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Gain certification in the Provisioning profession.
Quest Giver: Danel Telleno
Prerequisite Quest: Crafting Certification
Next Quest: Provisioner Writs
Reward: Provisioner Kit
1,000 ationInspirationProvisioning Inspiration
Leveled Gold
Provisioner Certification
If I can prove I know my way around a cooking fire, Danel Telleno will certify me as a provisioner.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. (optional) Read note on Consumables Crafting Writs board.
  2. Ask Danel Telleno for training in the Provisioner skill.
  3. Find the recipe (if you don't already know it).
  4. Find ingredients.
  5. Go to a cooking fire and create the dish.
  6. Return to Danel Telleno for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Find and read the note on the Consumables Crafting Writs board (if you have not already done so for Alchemist Certification or Enchanter Certification). Talk to Danel Telleno and tell him you would like training in Provisioning. He will ask you to make a Roast Pig meal. He will also point you to a chest where he has a copy of the recipe if you don't already have it, and also where you can find some white meat. Getting the ingredient may prove tricky unless you kill a tame pig, which is a criminal offence. Alternatively, you may find it at a Guild Store or Guild Bank. Once you have them, go to a cooking fire (one will be marked on your map, but you can use any cooking fire) and make the dish. Return to Danel to receive your reward and certification.


  • The chest he mentions is always close by, inside the Mages Guild.
  • It is possible to skip the tutorial section and be certified immediately if you have already reached Provisioning Rank 10.
  • At least for Daggerfall Covenant characters, you can pick up white meat on a table at the inn (doesn't count as stealing).


  • In Vulkhel Guard, Danel often does not load when he should. This can be fixed by abandoning the quest and retrying.

Quest StagesEdit

Provisioner Certification
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If I can prove I know my way around a cooking fire, Danel Telleno will certify me as a provisioner.
I should speak with him and find out what he wants me to do.
Objective: Talk to Danel Telleno
Danel Telleno wants me to find and memorize a recipe for roast pig. If I don't find it, I should search drawers and shelves.
Alternatively, I could ask a friend for help or purchase it from a guild store.
Objective: Learn Recipe for Roast Pig
I learned the recipe for roast pig. I should return to Danel Telleno and ask him what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Danel Telleno
[verification needed — Missing getting ingredients]
I should go to a cooking fire and cook a roast pig. In order to do so, I should combine drippings and pork.
Then, I should deliver the meal to Danel Telleno.
Objective: Craft Roast Pig: 0 / 1
☑Finishes quest I cooked a roast pig. I should speak with Danel Telleno to become certified. Once certified, I will be able to fulfill provisioning crafting writs.
Objective: Talk to Danel Telleno