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"They say a place exists in Oblivion where the paths between planes are thin and easy to navigate. That no Prince rules this realm, and mortal and Daedra alike are free to do whatever they please. They call this place Fargrave."—Magister Therana

Fargrave is a demiplane of Oblivion containing a city. It contains permanent connections to other realms of Oblivion, including the Deadlands. It is home to the Gleaners of Aurbis, the Saraathu Tong, and House Hexos. An agreement known as the Stricture allows mortals to traipse freely through Fargrave, and outlines the conduct expected of both Daedra and mortals within the city. The city is overseen by a group of arbiters known as the Grasp.

Of all Fargrave's districts, the Shambles is the most dangerous. It is also home to most of the city's mortal inhabitants.

Using the criminal skills from the Vampire, Werewolf, and Necromancer skill lines within Fargrave's city limits won't give you a bounty. NPCs will still refuse to talk to you if you are a transformed werewolf or stage four vampire, though.

One of the mysterious skeletons found through Fargrave

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  • The Daedric text written around the zone on the Aurbis Map translates to THE CELESTIAL PALANQUIN FARGRAVE.
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