you be able to find it again?
"I am not certain. The ritual I utilized earlier is not something I dare to perform again so soon. But there is another option. One I have only read about but never attempted myself.
Let us forge ahead and see what fate has in store for us."

You can also say check in with Gadayn before departing:

"Prior to this, my most complicated day involved misplaced grave urns, obnoxious relatives, and the occasional ancestor spirit who was out of sorts.
I'm not sure what I have to offer once we return to Apocrypha, but I'll help in any way I can."

Return to Apocrypha, specifically the Chroma Incognito portion in which you previously found the portal to the Infinite Panopticon. You will find your allies here, but the portal will not be present:

Leramil the Wise: "As I feared, the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon has moved."
Scruut: "As is its nature. Which means we have failed and reality is doomed."
Leramil the Wise: "I refuse this outcome. Fate, bend to my will!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, be careful!"
Leramil the Wise: "There is no time. The Panopticon … must exist … here. I command it!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, you did it! The Panopticon is open!"

Leramil will use her magic to force the portal to be here again, although the exertion will cause her to double over in pain once again. You can once again confer with your allies before continuing.

Scruut: "While Leramil's display was indeed impressive, she continues to abuse forces that were not meant to be wielded by mere mortals. One day, that will be her undoing."
Leramil the Wise: "I was not sure if that would work, proxy. It … weakened me. It will be up to you to safeguard us against whatever awaits inside. Like Scruut, I feel the agony rippling through the very fabric of Apocrypha. How that will manifest, I hazard to guess."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil … she opened a door that shouldn't exist here, but not without an extreme effort. I hope she's all right, friend."

Although Leramil pushed past her limits to get you in, she will still accompany you into the Infinite Panopticon. Gadayn will force the issue, and insist she returns home:

Leramil the Wise: "Oh no! Vaermina, her presence is destroying the Panopticon!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, look at yourself. You're in no shape to continue!"
Leramil the Wise: "Nonsense, I … no, you are right. Proxy, you must deal with Vaermina. Gadayn will help me return to Cipher's Midden."
Scruut: "You can't face Vaermina alone. I don't believe I'm saying this, but I'll go with you …."
Meln the Mouthless: "This is more than just the presence of a rival Daedric Prince. Something else is happening here."

If you speak to Scruut at this point, she will admit she is just as surprised that she is still here:

"I don't understand it either. But like it or not, we're the only thing standing between Vaermina and the utter collapse of reality.
So, let's get moving. We need to find a Daedric Prince wearing a mortal meat suit while we still can."

Since your last visit, its state has deteriorated. Even the entrance has taken on some of the chaotic elements of the deeper portions. Scruut's previous report about the Daedra will also prove to be accurate, and Hermaeus Mora's forces will once again oppose you. You will need to head down:

Scruut: "I think Vaermina's presence has somehow intensified Blightcrown's corruption. Ripples of agony from below. We need to go down, mortal."

Scruut will call out a hole as the likely path you need to go:

"A hole in the debris! They must have gone that way."

Her instincts will prove to be correct, indicated by the presence of Hidden Kindred.

Meln the Mouthless: "Remember, Vaermina's not alone. Blightcrown and Torvesard are with her."
Scruut: "Hidden Kindred. Looks like Vaermina brought an army."

Past the Hidden Kindred, you will arrive in a giant open space with giant book pillars running from the abyss below into the one above, similar to the one you saw the last time you were here. And you will catch up to Blightcrown here, once again:

Scruut: "This place feels ancient … like no one's been here in an eternity."
Blightcrown: "The combination of rite and concoction works splendidly! We are hidden and Mora suffers. Torvesard, take the Dream Prince into the Eye of Mora and find your memory."
Scruut: "I see the Eye of Mora above us. That's where we need to go, mortal."
Blightcrown: "I have a final gift to deliver to the very core of Apocrypha!"
Scruut: "Blightcrown! Did he say something about an Eye of Mora?"
Meln the Mouthless: "Ignore Blightcrown. We need to reach Vaermina and destroy Shelreni's body."
Scruut: "Between Vaermina's presence and the corruption, my fellow Daedra have turned violent! Well, more violent than usual."

Make your way to the Eye of Mora, which will be defended by a small force of Hidden Kindred:

Scruut: "Those cultists are in our way. Dispatch them, mortal!"

Once you and Scruut defeat them, she will ask that you speak to her before continuing:

Mortal, we need to talk. Blightcrown's a threat, but Vaermina's a Prince! We should follow Vaermina and Torvesard into the Eye of Mora."
What's inside this eye, Scruut?
"I have no clue which memory of Hermaeus Mora this particular eye contains. But we should go in and do what we came here to do. Find Vaermina and destroy Master Shelreni's body. Without the protection it provides, Mora should be able to pinpoint her."
I thought you said you're no longer in contact with Hermaeus Mora?
"You're right, I don't hear the Great Eye. I think that has something to do with Vaermina's presence, Blightcrown's corruption, and the rite they completed to enter the realm.
It's just a guess, but if we solve one problem, it should help. Now, mortal! Step into the Eye of Mora."

