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Dedicate a day of honest work to the god of commerce.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Fasaria, Belkarth Festival Grounds
Location(s): Craglorn
Prerequisite Quest: The Unrefusable Offer
Reward: Zenithar's Sublime Parcel
Average Leveled Gold
00000033Event Tickets
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6750
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Honor Zenithar through hard work
This quest is only available during the Zeal of Zenithar
Fasaria, a devotee of Zenithar, told me that completing deeds for Zenithar would earn his favor on this holiday.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Fasaria, north of Belkarth.
  2. Pray to Zenithar or let Fasaria pray on your behalf.
  3. Complete one of the given tasks:
    1. Gain a level or a champion point
    2. Unearth an antiquity or treasure chest
    3. Exchange 10000 gold at Guild Traders
  4. Return to Fasaria.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Getting the QuestEdit

To begin this quest, you must find Fasaria north of Belkarth and talk to her:

"I'm not sure how devout you are, but Zenithar's blessing is freely given. I'm sure, if you wanted, he'd look kindly upon you.
Self-improvement, betterment of commerce, and wealth are assured to all who kneel at his altar."
What would I have to do to receive Zenithar's blessing?
"It's not difficult. All he asks is that we learn a new skill. Achieve great things. Recover what's lost in the dirt. Or trade with the merchants who give life to marketplaces.
But truthfully, anything you do whole-heartedly will please him."
How do I know what Zenithar wants from me?
"Any of those labors will please the Provider of our Ease. But you do need to grab his attention. One of us just needs to pray to him.
Zenithar is generous, but there are many laborers here. We wouldn't want him to miss your deeds."
I'll complete a labor in Zenithar's name.

Prayer to ZenitharEdit

During the conversation, she will ask you to pray to the God of Commerce or let her pray on your behalf if you refuse. In order to continue the quest, you must pray in front of the nearby statue of Zenithar or refuse to pray. You can also ask several other questions:

"Offer a prayer to Zenithar at that altar. Or, if that goes against your beliefs, I can petition Zenithar on your behalf.
All that's left to do is dedicate one of your day's labors to the God of Work and Commerce."
Why do I need to pray to Zenithar? / Why would anyone need to offer a prayer to Zenithar before completing the task?
"We have to catch Zenithar's attention so he can smile upon your task this day. It's my philosophy that when asking for a god's attention, you should offer thanks as well. It's only polite.
But if you feel uncomfortable, you're not required to pray."
So the prayer itself isn't necessary?
Praying to Zenithar isn't necessary?/ Did you say that praying to Zenithar isn't necessary?/So the prayer itself isn't necessary?
"Asking for Zenithar's blessing and thanking him for the work we do is absolutely necessary. We can't expect him to always being watching.
But, if you'd really rather not pray to him, I understand. I'd be happy to offer a prayer in your stead."
I don't want to pray to Zenithar.
"I understand. I'll ensure that Zenithar's eyes are turned toward you while you commit yourself to the task at hand.
Go on dear-heart. I know your efforts will be met with success."
Who are you?
"Amminus Varo and I belong to the Resolution of Zenithar. A temple devoted to the anvil and the god it represents.
While the glorious vendors and crafters ply their goods, we ensure they all receive Zenithar's blessing."
What does this festival celebrate?
"We're here to remind the hard working folk of Tamriel that Zenithar sees their toils. He blesses them for their devotion to daily tasks.
With every season that passes, it's easy to lose sight of the divine in a hard day's work."
If it's a festival of labor, what do you do?
"I act as a humble guide for those interested in devoting themselves to larger tasks in exchange for greater rewards.
While Zenithar smiles upon daily tasks, he recognizes the brilliance of working toward a larger goal."
What sort of tasks would earn Zenithar's favor?
"The Lord of the Anvil asks only that we earn new skills. Achieve great feats. Recover antiquities or treasure chests long thought lost. Or—barring all else—trade with vendors.
He does not ask more of us than we can give. Not even prayer."

Performing the tasksEdit

Regardless of your decision, Fasaria will send you to perform tasks. You have to complete only one of the three tasks in order to progress the quest:

Returning to BelkarthEdit

Once you finished one of three given tasks you may return to Fasaria. Talk to her to finish the quest:

"Back so soon? Are you done with the task Zenithar asked of you?"
I completed one of the tasks you said Zenithar favors.
"You've proven yourself a reliable and prosperous child of trade, dear-heart.
Here is the small reward I'm allowed to give out on Zenithar's behalf. Return on another festival day and I'm sure he'll favor you again."


  • Even though the quest objective says "treasure chest," you can loot a thieves trove and receive credit for unearthing a treasure chest.

Quest StagesEdit

Honest Toil
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Fasaria said that the first step is to get Zenithar's attention through prayer. Either I can kneel at the altar myself or I can ask Fasaria to help.
Complete one: Pray to Zenithar or Ask Fasaria to Say the Prayer
Fasaria said that Zenithar favors those who increase their skills, complete challenging tasks, recover lost antiquities, or make a trade with the local vendors. I should complete one of these tasks.
Complete one: Gain a Level or Earn a Champion Point or Unearth an Antiquity or Treasure Chest or Trade with Guild Traders
Objective Hint: Gold Exchanged at Guild Traders: 0/10000
Finishes quest  I successfully completed an act worthy of Zenithar's blessing. I should return to Fasaria for my reward.
Objective: Talk to Fasaria
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