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ON-icon-achievement-Fate's Secrets.png Fate's Secrets
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 50
Emote Sailor's Sextant
Complete optional content in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener's Hall.

Fate's Secrets is awarded for completing all optional encounters in Bal Sunnar, and unlocking all secrets of Scrivener's Hall. This can be done in either Normal or Veteran difficulty level.

Completing this achievement allows you usage of the /sextant emote that comes with it.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Salvation's Legend.png Salvation's Legend 10 Complete optional content in Bal Sunnar by solving the wheel puzzle, defeating Urvel Drath, and solving the Daedric beam puzzle.
ON-icon-achievement-Reinfyr's Hero.png Reinfyr's Hero 10 Complete optional content in Scrivener's Hall by finding and defeating 10 Cartoklepts, looting 10 treasure chests in Scrivener's Hall Vault, and obtaining Reinfyr's lost Cartoklept Map.