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Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Store Hearty Hoarvor
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Nellor is a Wood Elf innkeeper who can initially be found in the Hearty Hoarvor at the Redfur Trading Post.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Approaching him:

"I have to get her back. She's all I have left!"

He begs you to help him when you first speak with him:

"I pray you can help me, good traveler. They have her, and I'm desperate!"
What's the problem?
"My daughter, Larasel! Bandits took her and I don't have the money to pay the ransom.
I don't know what to do!"
Did you tell the guards?
"No, it's no use. The guards are in league with the brigands. Paid off.
Please, no one else will help me."
I'll help. Where should I look?
"I believe they're keeping my daughter in a nearby camp. You have to help her!"
"Please, once they realize I can't pay, Larasel's life will be worth nothing to them!"
Where is she again?
"I believe they're keeping my daughter in a nearby camp. You have to help her!"

Attempt to rescue his daughter and you'll find out she's in league with the bandits and they'll jump you as she gets away. Return to Nellor and give him a piece of your mind:

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you saving my daughter?"
You set me up to be robbed.
"Wait! You don't understand. They made me do it. I mean, yes, they gave me a cut of their takings, but what choice did I have? They threatened to rob me of everything I own!"
I'm taking you to the authorities.
"Anything you say! Of course, I never spent a single coin from what the bandits gave me. I couldn't stand to. I'd happily give it all to you, if you'd let this go. Please?"
I'll think about it. Let's go.
"Think long and hard. It'll be worth your while, and I'll never deal with those bandits again, I promise!
You don't have to turn me in. Just take me out back and I'll give you everything in my stash!"

Speak to him before leading him to the authorities or his stash and he'll say:

"I felt too guilty to spend my cut from those evil bandits so I hid it all outside of town. I assure you, I've learned my lesson. You can have it all and I'll be on my way to start a new life on the straight and narrow."
Nellor, behind bars

At this point, you can either take him to his stash and let him go free, or take him to the authorities.

If you go to his hidden stash after agreeing to let him go:

Nellor: "Here it is, just as promised!"

He will promise to to disappear:

"All right, a deal is a deal. You won't see me again."
Thank you, now get out of here.
"Thank you, thank you for looking past this little indiscretion of mine. I promise it won't happen again.
For what it's worth, I'm truly sorry for the pain I caused."

Afterwards, he'll say:

"It's really for the best."

If you turned him in:

"You should've taken the gold."

After he's imprisoned, he'll repeat the previous line.