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Paragon's Remembrance
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Azhnura the Proselytizer, Glothun the Recruiter, Graguz Fire-Caller, Ushenat Ice-Bringer
Vosh Rakh Blade-Bearer, Vosh Rakh Convert, Vosh Rakh Devoted, Vosh Rakh Disciple, Vosh Rakh Penitent, Vosh Rakh Storm-Bringer
Chambers of Loyalty-exclusive: Vosh Rakh Conjurer, Vosh Rakh Illusionist, Vosh Rakh Warrior
Western WrothgarWrothgar
Northwest of Friendship Gate
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This mountain fortress was originally known as Orcfather's Forge when it was built in the tenth century of the First Era. It was abandoned after Orsinium fell in 1E 980, but it has recently been reopened and renamed.
Paragon's Remembrance

Paragon's Remembrance is an Orcish ruin found in the far southwest corner of Wrothgar, northwest of Friendship Gate.

It was originally known as "Orcfather's Forge" in the First Era, but was renamed by the Vosh Rakh after they transformed the ruins into their headquarters.

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South of the main chamber, you'll find Graguz Fire-Caller's forge. The western half of the southern halls contains the forge, and the eastern half is full of cages. An unnamed female Orc cowers in one, while [[Online:|Online:]] lies unconscious in another. There's a caged dog in the hallway leading between the east and west portions of the main chamber's southern offshoot.

In the northern offshoot of the main chamber, you'll find a pocket mammoth and three echalettes locked in a cage together.

Chambers of LoyaltyEdit

Chambers of Loyalty Loading Screen
"Deep within the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance, the Chambers of Loyalty test the mettle of new converts and devoted followers alike."



  • Two of the items for the House of Orsimer Glories in Paragon's Remembrance.
    • The Trinimac House Idol is found in a tent just to the right of the entrance.
    • The Centurion's Signet is found on the way out of Paragon's Remembrance at the end of the quest. When you exit, carefully drop down the scaffolding to a platform below the exit level. There will be a skeleton laying next to it - if one stands on the right pile of rocks, it is also reachable by jumping up from below without passing through Paragon's Remembrance. A heavy sack or chest may also be found on this platform at times.
  • While wearing the Vosh Rakh disguise acquired during the main quest "The Anger of a King", the enemies outside the entrance of the ruins become neutral. However, this doesn't extend to the enemies within the ruins where the main location quest "Forcing the Faith" takes place as the disguise wears off when accessing the path to the first central room, indicated by blue magical swirls.


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