You and Scruut will appear in a memory that has clearly been twisted. There are also literal twisters running throughout the memory, acting as obstacles. And the memories of Hermaeus Mora's Daedra will oppose you. You can see Hermaeus Mora on the opposite end of the chamber you are on. Shortly after you enter, Vaermina will confront you:

Scruut: "What happened to this memory? It looks more like a dream … or a nightmare."
Meln the Mouthless: "Another Daedric Prince memory? You take me to the nicest places."
Scruut: "This has to be Vaermina's fault. Stupid Prince of Dreams!"
Vaermina: "This memory is mine now, mortal! I have wrapped it in a dream of my own creation!"

Scruut will inform you that you do have a fundamental advantage over Vaermina here, however:

"Listen carefully, mortal. Vaermina's power is limited here. This isn't her realm. It's only due to the necromancy they used on Shelreni's body that she made it this far.
She's placed a dream around us, but the true memory is still here."
So how do we find the true memory?
"Vaermina hasn't been in here very long. She didn't have time to craft a perfect dreamscape to hide within. Look for flaws in the illusion. The cracks in the facade."
Is that Hermaeus Mora out there? What's he doing in here?
"We're inside one of the Great Eye's secret memories. That's just an echo of him, part of the memory. Like I said, Vaermina's overlay of dreamstuff isn't perfect. And we can take advantage of that.
Let's see if we can spot any flaws we can exploit."
Maybe Meln's ghost sight can help.
"Good idea. If you can find the weak points, I can break them open and expose the true memory beneath.
Of course, knowing what the Great Eye values, that will probably drive us insane. Took me centuries to recover the last time that happened."
All right, let's look around.

Meln will comment on the continued relevance of his ghost sight ability:

Meln the Mouthless: "Once again, Meln to the rescue. When you get close to a flaw, use my ghost sight to spot it."
Scruut: "Use Meln's ghost sight. When you find a flaw, point it out to me. Then I'll see if I can exploit it to reveal the true memory beneath."

There are five flaws in total, spread throughout the different levels of sections. Each time find one, you will hear Hermaeus Mora:

Scruut: "I'm not a hero. Just a minor Watchling functionary in service to the Great Eye. So you'll have to excuse me if I appear incapable of rational thought right now."
Hermaeus Mora: "I have done the unthinkable. Now I must make sure it cannot be undone."
Scruut: "That was part of the true memory. Find me more flaws to break, mortal!"
Hermaeus Mora: "I shall divide the only remaining memory of the event—my memory—and hide it in three glyphics."
Scruut: "This must be the memory of when Hermaeus Mora hid the secret the enemy seeks."
Hermaeus Mora: "The way it began, secured inside the Glyphic of Hidden Paths."
Hermaeus Mora: "And with regret, the memory of what I had to do, sealed inside the Glyphic of Shattered Reflections."
Hermaeus Mora: "The arguments that followed, locked within the Glyphic of Lost Memories."

With the flaws removed, Hermaeus Mora will wake up, and Vaermina will quickly retreat:

Hermaeus Mora: "Who dares invade my most private memories?"
Vaermina: "We got what we came here for, Torvesard. This way!"
Hermaeus Mora: "How dare Vaermina enter my realm!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Find her! Protect the three glyphics. Go and enter the Mythos!"
Scruut: "The Mythos? No one ever goes to the Mythos. It's forbidden! But the Great Eye told fate's chosen to enter the Mythos. So I guess I should go with you, right?"

You will continue through the memory, with mind-controlled Daedra and Hidden Kindred standing in your way. Scruut will provide the context for where you are to the best of her ability:

"This is the Mythos, deep beneath the Ichor Sea. Another memory, or more of the same?"
"This is the core of Apocrypha. Remember how Torvesard altered a memory and changed the past? The damage they can cause here is enormous!"
"The Mythos is a forbidden place, deep beneath the Ichor Sea. This is where the Great Eye conceived Apocrypha. Where he whispered the first secret, imagined the first inkling of knowledge.
We're so not worthy to be here, even if it is just a memory."

You will arrive at an exterior area, seemingly the very heart of Apocrypha as Scruut described. In the distance you can see a tower, emitting a beam of light into the sky.

Vaermina: "We're sure the glyphic is on the other side of that door? That we can reach it through this memory?"
Vaermina: "How much longer, Torvesard?"
Torvesard: "These locks have held for millennia. Just a little more …."
Vaermina: "Fate's mortal. Again. Destroy them, my pet!"

