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Go on a spirit journey and learn the ways of the forest.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Brackenleaf — Join Brackenleaf's Briars.
Quest Giver: Eringor, Glaras
Location(s): Brackenleaf, Sacred Leap Grotto
Previous Quest: Brackenleaf's Briars
Reward: Brackenleaf's Bough
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4833
Meet the Brackenleaf
I've discovered an order of hunters called Brackenleaf's Briars. They protect a tree they say was planted by Y'ffre at the creation of the world.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Glaras about becoming a Brackenleaf Briar.
  2. Ignite the braziers.
  3. Perform the ritual.
  4. Choose your spirit animal, hunt your prey and confront your predator.
  5. Take a piece of Brackenleaf's heart.
  6. Pray at your spirit animal's shrine.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Vision at the Shrine of the Snake

Eringor appears before you enter Brackenleaf. If you want to become a Brackenleaf Briar, you must talk to Glaras, the leader of the Briars.

The Snake, The Tiger and The WolfEdit

Vision at the Shrine of the Tiger
Vision at the Shrine of the Wolf

You need to light the brazier at each of the three animal's areas and watch a vision of its prey and predator.

The Snake kills the Wolf, the Wolf kills the Tiger and the Tiger kills the Snake. The Snake uses stealth, the Tiger uses strength and the Wolf relies on teamwork.

The Initiation RitualEdit

Brackenleaf's Heart

The next step is to catch and eat alive a Falinesti Peeper to see the true nature of the forest. The frog is northeast of Glaras' house, inside Sacred Leap Grotto. You must run up to it and interact with it before it hops away. Once caught, a prompt to "Use Falinesti Peeper" should appear. You can also use the frog directly from your Quest Items inventory. Either method allows you to start the vision journey.

After that you are approached by a spriggan spirit. She tells you that it is time to speak to Brackenleaf. He can be found to the west, outside of the Grotto. He asks you to pick a spirit animal based on the qualities that fit you best. Then, you will have to destroy the animal's prey. Once this is done, the spriggan spirit will appear and tell you to go to the animal's shrine at the edge of the forest. There, you confront your animal's predator.

Path Companion Animal Prey Predator
Way of the Snake Snake The Wolf The Tiger
Way of the Tiger Tiger The Snake The Wolf
Way of the Wolf Wolf The Tiger The Snake

Once you are done, you need to return to Brackenleaf, who says that you are the Outsider. You must defeat the masters and touch Brackenleaf's heart to become a Briar.

You will have to take a piece of Brackenleaf's heart and return to Glaras, who sends you to pray at your spirit animal's shrine.

Returning to Glaras completes your initiation into the Briars.


Choosing a spirit animal is permanent for your character and will provide you with the ability to get a one-hour buff in Grahtwood any time you pray at a Brackenleaf shrine.

Animal Effect name Effect description
Snake Snake Scales Decreases Damage Taken by 5% and Increases Damage Done by 5% while in Grahtwood
Tiger Tiger's Fur Increases Movement Speed by 4% and Decreases Damage Taken by 5% while in Grahtwood
Wolf Wolf's Pelt Increases Movement Speed by 4% and Increases Damage Done by 5% while in Grahtwood


  • The Falinesti Peeper won't exist in the cave before starting the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Bosmer Insight
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Glaras
Objective: Perform the Initiation Ritual
Hidden Objective: Ignite the Snake Brazier
Hidden Objective: Listen to the Master Briar
Hidden Objective: Ignite the Tiger Brazier
Hidden Objective: Ignite the Wolf Brazier
Objective: Capture a Falinesti Peeper
Objective: Start Your Vision Journey
Objective: Talk to the Spriggan Spirit
Objective: Find Brackenleaf
Objective: Choose Your Spirit Animal
Objective: Hunt Your Prey
Objective: Confront Your Predator
Objective: Talk to Bracklenleaf
Objective: Take a Piece of Brackenleaf's Heart
Hidden Objective: Defeat the Master Briars
Hidden Objective: Miliril
Hidden Objective: Gaerthir
Hidden Objective: Hednor
Objective: Listen to Brackenleaf
Objective: Pray at the Tiger Shrine
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