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ON-icon-achievement-Reinfyr's Hero.png Reinfyr's Hero
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 10
Needed for Fate's Secrets
Complete optional content in Scrivener's Hall by finding and defeating 10 Cartoklepts, looting 10 treasure chests in Scrivener's Hall Vault, and obtaining Reinfyr's lost Cartoklept Map.

Reinfyr's Hero is awarded for completing all optional encounters in Scrivener's Hall:

  • Defeat 10 Cartoklepts. Two of them can be found in each dungeon instance, one in Deadlands section of it, and one in Spiral Skein section.
  • Loot 10 treasure chests in the Scrivener's Hall Vault. The vault is located in the southwest of first part of the dungeon. Treasure chests are opened with keys dropped by Cartoklepts. "Loot" means taking all of chest contents, not only some items.
  • Obtain Reinfyr's lost Cartoklept Map. It can be obtained by finding Rift Treasure Map, Scrivener's Treasure in vault chests [verification needed — any other possible sources? can be found in small chests?] and then digging up the treasure in The Rift.