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Online:Octants of the Scrivener

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Book Information
Octants of the Scrivener
ID 8572
Collection Library of Incunabula
Found in the following locations:
Octants of the Scrivener
The eight rules of the Scribes of Mora

  1. Knowledge is power. Obtain all you can.
  2. Record your findings. All that is known amounts to nothing if it is not transmittable.
  3. Affect nothing. To know a thing and then not know its outcome is to know nothing.
  4. Travel where the paths lead. There is knowledge hidden in the most remote locations, seek it out and transcribe it.
  5. Leave nothing undocumented. Foolish mortal minds do not have the capacity to know what is important to the Lord of Secrets. Better to record everything than miss what is unique.
  6. Do not trouble yourself with interpretation. The One Who Knows values eyes, ears, and writings, not mortal minds.
  7. Do not give away knowledge. Those who do not deal in the currency of secrets do not know their worth.
  8. Above all, be diligent and ever watchful. Sleeping eyes see nothing.