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This article is about the mount. For the creature, see Onyx Indrik (creature).

It's believed by some of the Sapiarchs of the High Elves that an Onyx Indrik comes about when a Nascent Indrik is exposed to certain berries imbued with geological Earthbones essences.
Onyx Indrik
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Onyx Indrik
Type Cervine
Default Name Anthracite
Acquired From Evolving a Nascent Indrik with Fragments obtained during Events

The Luminous Indrik is obtained by combining four different Luminous Berries with a Nascent Indrik mount. The Nascent Indrik will become the Luminous Indrik. Its default name is "Anthracite".


"One of four Legendary Onyx Berries. Feeding all 4 to a Nascent Indrik will force it to evolve into an Onyx Indrik, thus removing the Nascent Indrik."

The last time all four Onyx berries were available was during the New Life Festival 2019 event.