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Help an Argonian prank her friends during the Jester's Festival.
Quest Giver: Soars-in-Laughter
Location(s): Stonefalls Jester's Festival Tent, Skywatch, Dhalmora, Mistral
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 6640
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Help a prankster liven up the Jester's Festival
This quest is only available during the Jester's Festival
I met an Argonian named Soars-in-Laughter and offered to help her pull off a prank on an unsuspecting target.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Ask Soars-in-Laughter about the prank.
  2. Collect the Prank Kit and travel to her friend's location.
  3. Perform the prank on your target.
  4. Return to Soars-in-Laughter.

Detailed WalkthoughEdit

Soars-in-Laughter is an Argonian with a love of creating and performing pranks. She wants to liven up the Jester's Festival and asks for your help to prank one of her friends. Once you agree, there will be three potential targets that you can pranked for the day. Continue to speak with Soars and she will further explain who she wants you to prank and what the prank will do.

Glitter PrankEdit

The scholar in Skywatch

Her friend Klumbert is a scholar who can't resist reading new books. Soars-in-Laughter will want you to place a glitter booby-trapped book in his stall in Skywatch. You can then pick up the Glitter Prank Kit from her cart and head to Skywatch in Auridon. If you haven't been to the zone before, the Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine should be available to teleport to.

Once you have arrived at Skywatch, look for Klumbert. His stall is a wagon and can be found at the Market-Side Meadery area beneath the bridge. To set up the prank with Klumbert unaware, you will need to watch his routine. He will be reading a book at his wagon and then will turn around and walk of to the nearby Hermit's Hoard to argue with the owner, before walking back. You can place the book while he is at the general store stall. Once the book is in place, move a little bit away to watch the prank be triggered.

Glitter Bomb!

Klumbert will then walk back and see the book before picking it up:

Klumbert: "Oh, I haven't seen this book before."
<He picks it up and begins to read. There is a small explosion and a cloud of glitter.>
Klumbert: "Ack! What is this?"
<Klumbert is now covered in glitter and looks himself over before laughing.>
Klumbert: "Ha! Oh, by the gods. That one got me good! Well done!"

He takes the prank in good humor. Time to return to Soars.

Slime PrankEdit

The Redguard Carpenter

Soars-in-Laughter's friend Lejikeh is a carpenter who runs a kiosk in southwestern Dhalmora, near Target Trades. Journey to Bal Foyen and locate her stall once you've retrieved the Slime Prank Kit from Soars. Lejkeh will fiddle with some crates at the front of her stall before walking to the eastern side to hammer on some wood before walking back. When Lejikeh walks around to the side of the stall, look at the roof for an activator labeled "Lejikeh's Storage", and place the bucket of slime there.

Wait around to see how the prank turns out. Once Lejikeh returns, the bucket will fall down on top of Lejikeh, covering her in a glittery purple goo.

Lejikeh: "Eek! What is this stuff?"
<She steps away from the kiosk and looks herself over.>
Lejikeh: "Oh ho! This has Soars-in-Laughter written all over it! Ha!"

Stink PrankEdit

The Dancing Nord

Skurnd is a Nord who loves dancing and can be found at The Boatman's Tail in Mistral. Soars-in-Laughter will want you to put a stinkpot beneath his seat. Pick up the Stinkpot Prank Kit and travel to Mistral on Khenarthi's Roost, and go to the balcony of the tavern. When you approach, first watch his routine before setting up the prank. Skurnd will sit on his stool next to the railing for a few moments before getting up, walking over to Bosmer Bard's Name, and dancing in front of her, before returning to his seat. While he is dancing, place the stinkpot beneath his stool and watch what happens.


He sits down and big, green, awful-smelling cloud will surround him. Skurnd jumps up and shouts:

Skurnd: "Gods, what is that?"
<He walks away a bit from the stool.>
Skurnd: "Everyone, I swear it wasn't me! It's a trick, and a damned good one at that!"

Successful Prank!Edit

Once you have completed the prank, you can return to Soars-with-Laughter to share what happened. Pleased with your success, she will give you a Jester's Festival Box and some gold.

"Excellent. Another successful prank. The Jester's Festival would be nothing without this kind of fun, I thank you for joining.
I'll put together another prank kit for you tonight. Come back tomorrow, and I'll set you up with another!"

Quest StagesEdit

Prankster's Carnival
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should get more information from Soars-in-Laughter about how to go about setting up a prank.
Objective: Talk to Soars-in-Laughter
I need to pick up a Prank Kit at Soars-in-Laughter's workshop.
Objective: Gather the Prank Kit
(Glitter Prank)
I should look for Klumbert in Skywatch and carry out the prank.
Objective: Find Klumbert
I need to place the prank book without Klumbert noticing.
Objective: Place the Trick Book
Objective Hint: Watch the Prank Target's Routine
Objective Hint: Place the Prank Kit Without Being Seen
Hidden Objective: Set Up Prank
(Slime Prank)
I should look for Lejikeh in Dhalmora and carry out the prank.
Objective: Find Lejikeh
I need to set up the prank without Lejikeh noticing.
Objective: Place the Slime Prank
Objective Hint: Watch the Prank Target's Routine
Objective Hint: Place the Prank Kit Without Being Seen
Hidden Objective: Set Up Prank
(Stink Prank)
I should look for Skurnd in Mistral to carry out the prank.
Objective: Find Skurnd
I need to place the stinkpot prank under Skurnd's seat without him noticing.
Objective: Place the Stinkpot
Objective Hint: Watch the Prank Target's Routine
Objective Hint: Place the Prank Kit Without Being Seen
Hidden Objective: Set Up Prank
(All Branches of Quest converge here.)
I should hide nearby to see if my prank is successful.
Objective: Wait for the Prank to Be Triggered
I carried out the prank. I should return to Soars-in-Laughter to share my success.
Objective: Talk to Soars-in-Laughter
☑Finishes quest My prank was successful. I should talk to Soars-in-Laughter.
Objective: Talk to Soars-in-Laughter