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Location Scrivener's Hall
Species Watcher
Health 275051
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scribes of Mora

Zilipif is a diminutive Watcher who has a partnership with Keshargo and the Scribes of Mora by proxy. He can be found in the Scrivener's Hall, where he will assist you with your quest to stop the take-over of the Scribes by Valinna.

In the past, Zilipif once served Mephala but eventually changed his allegiance.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

He can first be found with Keshargo in his hideout and will accompany your group as you progress through the halls, opening gates if needed. After Keshargo is injured, he will accompany Mazandi instead as you retrieve the Itinerant Staff. While you can't understand the noises Zilipif makes, the Scribes can. While he accompanies you, he will assist in battle with Watcher attacks.

When you return to the Magnastylus's Study and find Keshargo missing:

Mazandi: "Wait. Where's Keshargo?"
Zilipif: "<Urgent alien beckoning.>"
Mazandi: "Zilipif slow down, I don't under— Keshargo's in trouble? Take us to him, now!"

Later, you find that Valinna has abducted Keshargo and taken him to the Spiral Skein. At this point, Zilipif can no longer follow:

Zilipif: "<Worried alien noises.>"
Mazandi: "Zilipif, you freeze up around spiders. Stay here. We'll bring Keshargo back."
<Zilipif goes and hides.>
Mazandi: "Through the rift. We have to help Keshargo!"
Other actions associated with Zilipif but the context is unknown
<Zilipif chirps anxiously>
<Zilipif whistles in a friendly way>
<Zilipif hisses urgently.>