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Shrine of the Golden Eye
Discoverable No
Normal Enemies: Death Hounds; Dusksabers (Assassins, Infernals, Mercenaries, Skullguards, Tormentors, Vigilants)
Reaper's March
Claw's Strike
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"Devotees of Daedric Princes maintain hidden places of worship across Tamriel. One such site is the Shrine of the Golden Eye, dedicated to Hermaeus Mora. It was built by Khajiiti followers near water to be closer to his library under the sea."—Morian Zenas
Shrine of the Golden Eye

The Shrine of the Golden Eye is a section of the Claw's Strike ruin containing a shrine to Hermaeus Mora. The Emerald Glyphic, Onyx Glyphic, and Umber Glyphic must be brought here. Unfortunately, this area has been overrun by Dusksabers, a vampiric mercenary group from the Telvanni Peninsula.

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