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Help heal the scarred ruins of Gil-Var-Delle.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Glothorien at the Temple of the Eight
Location(s): Gil-Var-Delle
Reward: Nereid's Slippers
Low Leveled Gold
Glothorien praying at the shrine
I met a priest of Y'ffre who seeks to heal the scarred ruin of Gil-Var-Delle by mixing blessed water into the falls that feed into the river of the vale. She asked me to help her in her task.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Glothorien.
  2. Fill the vial at the shrine.
  3. Feed the falls of Gil-Var-Delle.
  4. Talk to Erthonor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Glothorien, the dedicated priest of Y'ffre

Glothorien can be found praying at a shrine in the Temple of the Eight. As you approach, she will say in her prayers, "The forest sings to me, but it is a song of sorrow. Something must be done!" Speak to her, and she will ask if you hear the song:

The wood weeps. Can you hear it too? Is that why you've come?

Alternatively, if you have already completed The Wakening Dark, she will comment on the Worm Cult and your travels through Gil-Var-Delle:

I sense you have been among that dark ruin, Gil-Var-Delle. Perhaps it was even you who fought back against the vile Worms. If that is true, you must have seen the scarring the land has suffered in that foul place. Maybe you can help me.

Either way, you can ask her to explain:

What do you mean?
They say all wounds heal in time. This is true even for the Valenwood. Yet some wounds are more grievous than others, and if left to fester can bring only death. The ruin of Gil-Var-Delle suffered so, and the mark left behind is one of rot and decay.
You believe something can be done?
Each day I carry a vessel of the waters blessed in this shrine and feed it into that which flows into the darkened vale. Its strength will remind the earth what it once was. But my body grows weak with age even if my resolve holds.
Will you help me?
I will do what I can.
Thank you. Take this vial and fill it with the waters from this basin. The water must be taken by the one who carries it. With that done, make for the falls that feed into Gil-Var-Delle and pour the water at each crest. Nature will do the rest.
You've done this alone all this time?
My son Erthonor helps me tend the shrine here, but he is young and has a young one's whs. More interested in chasing girls and hunting beasts than the worries of an old one like me. Yet his heart is kind and he is dear to me. I do not blame him.

The basin lies directly in front of her. Fill it the vial, then ask her for directions:

The falls you seek are southwest of here, overlooking Gil-Var-Delle. Simply let some of the water from the vial fall at each crest, and the flow will carry it across Gil-Var-Delle so that the earth may drink and be cleansed.
Nereids in front of the upper crest

There are three crests in the falls above Gil-Var-Delle, located at the upper, middle, and lower portions. It may be easiest to start at the upper falls, then follow the course of the river downstream. Be sure to watch out for Nereids, Hoarvors and Stranglers!

As you pour the blessed waters into the final crest, Glothorien's son Erthonor will approach and ask, "Stranger, why are you here?" Speak to him.

Who are you? Where is my mother? She always brings the water to these falls!
She asked for my help.
Oh, I see. My apologies then. She had been after me to aid her, but I saw it as her usual nagging. Maybe she really does need someone. I should go and see her. You have my thanks for the kindness you showed her. I'll tell her you kept your word.

Close the quest to receive your reward, and Erthonor will hurry off to his mother.

Quest StagesEdit

The Wounded Wood
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
First I must fill a vial from the waters at the shrine.
Objective: Draw Water from the Shrine Basin
With the vial of blessed water in hand, I should travel southwest to the falls that overlook Gil-Var-Delle. There I must drip some of the water at the crest of each of the falls.
Objective: Dispense Water at Upper Crest
Objective: Dispense Water at Middle Crest
Objective: Dispense Water at Lower Crest
I've done as Glorthorien wished, and her son has appeared at the falls. I should speak to him and see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Erthonor
Finishes quest 
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