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Master Marena
Location Ald Isra, Tel Huulen
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Master Marena

Master Marena is a Dark Elf master of House Telvanni. She is part of the Telvanni Conclave to discuss the fate of Master Shelreni.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

You will cross paths with her over the course of Conclave of Fate, where she has been captured by Master Shelreni. Meln will use his magic in the meeting room to find out what happened:

Meln the Mouthless: "That's pure essence of dream. Let me cast a spell to see what happened here."
Master Marena: "What … what was that?"
Master Shelreni: "Just a little gift from the Prince of Dreams. Soon you will do exactly as I say."
Master Marena: "You … you won't get away with this."
Master Shelreni: "I already have. And with your help, I'll get away with so much more. Now let's go attend the conclave. My ascension requires participants—willing or otherwise."
Meln the Mouthless: "We must get to the conclave! It's held in the masters' private hall to the north."

When you head to the conclave's private hall, you will arrive above it in an elevated position. Master Shelreni will be in the center of the room, in front of a lectern. Magister Gothren will be across from her, on an raised platform. Shelreni will make her move mid-trial, and use her magic to trap Master Marena. Once more, you will need ghost sight to find something invisible:

Magister Gothren: "Master Shelreni, you stand accused of conspiring against your fellow Telvanni, murdering Meln the Mouthless, and consorting with Daedric Princes. How do you plead?"
Master Shelreni: "A Telvanni doesn't plead. But I will kill you all before I take my sacrifice and depart."
Master Marena: "Help me, magister!"
Magister Gothren: "Shelreni! Cease your actions this instant!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Use my ghost sight to disable the wards and get down there!"

Shelreni will have dragged her through a portal, to be sacrificed to act as a physical vessel for Vaermina to enter Apocrypha. However, you will interrupt this ritual before its completion, leading to Marena to flee from the still ongoing ritual in terror:

Master Marena: "Daedric magic is unstable! Save yourselves!"
Master Shelreni: "No! Not when we're so close!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Close my Black Book and take it! That should end the rite."