Vaermina's pet is a Lurker, Mezzamma. It is another enemy that will shift out of reality to protect itself, but Meln will once again solve that problem with ghost sight. Scruut will also help you. Her tentacles can be used to distract Mezzamma.

Torvesard: "Almost … got it…."
Vaermina: "No! Hermaeus Mora approaches! Damn you, Mora! We must slip away while we can, Torvesard."
Hermaeus Mora: "The Dreamweaver flees, but what of the glyphic vault? Vaermina will pay for the damage she has wrought on my realm! Approach, chosen, and hear my words."

Vaermina and Torvesard will flee through a portal when Hermaeus Mora appears. You can choose to speak to Scruut first if you want to:

"The Great Eye! I can feel his presence again, and not just because he's right over there and wants to speak to you. I wonder when the next boulder is going to drop on us.
Go on. It's not polite to keep the Prince of Fate waiting."

Talk with Hermaeus Mora over what you have learned:

"I shook off the worst effects of Vaermina's corrupting presence, but not soon enough.
The intruders have fled, but the Vault of the Glyphic. You must determine if the secret remains secure."
You hid this dangerous secret in a glyphic?
"Not just any glyphic. One of three primordial glyphics that in total contain the entirety of the memory I made everyone forget. A memory that, if restored, will destroy reality.
Enter the vault. Check on the glyphic."
What will I find in there?
"That which I cannot see. The corruption coursing through Apocrypha continues to weaken me. I must do everything I can to maintain a connection to my realm. Enter and examine the glyphic. I give you permission to gaze upon this portion of the memory."
Isn't that dangerous?
"It cannot be avoided. Fate's chosen must make sure the glyphic is secure and the memory intact. We shall talk again when you are done."
What should I do beyond that door?
"Examine the Glyphic of Lost Memories. It will reveal its portion of the secret to you.
Regrettably, there is no other way to determine if the glyphic remains intact. But fate will survive a slight fraying of its fabric. It has to. Now go."

Go through the portal, activate the glyphic, and learn a third of what Torvesard and Vaermina are so desperately seeking:

Hermaeus Mora: "Examine the glyphic and see how this all began, chosen."
Vaermina: "Why have you called us all together, Prince of Fate?"
Hermaeus Mora: "We must deal with this problem, Dreamweaver. I have seen what happens if we do nothing. Already the threads of fate unravel. They have no regard for the chaos they can cause!"

At this point, Torvesard will reveal he has been present the whole time:

Torvesard: "That's it! What I needed to spark my memory! I will restore the rest, Lord of Secrets. I will restore it all!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Torvesard! Only one of the Unseen could evade my sight here! Chosen, we must speak."

Hermaeus Mora's insistence of seeing if the glyphic had been breached was unfortunately what it took to breach it, and Torvesard will escape:

"My power remains diminished due to the toxins Peryite's follower polluted Apocrypha with, but you helped me break free of the worst of the miasma.
You saw the contents of the Glyphic of Hidden Paths. As did Torvesard. I did not expect that."
Does that mean reality is doomed?
"Not yet. One thread in the tapestry snapped, but two more remain. If you can keep my enemies from unsealing the final two glyphics, there is still a chance to preserve Apocrypha and the rest of reality.
You saw how this began. The Great Omission."
You called Torvesard one of the Unseen. What does that mean?
"Just something from very long ago. Something I did not expect to encounter ever again. It is not important. Not yet.
Right now fate requires a champion, mortal."
What do you need me to do?
"Do as you have done. Follow your heart. Return to Leramil. Consult with her. Defeat those who oppose us. You will know the best course of action when fate requires it.
Now, I must conserve my strength. Apocrypha is under attack and I feel its pain."

Back in Cipher's Midden, things are still bad. The Ciphers are normally protected, but with Hermaeus Mora weakened and the Daedra maddened, they are in danger. Inside Leramil's study, you will find Gadayn, Leramil, and Scruut

Leramil the Wise: "Fate's chosen returns. I am eager to hear what happened, proxy."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil says she's feeling better, but I'm not so sure. She's eager to find out what happened after we separated at the Infinite Panopticon, though. You better talk to her and let her know all the details."
Scruut: "The Great Eye trusts you, mortal. I suppose that means I must, too. Which indicates I'm probably going to regret everything that happens next.
Go talk to Leramil. She has that look on her face again."

Once again, this quest will end with you telling Leramil how the situation has worsened:

"I have recovered, proxy. Now tell me. What occurred after we parted ways in the Infinite Panopticon?"
We freed Hermaeus Mora from Vaermina's dream, but Torvesard recovered part of the memory.
"Part of the memory has been remembered? But reality has not unraveled, so we must still have time to make this right.
Vaermina and her allies continue to assault Apocrypha, but freeing Hermaeus Mora was a victory. Well done! This is for you, proxy."

She will give you the quest reward, and this will officially conclude the quest. An Unhealthy Fate will begin with the continuation of this conversation.

