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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Investigate a temporal disturbance at the remote Telvanni settlement of Bal Sunnar.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Dungeon: Bal Sunnar — Help Sarasea stop a temporal disturbance.
Quest Giver: Saresea
Location(s): Bal Sunnar
Reward: Very High Leveled Gold
Unidentified Bal Sunnar Armaments
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6896
Dungeon Group Size: 4
The Telvanni of Bal Sunnar are exploiting a temporal knot
As I arrived at the stronghold of Bal Sunnar, several Dark Elves recognized me and ran away. A mage named Saresea has come to find the cause of a temporal distortion. I agreed to help her contain its source.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Explore Bal Sunnar to locate the anomaly.
  2. Fight Kovan Giryon.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The temporal knot is discovered
Saresea attempts to contain the temporal knot
Saresea with the artifact, having become multichronal

Quest StagesEdit

Unstuck From Time
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Saresea wants to split up to cover more ground in our search. She suggested I go north towards a tower at the town's center. I should search through Bal Sunnar for the temporal distortion.
Objective: Search for the Temporal Distortion's Source
We found the temporal distortion's source. Kovan Giryon seems to know who we are, and stands between us and the distortion. I should kill Kovan Giryon to reach it.
Objective: Kill Kovan Giryon
Kovan Giryon is defeated, but the distortion is destabilizing. I need to watch as Saresea contains the temporal distortion.
Objective: Watch Saresea Contain the Temporal Distortion
The temporal anomaly shifted us through time. The tower appears newly built. However, the anomaly isn't here. I should leave the tower and search for its new location.
Objective: Explore Bal Sunnar
We entered a period some time in the past. Saresea suggested we split up to search for the anomaly's new location. I should explore Bal Sunnar to find the anomaly.
Objective: Search for the Temporal Distortion
A Telvanni Matriarch was here, then vanished. A massive nix-ox emerged to defend the anomaly. I should kill Roksa the Warped so Saresea has the opportunity to contain the anomaly.
Objective: Defeat Roksa the Warped
The distortion is destabilizing. I should watch Saresea's attempt to contain it.
Objective: Watch Saresea Contain the Temporal Distortion
Hidden Objective: Watch Saresea Contain the Temporal Distortion
We moved through time once again, this time to the future. Saresea's attempt at containing the anomaly exhausted her. I should find the anomaly so she can try containing it one last time.
Objective: Find the Temporal Distortion
Matriarch Lladi Telvanni has waited for decades. She predicted we'd arrive and protects the temporal distortion. I should defeat her so Saresea can try once more to contain it.
Objective: Defeat Matriarch Lladi Telvanni
Saresea continues to fight the temporal anomaly and attempt to contain. I should watch her final attempt.
Objective: Watch Saresea Contain the Temporal Distortion
Finishes quest  I returned back to my time. Saresea managed to end the temporal distortion's effects. I should talk to her to receive my reward.
Objective: Talk to Saresea
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