Quest StagesEdit

A Calamity of Fate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Scruut says that the reality of Apocrypha is out of balance. I should head to the Necrom Bindery and rendezvous with Leramil to discuss our options.
Objective: Go to the Necrom Bindery
I reached the Necrom Bindery. Now I should talk to Leramil and determine what we can do to stop Vaermina.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
To find out where Vaermina is headed, we need to communicate with Master Shelreni's spirit. I should talk to Meln and see if he can help us with that.
Objective: Talk to Meln the Mouthless
I need to go to Tel Baro so Meln can help us locate the spirit of Master Shelreni. Curate Gadayn will meet us there.
Objective: Go to Tel Baro
Objective: Talk to Curate Gadayn
Tel Baro is locked tight, but Meln is confident Master Shelreni has other ways to get into the tower. I need to look around for another way to get inside.
Objective: Find a Way Into the Tower
We found another entrance into the tower and Meln was able to circumvent the protective ward. I should head inside.
Objective: Enter Master Shelreni's Study
Both Meln and Gadayn sense a presence in Master Shelreni's study. I should see if I can make contact with her spirit.
Objective: Contact Master Shelreni's Spirit
The spirit of Master Shelreni manifested and Gadayn calmed her. I should attempt to talk to her and see if she can tell us where Vaermina took her body.
Objective: Talk to Master Shelreni
Master Shelreni said Vaermina took her body into the Infinite Panopticon. I need to return to Necrom and let Leramil know about this.
Objective: Return to the Necrom Bindery
I should tell Leramil what we learned from the spirit of Master Shelreni.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
We know Vaermina seeks something in the Infinite Panopticon. I should return to the entrance we found earlier and see if we can locate it again.
Objective: Find the Infinite Panopticon
Leramil opened a way into the Infinite Panopticon. Now we should enter and look for Vaermina and her allies.
Objective: Enter the Infinite Panopticon
I need to search the Infinite Panopticon for Vaermina and her allies.
Objective: Explore the Infinite Panopticon
Scruut says Vaermina and her allies passed through the portal ahead of us. I should enter the portal and follow them.
Objective: Enter the Portal
The portal deposited us in a section of the Panopticon that feels extremely ancient and long abandoned. I need to look around and try to find Vaermina and her alllies.
Objective: Investigate the Chamber
We reached the Eye of Mora, but Hidden Kindred cultists stand in our way. We need to defeat them to pursue Vaermina.
Objective: Defeat the Hidden Kindred
I should talk to Scruut before we enter the Eye of Mora.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
Scruut insists that we ignore Blightcrown and do what we came to do—destroy Master Shelreni's mortal body and expose Vaermina. She believes that may help restore her connection to Hermaeus Mora so the Prince can help us.
Objective: Enter the Eye of Mora
We entered the Eye of Mora. I should look around and try to find Vaermina. She must be somewhere in this memory.
Objective: Explore the Memory
Scruut thinks that this memory has been hidden inside a dream. I should talk to her about what that means.
Objective: Talk to Scruut
Vaermina has hidden the true memory behind an illusoty dream. I need to use Meln's ghost sight to spot flaws in the illusion and identify them for Scruut so she can break through them and reveal the true memory.
Objective: Break the Flaws in the Dream
Hermaeus Mora broke into the memory, causing Vaermina to flee. I should listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora wants me to follow Vaermina into the core of Apocrypha, a place he called the Mythos. I should follow her.
Objective: Enter the Mythos
I followed Vaermina into a place Hermaeus Mora called the Mythos. He wants me to stop the Prince of Dreams from obtaining three glyphics he used to hide the secret. I should look around.
Objective: Explore the Mythos
I heard Vaermina nearby. I need to forge ahead and find her.
Objective: Find Vaermina
Vaermina and Torvesard are up ahead, trying to open a locked door. I need to stop them.
Objective: Stop Vaermina
Vaermina sent a corrupted champion to delay me. I need to defeat it quickly.
Objective: Defeat Vaermina's Champion
Hermaeus Mora arrived and drove Vaermina and Torvesard away. He wants to speak to me.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
Hermau Mora directed me to enter the Vault of the Glyphic of Lost Memories and make sure the glyphic is still secure.
Objective: Enter the Vault
Hermaeus Mora wants me to examine the Glyphic of Lost Memories to make sure it hasn't been damaged. I should do that now.
Objective: Examine the Glyphic
I observed the contents of the glyphic. Hermaeus Mora wants to talk to me again.
Objective: Talk to Hermaeus Mora
Hermaeus Mora opened a portal and told me to meet my allies at Cipher's Midden.
Objective: Meet Allies at Cipher's Midden
Now I should talk to Leramil and let her know what happened inside Hermaeus Mora's memory.
Objective: Talk to Leramil the Wise
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